my klaine art

It was…I don’t know if you could call it love, what we had. I don’t know if we ever stopped fighting long enough to call it anything but a bad idea. But…it was kind of magic. Whatever it was, it was magic.
—  from an unfinished story #849

Here was a piece I did for the @prompt-a-klainefic reverse bang for a royalty marriage AU prompt where kurt was set up to marry cooper but falls for blaine instead, who’s uninterested in marriage. unfortunately the author had to drop out but I’d still like to share the piece with you guys since I liked how the composition turned out haha (also I wish them well since I ended up failing to meet the deadline for the last Klaine BB event I was part of, so I understand)


what are they actually looking at

 if you never heard about the time they met the Bananasaur it is because it was a secret, the goverment could find out and take Bananasaur away for experiments, we recently got a message that now our healthy and prehistoric buddy it’s finally safe, so ladies and gentlemen, i introduce to you to Mr. Bananasaur.