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Re: KNT Ch. 117 Spoilers

I kinda expected that scenario and I’m not sad at all when it happened. I’m really satisfied with the spoilers because it said a lot about their characters more than the confession itself. I was so proud of Pin for being considerate of their status and not giving Ayane any false hope. Pin displayed maturity despite his goofiness and cheered on Ayane like he always do. As for Ayane, she doesn’t seem that crushed by the rejection, instead it gave her renewed dedication towards university and hoping to become a good person in the future (and aren’t we all waiting for Ayane to fall so hard in love and treat herself better? This is it.).

And the best part? No drama, no unnecessary tension (no touchy-feely either), no misunderstandings, and it went on fluidly just like how their characters interact normally. The only thing I want after this is a time skip, which I’m 100% sure there’ll be (you go girl knock him off his feet after 10 years lol).