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Ahh! Hospital is such a boring place that I created and changed a lot of my stories. SL is one of them. I want to tell you everything right now, but I don’t have enough time! ;;;;;;; So you must be patient.
For now - have William’s daughter and her best mechanical friend.

// I dream of giving brith to a child who will ask, “Mother, what was war?”//

// Kid!Cassian Andor and K2-SO //

CASSIAN - A comic series focusing on the early days of the rebellion and one particular young soldier who’s best and only friend was a reprogramed Imperial droid.

Imagine Dipper Pines having to leave trigonometry because he was having a panic attack and started heaving
This is the only class ever that he fails

Imagine the Pines twins leaving everyone in the dust once they have to run/do endurance tests in PE

Imagine the Pines Twins not giving two shits about bullies bc they have been facing death on a regular basis and a kid their age being mean is nothing compared to a shapeshifter transforming into a lovecraftian horror version of both of them mixed together - to a point where it scares off even the toughest bullies

Hide and Seek just became impossible to win and how did they even /get/ there!?

That one camping trip where Mabel distracts the teachers (all three of them) with the cold-blooded attitude and talk of an experienced conman while wearing the widest, most charming smile so her brother can slip away
They meet back up at the bus five hours later - the kid is covered in sweat, scratches, has run out of the neon-colored band-aids his sister gave him for the trip and has a very very weird animal (?) skull peaking out of his backpack that hardly anyone notices bc they are distracted by the glass filled with weird geodes the kid is holding

Don’t play cards with Mabel Pines if you want to keep your lunch money. You don’t play over money? Trust me. You will.

Waddles is the new school mascot and thus allowed to attend class (your future will be much brighter if you accept this as fact) and he’s probably the safest one too because no one will steal from the Pines Twins.

Chanting becomes a school-wide habit among the students very quickly.

You do not want to know where these weird punctual scars on Dipper’s arms come from, or any of the others. End of discussion.

“Would you like to tell the class what you did over the summer?”
Dipper freezes -faced death on a weekly basis, got possessed by a demon, scarred for life by a shapeshifter, learned how to con people into buying useless stuff, aliens are real, travelled through time, got almost eaten by a dinosaur amongst other things, nearly had my memories deleted, saw the end of the world and saved it, falling to my death because of the giant robot belonging to the creepy kid that crushed on my sister who also tried to kill me with his psychic powers- Mabels to the rescue
“ I knitted a bajiollion sweaters and wore a different one every day!”

Don’t even /think/ about stealing that hat, I swear, I saw that Pines kid jump-attack the first -and only- guy who tried to
He didn’t have a chance
Based on this, rumours start going around until one day a kid is brave enough to walk up to the infamous Dipper Pines and ask if he can /really/ fight a bear with just his hands and Dipper just chuckles, glances to the side for a moment and asks how many heads that bear you are referring to has with the impression of making an insider-joke before walking off
Rumours go even wilder after that and Dipper keeps giving weird and mysterious answers bc this is okay, he and Mabel can only laugh about the things the other students come up with, because it will never even compare to the horror these two went through

You meet Mabel Pines the first time and leave twenty minutes later after a friendly chat, with a new contact in your phone, a friendship bracelet and the promise of a new sweater that you don’t take seriously until she hands the thing to you the following day
This happens a lot

Mabel Pines does never forgot a name or birthday or any other trivia of her new and old friends

Every studemt received a valentine’s card this year and in the following years. Every. Single. One.

Feel free to add more!

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Any metal-heads in the house? (I.E People who listen to metal music, I know Norm used to have a metal head.)

It’s still Norm. Thanks for the ask! 

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Hi!! I want to start reading the gaf stories but I have NO idea where to start. Is there a way I can find the beginning of the au?

a good impossible question bud. start with this first kiss its everything i ever wanted for the story its Beautiful

then lets see….

clarke & lexa meet & fall in love in like. 4 fuckin minutes those gay dumb kids

their second kiss

lexa is Not So Happy that clarke is dating finn whoops

i have no idea where this fits into the timeline but its kinda cute & its got aden & octavia & anya so its still good

raven & lexa have some nice bonding time my good kids who Doesn’t like alcohol & building robots my smart kids

clarke feat. yacht mom bob & she goes on a date w octavia

poor murphy. just. poor murphy. 

clarke is a needy hoe & they’re both dramatic & gay (clarke is bisexual but u know what i mean)

octavia blake comes out as non-binary feat. Hero Librarian

then start on the main story

I am researching for my next video and stumbled upon this treasure trove of nostalgia


Looking back on all the cartoons I used to watch when I was younger, I had to pick out some of the female roles who influenced me to become who I am today. They showed me it was fine if I wanted to be more like a guy, be a geek, have different interests then everyone else, stand out from the crowd, be sad, and be a fighter. I wish these shows were still continuing today, I miss them terribly, but I’m glad I had them when I did.

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yo, do u still do headcanons? (if not you can just ignore this ask…) i wanna request and RFA reaction to an MC with a personality a lot like the member they most hates (…i hope this makes sense) also, sorry for bothering ^^'

heyo!! not bothering at all??? also i LOVE this request a lot it’s good okay an interesting exercise too!!

also Disclaimer: i’m interpreting “hate” as more of “the person that the character gets along the least with” bc…… does Seven rly hate anyone?? before the end of his route anyway?

also literally impossible to hate yoosung??? didn’t get to write an MC that’s like him lololol


-personality like: Jumin!!
-Zen Does Not Realize that MC is so similar to Jumin for a Long Time
-like it’s not until MC and Jumin are in the same room for the first time that he’s like
-oh my god r u kidding me
-two emotionless robots that are obsessed with their pets and he’s in love with one of them??
-w h y
-mmmmm not that Zen rly thinks MC is an emotionless robot, but the similarities are too much for him to Not take notice? the thought is p unbidden
-if asked Zen would describe MC as stoic, honest to a fault, someone who loves animals, and a bit of a workaholic
-he insists they’re nOTHING like that trust fund jerk haha


-personality like: V!!
-it…….. never actually occurs to him that MC is like V?
-they’re a total sweetie, always concerned about their friends, and doing things to make them happy and feel safe
-and maybe they have some secrets but like…. everyone does? he insists
-MC is probably a lil too indulgent with Yoosung lol
-but they just want him to be happy
-and theyd go to extreme lengths to ensure his happiness
-this is starting to sound like a character role switch-up au oops


-personality like: Seven!!
-a fuckin….. meme-and-depression disaster
-just @ me next time g O D
-nah but like, Jaehee finds MC p fun but also like………. pls chill..;;;;;;
-it hits Jaehee pretty early on that MC and Seven are similar
-evidence: they can’t stop meme-ing in the chat when they’re together
-MC and Seven can team up and be an absolute Menace
-the thing is tho that when Jaehee asks them to stop MC does ‘cause boy oh boy that crush on Jaehee is very Heart Eyes Motherfucker!!!
-also their depressive episodes rly worry her aaaaaaa


-personality like: Zen!!
-likes that MC is so confident about themself? but also wow
-w o w someone that can rival Zen with their narcissism
-also omg he gets so flustered with MC bc they’re such an intense romantic holy shit
-they recite literal poetic overtures to him about how much they love him he is in deep with MC
-he’d never thought he’d be swept off his feet but this person wowowowowow
-aaaaaaa and they’re so gentle with him?? a lil flirty but so patient!!
-and they’re so so incredibly honest and sincere all the time it’s such a relief


-personality like: Jaehee!!
-at first he thinks MC is kind of a stick in the mud
-but once he gets them to talk about that thing they like/obsess over his heart is skipping beats so often oh god
-they’re so cute!!!
-MC might be serious a lot of the time and easily worried and stressed and maybe a lil intense but hooo boy
-they know what they want and can organize everything in such a way that they can get it
-and they know how to have fun even if maybe they don’t always have the time to sufficiently express that

Little MMX things that kill me: when Zero’s looking grumpy or kinda neutral, but then he sees X, and he immediately brightens up and gives X one of his rare smiles