my kalvins


Kalvin - “I mean it. You go in. See your baby. Leave. You don’t talk to my wife, you don’t look at my kids. You got that?”

Lawrence - “I get it, you’re a tough guy. Enough talking. I wanna see my daughter.”

Kalvin - “You go in when I say you can go in! You step one toe out of line and I’ll pull the plug on this whole thing. That baby may be yours by blood, but in a court of law she’s mine. I can make sure this is the last time you ever see her. Don’t cross me again. I promise you’ll regret it.”

Lawrence - “Alright man, alright! We’re both heated here. I know you don’t have to let me be here and I really do appreciate it. Honest to God, I just wanna see my little girl.”