my johnnys secrets


I still cant get over that crazy night i spent last saturday.

i definitely worked my magic in there.

[HINTS] YUZHOU’s couple shorts?

Ok the title should be <Weizhou wearing Jingyu’s shorts> hahaha

1) On 170711, Weizhou updated his Weibo story - a short vid of a rainbow - and then Chinese fans realised that he was in Shanghai at that time.
→ Well he came back to Shanghai SECRETLY once again and we dunno since when!! Meanwhile Jingyu was also in Shanghai until 8th. 

2) Then on 13th, a video of Weizhou and his friends was uploaded (dunno exactly when the vid had been taken):

→ Please pay attention to his camouflage shorts!!
They are exactly the same as Jingyu’s ones that he was wearing in a video when he was in Morocco (

For more info, those shorts are from Valentino:

OK I DON’T REALLY WANNA JUMP IN CONCLUSION SO QUICK BUT WASN’T IT SO FUCKING OBVIOUS? Weizhou came back to Shanghai and met Jingyu secretly, then he wore Jingyu’s shorts when our boss came to Zhanjiang?

The vid with his friends was just a ‘fake reason’ for him to pretend that he was with his friends in Shanghai and nothing more? Who the hell would believe it muahahaha

Fine I’m out now lol. Of course u guys may choose to believe this or not ^^


“Acting is about pushing yourself to the absolute brink of failure, until you think, ‘Boy, if this doesn’t work, it’s going to be real bad. And if it does work, it might be great.’ When I’m about to pop my clock, I want to be able to say, ‘From this particular period to this particular period, I was solid and I was honest and there were no compromises.’ There’s always the chance that I’ll be out on my ear. But it’s a risk worth taking.” - Johnny Depp


Happy Birthday to Johnny Depp (June 9th, 1963) ♥

Dal’s Little Sister Dating Johnny

~Your P.O.V~

I decided to go to the lot to see if my (secret) boyfriend Johnny was there. I snuck out my window, because Dally wouldnt let me out alone after dark. We have been dating for about a few months now, but we haven’t found the courage to tell Dally yet. He will completely freak out! He would probably ban us from seeing each other. When I got there, Johnny was already waiting for me, sitting next to a little fire he made for himself. “Hi doll” he said to me as I sat next to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. I love it when he calls me that, it gives me butterflies inside!! 

We sat together for a few hours, just talking, cuddling, kissing here and there. We haven’t gotten past second base yet, we both agreed we just weren’t ready for anything more. 

Dally’s P.O.V

I went upstairs and knocked on Y/N’s door to see if she was hungry. I was planning on ordering some pizza since I cant cook.

no response. 

Maybe she’s sleeping? Just to check, I cracked her door open, “y/n?” I called out and then I noticed she wasnt here at all and her window was open. Where is she? I need to go look for her before she gets hurt. I headed to the lot to see if Johnny could help me look for my kid sister.

Your P.O.V

I leaned in and kissed Johnny. This kiss was different, it became more passionate and heated. It turned into a little makeout session. I broke our kiss for a second to straddle him, and he put his hands on my butt and we started making out again. 

In the distance I heard a voice, it sounded familiar, but I tried to ignore it.

“Hey Johnny, have you seen-” 

Oh god, It was Dally. I broke the kiss immediately. There he was, my big brother, catching me in the middle of making out with his best friend, this cant end well.

“What the fuck is this?!” he shouted at us. My face was as red as a tomato, I was scared, and slightly embarrassed. Johnny and I were both so quiet, we didnt know what to say.

“Dal..” I finally spoke up, just to get interrupted, “How long has this .. been going on?”. “Just a few months… Dal we were scared to tell you”, you couldnt even look him in the eyes, you knew what he was thinking. 

“I..I cant even look at you right now” he paused for a moment, “Get your ass home. Right now.” I didnt even try to protest. No one say no to Dally, especially me when he’s like this. I didnt even say bye to Johnny.

When we got home he sat me down on the couch. “Why would you lie to me??” he was done being mad, I could hear it in his voice. “I was scared” “Im not mad its Johnny.. Im mad you couldnt tell me.” “So.. does that mean we could be together?” 

“We’ll see” he said with a slight smirk on his face. You knew on the inside he was happy for you two