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Just because I'm a sub, doesn't mean I'm free to use.

Okay, so I have something that’s been bothering me lately. I’ve been a little for about a year now. I had always known there was something different about me. A reason I like the things I like, act the way I act, love the way I love. When I heard about littles and daddies, I just knew. I finally understood. I knew when I read the way daddies treat their littles/princesses was exactly what I’ve always wanted in my life. The way they nurture them, care for them, love them, teach them, set rules. The bond that they have is unlike any other. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a very good run with this experience. The thing that bothers me so much is that the are so many men out there that are taking advantage of littles! They think that just because we are submissive, just because we love and care so deeply, they can either get with us and then use us sexually/emotionally and not really care the way they should, or random guys that call themselves daddies assume that we are just theirs to use even if we don’t know them. Well guess what….I may not have ever had a real daddy, but I KNOW THAT THIS ISN’T HOW IT WORKS. I know that even though I’m a submissive, even though I’m vulnerable, even though I have a low self-esteem due to my size, I AM NOT YOUR TOY TO USE. If I say no, I MEAN NO. I will not settle for being treated like anything less than the princess I am, because I know that’s what I deserve.

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It felt great when I received my transfer notice into Class Zero.

i got a cat and named him simba and he literally fell in love with his name twin,  they treat my bed like pride rock and my kitten wants to take his new bff everywhere now