my kelis


Keli // Original Character - Awakening Novel Series

She’s the restless murmur of the autumn wind, red wisps and silver eyes set by a harvest moon. The trees do speak of a child born so fair, a dancing child. Do not follow her into the twilight forest, for her blood is the blood of starfall and death.


14 years ago today, Kelis released her second album ‘Wanderland’ in the UK only. It’s probably my favorite of all her albums & the most underrated since it was never actually released in the U.S. If you know me you know I feel about Kelis, Pharrell, and anything The Neptunes produced. Just about everyday i find myself listening to something by them, watching videos, or finding pictures wishing that I could be apart of it all. They all served as inspiration to me from my style to my music taste. Kelis really brought something “Young, Fresh,& New” to the table that no one could ever mimic. She’s highly musically underrated and a forever a style icon. I truly appreciate everything they did back then they weren’t afraid tot be who they were and I love them for that.