my kitties are the cutest kitties

So my supplier from Uruguay just showed me these amethyst druzy kitties.. would you guys be interested if we had them in the shop? I am freaking out over these; I think they’re the cutest things EVER!!! I have to buy a pretty big quantity, so I want to make sure you guys would like them. They’d be about $15 - $40 ish depending on the size. :D

  • Kit: *Is playing Pokémon GO*
  • Kit: Oh! There's a rare Pokémon! DON'T MOVE!!
  • Ty: W-what?
  • Kit: Just... don't move. I'm gonna catch it
  • Kit: *sneaking towards Ty*
  • Ty: What are you doing?!?!
  • Kit: *Hugs Ty tightly*

anonymous asked:

Hello! So far I really like your blog, very imaginative ^^ Can I request sleeping position headcanons for the RFA members with their s/o? TYSM!

Yes anon! I really like this idea! ~ This also came out rather long sO half of them are under the cut! 

♥ His S/O probably sleeps in his arms, he likes being the big spoon cause it makes him feel like he’s protecting them. BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG HE ALSO LIKES BEING THE LITTLE SPOON!!
♥ Sleeps with his torso directly pressed against his S/O’s back.
♥ Sleeps with his head nuzzled into his S/O’s neck, he likes the smell of their hair so he just shOVES HIS FACE IN IT.
“S/O! What shampoo do you use, you smell absolutely … adorable!” (his s/o has no clue how they could smell ‘adorable’ but they think its cute)
♥ Legs are usually piled on top of each other, he essentially likes to consume his S/O’s body with his own.
♥ He once accidentally drooled on his S/O’s neck when they were sleeping, he woke up at 4am with his face covered in moisture and the poor boy thought it was blood cause it was so dark. He freaked out.

♥ He likes to sleep with his S/O’s head against his chest, directly over his heart.
“Babe~ do you hear that? My heart only beats for you…”
♥ He wraps his arms around his S/O, but not super tightly, just enough to pull his S/O close.
♥ He places one leg between his S/O’s leg, he’s tall so it would get really crowded if the leg situation was any more complicated.
♥ He claims it’ll keep them warm cause it’s a part of him and every part of him loves them. “My love will keep you warm.”

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RFA as different cats
  • Zen: Tries to get his owner's attention 24/7 but when there's a girl kitty, he'll go off and try to woo her instead.
  • Yoosung: The cat who is always on your lap and even though he tries to not cause trouble, there will always be SOMETHING broken when you come back. He'll just look at you with sad eyes.
  • Jaehee: A cat who is clean, a cat who listens, a cat who causes near to no problems. All she wants is to sleep with you at night.
  • Jumin: The 'classic' cat. Believes his fur is the best out of all the local cats and definitely flaunts it. He pretends not to care about you and is usually out of the household but you can always count on him to be back for dinner.
  • 707: Oh my god this little kitty is such a trickster. A smart cat who toys with your feelings. "IS HE GOING TO KNOCK THAT VASE DOWN OR NOT??" This kitty cat loves you some days and other days he just stares out the window like some cat drama.
  • V: The cutest little cat who stays by your legs because he can't see where he's going but can feel your heat. When you're out of the house he tries his best to get around and has made friends around the area.