my king of heros can't be this cute


I honestly cannot find words worthy of this moment. My two favorite figure skaters won the World Championships at home in Japan. What can I possibly say? ADFJAPDJFDJFPAKJDFPADJ!!!

I love you Mao Asada. You are my hero. NEW WORLD RECORD only a few weeks after the disastrous SP that kept you from winning an Olympic medal, possibly even gold. And yet, you not only went for that triple axel, you nailed it, twice. You are the definition of amazing. THREE TIME WORLD CHAMPION. Empress Mao. 

(GIF credit: here)

As for Yuzu - what an incredible fighter. Finally landed that quad salchow!!! And fought for every single point in both the short program and the free skate. Much respect. Never give up. Even though the British Eurosport guys are calling him “The King” now, I still like to think of him as the cute little Prince. He has so much more to achieve. SO excited to see what the next few years will bring. Hopefully some better costumes, music, and choreography, some more world records, and some never before seen jumping passes/combinations. CAN’T WAIT!!!

All aboard the Team Japan bus!!!