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Hey Sath, you are my guru and sensei in many things LGBTQ and certainly in all things lesbian. You probably even know me, since we’ve kinda talked, but I’m afraid to go off anon. What would you say to someone who has suddenly fallen in love? with a girl. Had a most amazing sex ever. Has realized that they are not so straight after all. After… very, very many years of being straight, having boyfriends. I’m so extremely confused. I don’t know where to go, who to talk to, people'll think I'm crazy

Ok, so the first thing I’m going to say is… 

You’ve discovered a beautiful new part of yourself! And that means that you should take it easy on the identity searching for now, and just enjoy the feeling of love you have for someone you didn’t expect to love at first. 

Sexuality is a really tricky thing. It’s fluid for a lot of people, even if someone later settles on an identity, whether that’s lesbian, bisexual, or something else.You’re definitely not straight, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily will prefer women or female-bodied folks from now on. You may like both men and women just as much, or you may turn out like my wife, who identified as bisexual until a WILD NIGHT WITH ME made her realize she was super, super gay. It’s alright if you end up moving back and forth between identities for a bit - you may never settle on something specifically binary, and that’s OK. 

Not to be *too* maudlin, but you’ve entered a really wonderful time in your life. It’s not often that you get the gift of realizing that you have a whole new horizon to explore, and new ways to love people! As for who to talk to, that depends on where you are. Are you in school? If you’re in a country where there’s at least some level of freedom for LGBTQ people,  there should be some sort of LGBTQ student organization. Many cities (and some universities) have a local LGBTQ resource center that would have lots of helpful people and opportunities to hang out with other people who aren’t straight. Tumblr is honestly a pretty good place for LGBTQ people to sort themselves with the like-minded, and I’ve recommended to people in the past who are looking to talk about coming out and other things related to LGBTQ+ identities. It’s not necessary to immediately come out to all your friends and family, particularly when something is so new. Wait until you feel comfortable, or only talk to people whom you know are going to be accepting without pushing you in one direction or another. 

And of course, my askbox is always open to questions like yours! Hopefully this has helped a little bit, and I’m so happy for you <3

gradence fic rec list!

this fandom is filled with such talented people, i hope people take time to read their work! this list will be updated whenever i read another certain amount of fic to add to it! all fics are complete unless stated otherwise.

  • * callay has other amazing ficlets on their tumblr!

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto [2016.07]
└ #SummerDatingGoals (2/?) ♥

I’d like to think that whenever Spencer has the time he’d go to Morgans and visit him and play with his nephew (because let’s be real there’s no way he isn’t his uncle Morgan would demand it) and there’s just so much love. Savanah and Morgan standing in the doorway as Reid plays peekaboo. The thought makes my heart happy.

Boycotting Suicide Squad

Was gonna respond to a post about this from fandomhatespeopleofcolor but I’m white so I’m staying in my lane and making a separate post.

Basically, yes, a disorganized vague boycott will not get noticed. J*red L*to will not be blamed for any impact a vague boycott would have. The minority actors would be the first to be blamed. Remember that most of the people in charge in Hollywood are very old white men who are very set in their ways. It’s very difficult to convince them to change their minds, accept diversity, or let women wear clothes AND speak words in a movie. 

Speaking as someone involved in the industry who researches this kind of stuff, here are some things you as a fan can do that WILL make an impact and WILL get noticed: 

1) start and get trending a hashtag about your opposition to J*red L*to’s actions. 

2) Talk about L*to negatively on social media often, use negative words (refrain from like, stuff that’ll get you banned, or lots of swearing, that often isn’t quantified, but stuff like “I don’t support J*red L*to’s casting and find his actions repulsive” will get quantified.) Keep doing this, bring his “worth” down. 

3) Do not follow him on social media, and encourage others to un-follow him wherever possible. Make him poison to casting directors.

4) Follow the other actors on social media, every account you can find, to increase their numbers. Discuss them on social media with positive words.

5) Don’t buy merchandise with L*to’s Joker on it. Post about this on social media.

6) Buy merchandise with all the other characters. Post about this on social media. Demand custom merchandise with the minority characters. 

7) Make your own merchandise featuring the minority characters and tag it so that Warner Bros. sees there’s a demand not being fulfilled by their department.

8) See the film opening weekend AND post about it on social media with positive words for the minority actors. 

9) See the film the second weekend AND post about it on social media that you’re seeing it again solely for [insert any actor other than L*to.]

You don’t have to do all of those things. Hell, you can do some of them and still not even see the movie if you so choose! (I personally am very concerned about how people with mental illnesses will be depicted in the movie.) 

People will tell you that, as a fan, there is nothing you can do. This is a blatant lie. You can and should express you opinions about casting, story decisions, movies in general, frequently and loudly. With social media, there are many ways you can do this. Just remember that messages with lots of profanity or capslock often get ignored. Be direct, clear, and prolific. 

winteriron-is-coming replied to your post “me: *sees zero (0) criticism of a/lec for treating clary like dirt yet…”

Because Clary is a saint. Okay sure.​


lmao show me where i called clary a saint. but actually good job, you just perfectly illustrated my entire problem, which is that this fandom is willing to completely excuse and even praise alec for the same behavior for which you guys have repeatedly condemned clary. 

i.e., when clary was willing to do whatever it takes to save her mother, she was deemed reckless, whiny, and - my personal favorite - self centered (for daring to want to save her only family who had been kidnapped and possibly killed/tortured by our magical fascist villain. weird that she’d go out of her way to save her, right?) (and also i would argue that a lot of the reckless, impulsive behavior can  be attributed to the fact she’s a fucking teenage girl who had her entire world ripped apart in the space of like, a day when her mother was kidnapped, she finds out her father is alive and a fascist, her best friend is kidnapped by vampires, you know. just all those little life changing events. nbd.) (oh and then she had to deal with this grown man constantly up in her face refusing to show her any sympathy or desire to help her find her missing family member)

yet alec is praised for doing whatever he can to get jace back. when he lashes out at magnus and lydia and isabelle, does fandom call him selfish, even though he’s not the only one affected by jace’s disappearance (isabelle lost her brother too, but i don’t see her yelling at all the people around her who are trying to help) ? when he’s very emotional over his missing parabatai, does anyone call him whiny? nope. and that’s probably as it should be. i’d say that aside from the shit he said to clary, his actions have been pretty damn understandable for someone who lost such an important friend and family member. 

it’s the fact that fandom is entirely willing to understand those actions and empathize with his feelings while never extending the same courtesy to clary. that is the problem. people’s inability, or rather their unwillingness to empathize with female characters while praising (white) male characters is a problem that can be identified across pretty much all major fandoms. so hey, at least you’re not alone!

oh and one more thing - a female character doesn’t have to be a saint in order to be treated with minimum decency :))

(oh but i lied, there’s more) (all of this doesn’t change the fact that those events alec described in his little tirade? none of those are clary’s fault in any way shape or form) (but why blame the evil fascist who truly caused all this when you can take your feelings out on a teenage girl am i right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

This is just making me mad now. She literally, within the first few paragraphs of an interview, single handedly picked Calzona shippers out of the whole fandom to specifically call them (us) crazy, and then went on to imply that we’re the [only] ones attaching/being rude to her. (When, in all honestly, a majority of the fandom loves her and is rooting for her and Arizona???) so? She did discriminate. Instead of simply saying “oh, some fans aren’t being so nice but I’m enjoying my job” she went to call a fandom, who gets enough crap and unfairness on a regular, crazy because of a few comments (which i know is nothing compared to what Samantha got from basically 99% of the grey’s fandom as a whole) that most likely wasn’t even from “us”.


Up for a writing challenge? Use this click and drag AU generator to discover an AU that’s a little out of the norm and write something! Long or short, it’s still a good writing exercise. This includes 60 items.

  • So how did the musician fall in love with veteran?
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You tell their story!

Ugh, you guys, I have been LOVING my new job. I knew I was bored before, but I didn’t realize just how bored and under challenged I was. I work some evenings and weekends now - I’ve worked the last three Saturdays - which I always had a huge dread about for some reason, but since I love the work so much, it’s been totally fine. 

I’ve already got some employees-conflicting issues to try to sort out, because people will always drive each other crazy, and some staff who are really resistant to change, but I’m so EXCITED about it all, and the ways we can go and grow that I like waking up in the morning again. 

But I’ve been BUSY and have hardly been on social media or email at all since I started because I’ve either been at work, or tired - but a good tired, a productive-day’s tired where I feel satisfied and accomplished. My last job was EASY. This isn’t, and it’s so much better.