my joyride


I like this. 

Less jealous rage and more like 

“Sooooooooooo any room in that sandwich for extra meat or…????”

boys with galaxies in their eyes and nebulae in their hearts.

boys who are as tiny as quarks but seem larger than planets.

boys with constellations of freckles.

boys whose hair shines with starlight even in the dark.

boys who sing of the cosmos.

boys whose every movements are like the orbit of a planet around its star.

boys who are forever cloaked in an aroma of stardust and moonlight and gravity.

INFP songs

Asleep - The Smiths
Welcome Home - Radical Face
Chamber of Reflection - Mac Demarco
Oh Ms. Believer - Twenty One Pilots
Wounded Healer/Deer Tick - Watsky
I Wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys
Millstone - Brand New
Exile Vilify - The National
The Light Behind your Eyes - My Chemical Romance
Joyriding - Frnk Iero and the Cellabration
Richard Cory - Simon and Garfunkel
Little Nowhere Towns - The Tallest Man on Earth
Brightside - NeverShoutNever
The Spy - the Doors


“I told you what I knew and I watched you prepare. Together, we looked to the stars. You know what we did out there. You’ve heard our stories. But you’re all going to go further and faster than we ever did. You’ll see more than we ever imagined. I don’t know what amazing places, peoples, and parties you’re going to find in the infinite awesome. But I’ll tell you one thing Akkolytes… I can’t wait to find out!”

Joyride #12 (Boom! Studios)