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Out of My League (King George III x Reader)

Hello! This is my first fic (and, to be honest, I’m not very good at tumblr) so any feedback will be much appreciated! I’m not really sure about ideal length so this is just more of a test. I wrote this since I’m a Brit through and through so obvs George is one of my fav characters in Hamilton!

You had married George about a year ago. For a while, your life was bliss. You had a husband who loved you and showered you in whatever you desired (not that you’d ever actually request anything). You loved each other, and that was all that mattered. However, your ‘loyal’ subjects did’t see it that way. You were born and raised a commoner. Obviously, your courtship and marriage had caused quite a fuss, particularly within certain elitist circles, but George quickly ordered them to quieten their mouths.

Only, recently, the gossip had started up again. Maybe you had broken some kind of etiquette? Maybe you had offended someone? All you knew was that it was back, and worse than ever. When they thought you weren’t listening, they called you a 'whore who’d spread her legs for anyone, as long as they had money’. They accused you of sorcery, bewitching the king and clouding his judgement. Many of the comments were in a similar vain, spoken by nobles who were jealous that you had managed to catch the King’s eye. They didn’t affect you nearly as much as the other comments did.

“She’ll never be fit to be Queen”.
“She’s a distraction”.
“She’d never have the courage nor the intelligence to make any real decisions”.
“She’s nothing more than a pretty face”.

Every word pierced your heart. They attacked one of your worst insecurities. Sure, you’d never had a formal education but you had read your father’s books and taught yourself everything you needed to know. You had learned through sheer tenacity and force of will, and ended up with knowledge that rivals even your husband’s. But, you weren’t raised to rule. You didn’t know the ins and outs of high society. You just tried your hardest and hoped for the best. Still, the fact that people thought you weren’t good enough upset you more than it should have.

“My love, what troubles you?” asked George, seeing an expression of worry mar your beautiful face.
“George, I need you to answer this honestly”.
“What is it dear?” he said, feeling slightly apprehensive as to what affected you this much.
“Am I a burden?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself.

After saying it out loud, it seemed like everything came crashing down. What if they were right? What if you were a burden - useless to George and the country? What if he hates you? What if it was all pity and he never truly loved you? 

You couldn’t stop the tears streaming down your face or the sobs escaping your lips.

You found yourself encapsulated by his arms. He cradled you close, with your head resting on his chest, his slightly musky scent tickling your nose. This was the feeling of safety, of warmth. The feeling of home. He just held you there in a protective cocoon.

“Shh, you silly girl. Dry those tears” he said, drying your eyes with his robe. “Whatever could have given you that idea?”
“I-I’m sorry. I ju-just.” You hiccuped and broke down again, the horrible words still swimming in your mind.
“Shh, my sweet. I’ll be here as long as you need me”.
“Sorry, I’m useless. Pathetic. Weak.” you mumbled, as you tried to pull away from him. He held you tighter.

“Look at me” he demanded. You managed to pull away this time, avoiding his eye contact and mumbling some sort of excuse.
“Look. At. Me.” he demanded, more forcefully this time. He put his thumb under your chin, lifting it so that your eyes met. You stared into his captivating blue eyes, a feeling of guilt bubbling up. His eyes softened.
“What am I going to do with you?” he sighed. “[Y/N], I love you so much, can’t you see that? I would move the heavens for you”. At this, he stole a sweet kiss. 

“Please, what’s gotten into you?”
“I-I heard some pe-people talking about m-me”. Your voice wavered and you lost the courage to go on.
“What did they say?” He spoke softly and comfortingly, trying to coax you to go on. You told him everything you had heard. Every last insult, mean comment and snide remark.
“Oh [Y/N]” he whispered, as he held you close. “You didn’t need to face this alone. I’m here. I’ll always be here. Please, speak to me next time.”
“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t want to bother you or waste your time.” you stuttered.
“My sweet, I would give up my entire kingdom if it meant your happiness”. He smiled as you blushed prettily under his intense gaze.
“B-but all those people said-”
“Never mind what they said. You are what’s most important to me. What do those people know?” he whispered.

Then, upon the realisation that it was his subjects that caused this, his gaze hardened and sparked with anger. “Who are these people who dares cause you such grief? I will execute them immediately!” His eagerness to jump to your defense warmed your heart.
“George, it’s fine. Drop it. It’s just people in the court gossiping”.
“But, my love-”
“It’s fine George. Yes, their words hurt. Yes, I won’t forget them. Yes, they were horrible and uncalled for, but it was just gossip. Nothing more, nothing less. We can’t convict them on human nature. Just let it go, for me?”
“How did I ever convince someone like you to be my wife?” he asked in awe. “You’re just plain amazing, you know that right?”
“George.” you said, exasperated at his attempt to sidetrack you.
“Ok, I promise I won’t do anything. For you, my sweet, I give my word.”

“But seriously, can’t I chop a couple of heads off?”
“Sorry, dear.” and the King of England, ruler of millions, meekly complied.

I Need You Tonight

[Summary]: You and Scott knew each other since you were kids; playing together in the kitchen, hide-n-seek in the royal gardens, summers spent on the beach that was near your father’s kingdom. But you were a princess and Scott? Well, he was the kitchen boy. And as you two grew up together, the feelings between the two of you blossomed. But once you found out that your parents had an arranged marriage for you, you wanted nothing more than to be with Scott for the rest of your life.

[Pairing]: Scott x reader (mentions of Steve, Peggy and Tony)

[Warning]: A bit of “sexy time” (but it’s over pretty fast)

[Word Count]: 3,564 words (OMG, what did I do???)

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A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! Yep… yet another fic using Backstreet Boys as the inspiration… I have no shame in this [x] This is for @sgtbxckybxrnes’s “AU Writing Challenge”. Prompt is in BOLD. I’ve never written an AU before, so this was a really interesting experience for me. I really enjoyed it, so I might be writing some more AU’s in the future :)

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Scott and you were the best of friends growing up; You played together and caused mischief for the cooks in the kitchen. Played hide-n-seek in the gardens. Scott taught you how to catch a fish with your bare hands in the pond. The two of you would spend your summer days at the beach.

The only thing that seemed to separate the two of you were your social circles: you were a princess and Scott? Well, he was the kitchen boy. 

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Imagineer’s Daughter : Tom Holland

prompt : you’re an imagineer’s daughter and when tom holland comes into the parks for promo, you’re the non-official tour guide.

words : 1107

pairing : tom holland x reader

request : none

warning : none

a/n : you guys liked my last disney x tom preference so here is another one !!

Just like every day at the Magic Kingdom, you end up getting bored a little after lunch. So, you have to scour the park to find your dad to let him know you’re leaving. You would call him, but he’s not allowed to have his phone on the job. He’s an Imagineer at Disney World, which is only the coolest job ever. You practically grew up in the Magic Kingdom, because it’s just you and your dad. Your mom died a little after she gave birth to you. It’s upsetting, but it makes your life feel like a Disney movie. 

Every day, you go to the Magic Kingdom. Whether it’s a day off from school or in the afternoon, you always make sure you’re here every day. Everyone here knows you, and now you’re 19. Nothing’s changed.

Before you know it, you get lost in your thoughts and end up bumping into someone. You immediately recognize them because of what they’re wearing, it’s a dead ringer.

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The Old Days

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Request: Heeey :) Are you taking requests? Could you maybe write a Merlin x reader where they were friends as kids and later her parents died and the king of another kingdom adopted her. Later she is the Queen and Arthur invites her because Uther and her adoptive father used to be really good friends and she sees Merlin and a lots of fluff with happy end? :) hope it’s not too long ❤

Author’s Note: This is for @createdbytinyaddiction. I love this request and the idea of it and hope that you enjoy this little One Shot 😊

Your childhood was great, you had a best friend, the best parents and lots of fun every day. You would always run around the village with Merlin and play hide and seek or tag or you would lay down in the grass. When you found out about his magic, you were ecstatic. He would always make you laugh with it, loving how happy you were with his magic.

But everything changed, when you parents died of an illness and you were left an orphan. Of course Merlin’s mother took you in, but not even Merlin was able to make you smile with his magic. You lost your parents and felt so alone, even though you weren’t. Merlin was there for you, holding you at night, when you couldn’t sleep and cried all the time. He was the best friend anyone could ask for. After months he finally got a smile out of you, but it soon disappeared, when a king visited the village and heard of your story. He thought of you as very beautiful and charming and because his queen and himself couldn’t carry a child on their own, they took you with them. You were happy to have a family again, but devastated that you lost your friend.

Years later you faced the same destiny again. You parents passed away, but not of an illness but of their age. They had a happy life with you and you were thankful for everything they did for you.

Now you are the Queen and a loved one as well. You never forgot your routes and therefore make sure that every last village of your kingdom is doing well, visiting them yourself, making sure they are safe and have enough supplies.

The same day you got an invitation of King Arthur of Camelot, asking you for a visit to renew the old bonds between your kingdoms. Your father and Uther were good friends after all. It was hard for your father to hear that Uther passed away and now that Arthur heard of yours, he wanted to make sure, that you two kept the good relationship.

Soon enough you are on your way to Camelot and pretty excited to see your longtime friend Arthur again. You two didn’t see each other very often in the past, but when you did, you always had a good time together.

You arrive in Camelot and Arthur greets you immediately helping you of your horse, giving you a big hug. You hug him back, glad to see a close friend after everything. You two pull apart and you can’t resist it but bow for him.

“Your majesty.” You say with a big smile.

“My queen.” He answers smiling and bowing down.

You two laugh and you link your arm with his and make your way inside.

“How was the way here?” he asks.

“Very long, I don’t remember it to be this long.” You say and smile  at him.

“You just never paid attention to the way.” He says simply.

“True. How have you been Arthur?” you ask him sincerely, you haven’t spoken since Uther’s funeral.

“Pretty good actually. A lot changed to the better here. I do things very different than my father used, too.” He said.

“I knew you would, I only heard good about you. I’m afraid I’ll lose my citizens to Camelot.” You chuckle, making him laugh, too.

“Oh trust me, with you as Queen, I should be worried about my kingdom.” You both smile at each other and make your way inside the dining hall. That’s when you stop right in your tracks, looking at the clumsy looking boy filling up the goblets.

“Are you alright?” Arthur asks you concerned, looking in the direction you are looking at.

“Merlin?” you ask looking straight at him. The boy turns around and looks at you. Recognizing you, he lets the goblet he just filled fall down to the floor. A smile reaches your face and you run towards him. He moves towards you, too with open arms. You fall into him and hug him as close as you could and he tightens his grip around you.

“I missed you so much.” He mumbles in your neck.

“I missed you, too.” You say happy tears rolling down your face. He pulls back and holds you at arm’s length. He cups your face with his hands and wipes away your tears.

Meanwhile Arthur stands there dumbfounded and looks between Merlin and you, not being able to believe what is going on at the moment.

“Can someone explain to me what all this is about?” he asks.

“Oh Arthur, I’m so sorry. Merlin and I know each other since forever. We grew up together.” You say, smiling at Merlin, still keeping an arm around him.

“The village you got adopted from, was Merlin’s village?” Arthur asks.

“Yes” you and Merlin answer in unison and then chuckle.

The rest of the day you spend with Merlin, catching up on everything you had missed in each other’s life the past years. Arthur was sulking the whole time until he finally gave up and left the two of you alone. After a while Merlin and you went for ride outside of Camelot and soon enough you two are lying in the grass and Merlin makes you laugh with his magic, like in the old days.

“I missed this.” Merlin said, rolling to the side, smiling at you.

“I missed this, too.” You said.

“I could’ve needed this from time to time.” You said and Merlin nodded. With Merlin around you totally forgot that you are a Queen. It send you right back into childhood. Not worrying about anything.

At some point at night, Arthur has had enough and starts searching for Merlin. He looks everywhere but can’t find him. He makes his way to your room and knocks.

“My lady? Are you there?” he asks. Nobody answers, so he lets himself him.

“Hello?” he asks, peaking through the door.

What he sees makes him smile. He knew about this best friend of yours from you childhood, but he never knew it was Merlin. He is very happy, that you found this very important person again. You needed this.

Honestly, he invited you to make sure you were okay. The refreshment of the good relationship between the kingdoms was just an excuse. He knew how hard it was on him, when his father died and it wasn’t your first time to lose your parents.

He smiles and gets a blanket, to cover the two of you. He would make sure nobody would disturb the two of you.

Merlin and you were laying on the floor cuddled up in each other on lots of blankets and pillows and feathers. You two always wanted to make a pillow fight, but never had the chance to. And it sure wore you two out.

Both of you with a smile on your lips, slept soundly together on the mess.

Arthur blows out the candles and quietly closes the door behind him. But still he would have to talk to Merlin tomorrow, about his unpolished amour.

Sensations- Kuon J. Casiraghi (NSFW)

A/N: The reader is changed in this shot as per the request. Instead of a commoner girl, here, the reader is a princess from a kingdom.

Tagging: @hifftn, @voltagekpoplover, @the-princess-button, @rockingbrooklyn, @medievalbingeprincess69, @mrszala

“We’ve a new member joining us in our tea party…” Hayden winked at Kuon, who in turn offered him a nonchalant face. “How does it concern me?” He asked, lifting his tea cup.

“You know her pretty well. I mean, she was your childhood friend after all.” Hayden replied, grabbing a creamy biscuit from a plate.

Kuon froze. 

He laced his fingers around the hot cup. The temperature of the tea practically burned his fingers, but he didn’t bother. He looked at Hayden once more; now with a look of curiosity and surprise. “You mean the princess of Astherland?” He asked. Years passed since he saw her face. She was his close friend during their childhood, but after her education, she went to live in her own kingdom. A pang of loneliness whipped his body as his mind drifted back on the scene which occurred years ago. “Yes. The princess of Astherland.” 

“What’s with that look on your face? Did you have a crush on her or something?” Seig asked, a slight amusement netted in his voice.

“N-No way. You know I have zero percent interest in women.” Kuon responded, hiding his embarrassment with a glare. 

“That doesn’t show. I mean, look at you, Kuon, red in the face and all.” Oliver snickered, which earned him a glare from him.

“We don’t need a introduction, Hayden. We all know her from the beginning.” Seig said, gulping down the rest of his tea.

“Right. Oh, look here she is.” Hayden pointed out at his left, and true, there you were, gracefully making your way towards them. “Good Evening, gentlemen. I hope I don’t need an introduction, do I?” You winked playfully and took your place.

That wink. 

Kuon didn’t know why you were so attractive to him, why his feelings for you didn’t waver even after so much years apart. What name could he give to the unstable and messy feelings swimming away in his heart? 

“HEY! Are you on Earth right now, Kuon?” You asked him. “Of course. What did you think I was lost in, anyway?” His question was almost rhetorical, and you left it to be.

 Just hearing his voice after a long time was enough to slightly soothe the loneliness of your soul. “Long time no see, huh.” Oliver smiled, leaning onto his chair. “Yeah. I’ve missed you all, you know.”

 “All?” He asked, smirking. “I thought you only missed….Kuon.” 

You blushed and Kuon rolled his eyes at Oliver. “Are you serious? Don’t drag me into this mess for nothing.” You grinned at the sight of him. He didn’t change at all. He was still the same person; inside out. And now that you’ve met him, you’d like to confess your love.

“What are you staring at me like that for? It’s creepy.” Kuon said, looking into your eyes. 

“Nothing. Just admiring.” You replied. 

“Really? Admiring me? What for?” He chuckled. Kuon knew he wasn’t acting like himself, but he allowed it for sometime. After all, he met his wonder woman after many years. “Are you crazy? I was admiring the view of the garden.” You blushed harder, cheeks turning to the colour of strawberry jam. 

Abruptly, Seig grabbed his throat. “It makes me sick watching you both. Hayden, can we leave?” Hayden smiled and shrugged his shoulders leaving the gazebo along with Oliver, leaving you and Kuon alone. This moment. You’ve been waiting for this moment your entire life. 

“Kuon I-”

“Can we go for a walk?” He stretched his arm and you kept your hand in his. He pulled you up with a slight force, and wrapped an arm around your waist. The heat of his body seeped through your nerves, filling every inch of your body with the intoxicating touch. His hold on you was firm; as if he never wanted to let you go. 

“So, you wanted to tell something earlier, but I asked you out.”


“Err. I mean, asked you for a walk.” He looked at you. His eyes were so captivating, that they held you as hostage. “So, what were you saying?” Suddenly self-conscious, you looked down at the ground. His disinterest, his attitude towards love made you sceptical about confessing. 

But the look he was giving you was so magnetic, so earnest, you wanted to tell him right there right now, “Kuon, I…. have feelings for you.” His brows furrowed. 

“…What kind of feelings?” You arched your eyebrows. You couldn’t believe this guy. “Really? I am trying to say that I love you, you idiot!” When you said those words, it was like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. On the contrary, Kuon was blushing like how you were before. 

“You… love me?” He asked, his eyes widening. 

“Yes… I do. I realized that once I left you to go back to my own kingdom.” You said, allowing a smile to form on your lips. Once those words were out, he couldn’t help but gawk. Never had he paid any interest to any woman, but why were her words making his heart race? Why didn’t he ignore her confession like every other woman? 

He stopped walking. 

“What is your answer?” Nervousness gripped your form, and your lips slightly quivered. Your heart beat at the speed of lightning. Slowly removing your warm hands from his, you placed them on his shoulders. “Aren’t you going to give m-me an a-answer?” Your throat tightened and your voice came out sounding a bit hoarse. He looked at you intently. Kuon, who was disinterested in girls and had nil experience, didn’t understand how to behave in situations like these. He found himself taking steps closer to you, cornering you on a tree. 

“K-Kuon? W-What are you d-doing?” An unexpected heat coursed through your body, evoking goosebumps on your skin. The concept of romance was new to you, so you being a bit clueless and shocked was inevitable.

“Why are you looking at me with such an unsure look on your face?” He asked, cupping your cheeks in his hands. 

“B-Because it’s my first time.” You replied, savouring the warmth you felt on your cheeks. You leaned into his hands unintentionally and he let out a smirk. You knew his smirks, the malicious and devious ones were on a different side and the sweet smirk which he showed you was on a different one. 

He trailed a finger on your lips, the sensation ticklish; yet pleasurable. “…What do you think I was going to do to you?” He chuckled, his soft breath landing on your face. But suddenly, you pushed him away. “You didn’t answer my question from before. Do you love me or not?” How could you say the word ‘love’ so easily? For him, it took the whole guts he has just to say that lone word. The messed up feelings in his heart slowly began to come undone. If he felt for you… It should be love. You were precious to him, and every thing he ever had in his mind was… you. Of course you didn’t have an idea of how much he thought about you, but the notion of him loving you was crystal-clear. 

“I… I do.” His brain and heart had accepted his feelings, and there was nothing that could please him more. 

For you, it was a moment of life. You couldn’t resist throwing your arms around him in a hug, with you resting your ears on his heart; listening to his ever-increasing heart rate. Awkwardly, he combed your hair with his fingers, pulling on them vaguely. 

You were about to pull away, when, “Your highness-” Kent stopped walking and blushed at the scene in front of him. You covered your embarrassed face with your hands while on the contrary, Kuon was as cool and least bothered as ever. “What happened, Kent?” 

“Your highness, the law file is there on your table. Please go through it as soon as possible.” Kuon scoffed. 

Kent turned to leave, but before doing so, he whispered in the Prince’s ear, “Please, get a room.” The tips of his ears became red and to cover that he feigned a look of seriousness. 

“Aw, Kuon, you look so cute!” You pulled his cheeks. But he swatted your hand away and placed his hands on your hips. Crushing your form in his, he leaned down to kiss you. It was your first kiss and the sensation couldn’t be much sweeter. His soft lips pressed on yours more firmly, granting you comfort and a need. A need for more… a need which made you greedy for the touch of his fingers. 

A gentle wave of hotness crashed upon you, wetting your body with a heated want and desire. He released you from his hold and caught your hand. Your body instantly reacted on being left alone, after spending the most loving minutes in the arms of your beloved. A simple gesture of holding hands wasn’t enough. You were greedy for more. Greedy for more of his touches, his kisses, his hugs…. greedy for more of him. 

“Let’s go inside my bedroom.” He said, pulling you lightly. The future in his bedroom grasped you with growing anxiety, along with increasing excitement. But you knew one fact for certain…. You trusted him.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a big fan of Crowley - so could you please do a story where the reader sells her soul to save one of the Winchesters from hell, but when she dies and the torture is about to begin Crowley comes and gets her because he wants her as his wife and Queen?

Hello friend!

Crowley! YAY! Sure!

Your three years are up. For some reason, every time you make a deal with a demon and connect it to the Winchesters, they suddenly cut your time on Earth from 10 years to 1 for Dean, and you got three. Just three.

“Y/N…” you are sitting in a motel room, and Dean tries to not look at you. “We…”

“Man, it’s ok. We did our best, just try not dying again,” you try to smile to make him feel a bit better. “Take of each other, boys.”

“You… want us to leave?” asks Sam, and you nod.

“We know that nothing can stop a hellhound. I just don’t want to die in front of you two,” Sam stands up and pulls you close, planting a short kiss on your forehead. “Take care, Sammy.”

“I will.”

“Come here,” Dean quickly hugs you and pulls away.

“I love you, guys,” you flinch at the sound of the hellhound scratching the door. “Ok…”

“Ya know what?” Dean takes the gun out and pulls you behind his back. “Not happening.”

“Dean, it’s fair. It’s my turn to go there.”

“Y/N,” he turns to you. “You don’t know what it’s like there. I won’t let you go down,” before you manage to say something, the door breaks down, Dean fires a dozen shot in the air, but misses. You end up laying on the floor, feeling the hot, stinky breath on your cheek, and the sharp teeth tear your stomach apart. “No. No!” you hear Dean’s voice, but a second later everything disappears, and you see yourself in hell, about to be torn apart.

DON’T!” you hear strong voice, and suddenly the hellhounds (you see them now, even though you would much rather not) step back, not biting you. You look towards the voice and see Crowley, suddenly looking as the real King, furious and powerful. The hellhounds walk towards him, whining as small guilty puppies. “Go away. Never touch her again.” 

“Thank you…” you murmur, not taking your eyes off Crowley, as the hellhounds leave, and he makes a few steps towards you, grabbing your face and making you look him straight in the eye. 

“I just learned about your deal with one of my demons. Why didn’t you go straight to me?”

“I had to get Dean back,” you shrug your shoulders, feeling how your cold shiver slowly goes away. “It was the only option.”

“Don’t be stupid, Y/N. It’s your soul. Listen to yourself. Of course I would bring him back on the count of 1-2-3,” he rolls his eyes and grabs your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “I was afraid I would be late.”

“I do not regret what I did,” you state, even though you know how terrified you were of the pain.

“You would regret that you never asked me to help you. Because (if you asked me) you would the same result but without the hellhounds chewing you,” Crowley snaps his fingers, moving you to his palace, so that you are not talking in the middle of the hell. As soon as you are out of the “hell” part of the hell, he speeds up and walks down the hall. “I have an offer. You can’t get straight out of Hell without making a new deal, so here it is. You will become my Queen and just spend all the time you want on the Earth.”

“What?” you first think you got hallucinations. 

“My Queen, Y/N. I want you to marry me,” he tells you calmly, as if it is not unexpected at all, walking towards the throne room, when you grab his hand and make him stop to look you in the face.

“What the hell?”

“My kingdom,” you roll your eyes, as he smiles and gently touches your hand, covering it with his warm fingers. “Y/N. I am offering you my heart and my hand. And the throne. Just a tiny addition.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No. I just want to have you as my wife. I want my demons to know that under no circumstances you are to be hurt, I want to know that after a long day I will get home, and you will meet me and just make my tough day better,” he raises a hand and touches your cheek. “I know perfectly that your generation doesn’t like getting married before living together, but… Consider my proposal, Y/N,” you say nothing, so he smiles warmly, put your hand on his elbow and slowly keeps walking, keeping his fingertips on your hand, as if you have already said yes. “Just imagine how much I will do to make you happy here,” you look away blushing. “You know, being the Queen of Hell?”


“Because you are you,” simply answers Crowley. “Now keep thinking until you say yes. Because I won’t let you say no.”

Sensations- Kuon J. Casiraghi (NSFW) (Sneak Peek)

“We’ve a new member joining us in our tea party…” Hayden winked at Kuon, who in turn, offered him a nonchalant face. “How does it concern me?” He asked, lifting his tea cup. “You know her pretty well. She was our childhood friend, after all.”

“You mean a princess?” Kuon asked and Hayden nodded.

Years passed since he saw her face. She was his close friend during their childhood, but after her education, she went to live in her own kingdom. A pang of loneliness whipped his body and his mind drifted back on the scene which occurred years ago.

“I am trying to say that…I love you.” When you said those words, it was like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders. On the contrary, Kuon was blushing like how you were before. “You… love me?” He asked, his eyes widening.”Yes I do… I realized that once I left you to go back to my own kingdom.” You said, allowing a smile to shape up on your lips. 

“What is your answer?” Nervousness gripped your form and your lips quivered while you asked him this question. Your heart beat at the speed of lightening.

“…Aren’t you going to give m-me an a-answer?” Your throat tightened and your voice came out sounding hoarse. 

He trailed a finger on your lips, the sensation ticklish; yet pleasurable. “…What did you think I was going to do to you?” He chuckled, his soft breath landing on your face.

Crushing your face in his, he leaned down to kiss you.It was your first kiss and the sensation couldn’t be much sweeter. His soft lips pressed on yours more firmly, granting you comfort and need. A need for more… a need which made you greedy for the touch of his fingers. A gentle wave of hotness crashed upon you, wetting your body with a heated want and desire.

“Lets go inside my bedroom…” 

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Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic attend the World Tennis Day Showdown Celebration at Essex House in New York City, Sunday, March 2nd.