my kiiiids

In which I go on about my love for the end of Showtime

I just saw the end scene of Showtime so many times in a row that I lost count, but oh god, I love that scene. I had some thoughts (okay it’s really mainly flail over the wonderfulness that is that scene but anyway) and they’re behind the read more because they got a bit long. 

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when we were wolves; a mix for the happy bubble called childhood at winterfell you wish the stark kids had stayed in forever

001. the fox in the snow / belle and sebastian 002. winter / tori amos 003. when we were wolves / my latest novel 004. white winter hymnal / birdy 005. two birds / regina spektor 006. children of the grounds / midlake 007. violet hill / coldplay 008. seven swans / sufjan stevens

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1. follow you down - matthew mayfield (if you’re gone, and i’m here i could meet you, meet you, if you’re lost and you fall, i’m beneath you, neath you)  // 2. i walk the line - halsey (yes i’ll admit that i’m a fool for you) // 3. shadows - bleachers (and if you’re feeling small, i’ll love your shadow) // 4. love me like you do - madilyn bailey & max (only you can set my heart on fire) // 5. hiding - florence + the machine (i know that you’re hiding, i know there’s a part of you that i just cannot reach, you don’t have to let me in, just know that i’m still here) // 6. the words - christina perri (still your mind, now i’m yours to choose) // 7. all of me wants all of you - sufjan stevens (landscape changed my point of view, all of me wants all of you) // 8. turning page - sleeping at last (nothing has prepared me for what the privilege of beings yours would do)

seriously one second i’m like “i hate shameless so much the storylines are gonna be garbage if this this and this happens this show is dead to me i won’t stand by and watch it turn into complete trash” then the next i’m like GALLLAGHHERRSSS MILKOVICHES MY KIIIIDS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH