my knitting skills are not very good

“You like me more right, Y/N?” Hvitserk grins, winking at me. Hvisterk, Sigurd and Ivar had  made a bet that Miss Y/N would admit that she likes Ubbe more to prove why she never pulls him up on his training.
“No, it is more like Miss Y/N likes Ubbe more.” Sigurd says from where he stood near the tree and arms folded.
“Me?” Ubbe knits his brows together, then he smiles and opens his arms wide. “It is because I am much better than you, Sigurd. Oh, and you, Hvitserk. Is that right, Y/N?”
“Whatever you think, Ubbe.” I sigh, fiddling with the arrows that sat leaning against the post.
“See, I am the one she likes most.” Ubbe was trying wind his brothers up at this point.
“Is that true, Miss Y/N? Because I remember, three days ago when you said I was your favourite.” Ivar very rarely smiles, but this time he was grinning like he had just witnessed the thing he most desired in the world, becoming his.
Ubbe had come to be the one I would spend more time with when it came to any of us meeting for something. Usually it would be training. Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar needed more help, but I liked to help Ubbe with his archery, even if it was for the wrong reasons. “You are all my favourite. Now, what are we doing first?”
“I believe you said we would all get help with our archery this session.” Sigurd leaps from the stump he stood by. “Not just Ubbe.” He adds in a sly tone and grins to himself.
I sigh, pushing my hair to the side and tell Hvitserk to get his things. Hvitserk is more skilled in hand to hand combat, but he is starting to get there. “Do you remember how to place your feet?”
He nods. “Like this?”
“Move your left foot up a bit, and then…” He places his right foot to the side and then looks down at me, brows knitted together. He is unsure of himself, something that does not happen very often. “Good.” His gaze was starting to make me feel uneasy. “Now take your arrow, and aim.”
“Elbow straight?”
I nod. “Good to know that you remember.”
“I would sit down most of the time watching you and Ubbe. I have had a lot of practice from looking at a distance.” He grins to himself also.
“Just take the shot, Hvitserk.”
“If I get it, can I ask you a question?”
“And if you miss I can ask you a question. Go.”
Hvitserk releases the arrow. It hits with a thump in the middle of the tree, and he smiles acceptingly at me. “Why do you like Ubbe so much? And do not deny it." 

Because he looks like his father. 

"He does not annoy me with stupid questions.”
“Is it because of his long locks?” Hvitserk smugly picks up another arrow.

I heard his father used to have hair like that. When he was younger… around Ubbe’s age. 

“He is not the only one with long locks, Hvitserk. I see that your hair cascades down your spine beautifully.”
Hvitserk scoffs. “Do not forget Sigurd.”
“Ah,” I nod, “Sigurd. Your father had long hair, did he not?”
Hvitserk shrugs. “I do not remember my father with long hair. Bjorn says that Ragnar had long hair when he was a child. 

So he did have long hair then. 

"Why do you ask?”
I scrunch my nose and shrug. “No reason. Just that, Bjorn said Ubbe looks a lot like his father did around his age.”
Hvitserk lets another arrow go. Seemingly lost in thought. He lets another seven arrows go before he whips around and stares at Ubbe. A grin plastered on his face and fingers wiggling on the bow. “You have feelings for Ragnar! That is why you are always around Ubbe and asking about our childhood with him.” He jabs a finger in my side and starts to laugh. “You like my father!” His smile suddenly drops. “That is strange and little muddy.”
My cheeks redden and my palms start to sweat. “No I do not.” I stutter, my voice shaking and hands trembling. “I would- no!” My face scrunches and my feet are suddenly the most interesting thing in the world.
Hvitserk claps a hand on my shoulder. “Do not worry. Your secret is safe with me.” He chokes out between huffed breaths.

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #11

20 more questions and comments to power through, Vetlings.

@bobthejob said: Hey i just wanted to say that im not even going to vet school, i just love learning about animals. Aint got the spoons for actual vet school, it would kill me. But i have learned a lot from you and my friend who IS doing vet school was very surprised when i used the word “brachycephalic”. I was like yeah i learned it from drferox! But yeah i just wanted to say thanks, and give you some encouragement. Have a great day!

Aw, thank you. I highly recommend using big words in conversation when the opportunity presents itself. I’m glad I’ve taught somebody something by typing away back here.

@its-animalcrazy-love asked: Is true that you can improve your surgery skill can improve by knitting? I want to be a good at surgery

Anything that improves your dexterity or hand-eye coordination can be helpful for improving your skills at surgery. Actual surgical practice is the most useful, but short of that things like knitting, sewing and other crafts can help develop the fine motor skills you require. My personal favorite is video games, which double as also being useful for pre-training for endoscopy and ultrasound.

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I’ve always enjoyed seeing how amazing a good Ikea hack can turn out and here’s a few of my favourites.

It’s amazing what a good touch of paint can do to any furniture piece!

Marble contact paper and copper spray paint transformed this side table into one very glamorous piece!

Personally my knitting skills aren’t great but for any of you who are talented why not give this a go?

I love the touch of black and pastels. These frames are immediately more interesting to look at. 

These drawers have been completely transformed and given that old vintage worn look. 

These chest of drawers have been given a new lease on life, the added brass label holders are a great addition. 

Bar stools are instantly modernised.

Very stylish drinks cart using an Ikea table!

I love this idea using Ikea cabinets to create a floating console,buffet or TV unit. The addition of the wood finishes it off beautifully.

This side table has totally benefited from It’s new look.

Shiny nest tables yes please. Amazing.

Ikea desk looking great in gold.

Ikea Dresser with added moulding’s and new handles. Great colour choice.

Add some colour into your living room. These bookcases look bright and cheerful now.

Spice racks into book shelves. Very cute and clever thinking.

There you have it a few very cool Ikea hacks. I hope I’ve inspired you to give one a go today. Best of Luck!

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anonymous asked:

So I just saw a post about the 'perfect knot crochet!'. Guess what my first thought was.

Mine was Derek Hale sitting in a rocking chair with a crochet needle, tongue sticking out a little as he puts the finishing touches on a knot cozy. You know, little things made out of yarn designed to keep your knot warm and happy, if you didn’t have a partner. It’s a good hobby for Alphas to have, and particular crafty Alphas sometimes have little knitting/crochet circles to make cozies (and other things– okay, maybe the other crafters are very skilled and are working on complicated projects like sweaters or hats for their Omegas but Derek is a beginner. Derek can barely keep a simple pattern in mind, and he’s constantly dropping stitches, but the important thing is he’s trying.

Alternatively, Stiles knits knot cozies and sells them on Etsy.

A sentence meme based off the play I am performing

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “This is all just one big game to you, isn’t it?”
  • “Shove off – PLEASE.”
  • “Well, you do all drink like fish.”
  • “More autograph hunters? Do they want a selfie? We don’t do selfies any more.”
  • “We were going for the unisex look.”
  • “I live in the village, at number one, Road Road.”
  • “I can go it alone. I can!”
  • “I look like a pantomime dame!”
  • “When have you ever known men to give birth? Suffer in silence? Walk in heels?”
  • “I have skills! I’m very good… at… at knitting.”
  • “Kids are sometimes spies. Like in that film, Spy Kids.”
  • “We’re vagabonds, and we need to start vagabonding!”
  • “It’s like the Loch Ness Monster, or One Direction; they’re not real.”
  • “Where do you live? Be specific.”
  • “Perhaps we are more similar than people would think.”
  • “But you can’t! You CAN’T!”
  • “I went on a date once, but he/she died drinking milk.”
  • “The baddies ALWAYS win.”