my kitty when she was little

RFA as different cats
  • Zen: Tries to get his owner's attention 24/7 but when there's a girl kitty, he'll go off and try to woo her instead.
  • Yoosung: The cat who is always on your lap and even though he tries to not cause trouble, there will always be SOMETHING broken when you come back. He'll just look at you with sad eyes.
  • Jaehee: A cat who is clean, a cat who listens, a cat who causes near to no problems. All she wants is to sleep with you at night.
  • Jumin: The 'classic' cat. Believes his fur is the best out of all the local cats and definitely flaunts it. He pretends not to care about you and is usually out of the household but you can always count on him to be back for dinner.
  • 707: Oh my god this little kitty is such a trickster. A smart cat who toys with your feelings. "IS HE GOING TO KNOCK THAT VASE DOWN OR NOT??" This kitty cat loves you some days and other days he just stares out the window like some cat drama.
  • V: The cutest little cat who stays by your legs because he can't see where he's going but can feel your heat. When you're out of the house he tries his best to get around and has made friends around the area.

This is Bellatrix and Draco! Belly is my sweet (almost) 4 year old that loves to cuddle.. when she wants and can be pretty moody. She just got her brother about 2 months ago and was NOT happy about it! But look how much they love each other now 💕 Both of them are little fattys and are very nosey especially when there is food around! Draco loves to play in water (even if it’s in the toilet 😑🙃) and likes to sleep on my head at night. So happy to have such sweet little kitties to share my life and love with💕


So, I know this is a little late, but this is VooDoo, my newest rescue kitty, that my girlfriend and I got a few months before Christmas. Her reaction to our tree when we first put it. She broke over a third of our christmas bulbs! But I still love her. :)

I think one kind of feminist activism that is often overlooked is women befriending little girls.  On the face of it that might sound slightly creepy but what I mean is if there’s a little girl who lives on the block invite her to come and garden with you.  If there’s a little girl on the same floor of your building ask if she’d like/would be allowed to go to the library with you.  If you are an artist teach her some painting techniques.  Bake some cookies with her.  Sneak her brownie when her parents aren’t looking. Do a science experiment with her.  Do whatever but while you’re doing whatever with her talk to her and listen to her like she’s not just a little girl but that you see her as a person.  A person with valuable input on a variety of topics.  And Yes you may hear more about Hello Kitty or My Little Ponies than you ever wanted but in doing so you are elevating her.  Raising her self esteem in a manner that does not depend upon male validation and helps her learn how to express herself from a young age.  I look at my childhood and the adult women including my mom who listened to me, comforted me when I needed it (which was pretty often because the world is not kind to smart, verbal, little girls who don’t know their place,) they gave me confidence and encouragement and I am eternally grateful for the gift of their time and try to do my best to repay them by making room in my life for little girls like me who desperately need an ally.


Meet two of my three kitty babies. Frankie, the torti on the left, is my bottle-baby that I raised from the time she was 2 days old. She was born on April 1st, 2016, and the next day, when she and her brother and sister were brought into the shelter I was working at at the time, it was either I foster them or they be euthanized- so of course I took them! Unfortunately, being so tiny when taken from their mother, her two siblings passed away, but with lots of love & care Frankie pulled through and became the lovely little monster that she is! Of course we ended up adopting her and she is more than happy with her two older kitty siblings and three doggie sibs! She is truly a unique and wonderful little soul, so though I know that it’s hard work and time consuming, I’d urge anyone who can to foster kittens from their local shelter. It is astonishingly rewarding and most shelters desperately need it!

P.S. Frankie is pictured here with her 14 yr old sister, Pony, who loves her so much even though we were so worried that she wouldn’t! ;)

Every time Rosie gets a little bit closer to me on the couch when she naps or she butts her head against my hand when I stop petting her or brushes up against my legs when she wants attention, it just makes my heart so happy.

Because it’s like…this baby who probably had a home with people she loved for a long time but was then ripped away from them and spent half a year in an animal shelter is slowly starting to accept me as her mama. She had a mom once who betrayed her trust and she’s letting me fill that spot and I just feel so lucky and full of love for this sweet little dump truck of a cat.

Seriously, guys. Adopt shelter animals. They need homes so badly and your heart will never be more full.

I was staying at my aunt’s house the other night and she takes care of the local stray cats and adopted one whens she was a kitten and she lives with her now. She like leaves food and toys out for them and made a little shelter box. Her inside one has a bed with a heating pad underneath. It’s like real life Neko Atsume.

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For the Drabble challenge can pls do #67. With Calum and reader pls.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks for requesting Babe.

I was going to go with something funny, but I wanted something with Gang5SOS!

Send in more Drabble!

Calum was something else, he was nice yet charming and always helping others when he had the chance. When I first met him, he was helping a young girl get her cat out of the tree.  

Walking along the street, I could hear curse words and grunts coming a little further ahead of me. When I grew a little closer I could make out that there was a tall, muscular guy in a tree with a little girl standing a little was away. “Are you sure you can get my kitty sir?” She asked the guy in the tree, all she got bcak from what I could hear at least was a grunt. Finally making to the little girl and guy, I asked them if they had needed any help. He had said a simple no, while gripping the tree branch trying hard not to fall from the great big tree. “I think he needs a little help,” The little girl told me covering the side of her mouth with her hand, with a sigh I had kicked off my shoes started climbing on the other side of the tree. “I can do this, shit!“ The brown eye guy hollered falling on his backside. “Here kitty,” I whispered the light brown cat slowly coming over to my outstretched hand, grabbing him/her by the stomach making my way down the tree. “Thank you two for the help!” She beamed at us as she took her cat and ran away, a small smile gracing my face. Putting my shoes back on, and picking up my phone, I started making my way back home before a hand lightly tapped it self on my shoulder. Turning around to the brown eye guy, he had a light smirk on his face, “Hey uh.. Thanks back there. I didn’t get your name by the way,” He spoke softly, his eyes darting around the block, I should have paid more attention to how he was acting on the first couple of dates. “It’s Y/N, and yourself?” I asked folding my arms in front of my chest, his smile grew a little more, holding out his out stretched hand, “Calum.”  

I never knew that Calum was in a gang, or that he was second in command of the Gang. The leader being his friend Mitchy, he never told me that he was in it till one night there was a banging coming from my door at 3 in the morning. I had just gotten off a 12 hour shift at the local diner, “This better be good, someone better had died or it’s Brendon Urie confessing his love for me,” I mumbled lowly to myself, walking down the short hallway to the door, nothing on my legs just a long sleeve shirt with ‘Fuck You’ crossed it. “This better be-” I was cut short from my little rant from; 1. From someone telling me to get towels, 2. At least three guys barging into my front door, and 3. Them holding my boyfriend? Friend? (I don’t what we are really) in there arms a far amount of blood covering there shirts and caking there hands. “Oh my god, what happened?!” I didn’t get a reply, instead they literally pushed everything off the kitchen table and started to go through the cubers.

“What is going on?!” I shouted making them all stop in the place, two of them had my towels in there hands, while the other who stood next to Calum with a bottle of whisk in his hand, “Your boyfriend got stabbed, now find some floss,” He barked out, his mouth curling into a snarl, I couldn’t get my mind off the first part, “Stabbed?! You should take him to a hospital or something,” I told them throwing my hands in the air, but all I received in return were some dirty looks and a strangled moan from Calum has the guy with the whisk poured it on the stab wound. Turning around I started looking for some floss and a needle since I knew he would want one, with a hurry I walked out there handing the needle and floss to him.

“Can someone explain this to me?” I ordered out, stomping my foot, though it landed in something wet, glancing down with confusion. “Holy Shit,” Whispered out, my foot was red with the blood that was dripping onto the floor, onto the brand new carpet, “You’re bleeding all over my carpet!”

“Who cares about the carpet sweetie, I’ll get you a new one, much better one,” A guy spoke from behind us, turning around there was a guy much shorter than all of us wearing black jeans with a black shirt and a black jacket, a straw like hat on his head. He had tattoos, and a long scar on the right side of his face, I don’t know why but this guy creeped me out for about five seconds.

“What.Is.Going.On,” I spoke through a clenched jaw, my teeth starting to hurt from it, he walked over with authority, power waving off of him. “I am Mitchy, but you can call me Mit. Your boyfriend there is part of my gang, along with his best friends Ashton,” He pointed to the whisky guy, “And than Luke along with Michael,” He pointed towards the tall blonde and the blue haired guy, “Your boyfriend got the better of himself when one of our rivals said something about you, leading him to be stabbed in the side. Don’t worry he pushed him off of him before it got anything major,” He told me, now standing on the side of Calum who was now sitting up. His side was now bandaged, he winced every moment Ashton tried to press the tape on the sides.

“Now I guess you would want us to leave, and never see-” Holding up my hand, pointing it towards the door that was still opened. Mitchy smirked, basing in the annoyance in the room, and the anger, without a word he walked towards the door, followed by the others. “It was a pleasure,” He didn’t get to finish his sentence since my fist connected with his face, “I never want your pathetic ass in my building ever again,” I growled out, his face held shock and amusement, slamming the door in his face.

Turning around meeting the questioning stares of all of them, shrugging my shoulders in response, “My dad and mother met in a gang, I don’t care but the blood needs to be cleaned up.” I left the kitchen entrance returning back to my bedroom, Calum trailing slowly behind me.

Met quite the assortment of people since moving to this new place. 

One was the neighbor whos part of the duplex we are. Seems very nice, was friendly, has a cute kid and apparently takes care of a handicapped kitty. Soft spoken and just a little bit funny snarky. Good vibes.

Other neighbor. Has dog that he claims is ‘an escape artist’ but shes not fixed and appears to be currently pregnant. Stuck his hand in our fence when he thought no one was looking (I was), then claimed that one of our dogs tried to nip him (she didnt). Also said “Glad that they’re some white people living here now.” (makes me worried because my sister has a half black young nephew who they babysit) Also the dogs dont seem to trust him and I trust the dogs judgement. Bad vibes.

Then there was the random guy who was not a neighbor that showed up at the door one night. He was so quiet that the dogs didnt even hear him walk up. He wore sunglasses at night and a big yellow and grey puffer jacket, and spoke  VERY slowly with a slight southern twang. He said he had been at the park and noticed we didnt have curtain/blinds up yet. So he asked if we wanted some and came back later with a random assortment of blinds and a cocker spaniel name Honey. Im 90% sure this guy was baked as fuck and probably doesn’t remember where his blinds went. ???? vibes

Satine - Bad kitty
  • Satine - Bad kitty

Oh BAD kitty…

Satine, is a kitten. B, is a puppy. 

This has been as plain as day to me since I met them. It’s a wonder to me they’re still coming to terms with it and what that means.

As the Owner of both of them now, I just have to expect that sometimes these two are just going to fight like cat and dog. Its rare, but it happens.

And on these occasions, a lesson and a punishment may be in order for one or the other, or both. A task. A revoking of certain privileges until they are better appreciated once again. 

A tedious little transgression by Satine, this time. I forget what it was about now. It hardly matters. The boy was upset, the girl was to blame. A penance was due.

By way of cheering my puppy up, I had Satine record and perform… this.

This spoilt little kitty raced home before B to ensure she was all dolled up pretty for him when he got home. He was given the file in advance and told not to listen to it on loud speaker until he was in the garage at the house… Ahh… they’ll tell you the details themselves if you ask them nicely, I’m sure.

Penance is for 1 week. Satine’s rights and privileges will resume on Friday 17th Feb, subject to good behaviour. Judgement has been passed. The matter is now resolved. 

Well done with this Satine. You may be a spoilt kitty with B sometimes… but you’re my spoilt kitty hehe. Good girl x

Get some, B. There’s my good boy.

well for better or worse, i just found out that my baby hognose, Midgard, won’t let go of her mouse even when a fucking cat jumps into her tank and tries to take it away from her

she is a very hungry little snek and Cassie is a VERY NAUGHTY KITTY

She was weird and stupid and she didn’t know her name, she always made this bizarre face and could never take a good photo. She walked like a model in high heels and she had pica. She hit her head on everything for no good reason. She was a foster kitty and she always wanted love but was to afraid to stay for it when she asked. She would get scared if you breathed in her direction. She was very motherly to our other cat, grooming her even when she didn’t want it. She was odd but she was endearing. She was my weird, stupid little cat and the only one I’ve given a cutesy nickname to. I called her Cupid (cute + stupid). Cupid you should not have died at the age of 7. I’m only happy that you didn’t feel anything.

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Do your fur babies snore? Mine do. My puppy, Evie, is a corgi mix that likes to impersonate dinosaurs. And Jasmine, my kitty, has little breathy snores.

MY CAT SNORES SO LOUD. And she sticks her nose right in my ear when she does it. 


Korra may not get as much attention as her “little brother” Zuko, but I think she prefers it that way. She is an absolute treasure, she Does Nothing Wrong Ever, and is the softest kitty you might ever pet. She is a very shy girl, and very Dignified and Graceful while also being hilariously clumsy.

We adopted her after she was rescued from a cat hoarder here in Japan. She had a litter of kittens before she was even a year old. When we met her at the animal shelter, she wouldn’t budge from on top of their air conditioning unit near the ceiling, but she purred and was so sweet when we would pet her there.

She prefers to perch and snooze in very high places where she can see everything. She will let you know in no uncertain terms when it is Korra Time, and you better pay attention to her immediately and to her satisfaction. She also knows when it is Wet Food Time in the evening.

She likes to flop around on the floor for pettings, and her favorite toys are fluffy pom-pom balls. She tolerates Zuko, for the most part.

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My very affectionate elderly cat loves me so much that if I start cooking when I get home without letting her sit on me for a little bit, she stretches up the back of my legs in the kitchen and taps my butt to get my attention so I will shower her with love.

Elderly kitty cats are so great. All kitties are great, let’s be honest.