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Ok, i’ll explain first why there are still parts to this dump right here. Alright, for a long time I’ve been hoping to get noticed by my idol artist here aaand today, My friends encouraged me to post the fan art I’ve made for them. I’ll be honest, Im still VERY NERVOUS about posting these;; (Especially because one of the fan piece here is a crossover between my comic and theirs, idk if they’ll allow it or anything;;) I will post the rest of the fan art i’ve made for them IF they are ok with it (because theres this mini fan version i made of their comic, the Kid n Leviathan thign, AGAIn being a crossover between mine)
So yeah, i’m still nervous here, but I hope they like this and;;;i hope they would like to see the rest of the fan illustrations i’ve made for them;;
This Fan dump is fooooor –> @z-t00n
Chris, Betty, and Aiden belong to them, and Pish belongs to me !
Im still shaking//


FAN ART DUMP 3/3 !! Actually a Kid N’ Leviathan spam because I’ve been drawing these two a BUNCH lately
Note to the KNT fandom: THIS IS NOT CANNON !!
But– I do have permission from Z-t00ns about this, just so yknow !
Aiden belongs to @z-t00n and Pish belongs to me !
Expect Kid N Leviathan spams more often;; im trying to get rid of art block ahaha
Drawing these two gives me some time to practice some poses too :^D