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During today TOUCH Talk via V Live, everybody including me could see that Kim Dong Wan was not really him today T^T
He didn’t talk.
He didn’t laugh.
He didn’t smile.
He didn’t pay attention.
He was not the Kim Dong Wan I know…

Suddenly the other 5 members accidentally found out the way to make Kim Dong Wan laugh and they knew it that it was his first smile since the broadcast started 45 minutes ago ^ ^ Andy’s weird ‘Tonight’ choreography made him bursted out laughing and everybody wanted Andy to do it one more time because they just wanted Kim Dong Wan to smile once again. Andy was willing to do it with more intense choreograph xD

Isn’t their friendship beautiful? They are Shinhwa everyone. They are Shinhwa, the longest-running idol group in Korea.

With someone who has a painful past like Junjin, I’m so very happy that he has such real friends around him ♥ .. This guy really went through a lot.. family issues, panic disorder, suicidal thoughts .. & yet he’s always smiling & the most cheerful person in Shinhwa ..
“I’m always thankful towards my Shinhwa brothers for their endless love & support to me. They don’t let me have negative thoughts when things get tough for me.”  - Junjin
That’s what I love the most about Shinhwa, their true friendship. The genuine love they have for each other. When they say they’re 2gether 4ever, they truly mean it and we never exaggerate when we say that Shinhwa = friendship goals ♥
Forever protect & support this babybird & make him feel more loved.

Dongwan’s breathtaking voice goosebumped me .

Back to Tumblr, I just read the BIG news about Eric… he’s engaged and will get married in July?!?

WOW that’s …. great!

Congratulations to our wonderful leadernim, he deserves to be happy!

and Welcome to Shinhwa Family Na HyeMi-ssi.

I guess some SHCJ feel sad, disappointed, upset, betrayed,… of course as a fan I understand we could have some expectations, hope, dreams but let’s be honest it’s simply EXPECTATIONS VS REALITY … and Eric’s reality is Na Hye Mi…

so cheer up brokenhearted SHCJ !!!

We all know that Shinhwa is forever! They won’t disband and will do what they used to do for 20 years. We won’t lose our leader, we’ll gain a new sister!




The sweetest and softest of boys. 10/10 will protect for the rest of my life. What would I do without this adorable man. I truly love him with all my heart and I hope he has the best of birthday’s.

전진오빠 사랑해 😍 생일축하해!!!

Shinhwa vocals.

I’m not even remotely experienced nor any kind of person who has a lot of musical knowledge. But I jave my own preferences and know myself for why I like something or someone.
Everyone was appealed by different kind of things musicwise.
As for me, I can’t feel most trending music. I really don’t like EDM. Also, I’m not impressed by high notes. I should say, I m more impressed by how singers deliver it. For eg. I don t like Mariah Carey’s songs. It’s not the songs, it’s the way she sings it, is not very enjoyable to me. The same goes for Beyonce. What I just mentioned is to show that eveyone has different opinions for their liking something. Everyone including me knows how great two musicians are. But preferences are preferences. Also, I’m not dissing today’s Kpop trends. I’m just getting old, that’s all. I just want to turn the channel after one minute into Yes I Am and Dope or Growl or Whistle, no matter how much I realize that they are good songs by talented musicians who totally deserve their this much popularity.

Anyway, I’m taking too much time with foreword to avoid offending anyone who could stumble into my occasional rumbling.
Back to Shinhwa songs. Let’s start with each of them.
Shin Hyesung. Our main vocal. Our little prince who has a voice praised to be heavenly. Although I don’t know much about vocal range, I’m pretty sure he has a wide range one. Both in his solo and with Shinhwa, he fully utilizes the low notes and high notes. What I like about him is he can sing in two ways, a stable one and a vibrating tone one. And slaying everytime at that. Also, I have watched hundreds of live performances and I haven’t seen or heard him go out of tune, and he never has to sacrifice his moves to reach high notes or to go through technically difficult parts. I particularly love his vocals in Heaven and Angel. Of course I also love his rock vocals in earlier albums too.

The next in line in vocal skill is Lee Min Woo. Some might argue that Kim Dong Wan has better vocal skills than our M-CEO. But to me, Min Woo wins. He might even be better than Hyesung in my opinion. Minwoo’s vocal range is limited but his control over his range is the main advantage. His greatest advantage is he knows how to sing. Very very well.May be because he himself is also an experienced producer.His singing technique might fool most people for having a wider vocal range than he actually has. That s why I think he’s the better singer. Because he knows what he has and able to utilize it to the fullest. He sometimes become out of tune, because he does’t actually have that vocal like Hyesung or Donwan, and his dance steps are more difficult than the other two.

Kim Dongwan has my favourite vocal type. Combination of rock vocal and that type of vocal called soprano (idk exactly. that’s what google says. but i really like his voice) His singing is so smooth and stable and can go so high yet strong. He sometimes sounds nasal at some point but I still like it very much. His solo tracks really show another side of him apart from Shinhwa. But I don’t very much into his low notes. His vocal seems too strong at those points. He kind of lack the flexibility that Minwoo and Hyesung has. But I think he’s getting better and better.

Ok. Next is my personal favourite who crosses the line between vocal and rapping. Junjin!! I know he’s far behind in singing than the other three. But I really love his solos. His solos are my favourite ones among the solo projects of all. What make me drawn to his vocal is that he pronounces each word so clearly and so relaxed at that. His relaxing voice is soothing and enjoyable. Junjin is so good at low notes and great as a sub vocal too. His vocal technique is good too. Also, he sounds exactly like CD when singing live. Granted he usually finds difficulty in singing the parts he used to sing witg ease in the past (eg. Perfect Man). May be because his voice changed as he aged. And I like his current vocal type better. I always have a soft spot for barritone. Also his rapping is the sexiest. May be because he can sing too, his rhythm in rapping is more like singing and has that unique tone.

Before I go into the remaing two, I just want to point out that Shinhwa practically covered all sort of vocal types with their four members. They might not be the strongest compared with others as individual, but as a group, they are very impressive vocally. Also, their vocal harmony and unique voices are what make me a fan of them. I know other groups are talented but most still need to find their own sounds individually. That’s why I prefer Shinhwa’s works after 2012. They all have found who they are. And make their group with members who can sing ballad, R&B, funk, soul, rock, trot, pop, rhythm. Their 13 albums and solo stuffes cover those genres. May be they are the only group in the world who did create songs of most different genres. May be not.

Ok.Let’s go to rappers.
Eric!!!! His rapping is the best. Also possibly the most experienced rapper in the Kpop industry. He writes his own lyrics. He is the song writer of I pray for u, Young gunz, we can get it on, free style, liar, etc. His style is just my style. And his lines and his songs are good. I think he prefers hip hop and pop. But he also seems really into ballad songs. As for his rapping, have you heard hia voice? So freaking awesome. I regularly watches Show me the money, and no one sounds as cool as Eric. When I hear a rap, I unconsciously compare with Eric’s rap. Seriously, he’s that good.

Let’s go to Andy with the cool and relaxed rapping voice. He might be the least vocally, but he always owns his place in the songs. He rap with that cool rhythm, which I can’t name exactly because of my limited knowledge, and somehow always complimenting another who comes before or after him. May it be Junjin or Eric or vocal line.

Shinhwa’s songs always make me go energetic. I also like their daring attempts in choosing their sound for each comeback. Still rebellious hah.
Evolving with each album, their music quality get better and better.
One thing.Their live performances always make me happy. THEIR LIVE VOCALS!!! No wonder they are known as eating cds.
(I just saw their encore performance for sniper winning in Mnet countdown. And I’m so blown.Anyone who doubts then lip syn in sniper performances should go watch that. They soundes BETTER than CDs).

As I said before, I like their music and their vocal harmony. You can’t truly say you like a singer when the ones you like are only title tracks or popular songs and you don’t listen to their whole album and can’t say I like their album.Also, you can’t truly say you like their music when the only time you listen to him or her is through a mtv or a live music show. And since I only like Shinhwa in Kpop, I can’t say for others. But isn’t it better to limit down the focus to two or three groups?? You really need time to know what you really like and what you really into and also stanning even one group takes a lot. But 10, seriously stanning 10. Is too much giving away time and money for other things in life.
I’m saying that to one particular person who would never see this post.