my knee is swollen


A/N: I haven’t done a one shot in awhile, so I hope you all enjoy this weekend treat.

We’ve all seen the photo set of Sebastian’s latest workout routine.

This story is about what happens after one of those intense workouts.

It was a little after 5am when I became aware of his movements throughout the bedroom. This has become his routine, which is now my routine. These early morning and break of dawn excursions with his trainer will be his life for the next three months as he continues to build muscle mass for the upcoming marvel film.

He kisses me on the forehead and said something to the effect of us going out for dinner tonight or staying in and he’ll cook dinner, I can’t tell you what he actually said because my body and mind was physically spent after his late night and early morning sexcapades that kept me in a lucid lull for most of the night, while he slept soundly.

During the week I would usually join him at least once or twice at the gym, but it was the freaking weekend and I deserved to sleep in, which was why I didn’t emerge from beneath the covers until about 6:30am. I began my morning routine, which included a twenty minute meditation session, an hour of yoga and a large cup of Earl Grey.

It was a little after 8:15a when my phone vibrated, I didn’t see the message until about 8:30a, as I was wrapping up my morning yoga on the balcony of our apartment. With a large cup of tea in front of me I sat at the kitchen island and looked at my phone that had two new messages from Sebs. I opened the text and an insatiable ache travelled from my apex straight to my inner thighs.

Just finished my workout, it was a hard one
(pun intended) 🍆😚

How hard?

Oh, babe. It was a solid, take no prisoners, can’t catch your breath, sweat pouring from every pore type of workout. Every muscle is throbbing.

I hateeee you. 😐

Lol, c u when I get home.


He doesn’t respond, the bastard left me on read.

I could call him, but I know what game he’s playing and I refused to be ensnared, so instead I finished my tea and went into the living room and started a Spotify playlist that blared loudly throughout the speaker system. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, I pulled my shirt over my head and gazed into the mirror.

All of these extra workouts have given him more energy than he knows what to do with, so he expels that energy on my body that is covered in bite marks, black and blue bruises on my inner thighs, rug burns on my knees, a swollen bottom lip from his volcanic kisses, chaffed wrists where his ties have held me securely to the bed post or a furniture and other unexplainable scratches.

I smirked when I thought about the state his back and chest was currently in, both had everything from teeth marks, welts and scratches running from the nape of his neck, across his shoulders down his back and on his backside. These past weeks have been fucking unbelievable, pun intended. We are both surprised that I haven’t gotten pregnant yet because we have been fucking reckless because we are fucking reckless.

Twenty minutes later I emerged from the shower to see him standing there naked with a massive hard on. His eyes are dark and menacing as we both gaze at each other not sure who would move first as the water dripped down my body and pooled around my feet.  A sultry smile spreads crosses his lips as my body began to tremble in anticipation of what is about to come.

He crosses the room in two long strides and didn’t waste another second as he rubs his thumb across my lips. He steps closer to me as his fingers trailed from my lips to my neck. He leans into my ear and the heat from his breath on my neck sunk deep into my pores as he kisses me lightly.

I shuddered.

“Sebastian,” I breathe as he continued to kiss every inch of my neck until I began panting for more.

The hunger I felt earlier when he sent the photo was now ravenous as his tongue darted to my nipples, devouring them with a vengeance; a guttural sound escapes my throat as he peeks up at me, his blue eyes salacious, his need burning and mirroring my own. He steps into me and I stepped back as we did a slow dance that led us back into the shower. He turned the knobs and the water came out full forced, pounding against his back, he spun me around and pinned me to the adjacent wall.

He gets down on his knees.

His head between my thighs was delicious; seeing his hair bobbing between my legs was more than enough to drive me to a well needed orgasm.

“Sebastian.” I cooed as I grabbed his hair as the sensation rippled through my legs, skin, and the core of my existences. I briefly floated into nothingness as I felt the heat of his mouth on my own, his semi-hard cock, now pressed firmly against my stomach. He lifted my leg and hooked it over his arm that supported most of my weight. He squeezed my ass and rubbed his throbbing cock at my opening, my eyes clamped shut as I waited for that moment when his pillar would break through my brimming well.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

My eyes slowly met his and his thrust unbounded the screams in my throat. “Sebastian! Oh, God!” I grabbed a hold of  a patch of thick muscles by his arm as he found his rhythm. The bottom of my belly unhinged itself falling away into the unknown as the orgasm prickled throughout my skin.

“No, not yet.” He hissed, pulling out his member, showing me how it glistened with my essences.

“Put it back in.” I begged.

But he ignored my pleas and stood me on my weakened legs that gave out as soon as he released me. He caught me and we both collapsed on the floor. I shook uncontrollably as my body teeters on the cliff waiting impatiently to be tossed over into bliss. My skin was inflamed and raw to the touch, the slightest sensation would turn my body to ash only to flake away into the oblique void of space.

My eyes welled with tears, “please, Sebastian.” I nearly cried.

He interlocked his fingers with my own over my head as his tongue swirled around my nipples, he blew softly on them and the blood rushed to my ears deafening me, he guides himself within my dripping walls and I squeezed his hands as he filled me to the hilt.

“Yes, that’s it.” He whispered in my ear.

My voices falters, “No, no, stop, please.” I pleaded arching my back as I felt the tension in my body as I ascended to an unknown height only to be dragged out to the darkened sea with each rhythmic thrust. He continues this torturous motions, each ascension bringing me closer to the brink only to have him slow down and then start up again, each thrust pulled me down further into the darken euphoric abyss.

He kisses my neck, “let go.”

“Se-bas-tian.” I moaned into his neck. His thrust became manic as he slammed into me repeatedly. Rapture fused itself with my being and together we cease to exist.

Null and void.

Post Note: Okay, now that I got that out of my system I can focus on the next chapter of Convergence. Enjoy your weekend sexy people.

So yesterday, I was walking to the mall a few miles away, in order to apply for a job. For context, I was wearing a baggy sweater, a hood that covered my hair, and loose sweatpants. 

Anyhow, I was walking along the road, hands in pockets, and this car slows down, and starts trailing me. I start walking faster, and the car keeps it up. Eventually, I had to stop, because I had been walking for around 40 minutes, to take a sip of water. The car window rolled down, and the guy inside shouted at me, offering a ride.

I had three options that I could think of at the moment. 

1) Get in the car, which could lead to my being kidnapped, raped, and/or killed.

2) Say no, get attacked anyways, which could lead to my being kidnapped, raped, and/or killed.

3) Do nothing, continue to be stalked, which could lead to my being kidnapped, raped, and/or killed.

So tell me, men, what the fuck was I supposed to do here? Blindly trust a stranger, putting my life in the hands of a creepy man who had been following me for a half a mile? Reject this stranger, and risk an outburst of violence? Or do nothing, and risk the same thing happening anyways?

What the fuck was I supposed to do?

I’m a girl with no muscles, no strength, who can’t run very fast. I have a weak heart, weak joints, weak everything, because I am disabled- I have lupus. I can’t very well run away from danger with ease, nor can I fight an attacker. In a situation like that, I have very few real options.

What the fuck was I supposed to do? 

For those of you wondering, my solution was simple. I turned and ran into the field on my left, as fast as I could. I ended up with cuts and scrapes all over my legs, lost and alone with no data on my phone, heart pounding in my chest with a panic attack, with my arthritic knees swelling up. I sat, alone in the heat, with the sun on my face, for a good 30 minutes, trying to hide, not making any sound. I am now sunburned, with swollen knees, with bandages all over my legs, and even the day after, my chest hurts from the fright. 

What the fuck was I supposed to do?

Oh boy

Well I posted earlier about my closer quitting this morning. This has been a very long day.

So I start the shift agonizing on moving people around trying to find a place for three people that don’t know how to do drive thru.

We are slammed of course, and someone took eight minutes to order in the drive thru. We have a deal for like half the price it would normally be for a little lunch box type thing. You get a bottled water, a piece of fruit, a bag of chips, and a little sandwich or salad or what ever we happen to have in our cooler. A couple weeks ago we had a deal where you could get a fruit smoothie thing in a bottle instead of the water.

Those juices are 5 bucks a pop. Now this lady gets to the window and my poor cashier informs her hey this discount is no longer valid so you can either pay full price or we can do the waters instead. Oh she was not pleased. I happened to be near the window so I have took over just saying loudly enough for them to hear to the cashier that, essentially, there is nothing we can do.

I realize she’s not gonna take it so I go over to explain.

“So You’re not gonna give me the discount?”

“No, sorry, that deal is no longer valid and there is no way we can ring it in.”

“Well aren’t you a manager?”

“Well, no, I’m a supervisor.”

“Okay well then give me the discount.”

“I have said there is no way to ring it in.”

“Well I know it says limited time only but you should honor it give me the discount.”

“There’s nothing I can, do. Sorry.”

I walked away she muttered she wanted the corporate number so I wrote it down and she tried to argue it was the store number. I explained nah it is absolutely not.

Dumb bitch. God damn. Really? You acknowledge it says short time sale and you won’t accept I can’t give you the discount. Fucking shit bitch. Go away.

For just a moment I thought about ringing it through and charging for the waters which would lower the price significantly but then I thought, no. No I’m not rewarding your behavior.

She can call and complain, I stood by policy, and all of the four people with headsets and the three people by the window witnessed me handle her the most calmly I have ever dealt with a customer. So she can Fuck right the hell off to corporate.

As for the rest of the day, I had a guy get angry with me for accidentally making a larger size tea. Dude do you know what every single other customer has ever said when I accidentally did that? Oh shit man a free upgrade cool here’s a tip! So Fuck you.

Fuck the woman that let her kid run behind the counter so I almost whacked him with a tray full of dishes (our door to the back is right at the entrance so). Like he’s eight or something he needs too get that he can’t do that.

Add to that just steady stream of assholes who couldn’t understand why it was taking more than thirty seconds to make five blended drinks. Hold your fucking horses Jesus.

Just. Ugh. I’m tired, I didn’t get a break today and my knees are swollen and my shots and heels hurt.

I’m hungry.

I have written this post millions of times trying to figure out the right words to say (and because Tumblr didn’t post the first attempt…rude).

There’s a thirty five pound difference between these two photos…

Not only do I look/feel physically different, I’m also mentally changed.

This journey has been a long & hard road filled with obstacles (mainly food, let’s be honest with each other) and as I approach my one year work-out-aversary (June 5th), I can’t help but reflect on how much my habits have changed.

I probably hadn’t worked out in at least a year to a year and a half. I was still vaguely active, but nowhere near enough to counteract my horrible food choices (which consisted of all of the pastas, carbs, and starches a girl could want & more). I didn’t realize it, but I felt horrible:

1. My back hurt because of a pinched nerve
2. My knees and ankles stayed swollen
3. I had migraines at least once a week
4. Crazy amounts of acne

Just to name a few.

Now… I work out 5-6 times a week and eating much, much better. I’m not saying that I no longer see pasta or carbs or starches, but I definitely view them in a different light – they’re fuel, not just stomach fillers. I try to stay away from simple carbs and eat the complex ones (it cuts the guilt in half haha). I now no longer have back pain (take that pinched nerve!), my ankles can fit into boots and strappy shoes without looking strangled, and I can’t tell you the last time I had a migraine. Not to mention my skin is completely clear (minus the occasional stress break out… thanks school).

It’s amazing what a little motivation and a lot of support can do for a person. I have great friends and great coworkers… they’ve kept up with me and showed crazy amounts of support when I was feeling down or defeated.

I started this journey nearly a year ago because my boyfriend at the time (we have since broken up) weighed less than me… That was a mindfuck that I was not prepared for… And it got me off my ass, so though we had a shitty end, I do have him to thank for that.

I guess what I’m saying is that regardless of your beginning motivations, it’s possible to keep going and it’s possible to see amazing results – inside and out – and it’s definitely possible to be your own damn motivation.

Which is why I’m my own woman crush this Wednesday 💪🏻

Adventures with mod neji

Wow okay so y'all are probably wondering where we went. Well um I fell off the side of a cliff? Yea this is mod neji btw. I was backpacking in Utah and a boulder shifted underneath me and my friend while we were walking by the edge of the canyon. So first of all, I was out there for almost a month, and I finally got back. We don’t get cell service out there. The accident happened yesterday, so luckily it wasn’t like we were stuck. But basically this girl ended up snapping her tibia in half and dislocating her ankle. I was pretty much fine, since I managed to grab onto the canyon wall. She only fell about 10 feet, but clearly it was enough to break her tibia. This is some 127 hours shit I swear to god. I mean, I WAS fine, until I realized I’d need to carry her down the canyon to get back to the main camp. For a bit of perspective, I’m small. Not tiny, but I’m only about 5'6, although I can bench about 180 and my push up PR is 82. Now, my friend here, let’s just call her, Jen. She’s about 160 pounds and 5'10. I was honestly really tempted to leave her and come back with help, but it was already late and it was 30 degrees at this point. We didn’t have all our gear because we just wanted to go look for more water sources, and we told my mentor that we’d be gone for maybe 2 or 3 hours. I thank my lucky stars that at 4 am that morning, my mentor woke me up for morning training. He’s been an emt for almost 20 years, and he does search and rescue now. He started training me a few months ago when I said I was interested in some sort of physically grueling job, but I didn’t want to join the military or the police. So that morning, he simulated a scenario where a child was lost inside a canyon, and all we know is that their leg is severely injured and they’re somewhere south of the creek. So basically I had to search for a fake child that morning and carry a 100 pound backpack to simulate giving someone a piggy back ride. Somehow, during the real life situation, I managed to stay calm. Also I puked so many times to the point where there was nothing to puke up anymore. So I ended up carrying Jen on my back for about 5 miles, and luckily it was down the canyon, and I found a route that wasn’t steep. So about 4 miles in, I hear a snap. Yea, I look down and my knee does not look right. It’s swollen and bruised, and the kneecap looks like it’s too far to the left. I really wasn’t sure what to do, but I decided to try setting the kneecap back in place since it looked like my kneecap popped out. It was super painful when I set it back in, but it felt better. Now thank the lord, my boyfriend just started to come looking for us. It had been almost 4 hours and I’m never late. I hadn’t even noticed that I had a giant slash on my thigh until he pointed it out. He found me with Jen on my back, and I was panting and having dry heaves. I was having about 32 breaths a minute, which for some perspective, 18 is the average I believe. Once help arrived, I guess I started clinging onto my boyfriend for like 30 minutes and I wasn’t crying or anything. I was just clutching onto his shirt and staring at the ground. Tbh if I hadn’t been training for search and rescue in the first place I probably would’ve panicked immediately. But honestly, I don’t think simulations truly prepare u for when ur in that situation. They help u a lot, but not knowing what kind of injuries you’re dealing with and not knowing the area is scary. Both of us are fine, although Jen will be in a cast for awhile. Also, I’m not even old enough to be part of a real search and rescue team. I’m just training for it. Also a few of my toenails fell off again and I’m salty about it bc they keep falling off it’s so gross 😒

Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone for the unbelievable support. My knee hurts and my eyes are swollen from crying, but my heart is full, my motivation is strong and my man and family are simply amazing 😍😍 Plus, I can still look cute rockin the leg brace and crutches for a few weeks 😉😙. Thanks again to those that have sent their support, funny comments, prayers and offers of volunteerism 😄.
#me 💋💋💋

Chapter Ten

“Dreamland, take me there ‘cause I want your sex. If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away. Touch, make love, taste you”

A/N: here is the long awaited sex scene that all of you have been asking for!!! and there’s more to come after this hehe

I saw my reflection in the mirrors that line the wall leading to Niall’s apartment. The ride over to his flat was tense and quiet, only Niall’s fingers strumming my inner thighs as my nerves started to get the best of me. Am I sure of this?

Niall turns the keys, opening the door to his clean flat smelling of man and bleach.

“Can tell my cleanin’ lady’s been here, want a drink?” Niall closes the door and heads to the fridge.

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Did anyone get the license plate of the truck that hit me?

Holy hell, am I sore this morning! My knees and palms where I hit the pavement are scraped and swollen. (Very sexy) And the muscles across my chest and back where I braced myself so I wouldn’t smash my face when I took the digger are pulled tight and aching! 🙄 such a klutzy girl !

Coffee and ibuprofen it is!

No plans for this weekend. I wonder what kind of trouble we can get into? The pool didn’t happen - as I knew it wouldn’t - so maybe we’ll head to the beach. Ugh! It’ll be so crowded

Happy Saturday y'all!!!

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my hc for dork even is that he does silly things like trip on the sidewalk or eat too many sweets when watching a movie with isak and make himself have a stomach ache, and then make isak cuddle him for hours to make him feel better. and then when isak is like 'ev, i have to pee. i'll be back in a minute' and even pouts the entire time isak is gone, and frowns when he returns 'my belly hurts more than it did before you started rubbing it' or 'my knee is definitely more swollen, pls never leave'

this is canon now. even will do anything for cuddles tbh. 

Exposed - Mamoru Kishi

For @humorcomchantilly as a gift. Hope you enjoy <3 xx

I’m naked; all except for the tiny patent black kitten heels and bow in my hair that he’s instructed are to remain on; the rest of my clothing having been spread across the floor of the cramped, dark office he’s locked us in after hours. He’s still fully clothed as always - attempting in no way whatsoever to mask the raging hard on that’s becoming quickly constricted within his trousers by playing with his tie and sighing; the cigarette he’d had hanging from between his lips loosely I’ve plucked out and placed between my own - taking a shallow breath, I chuckle at his slow reactions put it out in the ashtray I’m seated beside on the desk.

It’s easy to figure out what happens next; what happens after the short ‘hello I was just dropping by to see how you were’, after the kiss that was never meant to be initiated, after the burning touch that got my heart racing; after the stare - in silence - in which I could see the entire universe caught for a moment in his twinkling, weary eyes. Smiling, I bring my bottom lip into my mouth and bite down hard, slowly letting the flesh roll from between my teeth as I watch him struggle to maintain composure as he stands before me. It’s still a delight I haven’t after all these years both together and apart grown use to.

It’s easy to figure out what should happen next; I part my legs for him and without another word, watch - like a good little girl as he begins to devour me with his eyes; lust filled, hungry, primal eyes and lick his lips;  as he rubs at the hot skin at the back of his neck and begins to sweat as he craves another cigarette, trying as best he can to stay in control. Without thinking; I squirm at the thought of his lips again on my own, of his tongue etching wickedly across my skin and in anticipation frolicking to places that just want to have attention and he known and he smirks; troublesome, coyly, nowhere as modestly as he’s ever done before and sinks to his knees; grabbing my thighs which forces me to fall back and catch myself as I’m pulled to the edge of the desk.

I cough out a stutter; back arching as he presses a soft, needed kiss to the inside of my knee; the detective running his thumb slowly up and down my swollen, damp slit which forces me to shut my eyes. His 5 o'clock shadow tickles my thighs and with a push against my stomach; I fall back onto my elbows, hips pushed automatically out toward him. Our next words, all exchanged in whispers. He giggles like a child.

“You sure we won’t get caught?”
“I locked the door sweetheart.”

(tw needles, medical, gross)
had that rheumatologist appointment today-

thankfully tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis, though my results on that were “borderline,” so I need periodic testing to make sure it hasn’t advanced

my inflammation has gotten very bad, and is likely the reason for all the swelling- he said “you have one serious case of fibromyalgia” (yes sir believe me i know.) he was a little “???” over it having gotten markedly worse, due to my already being on lyrica, having had cortisone shots, etc- hope we manage to… uh, manage it.

he was also a little concerned with just -how- swollen my knees were- the reason I’d felt like they were gonna collapse was because the fluid was putting pressure on the kneecaps. so he stuck needles in them and sucked out some of the blorp juice (that’s my scientific name for it) both to relieve the pressure a little and to test it to make sure it’s not something else going on

so, yeah, sucks but could be worse. and yes i know nobody asked but HEY

No matter how I protest that I am spent for all that I have Daddy always manages to get another orgasm out of me.
Today after hours of play and pleasures we were going to take a snack break. As Daddy left to get the chilled fruit I was ordered to stay on my knees, chest down, ass up, and hold the hitachi to my swollen, overstimulated clit. As I whined, moaned, cried, and begged he came back in the room and I was desperate for his words to say I had endured enough. But no, he smilled at my exposed shame and stepped over to the closet…. never a good sign. He emerged with the beautiful braided whip and started snapping it at my exposed ass, thighs, cunt, and soles of my feet.
Immediately effective! I came, and came hard!! I begged for more strikes as the waves of powerful shivering shook my body.

Daddy always gets one more!
After that went on I knew I was done.

While relaxing and coming back to normal I sometimes go through a silly, goofy, phase.
We were cuddling, talking, relaxing and I suddenly decide to do a handstand. Just cause.
Sure enough its enough taunting to show Daddy I am not yet done. While balanced on my head and hands I split my legs and he dives in. The blood rushes to my head and his violent invasion of my already throbbing, wrecked cunt travels through my spine and as he pounds his thick strong fingers into me I start to squirt.
And squirt. And squirt.
So much that it pours over between my legs and half the stream goes down my ass, my back, down my neck, running wetness across my scalp and drenching my hair. The other half travels over my mound, my belly, over my heaving tits, and drowns my face as I taste myself giving in.
I thought I was done but he always finds one more!
@a-dead-and-lovely-wolf always find one more. 😄

  • 15-year-old me: Who are you?
  • Me from right now: I'm you, but weaker
  • 15yo me: Oh. what?
  • Me: My thumbs are just, like, swollen all the time, my knees are aging faster than the rest of me, and I ache for direction in life. I miss energy. Having enough of it, I mean. That's kinda actually why i'm here
  • 15yo me: wh-
  • Me: You did it all wrong and i'm here to steal your youth and take your place. Eat time paradox, Depression-Face!
  • 15yo me: *poof*

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Oooh instrumental story time! I'm gonna butt in. I played the saxophone for a few years and I always went to practice on the bike (i live in the netherlands fyi lmao) with the case strapped on the bike. This one time it was super icy and I was super careful and at the last frigging corner I fell. Hard. I landed on my knees and kinda skidded for a few meters. Went to practice with one very swollen, bleeding knee and walked home later. My parents were so mad and I was just glad my sax was alright!

What is up with the instruments + ice stories omg?? Ice is the enemy! EVERYONE’S DEDICATION THE THEIR INSTRUMENTS IS GIVING ME SO MUCH LIFE OMG. You are a beast, friendo! 



We were on a super long walk and my right ankle decided to stop being an ankle and I wiped out. My left knee is swollen and odd colored and skinned. If it’s not better tomorrow I’m heading to urgent care to get it checked out. Definitely not making my step goal tonight.

Finally back to burrito bowls for my meal plan! We also made zucchini noodle shrimp scampi which disappeared before photos could be taken. I’ll take that as a plus.

My anxiety has been at a new high for this month so things today have just been SUPER. did not eat feelings so counting that as a plus.