my joyride


I like this. 

Less jealous rage and more like 

“Sooooooooooo any room in that sandwich for extra meat or…????”

INFP songs

Asleep - The Smiths
Welcome Home - Radical Face
Chamber of Reflection - Mac Demarco
Oh Ms. Believer - Twenty One Pilots
Wounded Healer/Deer Tick - Watsky
I Wanna be yours - Arctic Monkeys
Millstone - Brand New
Exile Vilify - The National
The Light Behind your Eyes - My Chemical Romance
Joyriding - Frnk Iero and the Cellabration
Richard Cory - Simon and Garfunkel
Little Nowhere Towns - The Tallest Man on Earth
Brightside - NeverShoutNever
The Spy - the Doors

Shinya: With you helmet-less and hugging me this tightly coupled with the fact that we’re both guys, what will this look like huh? (‘ω‘ )

Guren: Shut up and slow down ಠ_ಠ

I think you all know where this comes from