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Maybe a "You promised you wouldn't laugh" Ladynoir. And Ladybug would share something a little embarassing to Chat. Just something cute.

“You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Ladybug pouted, crossing her arms defensively.

Chat Noir held up a hand. “I’m sorry, my Lady, you’re right,” he chuckled, attempting to look chagrin and failing miserably. “I’m really not laughing at your confession. The way you said it was just too adorable.”

She stomped her foot in irritation. “It is dumb that I haven’t kissed anyone yet though! I don’t see what’s so adorable about that,” she huffed.

“It’s not dumb,” he grinned fondly, “but I do think you’re forgetting about a very special person you have indeed kissed.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, let me revise. I’ve never kissed anyone when it wasn’t a life or death situation.”

Chat Noir glanced around the rooftop. “Well, it isn’t a life or death situation now. How about a kiss?” He puckered his lips and leaned forward and Ladybug pushed him away with a finger on his nose.

“Not a chance, Kitty.”

“Rude. I’m just trying to be a good friend.” He tilted his head, studying her. “Wait, does it really bother you?”

Ladybug dropped down to sit on the ledge of the building, swinging her legs over the side. She shrugged with a soft sigh. “I don’t know. A little. My best friend makes out with her boyfriend a lot and it’s like there’s something in the water at school. Everyone is kissing everyone.”

“It has seemed like that,” Chat Noir frowned. He caught her expression and blanched. “I mean, I see a lot of people pairing off lately too.”

She nodded, satisfied enough with his answer for the moment. “I guess it just makes me wonder what’s wrong with me, you know? Why is no one kissing me?”

“To be fair, I literally just offered to kiss you,” he reminded her, sitting down.

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PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters. 

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



A/N:  Okay, this is one of the only chapters that, after I had finished it I thought there needed to be more. And lemmie tell you - I’m glad I felt this way. This chapter gives you one of my favourite StevexReader moments to date. It just makes me feel all types of ways. Literally the moment I added it, the whole basis for everything just felt right. I’m really excited to see what you guys think. I could have probably cut this chapter into two parts because of the added scene but decided I made you guys wait long enough and already told you there were going to be eleven chapters soooo… enjoy the longest chapter. 

“ Yea, let’s go towards the beings from another dimension. Sure, sounds like a fun, safe thing to do. No danger what so ever. ” You mumbled to yourself and you and Steve led the group of kids back through the train tracks. Steve rolled his eyes and shook his head, with a smile on his face he told you to shut up.

“ If we didn’t come along they would have gone on their own. ”

“ Why? What do they gain from this? Why wouldn’t they just try to avoid the danger and stay safe… and let the professionals handle it. ”

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i was cleaning my room at home and i found a box my mom kept full of all my school work from when i was little. one of the things in there was this list from kindergarten. on the 100th day of school we did all these “100” themed activities and one of them was finishing the sentence, “i wish i had 100…” let me tell you, a genie would have a field day with all the vague as shit wishes we came up with. like little kids probably wish the most as an age group and yet they all suck at it. like, okay, katie wished for 100 dollars, right? but then sam comes in and she wished for 100 toonies. that’s 200 dollars! katie looks like a god damn idiot! but hold on because then jonathan wished for 100 monies, like, plural of money. so he wished for 100 different kinds of currency in any amount. that could be one american penny and then 99 penny equivalents or millions of dollars in euros and pounds and stuff. still, strange wish to leave open to interpretation. 

keane, now keane had a more sensible take on the money wish. keane wished for 100 pieces of gold. a timeless metal coveted by ancient and modern cultures alike. clearly he knew something we didn’t.

what else did people wish for? ronald wished for 100 toys. shannon, i shit you not, shannon wished for 100 “boxes to put my toys in.” ronald was basically wishing just to get on shannon’s level while she was just like, “give me a gift card to the container store.” looking through the list there’s a lot of weird one upping. like a lot of weird passive aggressive stuff. katie b wished for 100 dresses, melanie countered with 100 fancy dresses. like she wanted dresses too, but had to clarify just to make katie b feel like she had shit taste. me, i wished for 100, get this, cats. you could not pay me to take a cat today, i want nothing to do with cats. apparently in kindergarten i wanted an insane, borderline illegal number of them. i have a feeling i was making this wish to impress someone else, like you know when you pretended to like a band in high school to have something in common with your crush? this was like that only magic and more…allergenic. my friend connor wished for 100 kitty cats. little baby cats. kind of a dick move, right? like you know i’d end up with 100 weird old cats, 179 eyes between them, all on their deathbeds. andre wanted 100 cars at what, age 5? he wanted to open a used dealership and needed inventory. joanne wanted 100 presents, which is different than wanting 100 of something more specific. like a present is a personal thing someone gives to someone else. she basically wanted people to think of her and get her something nice. i wish i could track everyone down and do an updated list. oh man, you know what i’d say if someone wished for 100 kitty cats? i’d wish for 100 pregnant cats. that’s like 200-700 cats or something. dammit connor where are you.

So I was at a cafe last week and I saw Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy on a date and I saw Harley with this cute little dachshund and me being the idiot animal-lover that I am, I went over and asked Harley and Ivy if I could pet the dachshund. They say yes and get to talking and at one point I mention that I can’t have a cat (even though I’m a huge cat person) because I’m allergic. My doorbell rang today and there sitting there licking its paw was a green kitty with a red and green striped bow around it neck with a little note saying “He’s hypoallergenic cause he’s actually mostly plant btw he’s mostly daisies love Ivy and Harley”. Lucky break that he was mostly daises because I have horrible pollen allergy too. I’ve gotten Aaron Purr (my new little daisy kitty) a cute red collar with daisies printed on it. Thanks Harley and Ivy!!! #OnlyInGotham #HesSoCute #WhenHePurrsHeStartsToSmellLikeASpringMeadow #KittyLove #PeopleKeepAskingWhyIHaveGreenFurOnMyClothes #IvyIsNowMyVet

Update: Catwoman was in my apartment playing with Aaron Purr when I came home today. She smiled put him back on the ground, with green fur stuck to her catsuit, and casually put a series of bejeweled cat collars on my coffee table and backflipped out of apartment. I’m pretty sure they’re stolen cause they look like real diamonds. #CommissonorGordonCanINotGoToPrisonForThis #OnlyInGotham #Help!! #ShouldIGetALawyer 

I could pick Charlie’s clothes out for him everyday and he’d wear literally whatever. Clothing is stuff that hangs on him which society insists he wears. Fine. He’ll do it, but Charlie’s engagement with shopping, picking out clothes, and getting dressed is at the absolute bare minimum. 

Buster, however, is full force in charge of what Buster wears. In fact the only thing keeping me on top of doing the laundry is that if I run out of Buster’s preferred and favorite clothing then Buu won’t be getting dressed. This child will not leave the house if they’re not attired to their own specifications (some days are more specific than others but overall that’s a true statement). 

Buster loves pink and teal and My Little Pony and Hello Kitty and rainbows and bunny motifs and metallic shimmer. Buster crafts outfits for the day’s events and locations. Buster is fucking on point in a way I have never been about possibly anything in my entire life. 

Buster refers to themselves as ‘he’ majority of the time but every so often ‘she’ and neither choice ever seems to correlate to how Buster decided to dress for the day. But, most of the time most everyone assumes Buster is a girl when we are out and about and I let my kid take the lead on facing other’s assumptions; sometimes Buster corrects them and other times doesn’t -  Charlie, Lee, and I simply follow suit. This isn’t hard. This is a very easy thing we do.

When met with straight on questioning of their gender Buster delights in being cryptic and difficult. Which, I should clarify, means Buster is enjoying the interaction. And that’s just who Buster is as a person. This kid loooooooooves getting people’s goats and being smarmy. LOVES IT. If Buster corrects someone outright or doesn’t entice them into a game of patience then chances are that Buster really, really dislikes them and is answering their question so they’ll go the hell away. Which is rare. 

Yesterday such an event took place and all this lead up has been so that you may enjoy to the most possible extent the following interaction wherein my three year old rips a grown man to fuckin’ shreds:  

Charlie, Buster, and I were out and about doing some holiday craft shopping when a man about my age who looked like a cartoon lumberjack approached us.

Now this happens from time to time if you have children (and especially if those children are assumed to be little girls), people feel comfortable coming up and talking to you as a group. Which is okay. Sometimes folks choosing to insert themselves into our bubble is ill timed and weird but on the whole such interactions roll off like water on a duck, it’s just whatever. It’s fine. It’s nothing.

Mr. Lumberjack started out the same, asking my kids what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas. Talking about toys is always a hot topic so they babbled on for a bit then the burly man declared that such sweet girls would get whatever they wanted - Charlie corrected him and said he was a boy.

“OH! Well, no one would know with that long hair your mommy has on you.”

At this point my eyes glassed over as I rapid fire debated with myself every possible answer and outcome on how to approach masculine passive aggressive bullshit and while I hesitated Buster venomously spat out that he was a boy too. Kid wanted this guy gonzo

“You’ll grow out of that phase, soon you’ll wanna look like me!” And then he gave a confident grin and a playful flex.

Buster dramatically looked this stranger up and down, scanning over his stained boots, dark blue jeans, yellow flannel and prideful scrappy veneer. My beautiful baby curled his lips into a sneer and said “Probably no.”

The woman a little down the isle snorted, confirming my suspicion she had been hanging around eavesdropping and not debating glitter, and our visitor’s face fell. Buster then dismissed him by theatrically turning his face up and to the side with a loud ‘herumf’ (which is a move adopted from the 3rd favorite pony, Rarity).  

This is my new favorite story. I want to print out flyers. I want a TV deal. I want a Sunday section. 


Well say hello to my newest oc Veronica Sawyer~!

(Yes im a Heathers fan, deal with it X’D lol)

But this sweet little kitty was inspired by @eliana55226838 and her oc Crystal Cooperson~!

@themarshmellowsnowqueen is also someone who helped a great deal with this character when she and I met up the other day~! ^^ she helped me with the outfit and the color pallet~!

Veronica is a florist who lives in Toon town, and owns a flower shop called the ‘Floral Boutique’. She absolutely loves flowers, and also has little seedling toons that help her around the shop ^^ (similar to Anie and her little cupcake helpers :3)

And we also have the little cupcake girl, Anie Cupcake created by @idolaelyartist , who is interacting with Veronica, talking about flowers and sweets~ ^^

There are also secrets about Veronica that involve myself and @themarshmellowsnowqueen ~ 😉😉😉. We’ll hopefully let you all in on it more once we’ve developed everything properly !

But for the time being I hope you enjoy this art and the first appearance of Veronica Sawyer~!

Veronica belongs to me

Anie Cupcake belongs to @idolaelyartist

So today I finally got to adopt Ziggy Stardust! He is the cutest Scottish fold and is currently sleeping on my chest. But the craziest thing is that when I went to the breeder, she told me that my kitty was half siblings with taylorswift’s cat Olivia! I honestly could not believe it when she said so, but then she showed me this photo and talked about how sweet Taylor was when she picked up Olivia! Anyway, I’m hoping that Taylor, if you see this, know that there is a little guy named Ziggy who really wants to meet his sister, and a 20 year old girl who is in shock that she’s now related to you through kitten adoptions!

Good Girl CH 2: Drunken Child

I blink at him, trying my best to appear as drunk as I was before all of this happened, knowing my drunk self will handle this better. I become more careless, almost sociopathic, in my child like drunk state, only caring for very few things like Jihyo. I give him my best-drunken grin, not unnerved by the murder I just witnessed, more focused on making sure he doesn’t notice Jihyo.

“Hi,” I hiccup.

“That isn’t the reaction I was expecting.” He chuckles to himself as he stands and takes the few steps needed to reach me. He crouches down to my level, our faces only inches a part. “What are you doing out here little one?” He asks me in a surprisingly sweet voice, his hand stroking my cheek. I’m surprised when I don’t flinch away from his touch; instead my drunken self fully takes over.

In child like drunkenness I slur, “There was a scary loud noise and people scattered and I ran out here.”

“You mean this loud noise,” He pulls a gun out from behind him and fires it blindly in the air, prompting me to cover my ears that are already ringing.

“Hyung, what the hell?” A deep voice snaps. Kitty, a name that seems to fit the man with a mischievous smile perfectly, just glares at the voice but tucks the gun back in his pants.

“You better watch out little one, this is a dangerous place for a little kitten like you.” I giggle at his words as he uses my nickname for him. His brow rises at the sound of my laugh; his smile slowly shifts to something more warm and genuine, “What is so funny?”

“You’re kitty!” I say drunkly. From the way my instincts seem to shut down around him, regardless of the fact that I just watched him kill someone, I feel as if I can relax around him. I’m really hoping it’s not from the tequila.

“Me?” The man scoffs. I nod making him laugh, “Fine, but what am I supposed to call you?”

“Who the hell are you talking to?” The same deep voice asks, much closer this time. Another man appears, the tallest one, and looks from Kitty to me surprised.

“Give me a few more minutes Kris,” Kitty glares at the sharp featured man.

“Omo, you have friends! I’m so sorry!” I slur, bowing my head, “Please go a head, I’m sorry for taking your time!”

“What the hell is wrong with her?” The new man chuckles.

I glare at him, “Ya! Nothing is wrong with me, I’m just kind of drunk!”

Both men laugh, the new comer asks, “What was your poison tonight sweetheart?”

Grinning big I yell, “Tequila!”

“And how many shots did you have?”

I pause for minute, deep in drunken thought, trying my best to at least think of a guess, using all of my fingers, “This many!”

“You won’t remember a thing tomorrow hopefully, it would be a shame to kill a pretty thing like yourself.”

Kitty grins at me, “But just to be sure, we should bring her home with us.”

“Hyung, are you sure that’s a good idea?” The dragon, yea, that seems about right, asks.

For some reason it sounds like a good idea to me, which makes me suddenly yell, “I wanna go home with Kitty!” Kitty smirks at the younger man triumphantly.

“You have no idea what you are getting yourself into Sweetheart,” Dragon says with a sigh but also a small smile.

“I think it’s called a van,” I tease as Kitty offers me a hand. Both men can’t help but laugh at my drunken innocence. Kitty wraps his arm around my waist, holding me tightly, whether it’s to make sure I don’t fall or to make sure I don’t run away, I’m not sure but his warmth is very much accepted.

“What were you guys doing?” Another boy asks, this one obviously younger with his round owl like eyes. Him and the other boys, I’m far to gone to count, stare at me wide eyed as Kitty helps me into the van and pulls me into his lap while Dragon helps him secure the seat belt around us both using a strange amount of care that I wouldn’t expect from them.

“Omo!” I say gleefully as I stare at the cute boy. He is taken back as I try to reach for him, something that surprised me as well, but Kitty holds my hands securely in my lap making me pout.

“Calm down little one, you can’t go being friendly with everyone, it hurts your oppa’s feelings,” Kitty coos in my ear, a small action that makes every person in the van turn and stare at us.

“But Kitty oppa! I just want to pinch his cheeks,” I whine as I struggle in his grasp trying and failing against his strength.

“Why his? Are mine not cute enough for you?” The older man puffs out his already large cheeks as he releases my hands, giving me permission to do what I wish. Giggling like a school girl I place both of my hands on his cheeks that are still pink from the cold.

“What the hell is going on?” The person in the driver’s seat asks staring back at us. I take my hands away from Kitty’s face to stare at the classically handsome man then the other man in the passenger seat who faintly reminds me of a deer.

“We picked up a friend,” Kitty says simply, not taking his eyes off me.

“She saw but she is pretty drunk so we’re going to see if she remembers tomorrow,” Dragon explains the rest.

“But what’s with all of that?” The deer like man asks as he gestures to mine and Kitty’s careless touchiness. Even his voice sounds pretty. I can’t take my eyes off the beautiful man.

“So pretty,” I mumble. I’m surprised when he blushes and looks away.

“She isn’t afraid of you,” One from the back stated a little confused as he leans forward to study me, a dimple on one of his cheeks appears as he smirks at me. “Are you sure she saw?”

Kitty nods, “I looked over and she was right there just staring at me. But than she smiled at me as if nothing happened.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” The deer boy asks.

I feel both Kitty and Dragon stare at me with expectant smirks as I pout, “I already said I want to go with Kitty!”

If these boys weren’t surprised already they sure ass hell are now. Dragon and Kitty die laughing at my non threatening demand, but through his laugh Kitty is able to say, “You heard the lady, lets get going, someone else is probably as impatient as her.”

They nod, understanding whatever he is hinting at that goes right over my head. Kitty rests his hands on my thighs, palm side up, and holds my hands loosely. He keeps me entertained by playing that game where he tries to catch my hands in his. Dragon watches us, just as amused as me by the simple game, he even asks if he can play as long drive drags on. One of the others in the row of seats behind us asks if he can have a turn. He has tan skin and bags under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept in years, giving him a scary appearance but when no red flags pop up in my head I smile and agree, thinking he reminds me of a panda.

When we arrive at our destination I’m surprised to see a massive mansion out the window. Kitty helps me out of the car and up the marble steps to the front door. Inside, he doesn’t hesitate to scoop me up and carry me up the grand staircase in the entryway. I don’t pay much attention to where we are going, only really paying attention when I’m placed on a king sized bed and Kitty stares down at me with his head cocked to the side.

“If I leave you alone will you be good and change?” Kitty asks.

I nod.

He nibbles on his lip for a minute before wandering to a walk in closet and coming back with a pair of shorts and an over sized T-shirt. He hands them to before giving me a warning look, “Behave little one, you have two minutes to change.” Again I nod; he leaves the room without another word. I peel off my top easier than I expected and soon my skirt followed, I fold them nicely and put them on the nightstand. I dig my phone out from my bra quickly type a message to Hoseok telling him where I left Jihyo, hoping she is okay but figuring her situation is better than mine at the moment. Not knowing what to do with my phone I turn it off and hide it in a secret pocket of my skirt. After pulling on Kitty’s clothes I sit back down on the bed, not sure how much time I have left.

“Are you dressed Sweetheart?” Dragon’s voice calls from the other side of the door.

“Yes Dragon oppa,” I say as I kick my feet that are hanging in the air. There’s a chuckle as the door opens reveling a dragon, a panda, and a kitty, all still dressed in their suits. Dragon smirks at me with his brow raised.

“Dragon?” He asks.

I nod, “And he is Panda oppa.”

“What makes you so sure I’m an oppa?” Panda asks as he comes to the edge of the bed.

“I’m 17, I’m still a junior in high school.”

“Wow, I guess I am an oppa. When is your birthday?”

“January 19th.”

“So we still have a while till you turn 18, what a shame,” Kitty smiles down at me.

“She has Sehun beat.” Panda chuckles.

“Aw Sweetheart, you’re still just a baby,” Dragon coos at me as he strokes my head.

Our conversation is cut short when one of the boys from the car, an elf like one, with a deep voice that contrasted with his cute features, comes in. He looks at all of us and gives me a small smile before looking to the boys he came to see.

In a serious tone he says, “Suho hyung needs your help down stairs.”

All three men frown, but Dragon speaks first, “All of us?”

Elf shakes his head, “Just Xiumin hyung, since this really is his field of expertise.”

“Can’t Kris do it? I’m busy,” Kitty, well actually Xiumin I guess, snaps back. I do my best to block out their names, knowing that remembering them won’t help me at all.

“Don’t worry Hyung, we will take good care of her,” Dragon grins.

Kitty glares up at the younger man, “You do anything bad to her I will bring you down to the dungeon.” The coldness in his voice sends a shiver down not just mine, but all of our spines. Dragon gulps and nods, fully understanding the older man’s threat. Kitty turns to me, the coldness gone from his eyes, “I’ll be back in a little bit, little one, be good. These two are going to stay with you till I come back, okay?”

I nod.

“You tell me if they do anything bad, I’ll make sure they get punished if they do,” He glances at the two men as he says the last few words.

Again I nod.

He smirks at me as he leans forward, his mouth close enough to my ear I feel his hot breathe, “If anyone here is going to do anything to you, it’s me.”

A blush spreads across my face making him grin big. He places a kiss on my forehead before stepping back to give one last glare to his youngers before following Elf out of the room. I look up at the two men who are now just staring back at me, both having a mental debate.

“Could I get a glass of water?” I ask shyly.

Dragon nods as he disappears into the attached bathroom. Panda seems to figure out whatever he was thinking about and comes to sit down next to me on the bed.

“What is your name?” He asks me.


“Who is Jooyoung?” Dragon asks as he comes back in the room with a tall glass of water in his hand. He gives it to me and watches as I drink ¼ of it right away.

“I’m Jooyoung.”

“What a pretty name, for a pretty girl,” An unfamiliar voice purrs from the doorway. The three of us look to see an attractive tan man with large lips smirking at me. Behind him is a paler man that is about the same height with a major bitch face going on.

“I’d scram if I were you, if Xiumin hyung finds you up here you’re going to be joining our guest in the dungeon,” Panda warns, scooting a little closer to me while Dragon sits on my other side. The tan man just laughs as he comes into the room, bitch face isn’t far behind, keeping his eyes on me. I stare at them, their faces seeming very familiar the more I stare at them.

“He’s busy at the moment, and it’s only fair we get to see who happens to have the privilege of being welcomed to our home. Not many girls have had the honor, even less have lived to tell the tale.” The man teases as he comes closer, only a yard away now. Through my fog I feel the alarms in my head go off at the man’s closeness. I latch on to Dragon’s arm as I try to hide behind him, wanting the tan man to go away. They are all surprised by my actions, but Dragon, Panda, and bitch face kind of smirk.

“Wow,” Bitch face whistles, “She watched Hyung kill someone, got in a car with strange men but Kai hyung’s creepy flirting is what scares her.”

“Is there a party going on in here?” More people appear in the doorway.

“I thought you were helping Suho and Xiumin?” Dragon asks as Elf comes in with three boys trailing behind hm.

Elf grimaces, “I was going to but Xiumin hyung got scary down there, he seems very determined to get back up here and fast as possible.” His eyes flash to me and he cocks his head cutely. “I believe that is because of that little cutie right there.”

I can’t help but stare at the tall elf, mesmerized by his cute features. To his left is a puppy like man and on the right is a dinosaur. Peeking out behind their wall is the owl boy from before. Forgetting about the tan man for a minute I hop off the bed and rush past the five men separating us. Once I reached him the surprised man I place both hands on his cheeks and coo.

“Omo! So cute!”

Laughter echoes through the room as all the men are on the floor dying of laughter, all except for the owl man who is just staring at me with those wide eyes. When he doesn’t push me away or anything I wrap my arms around and hug him tight, surprised to find his body muscular and not squishy like I was hoping.

I whine when I’m being pulled away by someone, looking over my shoulder I find Dragon with his arm wrapped securely around my waist.

“Why does she like him so much?” Panda pouts, “Why don’t you react like that when you see me?” He continues to whine when Dragon places me back on the bed in between them, keeping a firm hold on my waist so I can’t run again.

“At least she didn’t try to hide when she saw you,” Tan snaps back, actually kind of annoyed after see my happy reaction to Owl.

“You set off the alarms.” I explain.

“What alarms?”

I press my finger to my temple, “The alarms in my head, they go off when I see someone I should avoid.”

“What about for me?” Dragon asks, interest written all over his face. In fact everyone has seem to come closer to hear my response.

I shake my head, “Just him.”

“But you saw Hyung kill someone in cold blood, you’re alarm seems to be broken, you should be afraid of all of us.” Bitch face scoffs.

“I’m not really sober enough to explain this, but I’ll try my best. I think the way it works is that the alarm only goes off when I should be concerned for my own safety.” They all nod, somehow understanding me through my drunken slurs. The puppy looking boy comes forward with his head cocked to the side as he stares at me.

“You are an interesting little girl,” He smiles softly at me.

“I’m not that little.”

“You are a baby,” Dragon teases me.

“I’m older than what’s his face!” I snap back, earning a laugh Panda.

“Who’s what’s his face?” Puppy asks.

“Sehun,” Panda explains though his laughs.

Bitch face’s eyes go wide, “She’s older then me?”

“What about me?” Tan guy asks.

“You beat her by a few days.”

Tan guy grins again, “So you can call me oppa.”

I shake my head, “You still set off the alarms, try again later.”

“Wow, someone that can resist Kai’s charms, she’s a keeper.” Dino laughs, his voice reminds me of sweet honey.

“Why are all of you in here?” A dangerous voice calls from the doorway. The standing boys split like the red sea and Dragon and Panda are off the bed, away from me. Standing there is a very unhappy Kitty with the handsome man from before. Kitty is no longer wearing his suit; in fact he isn’t wearing a shirt at all, just his nice dress slacks. I catch sight of his nicely chiseled abs that sets my blood on fire making me blush and cover my eyes in embarrassment.

“Hyung,” Dragon says, “Put a shirt on, you’re making the poor thing blush.”

I hear Kitty grumble under his breath as he shuffles around, a minute passes before my hands are pulled away from my face and I open my eyes to come face to face with a smiling Kitty. I jump back surprised, but thankful he is wearing a t-shirt now.

“Sorry little one, I didn’t mean to scare you,” The older man coos as he affectionately strokes my head. He stands up and turns to our audience, I’m guessing his expression isn’t very friendly by the way the others take an obvious step back. “Now that I did my job can you all scram? I think she is ready to go to bed.” Without another word the group of boys scramble threw the door, Dragon being the last one out, closes it behind him, leaving Kitty and I by ourselves. He lets out a sigh as he turns back to me, a soft smile on his face. “As much as I would love to play with you right now, I’m actually exhausted so we can save that for later. But something you need to understand little one, you are not allowed to leave this room without me, got it? We don’t want you running off.”

I nod.

“Good girl.”

He flips off the lights and we’re in complete darkness. I feel concerned for my mental health when I don’t feel at all worried about the fact that I’m about to sleep next to some strange man that has made multiple passes at me and that I’ve seen kill a man in cold blood. But when he gets on the bed and pulls me into a tight hold I feel nothing but comfort and warmth.

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This isn't a kiss prompt, but I'd love to read some Voltron family-like bonding! I love them acting as a family towards each other. Have a nice day ☆☆☆

I hope you like this, I literally just winged it and weeeeeeeeeeeell, this is the result! It was fun, and I believe it’s soft and chaarming, hope it makes u smile at least!

Inspired by this amazing adorable fanart by @pentapoda 

That’s it. I’m outie because in two days I present my thesis, pls kill me. 

Ps. excuse the typos and grammar and bla bla bla I don’t get paid. and READ MORE under the well, read more. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

“I want one.”

Keith can only stare at his boyfriend in disbelief.

“What? Babe, are you telling me you don’t want one?”

Keith scoffs, opening his mouth to answer before he pauses and purses his lips, eyes going up as if considering the question.

“Paladins, please, focus.” Allura sighs, eyebrows furrowed worriedly as she nibbles her thumb nervously, eyes never leaving the scene in front of her. “Shiro? Anything you would like to share so it may give us a clue on how this happened?”

Shiro opens his mouth before he pauses and then he closes it, shrugging helplessly in the end. The entire team sigh at the response, mostly the Princess as the other four teenagers and Coran just try to huddle closer to him to stare at the small creature nested in his arms.

It’s a small black lion cub, two faint white marks on top of it’s head where in the middle there’s a small yellow dot. Fair enough, maybe taking a nap in Black after one of their astral training session hadn’t been the best move from his part, but…

Shiro can’t really say he regrets it, not when Black - because this is Black; his Lion, his companion and his confident - snuggles closer to the warmth provided by his prosthetic, soft purrs leaving him.

Shiro can’t help but to smile fondly at the small cub and he chuckles when he hears the rest of the team’s coos, something that only increases when Black decides on that moment to blink owlishly, waking up from his nap, before he yawns adorably.

“Oh my god, that is so quiznacking precious.” Lance coos, a small squeal leaving his lips as sees the display before him, “I want twenty of these, please, please, please?”

“Keith, are you crying?” Pidge giggles.

A small sniffle. “…No.”

Lance snorts. “Nice going, Black, you broke my boyfriend and I’m not even mad.”

The team’s soft laughing is suddenly cut off as Matt’s voice echoing around the hagar.

“Uh, guys, I don’t know how your house rules work or how many pets you actually have,” Matt says, sounding out of breath with small giggles getting in between words, “but I’m - I think I’m getting attacked by kitties? Space kitties? I mean, not that surprised anymore but yeah, just come back to the common room and - Wait, no, Green don’t jump - !”

The entire team blinks in confusion at the news, sharing a quick glance between them before they all break into a run.

“I call dibs!”

“On what¡?”

“All of them!”

“I can’t believe I didn’t only get one,” Lance whispers warmly as he drops to the floor and gently picks up a small red cub with his free hand, his other hand occupied by a slightly bigger blue cub that purrs happily against Lance, “but two small kitties! Oh my god, hashtag blessed.”

“Technically, you share custody,” Keith says as he steps in and takes the Red cub, bouncing it a little before pulling him close towards his chest, hiding his soft smile on Red’s head, “Give him to me, I’m due for a bonding moment.”

“How’s this even possible?” Shiro asks quietly, thumb rubbing gently against Blacks head, his smile softening when the cub purrs in approval at the act.

Allura shrugs. “I’m actually not…sure,” she admits quietly, arms crossed over her chest as she turns towards Coran.

Coran shrugs back at her. “Ah, well, maybe -”

“Who cares!” Lance cuts in from the floor, rolling his eyes in exasperation, keeping Blue’s face close to his cheek, “Can we just please, please, enjoy the fact we have five tiny adorable kitties in our hands and forget about the space magic mumbo jumbo or whatever for two ticks?”

“So so adorable, I think I’m going to cry.” Hunk sniffles, hand over his chest as he tries to look up and see the way Yellow tries to get comfy on top of his head, letting a soft meow once he’s settled, “Too late, I’m already crying.”

“I mean, it is statistically proven that having a pet near by can reduce stress and bla bla bla other smart stuff, I just want to keep them all.” Pidge says, dropping a kiss on Green’s head to emphasize her point. The cub looks happy with the exchange.

“We have a cow, a dolphin and two fuzzies that we still don’t know what they are.” Shiro says flatly but there’s an amused gleam on his eyes.

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“My Feisty Kitten”

Request: Bucky falls for the reader even though she isnt completely human. She has cat eyes, little fangs, and retractable claws like a kitty. She’s super sweet, loves to laugh, and make others happy but extremely feisty and violent on the field. Like a little sister to the team. - Anonymous 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1072

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

A/N: Here’s a request! 


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Tony didn’t let you sit on his leather couches when you were mad. You understood why, but they were still the most comfortable things in the compound. After every single mission, you had a hard time getting your claws to retract. Yes, your claws. You weren’t completely human, with eyes shaped like a cats and small fangs mixed in to the front of your teeth. You were an experiment of HYDRA. They made you part cat. Your eyes helped you see in terrible conditions, your fangs were great weapons for close quarter combat, and your claws could rip their way through any crowd of displeasing HYDRA goons.

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anonymous asked:

*slides you my soul bc i have no money* do you have any rly cute lotor headcanons? i‘m in too deep and haven‘t had the best day so if you feel like sharing some soft hcs that would be super kind but ofc you don‘t have to just ignore this ask if you don‘t feel like it!!

I hope your day got better and that you’re doing fine now! and dw, for Lotor, you don’t have to offer your soul…….just throw me a random compliment; I lap it up like its good kush ;))


  • Totally would never admit it, but he tends to talk in his sleep
    • he’s not the most well-rested royal you’ve met, but when he gets a moment to crash with you, some of the things he says are…interesting
    • mostly, it’s all sweet stuff like how much he wants to protect you and keep you always by his side
  • other times its not
    • “Banish him to the wastelands! Let’s ransack this village!”
    • “Bring me my sword.”
      • You actually had to check if the guards heard him say that out loud, bc you do not want a messy situation in your hands if they did
  • Creepy sleep-talking aside, Lotor bleps like a cat when he thinks
    • Ok…he doesn’t actually blep, that’s just you trying to make him seem more palatable than he really is
    • he does stick his tongue out of his mouth when he thinks
    • it’s a habit he got when he was really young, and it only comes out when you’re around
  • He’s actually good with kids once he gets past his awkwardness
    • thinks that bonding with a Galran equivalent of a toddler is by letting them wield swords around the cruiser
    • he would make a good babysitter if he wasn’t such a megalomaniac
    • but please, don’t ask how Lotor got kids on the cruiser……it’s not worth the headache
  • Tends to hum when he’s doing work
    • he has a good voice but doesn’t let anyone know that he’s a good singer
    • absently polishes his sword as he hums a tune under his breath
  • is a sucker for good jazz music
    • Lotor’s version of relaxing after a hard day is to soak in a bath as he plays the Galran version of jazz, while sipping on some nunvil
    • would commission a whole band to follow him around as they play music, if it was practical
    • trust me, he has thought quite a bit if he could have his own personal band following him around
  • A total sucker for fuzzy lion slippers
    • when he was younger, he used to steal Zarkon’s slippers and wear them around the castle, claiming he was the Black Paladin
    • might have stolen his Father’s armor once, but broke down in a fit when he got pinned down by the gauntlets and couldn’t escape 
  • Speaking of young Lotor, he was a riot
    • Used to chase the guards around the place with his tiny, pretend sword, and the guards would indulge him
    • ran out from his lessons to catch Althean operas
      • his favorite was the story of a young Galran soldier who fell in love with an Althean princess
      • he likes to think that’s how his parents met
    • frequently had play-dates with Allura when he was younger, and they would bond over braiding each others’ hair
      • when the Althean kingdom fell, he thought he lost his good friend (but little does he know cough*season 5*cough
    • Zarkon and Honerva would indulge him when he was younger whenever he wanted to play pretend and save a beautiful princess from the clutches of an evil King
      • This was before her obsession with quintessence and when they were still a family
      • His mom was often the damsel and Zarkon would pretend to be the bad guy (look at how that turned out lmao)
      • when Lotor brandished his play sword, Zarkon would pretend to cower and surrender, and baby Lotor would run to his mom, jump on her lap and say “Mother, I saved you from the nasty King!”
      • and she would chuckle and hold him close, kissing his forehead. “Yes, you did. What would I ever do without you to save me, my little star.”
  • Lotor had space cats while he was growing up and used to name them after his Father’s friends – the Paladins of old
    • “Father, Alfor wouldn’t stop ripping Mother’s curtains!”
    • “Look at Blaytz…he’s the best kitty!”
    • “Grygan ate all the juniberries, Father, not me.”
  • Zarkon didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His other friends think it’s beyond adorable
    • Alfor was a little miffed bc the naughtiest cat was named after him
  • baby Lotor was adorable, I don’t make the rules

You know those heartwarming stories about mother cats taking on and nursing other little animals, even outside their species? A comment I’ve heard often enough is “lol, she just doesn’t know, she just thinks that funny-looking one is a Special Baby.”

I was given far too much power as a child, and I actually had an opportunity to test this a bit. When I was around 7-8, we had two cats. Mine was a fluffy white kitty, and my sister had a sleek black kitty. These cats hated each other, always hissing and batting at one another. Well, it so happened that they had litters at almost the exact same time. The white cat’s kittens were all white, and the black cat’s kittens were all black; three apiece. Very easy to distinguish. A perfect experiment.

Being a little jerk child, on a few occasions I took the kittens from one cat and stuck them with the other cat, and then watched the fun unfold. Without fail, the adopting mother cat would let the kittens mix right together and nurse them all. But she would very thoroughly lick the new kittens to wash the stink of their actual mother off. Also without fail, the actual mother cat would eventually come grumbling up, hiss at the adopting mother, and take her kittens back. The adopting mother never fought back, and neither were in the least bit confused about who their babies were. So why did the adopting mother always accept the new kittens, even though she clearly detested the other mother cat?

I don’t have answers. I just wanted to share a time when I was a dreadful child and the cats behaved better than me.


So, I know this is a little late, but this is VooDoo, my newest rescue kitty, that my girlfriend and I got a few months before Christmas. Her reaction to our tree when we first put it. She broke over a third of our christmas bulbs! But I still love her. :)

Boo Kitten

Losing a pet is terrible. There is nothing more fitting than that word to describe the experience of loving a living thing so much you cannot imagine your life without them. Even though this living thing was a cat, she was not just any cat. She was Boo Kitten. She came to Mrs. D and I by way of adoption through Mrs. D’s sister. Her sister called me one night thirteen years ago and said she wanted to get Mrs. D a cat. I did not grow up in a cat loving household. I mean, they were fine and all, but nothing like a dog. Now, I can safely say, my family was dead wrong. Cats are unique and fabulous in their own right and don’t let anyone ever tell you different. 

When Boo Kitty was first introduced to us she was not Boo Kitty! The Humane Society had named her Reba or Reva. I like to think it was Reba because she’s a sassy lady and this kitten didn’t lack sass in the least bit. Well, her name was quickly changed when Mrs. D opened the box and Boo Kitty popped out! This kitty was all calico, all sass, all hair, and possessed an astounding floofy tail. Early on she was a cuddler. On our way home from Thanksgiving that year we had her in the car and she was crying and meowing so much we let her out and she laid on the dashboard & on my shoulder!

Over the years, Boo Kitty became a part of our lives and saw many things. She was introduced to our little blonde dog, Foxy, in 2007 and has pretty much resented us ever since. Sure, she forgave us somewhat, but I know deep down she was never fully over the moon to have a new sister dog. Then, in 2011 Maximilian was born. Honest to the Lord above I don’t think she and Max touched one another until about a two years ago. He wanted to love on her so bad, but she had better things to do like chasing paper clips and eating any carbohydrate, especially bread, she could. 

I know a lot of people say cats are so aloof or stuck up. Well, yes they are, BUT when they aren’t, they are immensely affectionate and loving. When Mrs. D was pregnant with both kids Boo would wrap herself up on her belly or near her. It was hopefully to show love, but she could have also been plotting her revenge. She even loved to sit on my chest in the middle of the night with her long tail and ass in my face. I miss that oddly enough. She was a good cuddler under the covers too. 

These last few months have been hard and aging was taking it’s toll on her. Our decision to let her go was not done in haste, but rather methodically and with lots of discussion. Max is processing as six year olds do, but man, that is so tough to explain to a little one. He and I gave Boo a warm french roll from the oven yesterday and brushed her one last time. Beatrix won’t get to know Boo Kitten as Max did, but she can definitely get to know her spirit and love through our stories and photos. In a final farewell, yesterday afternoon we picked up a bouquet of flowers, which she would have loved to chow down on, and we broke one stem in her honor.

Oh, original fur baby, dearest Boo Kitty you will be missed. Thank you for being a great kitten. May you be enjoying endless whipped cream on top of huge baguettes in the heavens above. Love you little kitten.

submitted by @karkahn: I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and introduce my kitty. This is Trouble, my dad named her and I never really saw a reason to change it, though she will come to Wubbles. I got her from a friend when she was just a kitten and she’ll be either 16 or 17 this year.

My friend swore up and down that she is a purebred siamese, but I’ve always doubted it, her head is so round, not angular at all like you see with most oriental cats, like your lovely Pangur! and she’s quite a bit stockier in build, more like tabby cats are. I only learned about applehead siamese a year ago, so I have no clue, all I know is that Trouble is a pretty girl andnshe damn well knows it.

She’s my old girl though, squeaky when she meows and purrs like a little motor and doesn’t even mind when you touch the toebeans! She might fuss about your petting the top of her head, but if you rub her chin she’ll wrap her paws around your hand and hold it there so she can lick your fingers, and I’m happy to trade ear rubs in favor of kitty kisses :3