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“Steven, your mother had healing tears that flowed from her gem.”
- Garnet, “An Indirect Kiss”

So, suddenly my Photoshop CS3 has decided to completely shit out of its ears. It crashes on pretty much all occasions, and especially when using liquify. The thing worked perfectly fine before, but today the whole thing just went off rails, and the program stops responding and I need to log out of my desktop to get it to go away. It´s not RAM problems, I have 14GB of it and even when upping the PS performance to 100%, same shit happens. I rolled my nvidia drivers back like was recommended on an adobe forum, but it did nothing. Several people have had problems with Photoshop, it seems. Weirdest thing is that it only started today. I use liquify a lot, and it´s not just that tool that causes non-responsiveness.

I´m starting to get really stressed because if my PS won´t work, I can´t edit my renders…

  • Aries? More like scaries
  • Taurus? More like bore us
  • Gemini? More like geminot as smart as you think you are
  • Cancer? More like cancerned about their mental health and should be
  • Leo? More like get leover yourself
  • Virgo? More like I forgot about you at first and had to go back and add this shitty pun:virgin
  • Libra? More like geez bruh chill
  • Scorpio? More like scorpioh no please stop
  • Sagittarius? More like sagivarious personalities
  • Capricorn? More like capriworn out all the time
  • Aquarius? More like agenius in your own opinion at least
  • Pisces? More like pussies

i can’t find the original post that this is based on, but it’s one of @pinkconsultingsociopath that i fell in love with when i entered this damn fandom.

Aaron makes plants sprout randomly.

Hibiscus: perfect, Daises: cheerfulness, Anemone: luck, Carnation: admiration, Rose: love, Ponyleaf Oxalis: I looked it up but it won’t fucking tell me


this is super late! but it’s my babe @sauciness ‘s birthday today and i just wanted to do a lil thing for him because he deserves so so much. anyway, happy birthday idris, i love u a lot. here is a cover of war of hearts for you x