my kitty when she was little

It’s past three in the morning but here’s a shabby sketch for y’all to illustrate this little idea I got in my head today. 

Headcanon: Tawnypaw, after removing to SC, struggle at first with loneliness and homesickness and when she does, she camps in daddy’s den. 

Honestly, I’ve never cared for either of Tigerstar’s relationships with his sons, like, the first one was clearly doomed, and the second was so contrived due to the whole evil spectre plot point thingy…

But Tawnypelt however… hers and daddy Tiger’s relationship - now there’s an interesting one.

Also designs belong to my recent batch of “re-redesigned kitties” lol and Tawny is an amber classic tabby btw~


i was cleaning my room at home and i found a box my mom kept full of all my school work from when i was little. one of the things in there was this list from kindergarten. on the 100th day of school we did all these “100” themed activities and one of them was finishing the sentence, “i wish i had 100…” let me tell you, a genie would have a field day with all the vague as shit wishes we came up with. like little kids probably wish the most as an age group and yet they all suck at it. like, okay, katie wished for 100 dollars, right? but then sam comes in and she wished for 100 toonies. that’s 200 dollars! katie looks like a god damn idiot! but hold on because then jonathan wished for 100 monies, like, plural of money. so he wished for 100 different kinds of currency in any amount. that could be one american penny and then 99 penny equivalents or millions of dollars in euros and pounds and stuff. still, strange wish to leave open to interpretation. 

keane, now keane had a more sensible take on the money wish. keane wished for 100 pieces of gold. a timeless metal coveted by ancient and modern cultures alike. clearly he knew something we didn’t.

what else did people wish for? ronald wished for 100 toys. shannon, i shit you not, shannon wished for 100 “boxes to put my toys in.” ronald was basically wishing just to get on shannon’s level while she was just like, “give me a gift card to the container store.” looking through the list there’s a lot of weird one upping. like a lot of weird passive aggressive stuff. katie b wished for 100 dresses, melanie countered with 100 fancy dresses. like she wanted dresses too, but had to clarify just to make katie b feel like she had shit taste. me, i wished for 100, get this, cats. you could not pay me to take a cat today, i want nothing to do with cats. apparently in kindergarten i wanted an insane, borderline illegal number of them. i have a feeling i was making this wish to impress someone else, like you know when you pretended to like a band in high school to have something in common with your crush? this was like that only magic and more…allergenic. my friend connor wished for 100 kitty cats. little baby cats. kind of a dick move, right? like you know i’d end up with 100 weird old cats, 179 eyes between them, all on their deathbeds. andre wanted 100 cars at what, age 5? he wanted to open a used dealership and needed inventory. joanne wanted 100 presents, which is different than wanting 100 of something more specific. like a present is a personal thing someone gives to someone else. she basically wanted people to think of her and get her something nice. i wish i could track everyone down and do an updated list. oh man, you know what i’d say if someone wished for 100 kitty cats? i’d wish for 100 pregnant cats. that’s like 200-700 cats or something. dammit connor where are you.

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"Were the handcuffs necessary?"

“Were the handcuffs necessary?”



“Because you had been a naughty kitty and naughty kitties get punished.”

“But, Princess, I already said sorry.”

“Too bad, Chaton. You will stay like that for a little longer.”

“Please, My Lady, let me go. Please, please, I beg you, pleaseeeeee.”

Marinette bit her lip and tried to concentrate on her sketches. Honestly, she did. But had you ever seen Adrien Agreste’s kitten eyes? They were the most dangerous weapon of France. They should be illegal when used on simple people such as herself. Superhero alter ego doesn’t count when the kitten eyes are taken into account.

“Oh, fine!”

Marinette marched to him and unlocked the pink puffy handcuffs, ettin Adrien free. “What did you learn today?”

Adrien looked at her sheepishly. “I’m not allowed to play with my lady’s yarns after I ate 18 cream cupcakes like a heathen and had frosting all over my face and hands.”

Marinette pat him on the head. “Good kitten.”


So, I know this is a little late, but this is VooDoo, my newest rescue kitty, that my girlfriend and I got a few months before Christmas. Her reaction to our tree when we first put it. She broke over a third of our christmas bulbs! But I still love her. :)

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I is four weeks. Mama thinks I is weak and calls me adorable. My name is Aurora not adorable. So i is tricking mama with innocent kitty eyes so when she gets closer I give her the bites so she remembers the name of I. Also mama did the cries last night, so I did the lay on the pillow close to mama face and held softky with little paws and give mommy the licks on the nose so I can do the assuring. I has the love for mama!


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"You love me, right?"/"Will you marry me?" - Adrinette (possibly something to do with revealing their identities... you don't have to include that though)

“You love me, right?” Adrien asked, coming up behind Marinette and hugging her tight.

Marinette sighed, leaning into him. “It’s always slightly terrifying when you start a conversation like this, sweetheart.”

“Just answer the question please.”

Marinette turned to face him, smiling. “Of course I love you. What’s this about?”

A goofy grin spread across his face. “Come with me!” Adrien took her hand and led her outside and down the side alley of his apartment building.

“Kittens!” he exclaimed proudly when they came up on an old cardboard box. Five tiny balls of fluff were crawling over each other in the box, sweet little mews drifting up.

“Absolutely not.”

“But Marinettte-”


Adrien scooped up a completely black kitten. It blinked green eyes at Marinette and let out a pitiful meow. “This one is already in love with you though.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“I’m not kitten you at all,” Adrien winked. “Please, they need a home.”

“We can take them to a shelter.”

Adrien grabbed up all five kittens in his arms and held them tightly as they wiggled and mewed. “We can’t split them up!” he gasped.

“Kittttttty,” Marinette whined.

“Come on, Bugaboo. Haven’t you always dreamed of having kittens with me?” Adrien waggled his eyebrows in such a Chat way that Marinette couldn’t help but laugh.

“Fine, but you’re in charge of the litter box. Now give me the little black one. He’s my favorite.”

“Will you marry me?” Adrien asked dreamily, still holding on to the kittens.

“Ask again tomorrow,” she smiled, taking the black fluff ball from him. “I’m spending today with Kitty Noir.”

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There you go, @elements1999. Not a reveal but I did manage to squeeze both prompts in there, haha.

If you would like me to write a short ML drabble, send me a prompt from this list and a pairing and I will get to it when I can. :)

supercat week 3: day 1

Sunday, April 16 – Abilities; being near your soulmate gives you abilities/takes away abilities (e.g., healing injuries, immortality, powers, etc.)



“What do you see when your soulmate is far away from you, daddy?” Kitty asks after the last page of Rapunzel turns, the hardcover shutting with a soft thump. Her father chuckles.

“I don’t see anything, sweetheart,” he says, Brooklyn accent familiar and comforting. “You mother and I don’t see through each other’s eyes like Rapunzel and Phillip. When I’m near her – not far away – my feelings are…amplified. It’s very strange – you know how daddy feels, yeah?”

“Like there’s a blanket over your head. So when you’re near mom, you can feel properly?”

“I already feel properly,” he corrects her, placing Rapunzel on the side-table. “The blanket just goes away. Everything gets very personal all of a sudden – my emotions get stronger and my physical feeling gets more sensitive. It was scary the first time it happened. Your mother was the same as me, but a little different and she always tried to run when it started.”

“And you chased her! Like Cinderella and Prince Florian!” Kitty sits up, grinning. “Mommy’s always shakes her head when she tells me about it, but it’s like what you said to me before, she shakes her head because she thinks it’s silly.”

“Mmm, yeah,” her father gently pushes her off his lap, standing. “Remind me to tell you about the corduroy incident when you’re older. Now, my little Kitty-cat, bedtime.”

“But dad-”


Cat never had any so-called ‘unusual trait’ when she was growing up. She wasn’t colour-blind, she didn’t have any sensitivity or strange tolerance that would disappear when her soulmate was nearby. She was the epitome of normal – and that grated on her. All around her, there were people with identifiable abilities or weaknesses. Only Lois was the same and they hated the world together, for a time, fucking in the privacy of their shared apartment before Lois met Superman and came to understand why she loved the sky so much.

“Being able to fly isn’t something you want to be able to do,” Cat later tells Carter, when he declares that he wants to fly like Lois Lane. “Lois isn’t invulnerable like Superman – if she flies, she has to stay side-by-side with the caped wonder in case she suddenly falls out of the sky. Also, she doesn’t have the Kryptonian strength to pull herself out of wind-currents. How do you think she dislocated her shoulder?”

Carter then, of course, gets terrified of flying, through no fault of his own. Cat sometimes wonders what meeting his soulmate would do to him. Being on the spectrum isn’t wrong – it makes him Carter and she worries. Her own parents both suffered terribly before making something of it, discovering new methods to cope. To cope. Being soulmates just made their personality disorders…for all her skills and talents, Cat can’t describe it properly. She just hopes with all her heart that being autistic isn’t something that finding his soulmate will ‘fix’.


Kara impresses something in her. Kara knows she hasn’t made a difference yet, but she wants to, she wants to find herself and do something good. That’s the kind of confidence Cat can do something with. Cat can build a person out of that, or rather, what Kara can build herself out of. She has potential.

Potential is good.


When Leslie attacks and Supergirl comes to her rescue, Cat sees it for the first time. Supergirl is brave, young and determined – much like her assistant. Cat thinks back, later, on all the instances she’s seen Supergirl up close and personal and comes to a stark conclusion, one that leaves her strangely confounded.

“I said you had potential. This was not what I had in mind,” she mutters to herself at home, Carter in bed and Supergirl’s picture on her desktop, staring up at the sky. “Really? I had an alien for an assistant and I didn’t notice? Where is my head? Has it fallen down a rabbit-hole?”

It must be fate, however, when she sees a column in The Daily Planet announcing Lois Lane’s marriage to Clark Kent.

“Clark Kent? Oh, that fox-” Cat would go on to bemoan the loss of such a fine specimen, but then she glances at her computer screen again, Kara’s picture alongside Supergirl’s. “Clark Kent. Clark…Kent.” Cat has already made up most of her mind before she manages to bring up a picture of Clark’s handsome face and Superman’s. “No. Now that is unfair.” A brief second passes, before Cat then remembers another fun fact. “Kara requested time off work this weekend – by all the Pulitzers I’ve won, no! Supergirl and Superman are cousins!”

Cat groans, putting her hands on her face.

“I can’t believe you, Keira! You went to Lois Lane’s wedding? I feel betrayed, Keira, betrayed.” Cat shuts her laptop, thoughts running through her mind, ping-ponging back and forth. “Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Kara is Supergirl. Clark is Superman. Clark and Lois are soulmates. Kara went to Lois Lane’s wedding. Ugh…” Cat glances at her framed photo of Carter on her bedside table. “You know what the worst part is? I can’t talk to her about this. I can’t confront her in a glorious fury about attending my nemesis’ wedding. For all I know, she was just taking some time off, probably with that sister of hers.”

Cat goes to shut her eyes, but then she sees the flash of red through her open bedroom window. Sitting up slowly, Cat gets up, stalking over, raising her eyebrows.

“Are you spying on me, Kara?” There’s a long, long moment, before Cat glances a bit further up and sees Supergirl floating near the wall, clutching the end of her cape. “Get down to my level. I am not craning my neck any longer.”

Supergirl floats down, floating a little outwards, before Cat’s unimpressed look has her coming within touching distance.

“You have some explaining to do, Miss-I-Went-To-Lois’-Wedding.”

The alien grimaces. “She’s really not that bad.”

“Oh? Well, I invite her to tell you about the night that she rudely broke up with me, just because she started sharing Superman’s power of flight – oh wait, that would be Clark’s power of flight, wouldn’t it?”

“You and Lois were together?” Is the younger blonde’s reply, causing Cat to roll her eyes before she moves backwards, making space.

“Come inside.”

“I really shouldn’t…” Supergirl says, floating in anyway, lightly touching the ground, eyeing her plush green carpet. “I wouldn’t have taken you for green. White, maybe.”

“Carter chose it. It reminds him of moss.” Cat elaborates, before shutting her window, the cold breeze ruffling her silk chemise.

“Um, before we talk further, I think you have the right to know,” Supergirl starts, looking at her awkwardly…pityingly? “Lois, she didn’t- she couldn’t fly until she made out with him.”

It takes a second to process, but then it’s like a punch in the gut. “Oh,” she breathes, swallowing the lump in her throat. “Do soulmates work differently when it comes to aliens, then?”

“Y-yeah,” Supergirl brushes her hair behind her ear nervously, still holding her cape, grip visibly tightening. “Human soulmates find each other through detection of hormones each person puts out. Not all other beings have the glands to detect them. Kryptonians need to, uh…”

“Kiss.” Cat gets out, practically forcing the word to leave her mouth. “So you might have difficulty finding them then, yes?”

“Well, actually, we have our own way,” she replies, voice light and so full of nerves, Cat wonders at how she hasn’t had some sort of panic-attack yet. “We get…there’s a nicer word for it in Kryptonese, but translated, I suppose ‘obsessed’ would be appropriate.”

“Oh?” Cat blinks, thinking back to earlier times, when Clark Kent would look at Lois with recognisable longing. There had been so many bets on whether Lois would snark about it in front of him – he’d always turned red so easily – but she never did. She was strangely nice about it, too nice now that Cat thinks about it.

The “I’m sorry” interrupts her thoughts.

“What?” She snaps back to the present, frowning at Supergirl.

“I’m sorry,” the other woman repeats, “I’ve been lying to you for so long about who I am, what I am. I suppose you don’t really want an alien on your staff.”

“No,” Cat says, before taking in her expression and belatedly realising it could be seen as an agreement. “Of course, I mean, I do want you on my staff, Kara. Don’t think otherwise. You’re brilliant and I’ve never had a better assistant.”

The tension in Kara’s body visibly drops, her cape twisting back into position as she drops it, breathing a sigh of relief. “Thank-you.”

“Think nothing of it,” Cat shakes her head, before coming forwards. “One thing though, before you leave. You might call it idle curiosity.” Kara’s eyes widen as she steps into her personal space. “Also, getting back at Lois.”

“What?” Kara asks, voice worried.

Cat eyes her assistant, thinking of the implications. “This doesn’t have to mean anything, but I would like to kiss you, Kara, if you don’t mind.” Kara stares. Cat swallows. “You don’t have to. It doesn’t need to mean anything at all-”


Cat pauses, “Yes?”

Kara surprises her then, hands coming up to her jaw, cradling it gently as their lips touch. Her lips are smooth and Cat somehow isn’t surprised by the taste of sugar as her tongue dips into her mouth. Cat clutches her skirt, nails digging into the skin below, but then Kara pulls away, squeaking and putting a hand over her mouth. Cat flushes at the pink smudge she’s left behind before discreetly wiping around her own bottom lip.

“That was very…lovely, Kara.”

“I- ah-” Kara steps back sharply, looking to the window. “I gotta go! There- there’s a cat up a tree!” Before Cat has any chance to reply to her frankly strange comment, Kara rushes to the window, opening it again and disappearing into the night.

“What in the blazes…” Cat looks out the window, nonplussed. Shaking her head, she goes to her bathroom, trying not to think about…what just happened and how she had liked it far more than she should. It meant nothing and anyway, what harm can one kiss do other than inspire far more awkwardness at the office? I hate awkwardness.

Cat grimaces at herself in her mirror.


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Hang in There

Sam Winchester x Reader

2400 Words

Summary: During a hunt the Reader makes a mistake, getting Sam hurt. When a frustrated Dean confronts her, she runs, leaving behind a hunting life. Weeks later, a familiar face shows up, reminding her of the life she left behind.

This is written for @impalaimagining and her Sam Winchester Birthday Challenge. My prompt was #25   I’m sorry I haven’t hung up the ‘hang in there’ kitty poster yet. Thanks for letting me join, and I hope you like my story!!

Warnings: Little angst, little fluff, Dean not being the nicest. 

“Damn it Y/N!” Dean yelled as he slammed the door to the Impala, making you all wince. He had to be pissed if he treated his precious car that bad. Knowing what he had to say to you would be nothing but negative and hurtful, you pulled your bag out of the car, rushing from the garage and into your room, leaving him to haul his hurt brother out of the Impala. Feeling guilty for not staying and helping, for making sure Sam would be alright. But you couldn’t handle Dean’s contempt for you, his barely contained fury at the fact that you had accidentally gotten his brother hurt.

You hadn’t meant to get Sam hurt. The hunt had been harder than any of you had expected, and the three of you were stretched beyond thin. The three of you had spread out throughout the house, looking for the werewolves. You had taken the basement, getting overtaken too easily. With at least six werewolves you had thought you would be their prey when Sam had shown up, taking two down before the standoff had happened. With your neck in their werewolves claws, Sam had made the decision to spare your life for his, a fact that would haunt you for a long time. As they rounded on him, you had been thrown off to the side, your head banging against the wall. From there you had watched as they sliced their claws across Sam, never biting him, but doing enough damage that he was bleeding heavily from multiple spots.

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Good Girl CH 2: Drunken Child

I blink at him, trying my best to appear as drunk as I was before all of this happened, knowing my drunk self will handle this better. I become more careless, almost sociopathic, in my child like drunk state, only caring for very few things like Jihyo. I give him my best-drunken grin, not unnerved by the murder I just witnessed, more focused on making sure he doesn’t notice Jihyo.

“Hi,” I hiccup.

“That isn’t the reaction I was expecting.” He chuckles to himself as he stands and takes the few steps needed to reach me. He crouches down to my level, our faces only inches a part. “What are you doing out here little one?” He asks me in a surprisingly sweet voice, his hand stroking my cheek. I’m surprised when I don’t flinch away from his touch; instead my drunken self fully takes over.

In child like drunkenness I slur, “There was a scary loud noise and people scattered and I ran out here.”

“You mean this loud noise,” He pulls a gun out from behind him and fires it blindly in the air, prompting me to cover my ears that are already ringing.

“Hyung, what the hell?” A deep voice snaps. Kitty, a name that seems to fit the man with a mischievous smile perfectly, just glares at the voice but tucks the gun back in his pants.

“You better watch out little one, this is a dangerous place for a little kitten like you.” I giggle at his words as he uses my nickname for him. His brow rises at the sound of my laugh; his smile slowly shifts to something more warm and genuine, “What is so funny?”

“You’re kitty!” I say drunkly. From the way my instincts seem to shut down around him, regardless of the fact that I just watched him kill someone, I feel as if I can relax around him. I’m really hoping it’s not from the tequila.

“Me?” The man scoffs. I nod making him laugh, “Fine, but what am I supposed to call you?”

“Who the hell are you talking to?” The same deep voice asks, much closer this time. Another man appears, the tallest one, and looks from Kitty to me surprised.

“Give me a few more minutes Kris,” Kitty glares at the sharp featured man.

“Omo, you have friends! I’m so sorry!” I slur, bowing my head, “Please go a head, I’m sorry for taking your time!”

“What the hell is wrong with her?” The new man chuckles.

I glare at him, “Ya! Nothing is wrong with me, I’m just kind of drunk!”

Both men laugh, the new comer asks, “What was your poison tonight sweetheart?”

Grinning big I yell, “Tequila!”

“And how many shots did you have?”

I pause for minute, deep in drunken thought, trying my best to at least think of a guess, using all of my fingers, “This many!”

“You won’t remember a thing tomorrow hopefully, it would be a shame to kill a pretty thing like yourself.”

Kitty grins at me, “But just to be sure, we should bring her home with us.”

“Hyung, are you sure that’s a good idea?” The dragon, yea, that seems about right, asks.

For some reason it sounds like a good idea to me, which makes me suddenly yell, “I wanna go home with Kitty!” Kitty smirks at the younger man triumphantly.

“You have no idea what you are getting yourself into Sweetheart,” Dragon says with a sigh but also a small smile.

“I think it’s called a van,” I tease as Kitty offers me a hand. Both men can’t help but laugh at my drunken innocence. Kitty wraps his arm around my waist, holding me tightly, whether it’s to make sure I don’t fall or to make sure I don’t run away, I’m not sure but his warmth is very much accepted.

“What were you guys doing?” Another boy asks, this one obviously younger with his round owl like eyes. Him and the other boys, I’m far to gone to count, stare at me wide eyed as Kitty helps me into the van and pulls me into his lap while Dragon helps him secure the seat belt around us both using a strange amount of care that I wouldn’t expect from them.

“Omo!” I say gleefully as I stare at the cute boy. He is taken back as I try to reach for him, something that surprised me as well, but Kitty holds my hands securely in my lap making me pout.

“Calm down little one, you can’t go being friendly with everyone, it hurts your oppa’s feelings,” Kitty coos in my ear, a small action that makes every person in the van turn and stare at us.

“But Kitty oppa! I just want to pinch his cheeks,” I whine as I struggle in his grasp trying and failing against his strength.

“Why his? Are mine not cute enough for you?” The older man puffs out his already large cheeks as he releases my hands, giving me permission to do what I wish. Giggling like a school girl I place both of my hands on his cheeks that are still pink from the cold.

“What the hell is going on?” The person in the driver’s seat asks staring back at us. I take my hands away from Kitty’s face to stare at the classically handsome man then the other man in the passenger seat who faintly reminds me of a deer.

“We picked up a friend,” Kitty says simply, not taking his eyes off me.

“She saw but she is pretty drunk so we’re going to see if she remembers tomorrow,” Dragon explains the rest.

“But what’s with all of that?” The deer like man asks as he gestures to mine and Kitty’s careless touchiness. Even his voice sounds pretty. I can’t take my eyes off the beautiful man.

“So pretty,” I mumble. I’m surprised when he blushes and looks away.

“She isn’t afraid of you,” One from the back stated a little confused as he leans forward to study me, a dimple on one of his cheeks appears as he smirks at me. “Are you sure she saw?”

Kitty nods, “I looked over and she was right there just staring at me. But than she smiled at me as if nothing happened.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” The deer boy asks.

I feel both Kitty and Dragon stare at me with expectant smirks as I pout, “I already said I want to go with Kitty!”

If these boys weren’t surprised already they sure ass hell are now. Dragon and Kitty die laughing at my non threatening demand, but through his laugh Kitty is able to say, “You heard the lady, lets get going, someone else is probably as impatient as her.”

They nod, understanding whatever he is hinting at that goes right over my head. Kitty rests his hands on my thighs, palm side up, and holds my hands loosely. He keeps me entertained by playing that game where he tries to catch my hands in his. Dragon watches us, just as amused as me by the simple game, he even asks if he can play as long drive drags on. One of the others in the row of seats behind us asks if he can have a turn. He has tan skin and bags under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in years, giving him a scary appearance but when no red flags pop up in my head I smile and agree, thinking he reminds me of a panda.

When we arrive at our destination I’m surprised to see a massive mansion out the window. Kitty helps me out of the car and up the marble steps to the front door. Inside, he doesn’t hesitate to scoop me up and carry me up the grand staircase in the entryway. I don’t pay much attention to where we are going, only really paying attention when I’m placed on a king sized bed and Kitty stares down at me with his head cocked to the side.

“If I leave you alone will you be good and change?” Kitty asks.

I nod.

He nibbles on his lip for a minute before wandering to a walk in closet and coming back with a pair of shorts and an over sized T-shirt. He hands them to before giving me a warning look, “Behave little one, you have two minutes to change.” Again I nod; he leaves the room without another word. I peel off my top easier than I expected and soon my skirt followed, I fold them nicely and put them on the nightstand. I dig my phone out from my bra quickly type a message to Hoseok telling him where I left Jihyo, hoping she is okay but figuring her situation is better than mine at the moment. Not knowing what to do with my phone I turn it off and hide it in a secret pocket of my skirt. After pulling on Kitty’s clothes I sit back down on the bed, not sure how much time I have left.

“Are you dressed Sweetheart?” Dragon’s voice calls from the other side of the door.

“Yes Dragon oppa,” I say as I kick my feet that are hanging in the air. There’s a chuckle as the door opens reveling a dragon, a panda, and a kitty, all still dressed in their suits. Dragon smirks at me with his brow raised.

“Dragon?” He asks.

I nod, “And he is Panda oppa.”

“What makes you so sure I’m an oppa?” Panda asks as he comes to the edge of the bed.

“I’m 17, I’m still a junior in high school.”

“Wow, I guess I am an oppa. When is your birthday?”

“January 19th.”

“So we still have a while till you turn 18, what a shame,” Kitty smiles down at me.

“She has Sehun beat.” Panda chuckles.

“Aw Sweetheart, you’re still just a baby,” Dragon coos at me as he strokes my head.

Our conversation is cut short when one of the boys from the car, an elf like one, with a deep voice that contrasted with his cute features, comes in. He looks at all of us and gives me a small smile before looking to the boys he came to see.

In a serious tone he says, “Suho hyung needs your help down stairs.”

All three men frown, but Dragon speaks first, “All of us?”

Elf shakes his head, “Just Xiumin hyung, since this really is his field of expertise.”

“Can’t Kris do it? I’m busy,” Kitty, well actually Xiumin I guess, snaps back. I do my best to block out their names, knowing that remembering them won’t help me at all.

“Don’t worry Hyung, we will take good care of her,” Dragon grins.

Kitty glares up at the younger man, “You do anything bad to her I will bring you down to the dungeon.” The coldness in his voice sends a shiver down not just mine, but all of our spines. Dragon gulps and nods, fully understanding the older man’s threat. Kitty turns to me, the coldness gone from his eyes, “I’ll be back in a little bit, little one, be good. These two are going to stay with you till I come back, okay?”

I nod.

“You tell me if they do anything bad, I’ll make sure they get punished if they do,” He glances at the two men as he says the last few words.

Again I nod.

He smirks at me as he leans forward, his mouth close enough to my ear I feel his hot breathe, “If anyone here is going to do anything to you, it’s me.”

A blush spreads across my face making him grin big. He places a kiss on my forehead before stepping back to give one last glare to his youngers before following Elf out of the room. I look up at the two men who are now just staring back at me, both having a mental debate.

“Could I get a glass of water?” I ask shyly.

Dragon nods as he disappears into the attached bathroom. Panda seems to figure out whatever he was thinking about and comes to sit down next to me on the bed.

“What is your name?” He asks me.


“Who is Jooyoung?” Dragon asks as he comes back in the room with a tall glass of water in his hand. He gives it to me and watches as I drink ¼ of it right away.

“I’m Jooyoung.”

“What a pretty name, for a pretty girl,” An unfamiliar voice purrs from the doorway. The three of us look to see an attractive tan man with large lips smirking at me. Behind him is a paler man that is about the same height with a major bitch face going on.

“I’d scram if I were you, if Xiumin hyung finds you up here you’re going to be joining our guest in the dungeon,” Panda warns, scooting a little closer to me while Dragon sits on my other side. The tan man just laughs as he comes into the room, bitch face isn’t far behind, keeping his eyes on me. I stare at them, their faces seeming very familiar the more I stare at them.

“He’s busy at the moment, and it’s only fair we get to see who happens to have the privilege of being welcomed to our home. Not many girls have had the honor, even less have lived to tell the tale.” The man teases as he comes closer, only a yard away now. Through my fog I feel the alarms in my head go off at the man’s closeness. I latch on to Dragon’s arm as I try to hide behind him, wanting the tan man to go away. They are all surprised by my actions, but Dragon, Panda, and bitch face kind of smirk.

“Wow,” Bitch face whistles, “She watched Hyung kill someone, got in a car with strange men but Kai hyung’s creepy flirting is what scares her.”

“Is there a party going on in here?” More people appear in the doorway.

“I thought you were helping Suho and Xiumin?” Dragon asks as Elf comes in with three boys trailing behind hm.

Elf grimaces, “I was going to but Xiumin hyung got scary down there, he seems very determined to get back up here and fast as possible.” His eyes flash to me and he cocks his head cutely. “I believe that is because of that little cutie right there.”

I can’t help but stare at the tall elf, mesmerized by his cute features. To his left is a puppy like man and on the right is a dinosaur. Peeking out behind their wall is the owl boy from before. Forgetting about the tan man for a minute I hop off the bed and rush past the five men separating us. Once I reached him the surprised man I place both hands on his cheeks and coo.

“Omo! So cute!”

Laughter echoes through the room as all the men are on the floor dying of laughter, all except for the owl man who is just staring at me with those wide eyes. When he doesn’t push me away or anything I wrap my arms around and hug him tight, surprised to find his body muscular and not squishy like I was hoping.

I whine when I’m being pulled away by someone, looking over my shoulder I find Dragon with his arm wrapped securely around my waist.

“Why does she like him so much?” Panda pouts, “Why don’t you react like that when you see me?” He continues to whine when Dragon places me back on the bed in between them, keeping a firm hold on my waist so I can’t run again.

“At least she didn’t try to hide when she saw you,” Tan snaps back, actually kind of annoyed after see my happy reaction to Owl.

“You set off the alarms.” I explain.

“What alarms?”

I press my finger to my temple, “The alarms in my head, they go off when I see someone I should avoid.”

“What about for me?” Dragon asks, interest written all over his face. In fact everyone has seem to come closer to hear my response.

I shake my head, “Just him.”

“But you saw Hyung kill someone in cold blood, you’re alarm seems to be broken, you should be afraid of all of us.” Bitch face scoffs.

“I’m not really sober enough to explain this, but I’ll try my best. I think the way it works is that the alarm only goes off when I should be concerned for my own safety.” They all nod, somehow understanding me through my drunken slurs. The puppy looking boy comes forward with his head cocked to the side as he stares at me.

“You are an interesting little girl,” He smiles softly at me.

“I’m not that little.”

“You are a baby,” Dragon teases me.

“I’m older than what’s his face!” I snap back, earning a laugh Panda.

“Who’s what’s his face?” Puppy asks.

“Sehun,” Panda explains though his laughs.

Bitch face’s eyes go wide, “She’s older then me?”

“What about me?” Tan guy asks.

“You beat her by a few days.”

Tan guy grins again, “So you can call me oppa.”

I shake my head, “You still set off the alarms, try again later.”

“Wow, someone that can resist Kai’s charms, she’s a keeper.” Dino laughs, his voice reminds me of sweet honey.

“Why are all of you in here?” A dangerous voice calls from the doorway. The standing boys split like the red sea and Dragon and Panda are off the bed, away from me. Standing there is a very unhappy Kitty with the handsome man from before. Kitty is no longer wearing his suit; in fact he isn’t wearing a shirt at all, just his nice dress slacks. I catch sight of his nicely chiseled abs that sets my blood on fire making me blush and cover my eyes in embarrassment.

“Hyung,” Dragon says, “Put a shirt on, you’re making the poor thing blush.”

I hear Kitty grumble under his breath as he shuffles around, a minute passes before my hands are pulled away from my face and I open my eyes to come face to face with a smiling Kitty. I jump back surprised, but thankful he is wearing a t-shirt now.

“Sorry little one, I didn’t mean to scare you,” The older man coos as he affectionately strokes my head. He stands up and turns to our audience, I’m guessing his expression isn’t very friendly by the way the others take an obvious step back. “Now that I did my job can you all scram? I think she is ready to go to bed.” Without another word the group of boys scramble threw the door, Dragon being the last one out, closes it behind him, leaving Kitty and I by ourselves. He lets out a sigh as he turns back to me, a soft smile on his face. “As much as I would love to play with you right now, I’m actually exhausted so we can save that for later. But something you need to understand little one, you are not allowed to leave this room without me, got it? We don’t want you running off.”

I nod.

“Good girl.”

He flips off the lights and we’re in complete darkness. I feel concerned for my mental health when I don’t feel at all worried about the fact that I’m about to sleep next to some strange man that has made multiple passes at me and that I’ve seen kill a man in cold blood. But when he gets on the bed and pulls me into a tight hold I feel nothing but comfort and warmth.

Always Mine - Chapter 16


A/N: So my muse for this chapter decided to make a reappearance! So here is the second part of episode 11. I really hope you guys like it. Next chapter will be Negan’s reaction to Katherine running off and he say’s something surprising for stay tuned for chapter 17 that hopefully will be out on Thursday!

Katherine twisted her hands together as she sat on the exam table in Carson’s office. Negan was leaning against the wall across from her as they waited for the doctor to come in. He noticed the way she was twisting her hands as well as how her shoulder’s were a little tense.

“What the fuck are you nervous about, Doll?”

Katherine looked over at him and shook her head.

“I’m not.”

Negan rolled his eyes.

“Now that, is a fucking lie, and you of all fucking people know I hate it when I’m fucking lied to. So tell me, what the fuck has my Kitty Kat so tense?”

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Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I’m going to go to a friend’s wedding shower and pick up a balloon bouquet I got for myself and flowers that my girlfriend sent me and have dinner with my family incl. all my in-town nephews and I’m going to tie a balloon to the youngest one and watch him run around trying to charm the cats. (I forget if I mentioned, this week my sister in law sent us a video where she asks him, “Where do you want to go?” and he says “GAW-LA-GER. GRAMMA. KITTY!”)

When i was a little kid I used to dream of being in my 30s. I always wanted to grow up. Being an adult was when you got to choose where you lived, what you ate, who you spent time with, what you got to do. Even when I was eight, I dreamed so hard of being settled in my career with a spouse and family, able to right some of the wrongs I saw in the world and make art that mattered.

Getting here has been so hard–and between mental illness and the economy, I’m not nearly as settled, married, or fecund as I’d like to be–but you know the fuck what, I’m happy to be here anyway.

brayden1616  asked:

How would the boys react to their s/o's little kitten rubbing up against their feet and actually climbed up their leg to get up to their face meowing with a squeak in it?


He was waiting for you to come back from work/school and so he decided to look around in your apartment since he’s there anyways. He walked towards the living room and saw a small kitten sleeping. He then remembered that you had a kitten but you said that the kitten’s very shy and doesn’t usually come out when strangers are in your apartment. Since leo had an obvious love for cats he walked closer towards the small kitten. He wasn’t even near it before the kitten woke up and stood up from it’s nap. “W-woah there, calm down I promise I’m not here to hurt you” leo said afraid that the kitten will pounce at him or something but instead of pouncing at him it actually slowly walked towards him. He was glad that it wasn’t afraid of him. The kitten slowly got even more closer to him and it started to rub it’s head on leo’s leg. This surprised leo because he didn’t think that the kitten will really like him. He kneeled down and picked the kitten up then he moved it closer to him so that he could see it better. Leo was very surprised when instead the kitten licked his face. He chuckled and said “why you’re an adorable little aren’t you” while smiling


You were in the lair and you decided to bring your kitten, you found her on the cold sidewalks of NY alone and lost so you took her in. Now she’s better and is living with you and you decided to show her to raph. You walked towards his room and walked inside. He saw you and said “hey babe, miss me?” While walking towards you and giving you a kiss “haha, real funny raph” you replied and blushed “what y'got there babe?” He asked looking at the small kitten in your arms. “Oh right! This is my kitten, she’s adorable isn’t she?” You said and put her down. The kitten walked towards raph with no hesitation and rubbed her head on his leg, after a while she wrapped her tail around his ankle and purred. “Looks like she likes me babe” raph said. When raph wasn’t looking the kitten immediately climbed up his rough body and when she reached his face she licked his cheek. “Woah! Calm down there you little rascal” raph said and picked her up with his hands. He walked towards you and kissed you passionately while putting the kitten down “sorry kitty but the only one who can kiss me is my beautiful (y/n) here” he said and made you blush intensely


He was busy working in his lab while you were busy with school. You asked donnie if you could leave your kitty here because you’d hate for her to be alone and he let you. He was busy tinkering some stuff while your cat was just staring at him. It was sitting on the table he was using but it tried to keep it’s distance because it didn’t want to bother him. The kitty was a bit conflicted because it really wanted to play with donnie but in the same time it didn’t want to bother him so it struggled to choose what to do. Donnie could see this and he thought that it was adorable. “You know, you remind me of (y/n)” donnie said and picked the kitty up and placed it in his lap. He didn’t pull his hand back for the kitty seemed to be having fun with it. The kitty purred in delight and licked his hand.


Mikey was playing with your cat. You had to help donnie in the lab so he was left alone with your cat. Your cat is a male, he is also very protective you so when he first saw mikey you had to hold him back. Mikey was trying to get his attention but he kept on ignoring him. Mikey finally gave up after almost an hour of trying so he went to the kitchen to get some cat treats. He came back and waved the treat in front of his face with a smile. As he expected the cat came closer and took the treat. While the cat was busy eating mikey prayed that it wouldn’t bite or scratch him and he rubbed his hand against his soft fur. At first he didn’t like it and was stiff but soon he got used to it and started purring. He pushed his head deeper into mikey’s hand and he licked his fingers. Mikey was just and idiot smiling too much the whole time

Five Times Marinette Failed to Hide and the One Time She Succeeded

Summary: Marinette has never been great at hiding, be it herself or her secrets.

AO3 / Ch 1, 2, 3

Chapter Three - Superhero 

Being a superhero was pretty great, Marinette had decided. It had helped her learn to manage time better, so she wouldn’t miss school, hanging out with friends, or her duties. She was pretty great at juggling different opportunities, if she did say so herself.

What she wasn’t so great at was finding spots to transform, and that wasn’t exactly her fault. People were everywhere! She lived in Paris, one of the biggest tourist attractions, and it wasn’t like you could just find that many areas with absolutely no people! Sometimes she just had to make do with what she had.

The results of that weren’t always so stellar. Sometimes she hid behind a tree thinner than her, and other times she dived behind a slotted bench, very well aware of the fact that it was poor cover. But, like she knew, she had to risk her identity and use her environment or she’d never have the chance to transform.

Really, she should’ve been prepared for the day someone found her out, but there she was, gawking at Juleka, who just stared back. She tried to say something several times, but each time, her words failed her.

Juleka broke the ice first.

“That… makes a lot of sense,” she said, a smile forming on her lips. She even looked a little impressed.

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Harold was a Liar

by reddit user AtLeastImGenreSavvy

I’ll be posting new, different stories on my personal blog, please be sure to follow @sixpenceeeblog

My brother, Harold, almost never told the truth. He was six years younger than me, and, although our mother tried to hide it, he was her favorite. It was easy to see why. Harold was adorable. He had round apple cheeks, curly blonde hair, and big blue eyes. Even at age seven, he was a social butterfly. He was always on the move, always playing with a different set of friends every week, and always charming.

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More Kitty spam! 

Ah! It reminds me of my own hairy baby. His name is ‘Castiel’ because that’s what the shelter workers named him. I chose to not change his name, but we just call him “Kass” which sounds exactly like “Cas” but means 'cat’ in my native language. My Cat’s name is Cat. Share more stories of Kitty.


When my biddy was a kitten, her greatest joy was pushing buttons. We had a stereo with a 3-disc tray, and any time we would put in a CD, Kitty would come along and start pushing buttons on the stereo. She liked it when the disc tray would come out and the CDs would rotate. Many times we would be happily listening to music, and she would change it to NPR inadvertently. My dad got fed up and bought a new stereo with tiny buttons. She groped the thing for weeks, but her little paws lacked the dexterity for the new buttons. After a while she stopped trying. 

Don’t feel bad for her, though, she moved on to the printer and remote control. When I still had my laptop, she would sit on it and change my internet settings with her butt somehow.

Off-Topic Friday

I really do try to keep it mostly through the lens of health, fitness, and lifestyle around here but I’m not such a fuddy-duddy that I don’t get excited about; well, everything. So, I think I’m going to make this a thing. 

This week, I’m sharing a million pictures of the family pets from Easter. 

The first set is some more of Sophie and Molly from my sister’s house. Sophie is such a hilarious cat. I’ve really never met a cat as clingy as she is. Molly, of course, uses her sad dog eyes 80% of the time. You’d think that dog has never been given affection by the way she looks at you, but I promise you this dog is beyond adored. “Auntie Meg, will you pet me? Will you feed me? I wanna go outside. Is this for me?”

This little kitty right here goes by a million names. Her actual name is Ariel but I’m more partial to calling her “Sparta” or “Little One.” Full grown, she’s about 6 lbs and is a springboard. She runs, jumps, leaps higher and faster than any cat my parents have had before and doesn’t like most people very much. Well, except if you’re my brother! She’s a snuggle bug for him So, imagine my face when she actually let me hold her for a couple pat-pats. No need to imagine! 

They act like they’ve never been fed before! The large cat there is Smoky. While he’s a bit overweight now, he is mostly all cat. He’s actually mostly a giant. He has such a deceiving appearance because he’s actually the most docile cat with the tiniest little meow. He’ll let the little one beat him up even though he could just like–sit on her. Cracks me up. The last photo is actually the little one posing for me! She usually never stays still long enough. 

In case you missed it, this is my Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange drabble for the lovely Steph - aka @klarolinedrabbles - Happy Valentine’s Day! Well you asked for fluffy goodness and I hope I delivered (the toothache I have is telling me I did though, unless that’s all that Valentine’s chocolate).

Synopsis: Caroline Forbes considers herself one of the best fundraisers in New York City but reclusive billionaire Klaus Mikaelson has always been out of her reach. Not one to give up easily, she decides that the upcoming Valentine’s Charity Ball is her perfect chance to make him realise what’s really important in life but she might find out more than she ever expected.

Try a Little Tenderness

“You’re doing what now?” Katherine asked through the car speaker. Caroline didn’t need to see the brunette to know what her shocked expression looked like. They’d been best friends for about seventeen years now, so it kind of came with the territory.

“You see this is why I didn’t tell you where I was going until I’d at least passed through Queens,” she replied, staring at the road ahead thinking this was a very different destination to her summers spent on Coney Island growing up.

“Because you knew I’d tell you what a bad idea this was, roomie,” she drawled. “While I admire your dogged determination Care, I think the state of New York would consider this type of activity illegal.”

“And how did you come to that conclusion?”

“Stalking is illegal in all fifty states, including ours,” she drawled and Caroline could tell she was rolling her eyes now.

“I am not stalking him.”

“So, how exactly do you explain the fact you tracked his movements, jumped in your car and followed him on vacation? I think when business people escape to the Hamptons, albeit during the middle of winter, it’s for some sort of rest and relaxation Care, not to be hounded by fundraisers for their upcoming charity events.”

“Number one, I didn’t need to track anyone. It’s not difficult to find even the most private people given the exorbitant amount of media there is these days ,” she scoffed. “And number two, did you ever think I needed to escape the city for some rest and relaxation myself?”

“No. Although this latest stunt tells me that maybe you might need some kind of therapy.”

“Fine,” Caroline scowled ignoring her comments and placing her sunglasses over her eyes to shield the invading light. “It’s for a good cause, Kat.”

“I’m not saying it isn’t,” she agreed. “However, that’s your justification for everything. Just because you think that, it doesn’t mean everyone else does.”

“Exactly what’s wrong with today’s society,” Caroline muttered. “Look, I just think if I went to him and explained myself Klaus Mikaelson would understand that donating to the upcoming Valentine’s Gala would make a difference to so many kids with cancer.”

“I think your multitude of emails and phone calls to his office have already done that.”

“And obviously it failed because I’ve heard nothing back. Which is exactly why a face-to-face meeting is required.”

“So, why don’t you make an appointment like normal people do instead of stalking billionaires at their vacation residences?”

“Because his secretary is ignoring my calls,” she growled. “I haven’t even met Lexi Branson but she seems to have it in for me for some reason.”

“Might have something to do with all that phone stalking,” Katherine teased. “Did you ever consider maybe taking no for an answer?”

Caroline didn’t like the word no, in fact it just made her more determined to succeed and probably why she was so good at her job. Caroline considered herself one of the best and most persistent charity fundraisers in New York, if not the whole East Coast. She’d recently taken a new job at a Children’s Cancer foundation and was determined to make a difference. That included raising as much money as possible for their upcoming Valentine’s Ball.

She’d been considerably successful so far but Caroline always like to push herself harder and that meant trying to convince one of Manhattan’s most reclusive billionaires that this was a cause worth donating towards. It wasn’t her first attempt; she’d tried on two earlier occasions with different charities but failed. To be honest she was surprised someone of his status didn’t donate already, a fact that didn’t sit well with her at all. She didn’t like to judge but given how much he was worth Caroline couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t give back to those less fortunate.

The one thing you could say about Caroline was that she was thorough in her research and she’d read every available article and biography on Niklaus Mikaelson. The second child of four siblings, born in England to meagre beginnings but after completing high school he’d won a scholarship to Oxford to study law where he’d graduated first in his class. He moved to the US and obtained a subsequent Master’s degree in Business Administration at Harvard only to start his own computer business months later. That business would net him $12 million in the first year of operations. The profits only increased each subsequent year. Becoming a millionaire was easy and his billionaire status was confirmed only five years later.

Caroline understood money, it was her job after all but she knew the real motivations for donating to anything came from a deeper place. Unfortunately in his case Klaus didn’t seem to have any at all from what she had seen. He always came across so aloof in the few interviews she’d watched, almost like it was a chore having to converse with people. Caroline wasn’t surprised but it didn’t stop her from wanting to know what made him tick. Unfortunately google wasn’t going to tell her what she wanted. The one thing she did know from the internet was that he was gorgeous, with those crimson lips and dirty blonde curls. How could someone so good looking be so arrogant? It seemed a shame but Caroline figured you couldn’t have everything.

That’s why she’d decided after being stonewalled by his office again that she needed another approach. Some might have considered it stalking but she considered it business, surely if anyone could understand that concept it was him.

“Oh that’s Bonnie calling in, I’m going to connect her,” Katherine interrupted. Caroline rolled her eyes knowing this wasn’t a coincidence, no doubt Katherine had sent her a sneaky text while they’d been talking.

“Does anyone know where my calm and rational friend has gone? She’s about five nine with blonde hair and blue eyes, was last seen driving crazily out of Manhattan an hour ago?”

“I’m perfectly calm Bonnie,” Caroline huffed. “Some people would consider this plan a masterful stroke of genius.”

“Or crazy, depending on who you ask,” Katherine drawled. “So, I’m curious what are you planning to do when you get there, Care? Play next door neighbour and ask to borrow a cup of sugar?”

“I have no intention of lying.”

“Oh, I get it you’re going to say you just happened to be in the neighbourhood and thought you’d stop by?” Bonnie asked.

“Yeah, cause I’m sure he’d believe that,” she baulked.

“So, how are you going to penetrate the Mikaelson mansion? Tell me you have some kind of plan in place?”

“Of course I do, Bon. Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m going to just knock on the front door and introduce myself,” she gulped, thinking just how lame that sounded aloud. She’d planned to come up with something on the drive and decided to blame her lack of preparedness on Katherine and now Bonnie’s impromptu phone interrogation.

“Please tell me you have something more creative than that? You don’t just knock on doors in Southampton. They have high walls, big gates, security cameras and an angry German Shepard if you’re really lucky.”

“You seem to forget just how charming I can be, Katherine,” she argued. “They don’t call me one of the best fundraisers in the City for nothing.”

“I’m not saying you aren’t but it’s pretty obvious this guy is immune to your charms given his constant refusal to meet with you.”

“Oh yea of little faith, Kitty Kat,” she scoffed. “Not only will I put on my best charm I’m also wearing THE dress.”

“The red Stella McCartney?” Bonnie gasped.

“And the black Louboutins,” she grinned knowingly.

“But you only break those out when…”

“It’s an emergency.” Caroline didn’t like to use her sexuality, in fact she only did when it was absolutely the very last resort and she figured the circumstances called for a little designer intervention. Her attire was equal parts business like and sexy as hell.

“If Klaus Mikaelson doesn’t agree to see you in that ensemble then he’s either gay or really, really stupid.”

“I guess we’ll wait and see,” she murmured. “I really should get going, ladies. You know as fun as this weird phone frientervention has been.”

“Play some Eye of the Tiger, that’s what I always do before a case,” she explained. Katherine’s win-loss ratio in the courtroom was impressive so Caroline figured she might take her up on the advice and began to search for some Survivor in her music library.

“Good luck,” they both replied in unison before disconnecting. Before Caroline could play the Rocky anthem and get her head into the game, her phone beeped indicating a new text message. She eyed it curiously, noticing his name appear. She certainly had to hand it to all her besties, they certainly had her back.

“Knock him dead, gorgeous.” Caroline grinned at Enzo’s words. She should have been angry at Kat for telling him and Bonnie but Caroline needed all the encouragement she could garner. It was only then the phone beeped again. “P.S. If you find any hot, available millionaires give them my number.” She rolled her eyes; he always had an ulterior motive when it came to women. She turned up the volume losing herself in the music as she drove closer to her destination.

Forty-five minutes later, Caroline found herself turning down Meadow Lane in Southampton, immediately she was intimidated. She knew this was millionaires (or in many cases billionaires) row but had never seen it personally. The houses were as much spectacular as they were enormous and she was in awe of the architecture as much as the grand, impressive grounds each boasted. She almost missed his at number 96 and had to apply the brakes quickly before she ventured too far off course. Caroline thought they were all gorgeous but his was especially picturesque. A brilliant, white, multi-story residence with royal blue accents that blended in with the surrounding area but Caroline knew that was only the beginning of its appeal. She inhaled deeply, wondering just what she was doing here. She’d been so determined but seeing his house had stunned her slightly.

Caroline lifted her head, determined not to let some billionaire get in the way of what was important. She pulled her Prius into his driveway, and was met with a guard housed at the entrance.

“Hello, I’m here to see Mr Klaus Mikaelson.”

“And you are?” He asked searching his clipboard seriously.

“Caroline, Caroline Forbes,” she gulped knowing she wouldn’t be on his list.

“You’re not on the list Miss Forbes, so I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” he instructed, his emotionless expression not changing as he said it.

“But I just need to see him for a few minutes,” she objected, ready to go into the spiel she’d practiced on the way down. “It’s a business matter.”

“No buts, you need to leave the premises straight away,” he replied dismissively. Caroline was stuck for words; she’d half considered getting out of her car to model her outfit but knew this grouch would be unmoved.

She reversed begrudgingly, uttering a few colourful terms as she did it. She looked to the road ahead, dreading the drive back and annoyed at her failure with him yet again. She didn’t come all this way for nothing. Caroline noticed a gate to the property as she drove along the side street. Maybe she could make her own entrance? Klaus Mikaelson would surely give her points for originality. Either that or he’d have her arrested. Caroline decided on that option, hoping that Enzo, Bonnie and Katherine could pool together the proceeds for bail if not.

The gate had a keypad on the side, Caroline realised that she had no idea what the code would be. She wracked her brain thinking about all she knew of the billionaire without many results forthcoming. Caroline thought it was hopeless but decided to enter something anyway, what did she have to lose? She entered the digits she knew so well. One. Two. Zero. Seven. It was her birthday. What she wasn’t expecting was the click as the gate opened.

As much as she wanted to question his choice and the fact she guessed correctly, Caroline pushed the gate and stepped onto the manicured lawn in awe. Caroline wasn’t expecting such an easy entry but here she was looking up at the foreboding property. If she turned up at the front door what was she supposed to say? I just broke into your house but I promise I’m not a burglar? Caroline hadn’t figured out what she’d do at that point. She really needed to stop being so impulsive, it only seemed to get her in trouble.

Before she could walk any further, a white husky approached, eyeing her curiously. Even with Katherine’s earlier warnings she hadn’t worked out what she would do in this situation, if only she had some dog treats to bribe him with. “Hey, gorgeous,” Caroline cooed, attempting to make friends with the majestic looking dog. “I’m not going to hurt you.” What Caroline wasn’t expecting was for the dog to sidle up beside her and nuzzle its nose into her leg for a pat. Some guard dog this was, not that she was complaining. She gave him a long rub relishing in his adorable affection.

“Wolf always has been a sucker for a pretty face,” someone observed, startling her slightly. She looked up into his curious brown eyes, glad the first person she came across after breaking in wasn’t the blonde and blue eyed owner. “Now, you don’t look like our gardener,” he enquired. He was gorgeous for sure standing at just over six foot with brown hair and a cheeky smile.

“I could be,” she argued, knowing how stupid it sounded as soon as she said it.

“So, what are your care instructions for these daisies then?”

“Just leave them be, urgh they’ll die soon enough,” Caroline offered feebly, looking at the suffering plants. She never really considered herself much of a gardener given the number of plants she’d subsequently killed over the years.

“Brutal,” he said. “But I like your style. So, do you make it a habit of breaking and entering?”

“This is my first time actually,” she admitted, deciding she had no choice. “And surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. But you, uh, might want to change your gate code, god knows who could just walk on in.”

“You’re either here to see Rebekah, Niklaus or Elijah. I’m not sure why you’d waste time on any of my siblings. Just FYI they don’t put out very easily, far too uptight for their own good.”

“Which means you obviously do. Is that supposed to impress me or something?” Caroline drawled knowingly and he let out a chuckle.

“I think you should be a bit nicer given I could call the police and tell them some crazy blonde pretending to be a gardener broke into my brother’s house.”

“I’m not crazy, well most of the time,” she conceded. “I’m Caroline Forbes and by the sounds of it you must be Kol Mikaelson.”

“I see my reputation precedes me,” he grinned. “So, enough about me. What exactly are you doing here, darling?”

“It’s actually work related,” she explained.

“I’m listening.”

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"Admit it, you missed me."

“I will admit no such thing.”

The Petrova doppelganger pouted. “Bonnie.”


“Admit it.” The witch continued reading her book. “Admit it, Bon Bon.” She continues ignoring her as she sips her tea. “Damn it, Bonnie!”

“What?” Bonnie sighed leaning back into her husband’s favorite green chair. “What do you want?”

“I want you to admit it.”

“Admit what?”

“That you missed me. It’s been two years since I left New Orleans. Admit it, Bon~nnie.”

“Ooooh my goddess.” Bonnie rolled her eyes up to the ceiling. “Why do I deal with you?”

Katherine crawled over from the lit fireplace to Bonnie, sitting by her feet. “Because you love me. And -” She slithered her way up into Bonnie’s lap, lying her head on her friend’s shoulder. “You wouldn’t have pried open the gates of hell to get me out, if you didn’t care.”

“Which you never thanked me for by the way. I bust you out of there ten years ago and no thanks. Not once but twice.”

“Thank the woman that put me there in the first place?”

“You tried to kill me and my fiance.”

“I wasn’t going to kill you. Klaus maybe, because he was hunting me like the rabid dog he is for centuries, but I wouldn’t have killed you. Hurt you, sure. Not kill.”

“It didn’t seem like it from where I was standing.” Bonnie sighed as she tried to continue reading her book. It was so peaceful and quiet before Katherine burst through the door screaming for Bonnie, almost waking up her children. She had to talk Klaus out of giving the loud vampire her final death.

“Besides, the first time shouldn’t count. You only got me out because you needed doppelganger blood. Then you sent me back to hell.”

“And then I got you out again and you’d stayed out. So, hush.”

“Had a change of heart?” The vampire made a display of batting her long eyelashes up at Bonnie.

“I regret my decision everyday.”

“Liar.” Katherine snuggled deeper into the Bennett-Milaelson’s neck taking in her floral aroma. “You cared.”

“I did.”


“Because…” Bonnie answered plainly then flipped the page of her book.

Katherine leaned away from Bonnie to stare down at her. “Because?”

“Katherine, can I please enjoy reading my book?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she continues to read Songs for Anninho.

The vampire snatched the away, finally getting the undivided attention she wanted from Bonnie. “Tell me.“


“Tell me. Was it pity? You thought hearing my life story and you decide to show me mercy. Was that it?”


“To keep an eye on me?”


“Then why?”

“Because I thought you deserved a chance, Katherine. Geez, are you happy now?” Bonnie snatched her book back from the vampire highly irritated that she lost her page.

Katherine paid her any mind. Her frown turned into a smug grin hearing her witch’s words. “Go on.” She swung her feet over the arm of the green cushioned chair over Bonnie’s lap. “Tell me more.”

“There’s nothing else. I thought you deserved a chance. I seen you when you were here helping me -”

“Against my will -”

“HELPING ME…with a spell to stop the Raven Coven. You just seemed…lonely. You needed someone. When I sent you back to hell, it didn’t feel right.” Bonnie’s lips quirked into a half smile. “It was the next day, an hour before my wedding maybe even less. I was looking in the mirror…I was ready. I had on this beautiful wedding gown, hair done, shoes on. I was ready to march down the isle to be Mrs. Niklaus Mikaelson.” The witch shook her head. “But I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel right at all.”

Katherine nodded her head for Bonnie to continue.

“I knew I wasn’t getting cold feet. I’ve been ready to marry that hybrid the second he placed that ring on my finger in Siena. Nope, it was you.” Bonnie sucked her teeth remembering the deep scowl on her face on her wedding day. “I knew I was going to do something stupid… And I did it.”

Katherine snickered into Bonnie’s hair smelling the lavender scent of her shampoo. “You were pissed. You were barreling your way through hell with this huge gown -”

“- It was hot in there. Like thousand degrees hot. I was baking in satan’s oven, hot.”

“Stepping over everyone to get to me. Cade was out of sorts with himself. He was upset you broke your deal.” Katherine looked up at Bonnie. “What deal did you make to have him let me go?”

“I didn’t make any deals with him. I simply took you.”

“Cade wouldn’t just let me go, Bonnie.”

“He wouldn’t. Not at first.” Bonnie admitted. “Cade is a stubborn man and certainly doesn’t like to lose.” Katherine watches the green in her friend’s eyes turn darker as she stared into nothing. “However, Cade knows not to mess with little ol’ me.”

Katherine pinched her eyesbrows together. “Why’s that?”

Bonnie only shrugged. “You don’t fuck with the Bennett witches.” Bonnie smiled as she felt Katherine grin against her neck. “We are the eldest living line of witches. If our power doesn’t frighten them, our connections will. I have a lot powerful friends on my side. Even more since my ancestors had aided a lot of…associates from their time. Names that haven’t been spoken from anyone’s mouth on any plane. They’re too scared. Especially on the other side.”

“What name did you use to spook the devil?”

Bonnie snorted. “He’s not the devil.” She sneered. “I’ve met satan and he’s as manipulative and slimy as the good book described him. Maybe even worse. Crafty bastard.”

“Sam and Dean?”

“Sam and Dean Winchester. I helped them with something some time ago. By helping them I met the devil himself and a few others I never want to meet again. Ever.” Bonnie shook the horrid memories from her head. “It’s a long story and before you even utter to ask, no I don’t want to talk about it and no I will not change my mind.”

Katherine huffed. “I wasn’t going to ask.”

“Yes you were.”

The doppelganger rolled her eyes. “So, what name did you say to have Cade let me go.”

“Shades.” Bonnie whispered softly. “I said Shades.”

“Who’s that?”

“Someone I hope you never have to meet.”

“Then how do you know him?”

Bonnie felt her heart slam hard against her rib repeatedly. A rush of images came to the forefront of her mind. Innocent times of laughter and love. A time when she didn’t know about the supernatural world. She only knew the life she had behind the stainless glass. It was a time of light and happiness. Three friends. One lover. The other a sister. She had everything…until she had nothing. They’ve separated and everything changed.

“It’s complicated.” Bonnie swallowed the large lump in her throat. Now was not the time.

Katherine heard the hesitance in her friend’s voice. It was unsettling to the vampire. “Did he hurt you…this Shades?” Protectiveness and possessiveness clawed at Katherine insides. If he hurt Bonnie in some way, she would -

“No…no he didn’t.” Bonnie interrupted Katherine’s murderous thoughts. “I’m the one that did the hurting.” Somber green eyes watched the fire dance and flicker to and fro as she thought about Hernan. She felt her heart break again. “But that’s in the past.” She pushed the unsettling emotions aside, tucking her memories in the far recesses of her mind. “Though we have our…complications…he and his…group, I should say, make good allies.” Bonnie stares down at Katherine. “Cade had a run in with Shades some time ago and he would be a fool to get on his bad side…again.”

“You threatened him.”

“I don’t make threats. I make promises. A promise that my next visit wouldn’t be so pleasant. He was lucky I asked first.”

“Then you rescued me.”

“I rescued you…fifteen minutes before my wedding started.”

Katherine cackled. “Your wedding dress was so dirty and singed from the hell fire.” Bonnie giggled along with her. “The look on Klaus’ sister and Gia’s face spoke volumes.”

“They were so angry. They was looking all over for me. I felt so bad. I left without a word.” Bonnie wiped her laughing tears away. “I was a mess but it was nothing with little magic to clean the dress and spruce up my hairdo. I looked good as new.“ She kissed the top of Katherine head and sat her crooked chin above her. “Besides, it was worth it.”

“We made it to the church just in time.”

“You cleaned up nice.”

“I told you sunglow was my color. I was the best maid of honor you ever had.”

“You were my only maid of honor, Kat. You and Lucy wear almost the same size. It was her dress in the first place.”

“And I will forever be your only maid of honor. Lucy can’t have it. She didn’t show up the first time. No take backs.”

“She didn’t agree to me marrying Klaus…or Grams.” A hint of sadness melted into her words

“Well, it’s a good thing you had me. Who else was going to walk you down the isle to your dog?” Bonnie pinched the vampire’s side playful. “The look Klaus’ face was gorgeous. His face would forever be branded into my memories as long as I walk this earth.”

“He. Was. Liv.Id. Livid, Kitty.” She heared the muffled laughter below her. “Mad with rage when he seen me with you walking me to him. In a bridesmaid dress. He tore me a new one during the drive to our reception.”

“Yeah. Him and his family wasn’t happy I was back. They still don’t like me.”

“They don’t have to like you. I like you.” Bonnie kissed her button nose. “And the children adore you, especially Alek.”

“My little prince.” Katherine smiled at the thought of the little chubby hybrid. “I missed him. I can’t wait to hold him.”

“Don’t wake him up, Kat. Let him wake up by himself. He needs sleep. I need sleep.”

“I give you until seven in the morning.”

“Too early. Eight.”



“Come on, Bon! I haven’t seen him since I moved in with Lucy and her husband.”

“Aren’t you three together?”

“No. I’m with Lucy. He’s just, I don’t know, there.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Yes. Her husband of five years is just there.”


“I hate to interrupt this reunion.” Both Katherine and Bonnie turned toward the door seeing Klaus walking into his study. “But I would like to have my wife.”

Before Bonnie could move, Katherine wrapped her arms around the witch’s side, snuggling her body into her comfortable warmth. “She’s with me, dog.”

“Katherine, I rather not tear your arms from their sockets. I just got these floors waxed today. I’m here to retrieve Bonnie.”

Katherine kissed along the side of Bonnie’s neck up to her slanted jaw to the side of her lips earning a giggle from her witch. “Well, your wife wants to stay with me.” She claimed seductively.

A flicker of something glimmered in the Original’s eyes and a searing emotion lodge in his chest. He refused to acknowledge the sensation as jealousy. He was a thousand plus year old. He was the Original Hybrid for heaven’s sake. There was no need to be jealous of a child. He had Bonnie to himself. Bonnie only wanted him. He knew this…but that didn’t stop the urge to rip the putrid doppelganger’s arms from around his wife.

“Bonnie.” Klaus called out to her managing to keep his voice leveled.

“Okay, Kitty Kat.” Bonnie stretched her arms and arched her back to get the lazy kinks out from sitting in the comfy green chair for too long. “Leave my hubby alone. Come on, now. Get up.” She slapped Katherine’s thigh.

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She muttered as she stood from Bonnie’s lap.

Bonnie stood from her seat and wrapped her arms around Katherine’s waist. “See you in the morning? I’ll make a breakfast feast in your honor.”

“Yes you will.” Katherine moved from Bonnie embrace to sit in her seat. “Right after I wake my prince.”

“At eight o'clock.” Bonnie warned.

“Seven.” Katherine reached over to the wet bar grabbing the bourbon. “Eight is too late.”

“Eight, Katherine I mean it. I’m the mother and I say eight.”




Both Bonnie and Katherine stared at Klaus dumbly. “Bonnie needs her rest.” He stepped towards Katherine. “She’s entering into her third trimester.” Klaus warned. “She gets tired easily and her magic drains her while carrying the child as it nears the due date. You know this.” And she did. “She needs all the rest she can get before starting her day.”

“She can speak for herself.” Bonnie said hotly folding her arms tightly over her chest.

“Do as I say.” Klaus pulled his wife into his arms and kisses her soundly on her lips. “Your husband knows best. Now come on. I know your feet are tired and your back is achey. It’s why you sat in that damn chair for almost the whole day.”

“It’s comfy and don’t get all wolfy and possessive and controlling on me. I know my body.” Bonnie pouted cutely then kissed her husband luscious red lips. “I’ll be fine.”

Katherine rolled her eyes. “Get a room.” She muttered into the bottle of bourbon.

“Shut it.” Bonnie said against Klaus’ kisses. She gave her hybrid a few more pecks before she pulled away from his embrace. “Wait for me by the stairs. I’ll be right there.”

Klaus frowned but did as his little witch said, but not before he leaned in for another kiss. A kiss that promised her more when they reach their bedroom and have her naked on their silk blood red sheets.

Bonnie watched her husband walk away from her before she turned around towards Katherine. “I’ll see you in the morning?”


Bonnie walked behind the green chair leaning over her vampire. “I missed you, Katherine.” She smiled happily seeing the knowing grin on her face. She then leaned in to kiss her cheek. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, Bon Bon.” Katherine leaned her forehead against Bonnie’s. This was her best friend. She loved Bonnie with every fiber of her being. She would fight for her and fight for her children.

She was loyal to the Mother of New Orleans and she forever would be. The witch gave her a second chance at life and Katherine Pierce would not screw it up, final death be damned. The fire cat was here to stay.

Katherine kissed Bonnie’s head before she pulled away. “Night.”

“Night.” Bonnie tapped her shoulder then went to leave to meet her husband.

“Oh and Bonnie…” Katherine called out to her. Bonnie stopped at the doorway. “How’s Kai?”

Bonnie stiffened. Katherine wasn’t the only person she saved from hell. Malachai Parker, former leader of the Gemini Coven was also saved by the Bennett’s hand.

“You didn’t think I would notice?”

Bonnie shrugged her shoulder. “I knew you would…I just didn’t care if you did or not. That goes for anyone else.”

“Where is he?”

Bonnie eyes changed from her regular green hue to a eerie glow lighting the dark. “He’s safe. I put him in a hold, a dimension made by me.” She stepped toward Katherine seeing the worry in her friend’s eyes. “He’s safe. I won’t let the hounds touch him.”

“How?” Katherine swallowed. “How do you know for sure?”

“Because he’s mine.” Bonnie declared strongly. “I won’t let anyone hurt what is mine. Not Kai. Not you. Not Marcel. Not Stefan. Not Damon. No one. Touches. My. Vampires. Ever.” The eerie neon glow in the witch’s eyes grew softer. “Nothing will happen to any of you. You’re family.”

Katherine snorted. “Says the queen.”

“Says the Bennett.” Bonnie corrected her. “A Bennett keeps her word. You know that.” And she did. Katherine truly did. She have seen it time and time again throughout their ten years of friendship. It was the reason why the Petrova doppelganger would stand by Bonnie and no one else.

“Fine. Get some sleep.”

Bonnie nodded and left the study leaving Katherine to her lonesome. She took another pull of bourbon as she kicks her feet up on Klaus’ desk. She leaned back into the famous green comfy chair staring up at the white ceiling. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she took solace listening to her little prince’s heart beat thump above her as the bourbon warms her belly.

She truly was enjoying this whole second chance of life thing.

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shadowqueen1220  asked:

Can you do LadyNoir from Miraculous Ladybug when one of them is sick?

Sure thing! Sorry it’s a bit shorter than most of them, hope you still like it :/

           When Chat sneezed for the fifth time in two minutes, Ladybug screeched to a halt on the rooftop.

           “That’s it, kitty,” she said. “You need to go home.”

           “I’m fine,” Chat insisted, wiping at his running nose. “Really, it’s just a little ah-AH-CHOO!” The force of the sneeze shook his entire frame and he rubbed at his nose again, a miserable expression on his face.

           “You need to be tucked into a warm bed, not outside at 10PM in near-freezing weather,” she scolded. “I’ll finish patrol on my own, you go home and get better. You can’t help me fight akumas if you get sick.” Chat ducked his head.

           “We haven’t patrolled in over a week, and there have been no akumas either. I missed you, My Lady,” he said. It would have sounded more romantic if the whole thing hadn’t come through a stuffy nose. Ladybug sighed.

           “Then go home and get some sleep so we can do this again in a few days when you don’t feel miserable,” she said. Chat’s tail flicked back and forth, drooping low to the ground.

           “I don’t really want to go home,” he admitted. “It’ll just be… people… fussing mindlessly over me if they find out I’m sick, and I’ll probably get a lecture from… I’ll get yelled at for getting sick.” Ladybug stared at him. He sneezed again, and this time it was followed by a few coughs.

           “You’ll get a lecture for being sick?” she asked. Marinette’s mind whirred with confusion. Who got mad at someone for getting sick?

           “Well, I’ve got a busy week coming up – which is also why I wanted to go on patrol tonight, I’m… busy for the next few.” Chat’s ears drooped as he dropped his head, and he sneezed again. “I’ll just go home,” he said.

           “Chat Noir, wait,” Ladybug called. “Let’s… I know this little restaurant close to here, it should still be open, that serves the best soups. Why don’t we get you something hot to eat?” Chat’s brilliant green eyes lit up. Ladybug held out a hand.

           “My Lady, you never cease to soup-prise me,” he grinned, grabbing her hand. Ladybug rolled her eyes.

           “Just don’t make me regret it,” she said. She tossed her yoyo out, and swung them off together into the night.

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