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Pairings: Newt Scamander x Reader

Notes: Aye, long time no read right? Sorry about how late this is getting out! I’ve just been in love with Newt lately, it’s ridiculous! I really do hope that you guys like this story! Another note, feel free to leave a message or request in the inbox! I’m always open for headcanons, inspiration or just requests in general!

Warnings: Other than the occasional fluff, nope!

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Letting out a small sigh, you stretched your arms high above your head before letting out a groan of pleasure as your bones readjusted themselves. With the sun just barely peaking in through the curtains, you yawned as you lowered your hands to rest next to you, but the previously occupied space was emptied.

“Oh, Newt…” You sighed out as you shook your head, but you still couldn’t help a smile from forming on your lips. Throwing your legs over the side of the bed, you slipped on a pair of slippers before standing up and pulling a robe over your goose-bump covered skin. It was early in the morning, too early for you, and it was also very cold in your small apartment.

As you stood up from the comfortable mattress, you quickly spotted the worn, brown leather case sitting at the foot of your bed, exactly where he had left it. Grabbing the handle, you moved the case to the middle of your room before setting it on its bottom and opening the case and peering into it. After a few minutes of searching, you cupped a hand around your mouth.

“Newt!” You called out, but the only reply you got was an echo of your own voice. Another sigh escaped your lips, and looking back into the case you called for him once more. “Newton Scamander!” But again, only your voice was heard, with the occasional call of some creature deep within the case.

Grumbling out a string of slightly unpleasant words, you dusted off your robe briefly before stepping foot into the case and climbing down the ladder. Almost immediately the smell of fresh soil and old books filled your senses, making smile fondly as you peered around Newts workstation.

A few empty glass jars were spewed messily around on random wooden shelves, and same old leather bound books as well as some herbs were oddly placed around the room. You could tell that he had been working for what seemed like all night, and it worried you. That man always seemed to be to focused on his work, and never on himself. It seemed like that was your job. You cared for him deeply, it worried you how much time he had spent down here at a time.

Rolling the sleeves of your robe up a bit, you opened up the wooden door to the room and walked out into, what you called, the sanctuary for beasts within the small case. You couldn’t help but marvel at the many different creatures in front of you. Even though you had been in here before, many times to fetch Newt, bring him a meal, or even to help feed the many creatures, you couldn’t help but be transfixed at the sight.

“Y/N! What’re you doing up?”

Jumping around in your spot, you immediately saw Newt standing behind you with a look of surprise on his dirt covered face. He had a boyish look about him, something you only saw on him when he was down here, surround by all of these magnificent animals. “Looking for you.” You replied, wrapping your arms around yourself as you walked towards him, stopping short to look him up and down. “Newt, how long do you think that you have been down here?”

“Well, only for a little bit.” Newt tilted his head unconsciously to the side a bit as he spoke, a small grin on his lips as he set the bucket in his hand down before dusting his hands off. He diverted his eye sight to the ground as he usually did when talking with others, but his eyebrows furrowed immediately when you sighed, looking up from the ground and to your concerned expression. “What is it? Are you alright?” He asked, stepping forward and gently placing his hands on your shoulders.

“Newt, you’ve been down here all night.” You spoke softly, looking around a bit more at the beasts before looking back to him. “You need to eat, and rest.” You told him, leaning forward to wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your head into his shoulder.

“I-I’m sorry, Y/N.” Newts arms immediately wrapped themselves around your body, pulling you closer to him as he pressed a comforting kiss to the top of your head. “Merlin’s beard, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize.” You told him as you pulled away from the hug, pushing on your toes to press a gently kiss to his lips. “Just come with me. I’ll get some breakfast ready while you shower, and then you should get some rest.” You spoke as you grabbed the bucket from off of the ground with one hand, and grabbing his hand with the other.

Without any argument, Newt allowed you to pull him through the sanctuary and back to the room, then up the ladder and out of the case into your room. The sun was higher in the sky when the two of you finally made an appearance, making Newt cover his eyes slightly as he stepped into the room. Once out, you bent down a bit to lock the case again, setting it on to the foot of your bed before turning around to face him.

“There we go.” You smiled up at Newt and pressed another kiss to his cheek as he pulled you in for another hug, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “Now, it’s time for you to shower. You smell horrible.”

A chuckle escaped Newts lips as he stood there, and he tightened his hold on you for a short while before finally letting go. “Why thank you, for that lovely compliment.” He replied with a shy grin, letting your hand slip from his as he walked towards the bathroom.

“You’re very welcome!” You laughed, sitting down on your bed, but quickly jumping up as a small squeak sounded from under you. “Oh my, I’m sorry Pickett!” You bent down to smile apologetically at the Bowtruckle. “Would you like to help me make some breakfast?” You asked, holding your hand out for the small creature to climb on.

Picketts small face smiled up at you as he squeaked again, climbing on to the back of your hand before scurrying up your arm and on to your shoulder. “Okay then, what shall it be today? Pancakes, eggs and bacon?”

Replying with three small squeaks, Pickett pulled gently at a loose strand of hair before pointing to the small gas stove you had in your kitchen. You laughed at his apparent enthusiasm, and nodded as you went towards the cabinet for some flour. “All three it is!” You quickly gathered together all of the ingredients you needed, and grabbing your wand from out of your robe pocket, you gave it a small flick, bringing all of the kitchenware to life.

From down the hallway you could still hear the water from the bathroom running, making you nodded once before flicking your wand towards your room. A fresh pair of clothes flew quickly from the washroom to the bedroom, followed by a pair of fuzzy socks and a comb. The water soon cut off, alerting you that Newt had finished his shower and was soon to be dressed.

“Thank you Pickett.” You smiled over at him as he slowly cracked an egg, spilling the yoke and whites into the floating bowl in front of you. “Now, all we do it wait!”

“For what?” Newt suddenly made an appearance, running a hand through his still slightly damp hair as he walked into the kitchen. “My, that smells wonderful, Y/N.” He smiled down at you as he stepped next to you, looking towards the sizzling eggs on the stove.

“You, of course!” You gave another flick of your wand, and the floating bowl slowly poured the pancake batter on to the skillet before a spatula flew next to the batch. “Now, why don’t you go sit down while the food is still cooking, and I’ll set the table…”

As you were speaking, Newt had already made his way over to another cabinet that held the plates, and he had already begun to set the table. A small sigh passed your lips again as you shook your head, slowly walking over to him and wrapping your hands around his waist.


“Hm?” He hummed out a small reply, one hand coming to rest in yours as he spun around to face you. Again, his arms wrapped your body fully as he pulled you gently against him, his warmth masking you completely. “Yes, darling?”

“Breakfast is almost ready.” You told him, peering up at him before resting your forehead against the fabric on his shirt.

“I know that, yes.” Newt nodded his head, letting Pickett settle on his shoulder before resting his chin on the top of your head. “And it smells lovely. Do you need help with anything? I can get the–”

“No, no I’m fine.” You lifted your head to look at him again, smiling as you did so. “But, there is one tiny thing you could do for me.”

“What is it?” Newt bent down just a bit, coming face to face with you as a boyish smile lit up his face. Pushing up, just a bit, against the tips of your toes, you began to press little kisses across his cheeks and nose, his eyes fluttering shut at the gestures.

“I… would… love… it… if…” You started to speak as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pausing in between kisses for emphasis. “you… would…” You stopped just short of his lips, letting the silence linger a bit before finally leaning forward.

“What is it, Y/N?” Newt mumbled, his lips still gently attached to yours as you stepped a bit closer to him, his hands moving to rest securely on your hips. “If I would what–”

“Sit down, please.” You abruptly pulled away from the kiss, smiling cheekily up at Newt as his eyes snapped open in surprise. “You need to eat. We can cuddle afterwards, if you’d like.” Newts eyes traveled down to the table to where it was magically setting itself, pancakes and all, then shyly back to your slightly swollen lips and up to your eyes.

“Afterwards.” Newt nodded, his tongue darting out to wet his lips before he sat down, pulling you gently on to his lap before grabbing a fork. “We’ll cuddle, right?”

“Yes, Newt.” You couldn’t help the laugh you let out as you spun around gently, leaning forward to press a ghost of a kiss to the exposed skin on his neck. “We can cuddle all afternoon if you’d like.”

“I would, I would like that a lot.”

You Should Know Better (Part 2)

Title: You Should Know Better 2 (1)



Word Count: 1,441


A/N:I wasn’t planning on a second part, but a lot of people sent messages requesting one, so here it is! I hope it’s alright! Also, the two songs mentioned are Heaven by Warrant and I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith


It was so cold outside. I had been sitting in front of the entrance to the bunker, bundled up in my winter jacket and scarf. My boots had been pulled on haphazardly, so that my right foot wasn’t really inside its boot. I hugged the coat to myself and watched as the light faded from the sky.

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