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sortakindabeautifulyou  asked:

why do you feel the need to let people know your husband is korean? i mean, you should be just as cool without people knowing...

Because our blog is called “My Korean Husband” and is about cultural differences and our life together. The biggest thing that makes my life different is the fact that he is Korean. It’s pretty self explanatory.

99% of people that contact me understand that, but occasionally I get comments like this which can seem quite bizarre. It makes me wonder why you think it’s such a bad thing to say he is Korean. What has influenced your life that you think simply saying what someone’s nationality is a bad thing? Or on the other hand I occasionally see people who think it’s boasting somehow.. um what?

If I never ever say he is Korean, for so many comics I would have to preface it with, “Oh by the way my husband is Korean so there are cultural differences and this is a cultural difference and that’s why this is like this.” Or, “the reason why I’m in Korea is because I married a Korean man etc etc”. Pretty cumbersome to preface everything with that right? Almost every aspect of my life right now is affected by the fact he is Korean. He is the reason why I am learning Korean, he is the reason why I’m currently in the Korean countryside, he is the reason why my life has completely changed, he is the reason why I started blogging, why my situation with my inlaws is different to how it would be with Australian inlaws, why I’m far away from my family. Makes things a lot easier if right away people know he is Korean right?

I read this question out to him and he responded with, “I’m Korean! What’s the problem? I want people to know I’m Korean, should I be ashamed? Should I hide it?”

His Koreanness is not a skin colour. He didn’t grow up in a western country and the only difference is how he looks. He grew up in a very different country to the one I grew up in. His Koreanness is an important part of his identity and who he is and he is proud of it. Our blog is about our lives together and the fact that I’m Australian and he is Korean is an extremely important aspect of it.