my kinda church



can aphobes maybe stop with the “well my church says asexuality is good because sex is sinful!” line of argument? I’ve never met a single ace person who wanted to be stereotyped as “pure and good” because of their orientation. I don’t want to be seen as some twisted version of moral because of my sexuality. It’s not a privilege to be constantly mislabeled as “saving yourself”.

Asexuality =/= celibacy, even among aces who are not having sex.


…is what i want to say, but i’m scared of getting a backlash //”atheists should go burn in hell” etc “they’re bad people” this actually was directed to me irl b4 haha so i tend to be quiet
well not all religious people r like that–i know there’s some very nice people, and im grateful–they are precious! <3 

as for this post, im ready to get salt anyway

I saw a little girl at church today with dyed pink hair and my mom teased me that it was probably my fault

His name is a hymn and his kiss is an answered prayer
His skin the pale marble altar where you sacrifice yourself to him

You make confession in breathed secrets along his neck
The scripture you memorize is his pounding heart against yours.

Heaven was never real to you
Until the moment you saw his body bathed in kaleidoscope color from stained glass windows.

The first man to rise from dust and be tempted by a snake was Adam.
The second was Adam Parrish.

—  “An Object of Worship.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)