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This girl is in serious need of more love. In and out of universe. Like she doesn’t even have her own group of friends like a lot of the other characters in the series. I find that so sad.

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Royalty AU - Pharaoh Alix of the Kubdel Kingdom

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(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Kim) (more classmates coming soon)

Darkness shall prevail and light expire.

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Being a maid from another kingdom and visiting Narnia would include


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  • the royal family of your kingdom going to Narnia hoping to marry the princess with one of their kings
  • king Edmund, to be more specific
  • you’d be one of the princess’ maid who had been brought along
  • your kingdom having extremely severe laws
  • no sense in your opinion, but you had to follow them anyway
  • and you didn’t expect to have any contact with the Narnia royal family at first
  • until the princess asked all her maids to go look for the king so they could go out for a walk and get to know each other better
  • luckily you were the one who managed to find him first
  • “Pardon me, Your Majesty.” you called him shyly into the library, causing him to raise his dark eyes from his book to you. “The princess is requiring your company for a walk.”
    The king let out a tired sigh when he heard the word ‘princess’, which made you want to laugh but hid it in a smile. He didn’t seem to have taken a liking to the royalty of your kingdom. The smile, however, vanished from your face as you suppressed your lips when saw the cover of the book the king was reading a few seconds ago.
    “It seems like a good book.” you murmured, catching Edmund’s attention as he stood up from his chair. “The image on the cover makes it look like it’s a mystery book.”
    The king looked between the woman and the book, a small smile appearing on his lips. “What’s your name?”
    “(Y/N), Your Majesty.” you made a brief courtesy. “One of the princess’ maid, Your Majesty.”
    “You do not need to call me that, you can call me-”
    “Do you prefer King Edmund? I would call you ‘My King’, but technically you are not my king, not yet at least.” you started rambling. “I have heard that you are called 'King Edmund the Just’, so if you prefer-”
    “Just Edmund is fine.” he said interrupting you, the smile still on his face, making you nod quickly. “Do you like to read mystery books, (Y/N)?”
    You shook your head slowly. “I do not know how.”
    “How what?”
    “I am very lucky to have been accepted into the castle, King Edmund.” you said. “With me working there, I guarantee food for my family, and education too, thing I never had.” you lowered your head slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I never learned to read, King Edmund.”
    He thought of correcting her again to call him just Edmund, but decided against it. Instead he suggested something that made your eyes widen before nodding quickly with a wide smile on your lips. “I can teach you how to read, if you want.”
  • from that day, when you weren’t needed, you’d meet Edmund and then he would teach you how to read/write
  • and when he thought you had learned enough for one day you would do something else together
  • usually you’d just talk in the library
  • some other days he would read some of his favorite books to you or encourage you to read to him
  • but sometimes Edmund would convince you to get out of the library with him, often so you could pull pranks on other people
  • including your princess
  • and even if you were too scared to get caught, you’d have a great time doing that
  • you starting to get fond of each other
  • you meeting secretly at night just to talk
  • you both sneaking into the kitchen and you making some traditional sweets from your kingdom for Edmund
  • “They may not be so good, after all, there’s a reason I work in the princess’s bedroom, not the kitchen”
  • but he did like them anyway (although you don’t know if he really liked it or if he was just trying to be nice)
  • he always going to you to complain about your princess
  • and even though you didn’t like her so much, you’d never say anything against her, just let him talk
  • but you’d sometimes feel the urge to complain about some things that bothered you in your life and he’d be glad to listen
  • Edmund loving to hear stories about you in your kingdom (especially if they include your siblings)
  • him borrowing a horse for you and suggesting taking you for a ride during the night
  • and then you’d tell him that you had never ridden a horse
  • and he wouldn’t hesitate to teach you
  • surprisingly you’d get the hang of it quickly
  • after that, sometimes, you both would go out to ride the night
  • some days the princess would go and see him dueling
  • and Edmund would try harder these days than he normally would
  • not because the princess would be there, but because she always brought her maids with her, you included
  • and he’d want to impress you
  • now that you were getting better at writing, Edmund would insist that you should write letters to him once you returned to your kingdom
  • you starting to develop feelings for the king, but denying having them as much as you could
  • little did you know that Edmund was starting to have feelings for you too
  • and he, unlike you, didn’t try too much to deny them
  • he’d even tell Lucy about it
  • and you’d notice that the valient queen had started to send knowing glances to you
  • you and Edmund smiling discreetly at each other when you were in the presence of other people
  • Edmund giving you hints that he was liking you, but you not getting any of them
  • until one day
  • you were once again training your handwriting as he read a book beside you
  • well, he tried to, but he was too distracted thinking about you
  • you were trying not to be distracted by the man next to you, trying hard to focus on the shaky words you wrote
  • but you couldn’t help but let your thoughts focus on him
  • thinking about him, especially about his lips
  • You looked at the king, your eyes slightly wide, your cheeks heating. “I’m going crazy.” you murmured more to yourself than to him, feeling a sense of guilt going through you. “I’m so sorry, Ed.”
    That made Edmund take his eyes off the book he wasn’t reading, raising one eyebrow at the woman. “Why are you saying that?”
    “I’m having these thoughts lately, thoughts that could cost my head if you were from my kingdom.” you felt your cheeks heat up even more, making you look away from him to your lap. “Improper thoughts for a maid to have about a king.”
    You refused to look at him, feeling the embarrassment take over you. You didn’t want to see his reaction at all. The only thing you hoped for was that he wouldn’t tell anyone about that or you could already consider yourself dead.
    Your gaze only met Edmund’s again when he placed his hand on your chin, making you look at him, which made you realize that his face was much closer to yours than it was a few seconds ago.
    “In your kingdom, what would happen if your king had improper thoughts about a maid?” he asked in a slightly hoarse voice as his eyes alternated his gaze between your eyes and lips.
    “She dies.” you answered in a low voice, feeling your heart beating faster the more Edmund got closer to you.
    “So I’m glad I’m not your king yet.” he murmured before finally pressing his lips against yours in a long, sweet peck.
    You felt yourself smiling as you pulled away, watching Edmund smile too. But your smile soon disappeared from your face when reality hit you again. Enough is enough.
    You quickly stood up from the chair you were sitting in, seeming to scare the king with your sudden movement. You tried to look as serious as you could.
    “It was very kind of you to teach me how to read, Your Majesty, and to write and ride a horse, but our time seems to have come to an end, since you will soon be my princess’ husband, and, apart from that, if everything happens as planned, I’ll be back home in a few days.” you started and Edmund seemed to be about to cut you off, but you continued. “If I get caught with the king, Your Majesty, I’m not even sure what would happen to me and… And my family would live in misery again.” you took a deep breath, walking toward the door. “And I will not let them suffer just because I have feelings for the wrong man.”
  • after that you would start to avoid him at all costs (especially when the princess brought you to his duels, where he’d try to contact you in some way)
  • and Lucy, too, after she’d started trying to talk to you about it too
  • and you’d be praying that the day you’d go back home would arrive soon
  • until one day you were walking through the grounds of Cair Paravel with another maid and you’d ended up hearing an argument about your princess between Peter and Edmund
  • you quickly get out of there, pulling the other maid along with you (although she wanted to stay to hear everything)
  • “It seems the king is not very pleased with the princess, is he?” she said suppressing a laugh.
  • you trying to avoid thinking that it was because of you, trying to convince yourself that even if Edmund hadn’t met you he would still complain about the princess to his brother
  • but you couldn’t avoid the truth anymore when he finally convinced you to talk to him
  • him telling you that he had managed to convince his brother that there would be no marriage between him and the princess
  • Your mouth was slightly open with surprise. You knew Edmund had complained about the princess, but he didn’t expect him to cancel the marriage.
    You looked at him, not believing what was happening. A small involuntary smile appeared on your face as you shook your head. Unbelievable. That couldn’t be happening.
    “It seems like the women
     from my kingdom do not please you.” you murmured in a low voice, the smile still on your face as Edmund got even closer to you.
    “Not that one.” he chuckled, a smile on his face as he placed his hand on your cheek. “But you, you’re one of the most interesting woman I’ve ever met.”
    And those were his last words before he collided his lips with yours, this time in a kiss a little rougher than the first. You didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, moving your lips against his cheerfully.
    “I’m still leaving Narnia.” it was the first thing you said to him when the kiss ended, pressing your foreheads against each other. “I’m going back to my kingdom as soon as the princess is ready to go.” you pulled away from him to look into his dark eyes. “I’m still just her maid.”
    Edmund placed a strand of your hair behind your ear, smiling softly at you. “Not if you marry me.”


  • Dishonored: The Empress is dead and her kingdom usurped, I must avenge her and return her daughter to power.
  • Dishonored DLC: The Empress is dead and a witch is trying to possess her daughter. Considering I'm the one who killed the Empress in the first place, I probably owe the kid this one.
  • Dishonored 2: That witch is back and stole my kingdom. I'm going to take back what's mine and put her down for good.
  • Dishonored 2 DLC: Let's kill the closest thing the series has to a God.

king learning about stuffed toys during his time as one of the sin; king making stuffed toys for people he can’t return to

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“canon doesn’t say anywhere that terra’s one of the lights”

okey doke

“What a small world.”

In Dragonstone
  • Missandei: The love of my life is in danger! I know it!
  • Tyrion: I want to serve my Queen, but I also love my brother...
  • Daenerys: I am going to take back the seven kingdoms with fire and blood!
  • Jon Snow: The White Walkers are coming! They are real!
  • Davos: Jon Snow? Noooo, that's not it. King Snow? That's not it either. King Jon! Does that sound right? King Snow. That doesn't have a ring to it...

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