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what are they actually looking at

 if you never heard about the time they met the Bananasaur it is because it was a secret, the goverment could find out and take Bananasaur away for experiments, we recently got a message that now our healthy and prehistoric buddy it’s finally safe, so ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you to Mr. Bananasaur.

“He closed his eyes and steadied his breath reaching into the inside pocket of his coat, feeling the warm smooth surface of the stone he had tucked near his heart. He held back a whimper and slowly turned around as he heard a low hissing sound behind him. He didn’t need to open his eyes to know what was there, to know the truth. He had failed. There was nowhere to run and no way to save himself or the man he loved. It was over.”  - Prologue

My latest piece for Heartstone by Sunshineoptimismandangels. It was such a creepy-cool and intruiging concept that I was super excited to get to do the cover for her. Go check it out!