my job is a fandom

ouma is already a problem, but I’ll never get over little kiibo;; hang in there saihara! 

I’m baaaack ;)

I passed my final year of art school!!! (and got a way better grade than I thought I was gonna get omg) and I’m graduating next month so life has been pretty hectic lately, sorry for the lack of posts and stuff!! :( 

I haven’t drawn this boy in so long :(

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?




Puns.  Jokes.  Dad Jokes if you have them.  Please yes puns.  Send them all to me.  All the puns.

My parents felt bad about my pending unemployment and sent me money.  Even though I’m technically not unemployed for at least another week (next week looks good too), I’m taking the money because… Because.  In exchange they want puns and jokes and for me (at least) to laugh hysterically.  Help me out here people.  I know you have horrible jokes and puns.  Please, help me pay a debt that should never never have happened.

Hey @copperbadge, I’m sure you can help.  Thanks.

@ The Ninjago Community

You guys are so awesome.

You have no idea how fun it is to whip something up just for kicks and giggles, slam it in my blog, and come back from church to 45 notes. Most of them are from total strangers; less than half of them from followers or mutuals. I don’t even know you, and you don’t know me, but you’re here.

I can hardly get 4 notes on original posts otherwise. I can’t fit 45 people in my room at once. And yet all of you guys flood out in one hour to show your support for my silly doodle. Hot dang.

My headcanon post for Dr. Julien is the second most popular post on my blog, pushing 190 notes. You guys did that. You rock.

The Ninjago fandom on tumblr is so small, and yet we rush to support content creators and fellow fans. I see the same fanart on almost every Ninjago blog - and sure, it gets tedious, but mostly it’s evidence that ALL OF US WANT TO SUPPORT ALL FAN CREATORS EQUALLY ALL OF THE TIME.

I know there is discourse and negativity out in our fandom somewhere - I’ve avoided it, mostly - but from what I’ve seen, the Ninjago Community is a small, warm, supportive, goofy, fun-loving presence in this site, and I adore that.

Ninja never quit, and neither do we. KEEP BEING AWESOME!!

Honestly Rey being either a Skywalker or a Solo has been dead for such a long time now, not only because of all the hints that those involved with the production have been dropping to disprove the theories, but because the canon timeline doesn’t allow for it without completely compromising the original trio’s integrity.

In Bloodline, a canon novel revolving around Leia taking place around six years before TFA, we learn that Ben was travelling with Luke up until it was exposed to the public that Leia was the daughter of Darth Vader. She had (understandably) wanted to take this secret to the grave, but the news had left everyone in shock– especially Ben who had no prior knowledge to being Vader’s grandson. He must have been devastated and confused, causing him to fall to the dark side during a moment of weakness.

Rey Solo is not only dead because neither Han nor Leia recognized their daughter in TFA, but throughout Bloodline Leia gives no hints to having ever had another child. Her thoughts always lead to Han or Ben, and when the news of Vader broke out, she rushed to send a message to Ben trying to explain it to him before anyone else got the chance to. She never thought about a supposed second child. Again this book is canon material and there would be some major continuity errors if the thought of her ‘lost daughter’ never crossed her mind.

Rey Skywalker is also dead with Bloodline because Rey was abandoned on Jakku roughly 15 years ago, whereas the destruction of Luke’s temple and Ben’s defection happened only 6 years ago. If Rey was Luke’s daughter, that would mean he abandoned her on a dangerous planet and then continued to research Jedi lore and train Ben, his nephew. It makes absolutely no sense and compromises Luke’s character. I know– and expect, Luke to be far more cynical  and morally grey in TLJ, but that’s because his confidence in himself has been shattered from his failures and Ben’s fall to the dark side.

These theories have been dead for so long and I’m not sure why they’re still so largely accepted in the fandom. I now that most fans tend to stick to just watching the films, but even if that’s the case, TFA itself makes it quite clear she isn’t related to our former heroes.

anonymous asked:

I get what you're saying but like don't you think that consistency sometimes leads to depression(not related towards kpop) like doing something everyday and trying to keep up to date with something just takes so much out of you ?? Is it perspective? Like changing your perspective will help you think of it as something you want to do not need to do ?? How do you accomplish such a thing

it will only lead to depression if you think of it as a burden, as a task that you’re required to fulfill our of your responsibility. i do it every day because i love it, i have fun doing it, i find joy in doing it and in waiting for the response and the results it brings. they do it every day because they love it, they enjoy it, it’s not just their career but also their passion and dedication. think of your own job, you work every day to bring something to someone, be it products, knowledge, joy, etc. if you enjoy and love your job, the thing you bring to someone, the thoughts of them enjoying what you brings, the grateful messages (or even just thoughts) you receive, the memories you make while working with your colleagues and many more things will become the drive for you to continue the job. this is what i believe to motivate bts to work. they truly love making music, they desire to make good music, they want that good music to be the consolation to someone, they appreciate and are grateful to their fans who support them. enough positivity can ease the negativity. if they don’t have that passion for what they are doing, they would just need to take a song from someone else and perform it, they wouldn’t need to constantly challenge themselves to make better music and hope for one day they can make a good one without the help of anyone else. i think this passion is the most important factor, and together with many other factors they become the motivation to keep on.

repeat after me: fandom can get you a job

you have to be a little bit sneaky,

and a little bit careful with your wording,

but it can happen.

if you’re persistent, dedicated, and a little clever on how you present yourself - fandom can get you a job.