my king (2)


he was so still inside [listen]

“He couldn’t tell if he was letting himself idolize this place or Ronan, and he wasn’t sure there was a difference. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back, as he had been looking back for months.”

a mix for a soft epilogue at the barns


Me a few weeks ago: I will not get invested in this show, it is just lik-

Kang Daniel: *Does this* *exists* *smiles*


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A commisison for a fellow Titan on Deviantart! I had a lot of fun working on this guy. Oh how I love that Osiris gear! And I really have a thing for Titans using unexpected things as their Mark. 

Also, can we just talk for a second about the D2 Gameplay reveal today? I’m so stoked.  


the raven cycle + “youth” by daughter