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Kings and Queens

Anti-Camille. I don’t think she’d do this in canon, but whatever, right? Also, the idea of Klaus having Caroline’s contact name be Queen is not mine.

Rated M but SFW for the most part. Part Two

Camille said goodnight to Klaus and his siblings with a plan in mind.

Rebekah had shown her to her temporary room – she wasn’t safe in the city for some reason they didn’t tell her – but that wasn’t where she was heading.

All upstairs was lined with spelled sage candles, though only a few were lit up. She sidestepped them for the room she wanted, at the end of the hall.

It was Klaus’ room, and she’d only ever seen it once. With dark walls, a big bed, and many pieces of artwork, it screamed ‘Klaus Mikaelson’.

She gently sat on the bed, wanting to savor being there. It was so intimate. She knew that no one else came in this room, but maybe he’d let her now that she’d come in. He was warming up to her, so it was a good possibility.

She looked around, hoping for more clues into his personality. She didn’t find much, just paintings, letters, and, oddly, a pair of women’s underwear. Camille stared at it for a long moment, noting how it seemed recent, almost like something she owned. She knew he’d never panty raided her…but what if he did? There would be no way she would know unless he said so. She shivered at the possibilities.

She set the lace down where it had been in the first place, in his drawer full of keepsakes, and moved back to the bed.

There was a phone on the bedside table. Curious, she picked it up, and opened it easily. None of the Mikaelsons had passcodes. Too technologically advanced, apparently.

There weren’t any apps, nothing on Safari, no notes, nothing like that. She didn’t check the texts, though, because surely there was a line she couldn’t cross and that was it. She did, however, check the contacts.

There were only a few – Elijah, Katherine, Queen, Rebekah, and Stefan. She only recognized the names of his siblings, though the name Stefan did sound familiar. The other two names sent a flare of jealousy through her. Katherine? Queen? Really?

Completely disregarding her hesitancy, she clicks on the texting app.

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A Million Mistakes

WARNING: Mikael is a dickhead. Title comes from, of course, Dear Theodosia.

Original!Caroline AU because that’s my jam, featuring Marcel. Let me know if you want more of this AU, because I’d love to write it.

Read and review here. Sequel here.

Caroline ran her hands through the boy’s hair, comforting him as best she could. “He tries, Marcel. He does.”

Marcel’s shoulders shook with sobs, and Caroline, in that moment, hated Mikael more than ever before. It was Mikael who ruined Klaus, who now ruined Marcel.

“Why, mama? Why is he so mean?” The young boy pleaded. He curled into her, and her heart shattered at the sight of her son, laid so low.

She laid down with him, determined to stay the night. Klaus would just have to sleep alone, that night.

In a whisper, she told her son the secret they’d been keeping from him for two years. “Marcel, I have to be honest with you. The truth is ugly but in order to understand why your father is the way he is, you must know.”

He sniffled, “okay.” With wide eyes, his innocence was still intact, at least a little bit. She didn’t doubt that the next death he witnessed at his father’s hand would rip it away from him.

“Your father was born of an illegal relationship. His father was not the same as Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Elijah’s father. Their father, Mikael, knew that Klaus was not his son and treated him as such. Your father received beatings for every little thing he did. He was never shown love, just anger and aggression.”

“He isn’t angry and aggressive with you,” he pointed out, wiping away his tears.

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@thetourguidebarbie i saw this on your list of KC prompts and I couldn’t help myself. This will be rough since I’m on my phone.

Unleash The Beast

Caroline went from deep sleep to alertness in a fraction of a second, as evidenced by her eyes popping open. What woke her up was a loud boom in the sky. A loud boom in the sky that had no place waking her up.

She rose from the bed like the Undertaker, and she thought, when I get my hands on him, he’ll wish I was that brute.

He, in this case, was her husband. Niklaus. The man who apparently thought that setting off fireworks at – what the fuck – 3 AM was a good idea.

How did she know it was him, you may be wondering. Well, he wasn’t in bed with her and the accompanying laughter that followed each blast was a distinct one, one she’d heard everyday for a thousand years.

She also heard Kol’s laughter. Her scowl turned into a malicious grin. Any chance she got to berate not only Klaus but Kol, too, she took and quite gleefully at that.

She swept through the house at vampire speed, coming to the back porch and finding that yes, her husband and brother in law were outside with piles of explosives. Of all the dangerous hobbies Kol just had to rope Klaus into….

As soon as the door opened, Klaus stiffened. Good. He knew what was coming. Kol turned around, grinning like a goofy little puppy. Too bad for him that Caroline are goofy little puppies for breakfast.

She stepped into the grass, letting the humidity of the night wash over her before she unleashed the beast. Her eyes closed as she took in a breath.

Then she opened them again, put her hands on her hips, and said as clearly as she could, “what the hell do you think you are doing?”

Klaus winced, opened his mouth to grovel. Kol interrupted whatever he was about to say with, “Carebear, we’re just having some fun. Really. No need for such ire.” She was almost proud to note that his eyes didn’t stray to her body, covered by only a t-shirt of Klaus’ and thankfully modest underwear. Maybe he was finally learning.

Klaus hissed and hit him over the head. “Kol, shut up.” He turned back to his wife. “Love, I’m sorry if we woke you up, we – ”

“You woke up everyone in this god awful town, Klaus, not just me.“ Her raised eyebrow made him stiffen further, instinctually wanting to rise to the bait. He didn’t; he was smarter than that.

"I suggest you stop with this foolish little bonding moment and come back to bed before I lock you out of our room,” she threatened. This was a threat bandied around often. Nothing was worse than not sleeping curled around each other (well, okay, not true, but true enough after their centuries). It wasn’t something he’d risk, she knew. He hadn’t done so in years.

His eyes widened, and he turned quickly to his brother. “Kol – ”

Kol grumbled, but dropped down to start cleaning the mess they’d made. It greatly amused her that Klaus hadn’t even had to say anything before he was obeying. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just go back upstairs so Caroline can get her precious beauty rest.”

Caroline took that as her leave, sweeping back upstairs to the bedroom. Klaus was hot on her heels, fidgeting nervously.

When they got to the room, she let him enter before saying, “next time you wake me up with fireworks, I swear, I will wring your neck.” She pointed for good measure.

He nodded, “I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again, then.”

“Good. And for gods sake, please find a way to bond with Kol that doesn’t involve anything even remotely dangerous! Take him for a walk or something! God,” she sighed, settling into bed. She hoped she could fall back asleep.

Klaus laughed as he too settled in. He wrapped an arm around her waist, being her flush to him. His laugh vibrated his chest behind her, making her eyes close at the feeling. She was mad at him, but it wouldn’t be for long she knew. Not when was being all tactile and cute. (Goddamn him, she thought to herself.)

“He’s not a dog, love, I can’t take him to go meet friends and throw a stick around to occupy him for a little while.”

“Sure you can,” she countered. “Just go to the park and tell him I said if he doesn’t go along with it, he’ll regret it.”

She’d really only sic Rebekah on him, but he would shudder to even think it if he knew.

Klaus sighed, nuzzling his nose into her neck. You’re mad at him, she reminded herself. He woke you up.

“I’ll tell him,” he said, nipping her earlobe. “But I think it’s important that I remind you that you are not the one he’s truly scared of.”

Caroline laughed. How cute it was that he thought he was still the scary one. “Of course, darling,” she purred anyway. She could give him the illusion of power in their relationship, their family. But they both knew exactly who was the boss there, and it certainly wasn’t him.

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29. “How is my wife more badass than me?” KC please

I hope you like it! Sort of inspired by Thinking Out Loud by @she-walked-away

A Badass With A Good Ass

Caroline swung her bag onto the chair and flopped down into bed. She was so exhausted, she was sure she’d fall asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

Instead, she laid and stared at the wall for fifteen minutes until Klaus entered, loosening his tie.

He seemed surprised to see her. He slung his jacket into the dirty clothes bin before coming over with a smile. “What are you doing here, love?”

“I dunno. I was too tired to go out with Katherine and Stefan, but when I got here, I couldn’t fall asleep.” She sat up and reached for him. “C’mere.”

He sat, careful not to crush her legs by settling one behind him and one on his lap. “Yes?”

She pressed a kiss to his lips. “Wanna hang out?”

He laughed heartily. “Always. Let me take off my shoes, and I’ll lay down with you.”

She flopped down again, moving her legs to allow him to get up. When he was putting his shoes away, she tucked herself under their covers, determined to be cozy.

Klaus came back, sans shoes, and joined her under the covers.

He curled his arm around her, not complaining when she stuck her sock-clad feet between his legs.

“Hi,” she said, messing with the collar of his button up. “How was work?”

“It was as dull as always. I had to deal with Finn and his pesky assistant again,” he pouted.

“Do we still think they’re fucking?”

“Definitely. She kept dropping things and leaning over his shoulder so he’d look at her cleavage.” He shook his head. “But enough about that. I want to know how the case went.”

Unwillingly, Caroline’s smile turned wicked. “I crushed him hard. Seriously. Only took the jury a half hour to come to the conclusion I’m right.”

He nodded sagely, “as I learned long ago.”

“Exactly. I was told that Annalise Keating would be proud of me and my attitude.”

Klaus snuggled a little closer. “I don’t doubt it one bit. I’m curious, though; was it all your attitude or did your facts wow them as well?”

She bit her lip, thinking of all the time she’d spent with her notes instead of him. They both had demanding jobs, but being a lawyer was more time-consuming than being a business mogul. Co-mogul? Whatever. Point was, she had neglected him a little lately and that was his subtle way of pointing it out.

“My facts were a big part of it. Glad that’s over,” she said, making eye-contact so he’d get her meaning.

“Me too,” he replied, smile creasing lines in his face.

She couldn’t resist kissing him again; they didn’t try to further it. They were both too tired from work; in the morning, she decided, his world would be rocked.

Caroline closed her eyes, content to lay in her husband’s arms.

“What did the guy do when he was declared guilty?” Klaus asked, breaking the silence and causing her to peer at him.

Taking on a casual tone, she told him, “oh, he flipped out and tried to, like, kill the judge. I kicked him in the dick before he could and helped hold him down until security got him. He was basically on the ground anyway, crying and stuff, so it was pretty easy.”

Klaus chuckled. “How is my wife more badass than me?”

She narrowed her eyes playfully, basking in his pride. “That better be a rhetorical question, mister.”

“Of course, sweetheart,” he laughed, pecking her cheek. “I’m very proud of you. I wish I could’ve seen you busting heads.” He teased, “I’m sure it was quite sight.”

She moved in a little closer, draping a leg over his waist. “It was. Katherine said she was incredibly attracted to me and my butt.”

“It’s a very nice butt,” he agreed, sliding a hand down to cup it.

She pet his cheek, feeling something between tender and amused. “Thanks. Yours is pretty is great, too.”

“I know,” he joked.

She laughed, probably a little too loud, but whatever. It was nice to have that little moment with her favorite person on the planet.

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I just posted the prologue to the rewrite of my fic “this dysfunction (yesterday does not define you)”, titled the very creative, “Yesterday Does Not Define You”. 

The summary: “When Mikael dies in prison, the only person they can find to contact is his father, Leif Trulsson. His children are out in the wind, untraceable, after they were put into the system following the death of their mother. Leif and his wife Aerona takes it upon himself to find his grandchildren and reunite them after seventeen years apart.”

Excerpt: "Niklaus had four broken ribs, a concussion, major internal bleeding, a broken collarbone, and a fractured radius. And probably a broken heart, I’d wager. This all happened only six days before his ninth birthday.“

Ships: Main are Frucien, Sinn, Kalijah, Rebekah/OC, OC/OC. Minor are Beremy and some past ships, while Coming Later are Klaroline, Kolvina.

If anyone is interested in reading, find it here on ffn and here on ao3.

Yesterday Does Not Define You Chapter Five

I just posted the fifth chapter of Yesterday Does Not Define You

The summary: “When Mikael dies in prison, the only person they can find to contact is his father, Leif Trulsson. His children are out in the wind, untraceable, after they were put into the system following the death of their mother. Leif and his wife Aerona takes it upon himself to find his grandchildren and reunite them after seventeen years apart.”

Excerpt: “Niklaus had four broken ribs, a concussion, major internal bleeding, a broken collarbone, and a fractured radius. And probably a broken heart, I’d wager. This all happened only six days before his ninth birthday.“

Ships: Main are Frucien, Sinn, Kalijah, Rebekah/OC, OC/OC. Minor are Beremy and some past ships, while Coming Later are Klaroline, Kolvina.

Here on ffn and here on ao3.

Klaroline AU meme: The Family (Wo)man

Caroline Forbes is a wealthy fifty years old vampire living the high life in New York City.

On Christmas Eve, she is surprised to hear that her old lover, Klaus, tried to call her after many years, but she decides not to call him back; the same night she makes a strange meeting with a witch in a street of New York. The two women talk a lot, and in the end the witch, whose name is Lettie Mae, proposes a spell that allows her to see what kind of life she would have if she had given Klaus a chance to win her love, starting by taking the Cure. She is not so sure about the entire thing, but the witch casts the spell before Caroline could say a single word.

The next morning, on Christmas Day, Caroline wakes up in a suburban New Jersey bedroom with Klaus by her side. Shocked and confused she hold up in the bathroom, and there the witch appears in the mirror to explain Caroline that she’s experiencing a glimpse of an alternate universe in order to understand what’s wrong in her real life and in the way she’s wasting her life.

After being composed, Caroline turns out to be Klaus’ wife and the mother of his – their – two children, a boy and a girl whose names are Henrik, as the deceased younger brother of Klaus, and Elizabeth “Lizzie”, as Caroline’s mother.

Very soon, Caroline’s young daughter realizes her secret, thinks she is an alien and decides to assist her in surviving her new life. Caroline struggles to fit into the role of a family woman, making many serious blunders such as missing opening Christmas presents, flirting with a married man, and forgetting her anniversary. However she begins to succeed in her new life, bonding with her children and, above all, falling in love with her husband.

Just as Caroline is finally realizing the true value of her new life, she sees Lettie Mae again and demands to stay in this life, but, though sorrowful of Caroline’s situation, the witch informs her that there is nothing she can do. So, her epiphany jolts her back to her wealthy—yet as she now realizes, lonely and unfulfilled—former life on Christmas Day.

In desperation, she remembers that Klaus has called her just the day before, so Caroline calls him back only to know that he was moving to Paris and he wanted to give her back a necklace he had given her decades earlier and that she had restored when their brief relationship was over. So she runs after him at the airport and describes the family they had in the alternate universe the witch showed her in an effort to win back his love. Shocked but intrigued, Klaus agrees to a cup of coffee at the airport, suggesting that they might have a future after all.

Thoughts on Caroline Sleeping with Klaus

Caroline: “He was there.  He obviously wanted to kiss me, so I thought, oh, we’ll just make out.  But then, it felt really good to kiss him so then I kind of, totally, had sex with him.”

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think that Caroline feels guilty about sleeping with Klaus.  Both parties involved were consenting adults.  Caroline wanted to sleep with Klaus and she obviously enjoyed her time with him.  

I think that Caroline assumes that everyone will view her as being a bad person for sleeping with Klaus and therefor, she approaches her friends with the assumption that they will call her an “awful person.”  Because they think what she did was wrong, she acts like she views it as wrong, but I don’t think she does.  However, I do think she feels guilty for hurting Tyler.

Caroline needs to stop worrying about how others view her and start worrying about what makes her happy.  As Stefan pointed out, they’ve all had their fair share of “scandalous sex”.  Caroline spends too much time trying to please others.  Klaus made her happy and I don’t think she should be ashamed for sleeping with him and enjoying herself.

Elena has slept with Damon, Stefan has slept with Katherine, Matt slept with Rebekah, etc. Yet despite all of these “scandalous”  affairs, Caroline still thinks that people will view her as being a bad person. Caroline needs to start thinking about how she views herself as opposed to how others view her.  She needs to stop trying so hard to please others because she is a kick-ass character and she should be able to embrace her actions as opposed to wondering how others will view her personal decisions.