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The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)
The Crystal Kingdom Song (Cover)

so I recorded a cover of all the verses of the Crystal Kingdom song from The Adventure Zone! I really like the song tbh so I thought it would be fun to figure out and do a cover for ^^

I apologize for less-than-ideal quality of the audio, I used my phone to record this because I don’t have a better microphone… I also apologize for any mistakes! I haven’t really properly sang anything in a while so that’s why this probably isn’t the best, but… I tried haha

anyway, I hope y’all enjoy! :)

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You know what messes me up most about kingdom hearts? How you get to know each character, see what they believe, learn what they hold most dear, and experience their bond to other characters just long enough for the writers to get you emotionally attached to them before ripping out your heart and running it over and over again with a bulldozer. If it’s not bad enough, with every game they get better at doing it so I’m sure when kingdom hearts 3 finally comes out, I’m gonna be an emotional wreck.

I still think about you everyday. The little things, like walking across the sidewalks, on our way to our favorite breakfast spot. I get the hash bowl and you get the grits, the usual. How come I don’t ever run into you there anymore? Is it only my favorite place now?
I think about the days where it was overbearing for you, or overbearing for me. How we would babble about tales of mean bitches or stupid boys. We were better than them, we were princesses and this campus, our kingdom. Am I princess of an empty parking lot now?
I think about how you lurk the halls so alone. How are you doing today? I wonder if you’re doing okay in school all the time. We used to really struggle together. Looking at your eyes tear me down as you rip through the halls with your silent glare. It makes me think about you in class because I know you’re not okay. Am I thinking too much?
—  I miss my best friend
FrostIron Fics Where Tony Stark is Aesir

Because I love fics where Tony is Aesir. This will not include golden apple fics (there may be some exceptions however). This will be updated whenever I find new fics *crosses fingers*. Some of these are also Role Reversal AU (YASS), but I think there was another post flying around with those fics. Anyways, Aesir Tony, my on-going mission. BAM. WIPs are indicated with **. Oh right, they’re all FROSTIRON btw.

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