my job is hard sometimes

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Woman who works several part times jobs?

The days are hard sometimes. Some of my coworkers are insensitive and, at other jobs, I don’t have anyone to eat with when I’m on break. Sometimes the customers are really stupid or I get yelled at by a manager who’s having a bad day.
But, at the end of the day, I get home and my dog is happy to see me and my favorite show comes on just after the popcorn is done and when I crawl into bed I sleep better than the night before.

“For the fifth time, I cannot get you a discount on Wednesdays, I don’t work at Matt’s on Wednesdays.”
“Surely you can work something out with your boss.”
“You’re right, I probably can, but I need to save any ‘favors’ for when I need them.”

“Hey, Casey, I-”
“Luke, I love you, but my shift doesn’t start for another 8 minutes, I feel like I got four hours of sleep, and I still have half a cup of coffee left. I promise to be friendly later, but right now I just need to go chug this caffeine.”

She kept her planner in her car, hundreds of dates and times all scrawled into boxes that were always a little too small. She rarely used it, except to add events. On rare occasion, Joanna would flip through it to double check details she already knew.

“You work a lot? Supporting kids?”
“Kids? I’m 26, how many kids do you expect me to have?”
“Oh… you have a point. So, are you saving up for something?”
“Yeah, school.”

(interview) ‘elle’ men magazine
shinee’s goals/thoughts about turning 30

onew: before 30, i should have enlisted into the army or within 5 years, i may have already been discharged from the army. be it now or later, my life goal is for shinee to get people’s recognition. next time, if there is an oppurtunity, i really wish to buy a boat and travel around the world via the boat.
taemin: just like everyone, my goal is to work hard at my job but sometimes, it gets too busy.
key: my goal is to work hard while living and i want to work hard at my job. then, i will be able to buy whatever i want to.
minho: i have already debuted for 7 years. i have matured a lot and also expierienced a lot. before 30, i really wish to travel. travelling by myself is fine, travelling with shinee is also fine.
jonghyun: the things i wish to do before i turn 30 are too many. there are too many things i want to do which i had previously planned and now, they keep appearing in my mind again. in the past, i wanted to get married before 30 and now, it is surely no longer the case. it seems only possible by 30 and i don’t know if that is really possible then? there is also one which has to be fulfilled, which is that i really want to publish a copy of my own book!

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