my kokoro melts

The signs as stuff my friends have said pt. 2
  • Aries: I am the great squid penetrator, who penetrates people's minds
  • Taurus: Brb jerking off my anger
  • Gemini: My laugh goes from manly chuckle to withy cackle
  • Cancer: Are you fucking serious, of course I know it's a vibrator, I created a hentai squad
  • Leo: I'm 18. I'm a grown person, I can do things. Like never sleep
  • Virgo: I wrote yaoi in a church
  • Libra: When you sing and hit the note perfectly while burping
  • Scorpio: I want to fight a bus driver
  • Sagittarius: My tiny kokoro has melted
  • Capricorn: It looks like I can choke a dolphin with one hand
  • Aquarius: Go to bed! Or I'll spank you like a disobedient avocado
  • Pisces: I have a habit of hanging out with my friends moms