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I fell in love with your words, with your thoughts, with your heart. The way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you light up when you talk about something you love. The way you bite your lower lip, the way you look at me, the way you hold me in your arms. I fell in love with the way you roll over into my arms at night, I fell in love with the way you always smile when you wake up, I fell in love with how kind you are to everyone. I fell in love with your soul.
—  Leohearts

You just feel bad for the dead in your wake. I don’t feel anything.

If that were true, you would have killed me by now. 

Benedict C.–in any role–in that deliciously breathless moment before the Kiss

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☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What came next was unexpected. He came closer, planted a kiss on her cheek, and she heard him whisper, “Be careful.” Wait –was he really worried about her and her safety? Her, who could kill a man twice her height with her bare hands? Loyal and kind and sweet and oh-so-easy-to-read-Benji was worried, about her. Since when? Well, maybe not so-easy-to-read-Ben in the end…

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Believe that I am not leaving here without you. Even if it means we die together. So if you want to save me, you’re gonna stand up, get your shit together, and get us out of here right now.

Obviously, I Like You - Dirk/Todd

“I like you, Todd” Dirk randomly blurts out.

“What…? Really?”

“Obviously, yes! I realized you weren’t picking up any of my signs and that I had to be forward with you. So, I like you. And its the romantic kind, not the, you’re my favourite platonic Best Friend/Assistant kind.”

“What signs? The ones where you stalked me for week?”

“That was not because….. We were detectives, doing detectivities stuff!” Dirk tried his best to keep the Matter-Of-Fact frame work in that sentence. Todd, of course, thought it was funny.

“Detectivities stuff?”

“Yes that’s a thing, Todd. In some langue….”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you blush?” Todd smiled, amused by this rare expression of Dirk.

“Shut up! And, wipe that smug grin off your face! hmph. You’re being a kid.”

“I-? Yes, Dirk, I’m the kid in this scenario.”

“Yes, you and your big blue eyes and your childish behavior. Its embarrassing.”

“I don’t think so…” Todd disagrees with a smirk.

“Well….. Now you’re just being biased.”

“That’s… true.” Todd hesitated, “So you like me, as in, you have a crush, on me?”

“It’s silly, isn’t it? Not used to this kind of emotions.”

“Yeah…. me neither”

“Why? Who do you like?” Dirk snapped the question a bit to sharply.

“You, silly.”

“Oh….” Dirk laughs awkwardly, another blush appearing. “Obviously~”

“You’re a dork, you know that?”

“Yes, but I’m the best dork.”

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hello! in here for the valentine's day drabble thing: i'm 4'11 and female, i have short, curly brown hair and hazel eyes. I am an artist and musician, and I am very stubborn with some things. I am kind of a romantic person and my favourite character is Lafayette 💕

Happy Galentine’s Day you lovely lady! Here’s your drabble:

Originally posted by jamiiton

You stood on your tippy toes, trying to reach something from the top shelf of your cabinet. Lafayette sat on the couch, completely engulfed in some book that he was reading. “Oh my god,” you grunted out of anger.

Lafayette looked up at you and cracked a smile. “You need some help with that, mon amour?”

You snapped your head back to look at him and let yourself relax for a moment. “No, I can do it,” you sighed and started to throw your knees up onto the counter top.

Lafayette chuckled as he walked over to where you were standing. “Mon cher, it’s not your fault that you’re short. Just let me get it for you.”

“Laf! I don’t need your help! I’ve got this!” You threw yourself up onto the counter and wavered as you tried to steady yourself. Lafayette grabbed you by the waist so that you couldn’t fall.

“Thank you,” you grumbled as you reached for the plate you were looking for. You placed it down on the counter and turned around to look at your boyfriend.

He kissed you on the temple and smiled. “You’re adorably stubborn.”


♦ Favourite Platonic Relationships (4/?) ♦

Tales of Zestiria - Sorey & Mikleo 

“What? What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?“
"I’m just… really happy you came with me!”
“I couldn’t let you navigate the world of humans alone.
Not as guileless as you are.“

33 Black Sails Icons [mostly from S02]

Anne Bonny (1)
Eleanor Guthrie (6)
Eme (2)
Idelle (1)
Jack Rackham (2)
James Flint (4)
John Silver (2)
Max (5)
Miranda Barlow (4)
Mr. Scott (1)
Thomas Hamilton (1)

Flint x Eleanor (1)
Flint x Silver (3)

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All of these can be found under Black Sails !!New!! for the time being. All BS icons are under Black Sails. The icons page is fairly easy to navigate, and you can search characters by name (under Characters - Misc). If anyone has any problems send me a message.

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i swear

Kylo Ren is so much more a Byronic hero than a “true villain” it’s not even subtle, I’m so mad I even made a real bet w/ my bf that Kylo will have some kind of romantic arc in the future

What is this Byronic hero you say

Byronic hero is an antihero of the highest order. He (or she) is typically rebellious, arrogant, anti-social or in exile, and darkly, enticingly romantic


But wait, just wiki it, it gets better 

a man proud, moody, cynical, with defiance on his brow, and misery in his heart, a scorner of his kind, implacable in revenge, yet capable of deep and strong affection.




Ofc this comes from Lord Byron’s character writing, the example given is this Conrad guy, the pirate hero of Byron’s The Corsair (1814) who is described as:

“He knew himself a villain—but he deem’d
The rest no better than the thing he seem’d;
And scorn’d the best as hypocrites who hid
Those deeds the bolder spirit plainly did.
He knew himself detested, but he knew
The hearts that loath’d him, crouch’d and dreaded too.
Lone, wild, and strange, he stood alike exempt
From all affection and from all contempt: (I, XI)”