my kingdom for a soul

Kanej – Hades and Persephone

- she weaves flowers in her braid, she draws the light amidst the darkness he created

- he walks past her in her silks, peacock feathers in her hair, as she turns around, her eyes searching for his, but all he can watch is the pomegranate in her hand and its juice dripping to the floor like blood

- she sees the world from above and below, from the depths of the Barrel and the spires of Ghezen’s Hand; half of each year spent on either side of life

- she is the daughter of life, of sweeping fields of yellow wheat, the sweetest fruits, the coast of Ravka, etched into her memory alongside her mother’s scent and father’s voice

- he lives in fog and smoke, in alleys buried between houses that rise so high they squeeze out the sky between them; he sees a world painted in black and red, thrives on other people’s agony and despair

- he makes her a queen – his Wraith queen and he the king who built their court 

- there was never a more fearsome thing: the girl who chose to stay in his underworld, all the more threatening because of how kind she was, how hardened she had become, how capable she was of cruelty, yet of love at the same time

- she took him for what he was, she understood the need for the Lord of Death – their world might be worse for him, but he had made Ketterdam a city in which she could fight her way out of her humiliation and hate and that was all she cared about

- he was their king, but nobody was as feared as she, nobody drew everybody’s eye like the little Suli acrobat, ruthless captain of her death-ship, fearless in lofty heights, every other Barrel boss’ envy

- she took death from him, he life from her; they complemented each other, they had to be together, join together to defy the rest of the world

- he didn’t want to be bare, to let everyone see what his life in the underworld had made of him, what death had supposedly done to him. She saw him and cradled his hands in hers, as she realised he was still human, still had a heart beating in his chest.

- her lips spoke of the summer, dripping with honey, drew him towards her, but repulsed him at the same time. Her words spoke of darkness, her eyes of revenge. They drew him towards her, too. 

- she was a cracked mirror like him. Her surface gleamed silver with the moon enchanting him, but she didn’t make a secret of her past. Not to him. 

- they lived in the shadows, they lived in the secret alleys of a city which was home to ghosts floating along the streets, hiding what they were, forgetting it. But they were as happy as anyone can be under those conditions. They were fighting day to day, but fighting the battles they lived for. 


Here is a Masterlist of all my fics both WIP and completed.

Multi Chapters:

In the language of flowers -E-  Reaper76 - Completed (Ao3) Artwork: Here

In which Jack owns a flower shop and makes bomb cookies and Gabriel is a veteran wading in the consequences of his past.

Fool’s Gold -E- Mchanzo- WIP (Ao3)

In which Hanzo is trying to find himself while he attempts to find his brother and Jesse is having a rough time keeping his life together.

These aching bones -E- Reaper76- ABO-WIP (Ao3) Artwork: Here, Here, and Here

An old mated pair meet on the battlefield.

Illuminate -E- Reaper76-WIP (Ao3)

Where Jack is a fallen star with a heart worth stealing and the entire kingdom wants a taste.

The other half of my soul -M- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3)

Jack fell in love with a beautiful voice on the other end of his alarm clock radio. Gabriel is intrigued by the struggling college student who comes in bruised and shy every Saturday morning.

One-shots and Drabbles:

Base instincts -E- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) Artwork: Here

Reaper keeps tracking Jack down. Jack keeps letting him. They’re both too thirsty to stop.

Everything we used to be -M- Reaper76- Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

Memories are like gardens. Jack’s garden is a battlefield.

A fact of biology -T- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

Winston should really keep his machines locked away.

Burn for me -E- Reaper76- Completed  (Tumblr)

Jack ties Gabriel to a chair for some fun.

At the end of the world -G- Reaper76-Completed (Ao3) (Tumblr)

In another life would everything be different? 

Reunion -M- Reaper76 - Completed (Ao3) (Pacific Rim AU)

This is not the reunion Jack dreamed of.

Tail me about it -E- Reaper76 -Completed- (Ao3) (Pacific Rim Au)

Jack decides to spice up their non-existent sex life.

More man than machine -E- Mcgenji -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

Genji’s isn’t sure he can feel pleasure anymore. Jesse’s willing to give it a go.

All that glitters -E- Reaper76 -Completed- (Ao3) (Tumblr) 

Lipstick BJ. ‘Nuff said.

Ride ‘em -E- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr

Tit worship.

It’s the hat that makes the man -E- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

Jack likes Jesse’s hat.

Reunion -M- Mc76 -Completed- (Tumblr) Artwork: Here

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Anime summaries in just a few sentences
  • Durura: Stahp KiLIlnG PePolE IZaYAa
  • magi: Aladdin NONONONOOOO
  • psycho-pass: dont even think about killing him u idiot
  • soul eater: *gets nosebleed from fighting and theres a sexy katttt
  • kill la kill: talking clothes and half naked Ryuko
  • hunter x hunter: *intense gay staring*
  • fairy tail: *is unsure what to ship*
  • samurai champloo: "Ill do anything for f00d"
  • black butler: let me beat the shit out of these idiots, young master
  • my little monster: stop that haruuuu
  • kuroko no basket: gay basketball players
  • deadman wonderland: a guide on how to make the most terrible ending EVER
  • Vampire Knight: we all wanted her to end up with zero
  • kotoura-san: StaP THt MAnAbee

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that’s why meeting her enemies on the field of battle was such a great joy. 


(perhaps she was simply intoxicated from so much blood.)