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From Unluck to Something Better // request

Request: “Can you do where y/n and Justin are in Starbucks & Justin accidentally spills his drink on her (you can do the rest lol) but afterwards he wants to see her again and, & finds her doing a private dance class by herself and Justin got there with nick to rehearsal and ends up having her in his tour for a back up dancer 😭 and make it a sexual and long please”

WARNING: NONE, this imagine shouldn’t contain anything which could hurt you


Y/N’s POV:

I was sitting in the café and scrolling through my phone. I was waiting for my date which I should meet here. We should have met already 10 minutes ago but he wasn’t here yet.

Really good first impression, I thought myself and shook my head when there was still no one beside three other couple in other tables. Could I ever reach that point, I looked over them and sighed.

“You must be Y/N” I heard suddenly a voice next to me which made me turn my head. There was standing really handsome and tall man with blonde short hair. I nodded and stood up to shake hand with him.

“My name is Justin” he introduced himself and gave a big and warm smile. “Nice to meet you, Justin” I smiled back before we sat down. “I apologize that I was a little late. There was terrible weather outside” he said before the waiter came ask, what would we like to order.

We ordered cup of coffee and pieces of apple pie. After the waiter walked away with our orders, I looked out of the window. He was right. I haven’t noticed that it had started snowing.

“It’s okay” I said back finally to him. A short silence landed between us but thankfully he filled it quickly. “So would you like to tell something about yourself” he asked. “What things you like to do on your free time for example? What kind of man are you looking for?” he chuckled and to be honest, I could nothing but chuckle back. He seemed nice and humorous guy so far.

“I like do a lot of things..” I started and looked down on my feet. “Y/N, c'mon! Open about that ‘a lot of things’ little more” The way he said my name made my inside warm already even we had barely talked yet. His voice was just so calm and soft.

“Well, I like for example, music and hiking in nature” I told. He nodded. “We should go out hiking sometime.. I mean only if you want” he suggested. “That would be great” I smiled before the waiter came back with our coffee.

We thanked and Justin paid our bill like a gentleman do. He seemed to be a good guy. I would really like to meet him again. “What about you?” I asked and looked him. “You didn’t answer my other question” he winked.

I rolled my eyes back and took a sip of my coffee. “Polite, kind, humorous.. handsome” I named. “Do I fulfill any of those criteria?” he tilted his head and looked at me. “Maybe” I winked. “But now it’s your time to tell something about yourself”

“What do you wanna know?” he drank a little his coffee. “Everything” I leaned closer to him. “Everything?” he raised his eyebrows. “Well I like comment weird things under my friends posts in Instagram” he laughed. I just looked him back without feelings.

“Seriously..” I sighed. “You wanted know everything so..” he tried compain but knew that he couldn’t probably win. “You knew what I meant with that” He laughed softly and nodded. “Sorry, let’s be serious now…”

“I like hang out with my friends and just chill” he leaned back og his chair. “Your life sound so boring” I commented. “Oh no, it’s nothing but boring sweetie” he chuckled. “I’m almost all my time on the road. Sitting on the plane or in the bus, and going somewhere” he sighed.

“So are you some kind of musician then?” I raised my eyebrows impressed. He nodded. “Woah, sounds cool now I feel myself so pointless” I mumbled and looked away from him. I regretted that how I had just minute ago called his life boring when actually my own life was that compared to his.

“I know but it makes me really tired sometimes. You know, all those time zone changes and stuff. It takes time to get used to them but the problem is that you cannot get more time” he sighed again. “This is probably really tiring, right? Listen how I complain about my life” he chuckled

I shook my head. “It’s okay, my life isn’t that perfect either.” “What do you do for living then?” he asked and took a sip of his drink. “I’m a danc-” Suddenly, out of nowhere I found myself sitting there coffee all over my shirt. I looked it shocked and then my gaze raised on my coughing date. He looked a bit shocked too now.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” I yelled him and stood up. I was ready to leave. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean to.. I..” he mumbled and tried stop me but I had done my choose.

I couldn’t stay around a guy like him, just no. I needed a polite man with good manners. Spilling a drink on your date’s shirt wasn’t contained to that file. He wasn’t what I was looking for.

So I walked out of the café and left him sit there all alone. He deserved that time to think about his doings. When I walked pass the window I could nothing but look quickly inside. There he was still sitting and covering his face with his hands.

Justin’s POV:

It had been already almost three weeks when I was out with that girl and I couldn’t get her out of my head, and especially how awful thing I did to her.

I wish that I’d have got her number before that thing happened, so I could have sent her my apologizes and maybe try redress my act somehow, but no. I had tried find it from number search but nothing.

I was in stuck before today Nick had mentioned that we should go practise my choreography. He had reserved one saloon to us in 2pm. And that was my ticket to closer to that girl.

You might wonder now, how but let me tell.

When we went wait in the dressing rooms of that saloon, I noticed a familiar jacket hanging on the hook. Just when my mind had started clear up and put pieces together, a small group of girls and a few boys walked in the dressing room. “Your turn, Ms. Y/L/N is waiting for you” one of them said and I looked Nick asking.

“I thought that there woukd be just me and you” I hissed to him and regretted my outfit choose which was a big basketball shorts and oversized top. “She sounded like a professional on the phone so I couldn’t say no when she offered a class with her” Nick said and tapped my shoulder. “It will be great, trust me”

We stepped in that small saloon and there she was standing, Y/N. She turned around and smiled but her smile disappered when she saw me.

She came to shake hands with us. “So you had some choreography to practise, right?” she asked when she shook hand with him. He nodded. “Cool, let me see” she said and Nick handed a small piece of paper to her.

She never shake hand with me which made me kind of sad. She didn’t even say hi. I was like a enemy to her but I was sure that she wouldn’t think that way after the class. This wasn’t bad idea at all, I thought. I should thank Nick later.

“Looks great, why don’t we start right away” she smiled to Nick and stepped closer to him. “No, not with me but him” Nick chuckled and nodded over me. I gave a light grin over her when she looked me disbelieved. She mumbled lowly ‘oh’ and walked closer to him.

“These clothes cost dollars so I wish you wouldn’t ruin these like you did last time” she hissed quietly to me before she nodded over Nick to put the music on. “I promise” I whispered. No Pressure started play in the background.

“This part starts with my moves and then there comes yours” she told and did the moves which my dancer should be doing. I could nothing to myself when my eyes landed on her ass even I tried look away. How bad I would have wanted to grab it.

“Your turn” she suddenly said. I quickly push my thoughts a side and started do my moves. “Looks good” she mumbled and kept nodding when she followed my dancing. “Next there comes those lifts” she told. I started get excited.

She stepped closer. “Have you practiced them before?” she asked and I nodded before I picked her up on my arms. “One, two, three and four.. down” she said and I did like she told. That was too short moment for me to be close to her. I craved more.

She did her moves again and I touched her thigh like the choreography told me do. I could feel how tensed she was even she tried hide it. “Another lift in three. One, two, three…” she told and I lifted her up.

“One, two, three.. and down, good” she said breathless and a light smile stayed on her lips maybe two seconds before she swipe it away. “Good job, Justin” she told and went take a sip of her drink. Nick turned of the player and looked the clock.

“I think that our time is up soon. Thank you so much Y/N for helping us” he thanked and shook hand with her. “My pleasure” she smiled. She looked me now too. “I wish you a luck to your tour, Justin” she said softly. “Thanks” I said back.

We were ready to leave and Nick had already went start the car but still that strange feeling kept me in that dressing room. I didn’t want this end like this. I thought about our date and then this day, there was no sign that everything would be fine between us.

I needed make a favour to her, and I knew exactly what it would be. I ran over Nick’s car and nodded him to roll his window open. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing, I just thought that have you found that one dancer to the tour yet?”

He shook his head but looked me still asking. “Could you wait 10 minutes, okay? I’ll be right back” I told to him and ran back inside a big smile on my face. “Y/N!” I yelled to the door. “Y/N, are you here?” Soon I heard footsteps coming closer to the dressing rooms.

“What’s wrong? Did you forget something?” she asked. “No, I would have a question to you” I said. “If you’re asking me out again, I’ll slap you” she warned but sat still next to me on the bench. “No, I won’t” I chuckled. “I’ll actually offer you a work and fame” I continued.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “There would be a one place left in my dancer group and I’d really live to take you there because you’re so talented and everything” I praised her and made her blush. “You must be kidding, right?” she mumbled but I shook my head.

“No, it would be same time kind of apologize from me to that little accident, which happened in that little café” I said and made her giggle. “Deal, when are you leaving on the road?” she shook hand with me and my heart took an extra beat because of that. I would have wanted to kiss her but I decided contain those feelings.

“On next week” I told. “I will tell to Nick to call you on Friday, okay? Dancers’ practises are on Saturday and Sunday” I said and she nodded. “Great, see you then” she smiled. SMILED. She smiled to ME. I smiled back and waved to her byes before I left the building.

“Problem missing dancer solved” I told proudly to Nick when I stepped in the car. “Y/N is coming with us” Nick looked me a bit suprised but didn’t said anything back.

I couldn’t wait next months when I will able to spend time with Y/N. Maybe it would lead to something later, at least I hoped so, but now it was maybe too early to think about that. I had to live in the moment not in the past or in the future.

I was happy that my unluck had turned to luck.