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When people jump into a fandom and are only interested in it because there’s ~*omg gay ships!1!!*~

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So. I just watched the trailer for Pork Pie. (FINALLY!)



i just realised my canadian professor told me she was impressed by my conclusion in the essay i got full marks on and it occurred to me that i wrote that fucking conclusion while i was wasted on my friend’s couch at midnight what kind of impressive shit is that 

I’ve noticed I have this weird personality like a church lady. Like, I have infinite compassion and will help anyone who needs it and try to be there for everyone emotionally. But the flipside of that compassion is a judgmental streak a mile wide. I think its because the way my mind works it just absorbs whatever anyone else is going through so if theyre happy im happy if theyre scared im scared. But then if they do shit i dont condone im the kind of busybody who also makes that shit my business, as much as I try not to. I think it might have something to do with how i was raised. I was the only child between a lot of parents growing up, living in small houses and apartments i never really had privacy and as controlling as my parents were i never got to have a sense of ownership over anything, including myself. So I think I’ve carried that porous sense of self into adulthood, where I just meld with people easily. I know other folks with the same experience but they’re all shy, demure, so that melding entails then basically letting their friends and relationships lead them wherever. But im a big, forceful personality, its in my genes, so I do the opposite, I play a dictatorial or controlling role or at least i do in my mind. Irl im too polite to attempt to manipulate anybody so all anybody sees is this weird chick who moodswings between the sweetest person and the meanest bitch, depending on her own contrived code of ethics.


Not many know about this, but you see, I’m in love with Tamako, my childhood best friend

Every time I listen to “Dirty Diana” I have the same reactions

“She said I have to go home!
‘Cause I’m real tired you see!
But I hate sleepin alone
Why don’t you come with me!”

“I Said My Baby’s At Home
She’s Probably Worried
I Didn’t Call On The Phone To
Say That I’m Alright!”

“Diana Walked Up To Me,
She Said I’m All Yours
At That I Ran To The Phone
Sayin’ Baby I’m Alright!”

“I Said But Unlock The Door!
Because I Forgot The Key!
She Said He’s Not Coming
Back -
Because He’s Sleeping With


intense… kids

quick thoughts on staying silent
  • choosing to avoid discussing, emotionally distance yourself from or ignore Ferguson and other anti-black violence is a privilege that non-black people have. black people are in peril basically by existing, and have no choice in it
  • staying silent is not a ‘neutral’ position, but a 'default’ position, and the default position is the one that made violence against black people permissible in the first place
  • silence is what people who support anti-black violence take as support, by making a 'default’ space where situations like Ferguson aren’t important enough to be talked about

october 18th, 2016.

Marinette finds out. Adrien isn’t sure as what to feel about her new behaviour.

He still appreciates her scratching under his chin, though.

Alternatively: In which I had spare time and zero self-control.