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So I saw this absolutely adorable drawing by @taluhkk and could not RESIST papercrafting it. It was so much fun, too! Though it looks like there are some bits that need a little extra glue if the shadows are anything to go by. (And once again photos are terrible, but the paper is glittery silver/white so it’s much cuter in person, promise)

Me: *logs into FB for the first time in a week or so* What’s going on in the Ignis Appreciation Group today
FB: welcome back, just thought you’d like to be reminded of the time you were blonde and wore things outside of your work uniform!
Me: … k see, now you’re depressing me again FB *logs out* geezus I want my life back NAO

noah fence but I hate how some people think ur obligated to love ur family just bc their family like??? my mom is verbally/mentally abusive towards me and doesn’t accept me for being gay and u really think I could love someone who doesn’t accept me for who I am and genuinely gets mad at me for being who I am? no fucking thanks



Jae (제이)

  • Park Jae-hyung (박제형) 
  • September 15, 1992  
  • Lead guitarist, vocalist, rapper.
  • Edelst                  

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Sungjin (성진)

  • Park Sung-jin (박성진)
  • January 16, 1993 
  • Main vocalist, rhythm guitarist.
  • Leader

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Young K (영케이)

  • Kang Young-hyun (강영현)
  • December 19, 1993 
  • Bassist, vocalist, rapper.

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Wonpil (원필)

  • Kim Won-pil (김원필)
  • April 28, 1994 
  • Synthesizer, keyboardist, vocalist.

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Dowoon (도운)  

  • Yoon Do-woon (윤도운)
  • August 25, 1995 
  • Drummer.
  • Maknae

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Formal member:

Junhyeok (준혁)

  • Im Jun-hyeok (임준혁)  
  • Keyboardist, vocalist.

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The Day (07-09-2015):

  • Freely
  • Out of My Mind
  • Congratulations
  • Habits
  • Like That Sun
  • Colors

Daydream (30-03-2016):

  • First time
  • Blood
  • Letting Go
  • Sing Me
  • I Hope
  • Hunt

Sunrise (07-06-2017):

  • Lean on Me
  • I Smile
  • Man in a Movie
  • I Wait
  • How Can I Say
  • Letting go (Rebooted ver.)
  • I Would
  • Goodbye Winter
  • I’m Serious
  • Say Wow
  • My Day
  • You Were Beautiful
  • Congratulations (Final ver.)


  1. Congratulations (06-09-2015)
  2. Letting go (29-03-2016)
  3. I Wait (05-01-2011)
  4. You Were Beautiful (05-02-2017)
  5. How Can I Say (05-03-2017)
  6. I’m Serious (05-04-2017)
  7. DANCE DANCE (07-05-2017)
  8. I Smile (06-06-2017)

Heey everybody! I thought it was time we got a post of Day6. This band is so underrated and I think that needs to changes. They are really good and had me hooked since ‘I Wait’. So I share this beautiful amazing band with you, check them out when you have time or when you want to. If you are like me you will become a ‘My Day’ really quick. X Madeline List. I DON’T OWN ANY OF THESE GIF’S BY THE WAY.

Ever wonder what order my post Season 2 Agent Carter fics go in?

Yeah, me too.  I wrote them at specific points in the peggysous relationship but not as a series.  (Marvel’s timeline makes no sense, so I figure mine doesn’t have to either.) For the ones that are consistent with canon, they are mostly consistent with each other, and have a mostly coherent narrative.

This will be better once I finish Question and Answer, but if you wanted to follow the progression of the relationship as I’ve written it, post-canon, here is your

Keysburg’s Peggysous Reading Order

1. My favorite kind of trouble

(T rated Peggysous/Samberts early double date.  Of course things go wrong)

2. All the Way to France

(Early relationship smut)

3. Jack Thompson is Dead //  4. Question and Answer run concurrently

(Jack goes on a black ops thing, background Peggysous // Peggy and Daniel make some decisions about the future. Both casefic, in Oct 1947 3 months post S2)

5. Caught up by the Chase

(Developing relationship smut, takes place any time before Who’s the Boss but after Question and Answer)

6. Ransom of a Dead Chief

(Jack is back in LA, still in the black, Nov 1947, no Peggysous)

7. Dead men don’t Wassail

(Jack is still in the black Dec 1947, implied Peggysous)

8. Who’s the Boss?

(Mid relationship smut)

9. (It’ll always be) Simply you and me: Scene 1

(getting married, G rated)

10. Peggy Carter’s Day off

(light, married fluff)

11. You’re my cup of tea

(T rated, much married fluff/ near casefic)

12. Wake up Time

(established relationship smut)

13. What Would Peggy Do?

(T rated, Very established relationship casefic)

14. (It’ll alway be) Simply you and me: all the other scenes

(kids etc, G rated)

If it’s not on the list, it’s pre or mid S2, AU, or conflicts with canon.


ben’s character sheet ayy

edit: his age and date of birth are wrong, he’s 245 and he was born in 2653 and im fucken dumb