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Since these two requests are basically the same I’m including them in the same post~


✮ you ran a gaming channel
✮ you two had bonded over LOLOL but he didn’t know about your videos
✮ so when you go over to his place one day for a gaming session he gets kinda confused when you start to set up your equipment
✮ ‘mc what’s all this for?’
✮ ‘…. my youtube channel? you mentioned a video of mine once in the chat so i thought you knew?’
✮ is just completely shook
✮ you had posted a guide for how to beat one of the game’s bosses and get the best loot for it
✮ and he had posted a link in one of the chats hailing whoever made the video ‘a goddess’
✮ this was before he had ever seen you, and when you did finally meet it had been too long in between so he didn’t recognise you
✮ he is shooketh
✮ yes yoosung~
✮ he insists on you joining his guild (his guildmates are hype af when they recognise your username)
✮ you begin to make videos with him
✮ he’s such a dork in them because he’s kind of camera shy
✮ in the first video he said next to nothing and he kept fumbling with his controller because he was so nervous that he would mess up and make a fool of himself
✮ but after a few videos he gets more comfortable~


✎ you had a lifestyle/vlog channel
✎ one of your videos was a vlog/review of some of the best and worst cafes
✎ and she watched it,, trying to see what to do and what not to do
✎ seeing as it was apparently ‘a well respected channel that was very honest’
✎ it takes her a while to realise it’s you
✎ at first she was like ‘oh this woman looks like mc haha how strange’
✎ and then she checks the channel name
✎ ‘oh… MC?!’
✎ ‘what’s wrong jaehee?’
✎ ‘why didn’t you tell me you had a youtube channel! it’s popular as well!’
✎ you’re kinda flustered
✎ ‘i dunno, it didn’t seem that important? it’s just my job…’
✎ is shook
✎ ‘this is your job?!’
✎ does so much research tbh
✎ is going through literally all your video and channel statistics
✎ ‘mc, your views and subscriber count went up exponentially when you made you _____ video, you should do something similar’
✎ you post a video about being a partner for the cafe
✎ a fair amount of subscribers come along for the grand opening and jaehee is just really thankful


✿ you were a beauty channel (of course~)
✿ he was a fan before you even joined the rfa
✿ but like, a secret fan (nobody could know!!!)
✿ his favourites were your hair care videos (how to keep your hair healthy, how to make your hair shine, etc.)
✿ when you joined the chat he was like ‘haha mc, like the youtuber’ but didn’t say anything
✿ later though, when he met you
✿ he fangirled
✿ he was like ‘omg aren’t you are a youtuber?’
✿ so you just-
✿ ‘omg aren’t you an actor?’
✿ he just gets super excited
✿ just skips the whole awkward phase
✿ ‘mc you should do those boyfriend tag videos!’
✿ all of them happen
✿ boyfriend does my makeup (and vice versa) ((and he does it really well as well)
✿ just does all the dumb challenge videos happen
✿ your fans love him
✿ his fans love you
✿ it’s basically a joint channel now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


₩ you have a pets channel
₩ you take videos of your pets and/or make compilations (like the pet collective)
₩ when he has spare time he watches cat videos with elizabeth the third
₩ and yours becomes one of his favourite channels
₩ only thing is that he doesn’t know it’s you
₩ until he insists that you stay at his place and you mention that you have a pet
₩ he says that it’s okay if you bring them as long as they’re trained, well-behaved, and friendly to cats
₩ when you get there with whatever pet you have he’s kind of like ‘oh that looks like the animal from those videos’
₩ when you say your pet’s name he does a double take
₩ ‘excuse me?’
₩ you tell him you have a channel and he’s just– so happy?
₩ excited that his partner loves animals
₩ insists on hiring you like a sales manager and whatever
₩ also insists that you add elizabeth into your new videos


✞ you had a pranking channel (your stuff is real and none of that intense shit like convincing someone their best friend just got shot)
✞ (prank channels are so problematic these days)
✞ you would do dumb shit like wearing a red polo to target and pretending you worked there
✞ mostly just convincing randoms of things that weren’t true
✞ saeyoung, admittedly, got a few ideas from your videos and used them on yoosung
✞ did that prank with the fake hand like ‘oh here take this [item that is in my hand]’ victim takes it and hand ‘comes off’ - chaos ensues
✞ as soon as he found out it was your channel
✞ it just gets 110 times more meme-y
✞ he joins in on your pranks (whenever he’s not busy)
✞ yoosung is the victim of all most of them
✞ your pranks also become more advanced
✞ pranking vanderwood and the last few minutes of the video is either you both running away or you laughing as saeyoung is pummelled
✞ trying to prank jumin by convincing him of things (like the melt and chew thing) but it doesn’t really work because he just doesn’t understand that it’s a prank
✞ and even when you tell him that it is he’s like ‘well, it’s a very practical idea’
✞ you both prank zen by fake-cutting his hair (his rattail)
✞ and he legit cried and you both felt bad
✞ his fans were not happy (until you posted a follow-up video with the three of you all happy cheery and still friends)


⚠︎ you run a conspiracy / theory channel
⚠︎ the moonlanding was fake and the world is ending fucking fight me
⚠︎ whenever saeran is awake in the early hours of the morning he just binges (same)
⚠︎ your channel quickly becomes a favourite of his
⚠︎ he likes how you explain things so well and simply
⚠︎ he also likes your voice (it calms him~)
⚠︎ so when  you meet him in person and he hears your voice he’s like ‘!!’
⚠︎ but he’s too shy to ask so he hacks you (lmao)
⚠︎ when he figures out that it is you
⚠︎ he doesn’t outright mention it
⚠︎ but he starts talking to you about a few theories
⚠︎ and he has that little bashful smile as he listens to you because he’s like
⚠︎ ‘that’s my girl! i get to hear her in person! suck on that everybody else’
⚠︎ he’s just,, super proud of you?
⚠︎ the only time he actually acknowledges that you have this channel is when you’re editing and he tries to help you out
⚠︎ if anyone ever tries to hack your channel they better watch the fuck out lmao
⚠︎ he also probably tries to hack places to see if he can find government secrets to help you out with authenticity~


☼ you have a travelling channel
☼ saeyoung tells him about your channel after doing his background check
☼ and he notices that when in the chatroom (the short times he is) and he mentions he’s ‘going for a trip’ you always recommend some lovely places to visit
☼ when he begins talking to you more he subtly asks more about your opinions
☼ some nice places to take photographs, places with the best community atmosphere, etc.
☼ he begins listening to watching your videos
☼ and once y’all get together (waiting for that v route mm)
☼ he asks if you will revisit a few places because he thought they looked so lovely and he wanted to experience them with you
☼ and take photos
☼ he gets the eye surgery so he can completely enjoy this time with you and these different environments
☼ you still record (even if you’d already been there and done a video on said destination)
☼ because now there’s this big ball of sunshine to include and he just makes everything so much better
☼ your videos include a few more cutesy couple shots because neither him nor you can help it
☼ you use his photography for thumbnails and transition shots
☼ sometimes he takes your camera and records you (his favourite times is when you don’t notice)
☼ he sits with you while you edit so he can see your reaction to what he recorded (he gets really giddy when you blush and giggle about how cheesy he is)

these got a bit longer than I anticipated ;;

I’m currently replaying through 707′s route while waiting for V’s route to come out because I love Saeyoung (and Yoosung, whom I lost my Mystic Messenger virginity to) (( Saeyoung x MC x Yoosung is my ot3 5ever fight me))

requests are currently closed (inbox is at 106!!) but I’ll work hard so hopefully you’ll be able to send in requests soon!

TBH the hardest part of growing up a Taylor Swift fan is now that im 25, I have to actually be at work trying to sneakily decode these TS6 clues while having to do my job.

…and not screaming at my desk when new details emerge

Dinah’s answer… An indirect? An apology?

“We’re three interviews away from hearing Camila admit that she wrote IHQ about 5H” The thing with the song storyline is that they don’t even need Camila saying that on camera. They could if they’re looking for a huge dose of drama– which it wouldn’t be surprising coming from men in suits tbh– but if they’re goal right now is to keep the whole thing lowkey, the fans do all the job by speculating. Cause ultimately that’s what their team is striving for & sadly they succeed every single time.

To make it brief, they’ve been playing with the IHQ storyline quite a lot (& yes, they’re enjoying it). It started as a relationship then a friendship. About one person, then it “could” be about more than one person. My opinion on who I think IHQ is about, hasn’t changed in the slightest.

Now, addressing Dinah’s little speech…

It’s simple, if they didn’t want us to hear that, it wouldn’t have been on the interview on the first place. It would have been edited & cut out. So let’s consider three options here:

  1. D said it from the bottom of her heart & #they decided to use it last minute.
  2. D had to play along & it was meant to reach the fandom eventually..
  3. D offered to. Maybe they were told to pull a similar move but with a harsher approach or one of the other girls had to do it & DJ volunteered. There are several possible scenarios, we never know.

Personally, I think Dinah was given some orders, hence she had no option. However I do believe there must be some truth in what she said, related to the 2015 days… Anyway, put into perspective & how interesting is that they had Dinah saying this few days after that interview with Camila?

Either Dinah has been keeping up track of baby C & that was her response to her in a very long time– which if you ask me, I would have rather call/text her instead of making it public, esp knowing how dramatic the fandom is– or we insert option “b” here. LIKE SERIOUSLY, THE INTERVIEWS WERE RELEASED TWO DAYS APART !!!!

One point is that Dinah’s answer had nothing to do with the base question but she still brought the subject regardless. This latter is what makes me believe even more that it was bound to be.

To be fair neither of Camila’s & Dinah’s answers mention names. Both are vague allusions & what a “coincidence” is that both connect perfectly, at least enough to have the fans fulfilling the rest of the work by assuming (as always).

“We wouldn’t have seen & heard it if they didn’t want it out. They would’ve buried it if it’s not along with what they want. And given how out of place it is with the question, and how it fits with other narrative stuff, it makes me think that this had a purpose" One friend told me this & I couldn’t agree more.

It penetrated into the fandom successfully. Several interpretations arouse. Let’s take a look at the different perspectives:

  • The C Stan POV- “Dinah just accepted she did something wrong, now she’s asking for forgiveness. She can keep her apology too late. She fake af”
  • The 5H stan POV- “If anything this proves how much of an amazing person is DJ & she doesn’t deserve any of the hate she’s getting. She’s speaking about the group & their dynamic now”
  • The OT5 stan POV- “Why does this feels like D is saying sorry to C. Everything makes sense now. My heart is broken :(”
  • “Dinah was in no way offering an apology. She’s just implying that IF someone out of all them ever mess up, it’s their duty to talk about it & clear the air”.

Overall the OT5 POV tends to be neutral. Generally it falls for whatever they’re trying to sell us but in the end a real ot5 sticks by “we don’t know anything, we can’t judge shit”.

This is why the narrative is mainly BIPARTISAN. Works by feeding OT4s & Camilizers simultaneously & none of the sides will ever clear up anything at all, cause that’s the whole point about it. Keeping fans formulating conclusions about every little thing. This way they turn the smallest aspects into the biggest deal

Maneuvering the narrative’s strings through the interviews is totally so common for the following reasons (esp coming from #them):

These are not done spontaneously. Whether if it’s written or recorded, a script must be approve first. Or the artists practice the same question multiple times with their team. Either way when it comes to be in front of the reporter they know perfectly what to expect & they just compensate the farce with their charisma.

Media training plays its role here. Let’s not forget for the umpteenth time that if the girls are given orders, whether if it’s a last minute arrangement or planned with anticipation, THEY MUST OBEY. They pretty much don’t have an option unless they negotiate with their team.

More importantly it allows them to orchestrate the whole by releasing the interviews whenever they want to. Whether if they’re controlling pivotal points or simple plot twists, an interview can be scheduled & done months before they let it out. They test reactions first via SM & according to where they’re want to lead the fans, they’ll release periodically or drop it like a bomb if they need to. Or if in the end, they decide it’s better not to reveal certain statements they simply won’t put the interview out.

What can we do about it? Easy. Don’t jump into the obvious assumptions right away instead try to search what do they want to obtain from that particular interview (headlines come as major key to this). Also just enjoy of the funny moments the girls hand us in most of the interviews. They might not be the greatest at handling their media training but if you ask me, that’s one of the special things about them.  They’re messy, goofy most of the times & usually have me cracking up halfway the video. It’s a lot more enjoyable that having to bear with the monotonous answers or in some cases the interviewer’s lack of enthusiasm. Another reason why I can’t wait for them to take that charisma into talk shows.

P.D. A shout out to the MTV interviewer (Meredith) you could tell she was happy & to be right there with them. Interested in what they had to say. Plus she didn’t interrupt & made concise questions.

Welcome to the world of PR

So, I wanted to do this post because I know there’s a lot of fans who tend to be like “oh PR isn’t real it doesn’t happen” and that’s kinda naive of them. I’m gonna be kinda vague about my job because I need to protect my identity and who I work for… BUT I do work with a company that does deal with PR. I don’t do the stunts, my job is pretty much office work, but of course I witness shit go down. I won’t be making my blog about this because, tbh, this is my escape from the real world and I like being anon. But since I’ve seen a lot of people trying to foolishly deny that PR happens - especially with acts of today - I want to point out to you some PR stunts that have happened right before your very eyes and you may not have even known. I’m not asking you to believe me, you make your decision. I’m just letting you know what I know and maybe shed a little light.

Fandoms such as the 5SOSFam, Directioners, Harmonizers, Beliebers and Selenators can sometimes (but not all of them or all the time) be in denial of PR. So, I’m just gonna mention some PR stunts that have happened. I may link some sources for you or just let you Google it, I’m not gonna put too much work into this because… well I kinda have other shit to do lol but hopefully you’ll get the idea from here and if you want to dig deeper, then this is your starting point. 

Before I list the PR stunts I am aware of, I wanna say that celebs normally hate PR stunts. 9/10 times they wanna just do their job that they signed up for (singing, acting, whatever) and interact with fans. But to be able to sell and promote, they need to be in the media’s eye and it’s the dirty bit of the job nobody likes to do. I mean, glorifying a life that isn’t really yours? Yeah, it sucks, but the way the world works, your management and Public Relations team need to do what they can and if you wanna be famous, you gotta comply.

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What is the purpose of PR? 

Okay, so there’s lots of areas for PR, but the purpose of PR stunts (fake relationships, fake friendships, fake feuds, etc.) are mainly for entertainment purposes and for the media to feed off. It’s a story that tabloids can write about, teen mags can swoon over,etc. It promotes said celebrity and their work without even having to mention it. For example, maybe Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer is in a PR relationship. And maybe the PR stunts happen around the time that something is coming up for the band. A clear example is right now, his relationship is getting attention on socials and media outlets are now covering that (such as MTV putting them in their Valentine’s Snapchat Story). It gets you subconsciously thinking about them all the time. And oh, what are 5SOS doing right now? Well 1. they are in the studio with a single on the horizon (wait for it…) and 2. have a festival tour? Hmm. Anyway, I’m not going to get into Mystal because that’s another story, but check out @exposing-the-fakes for more info on that. She’s friends with 5SOS and has a lot of tea which she spills and sooner rather than later it comes true. 

A list of PR stunts

Here is a list of PR stunts. I don’t have time to go into detail, but you can Google it and something will more than likely come up. Also, I do not claim to work with any of these stunts. I will not mention stunts I have any connections with because TECHNICALLY I just tend to general office shit but I work for a company who do this kind of shit. 

  • Taylor Swift’s Squad (great article here)
  • Jelena (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez)
  • Haylor (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift) 
  • Beyoncé and Jay Z split rumours (started by PR)
  • Selena and The Weeknd (another article)
  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 
  • Kim Kardashian’s sex tape (leaked by PR) 
  • Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey / Charlie Puth (read here)
  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (Zanessa)
  • Zigi (Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid) AND Gigi’s threat to contact Perrie (read here)
  • Hendall (Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner) 
  • Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes (Read here)
  • Michael Clifford and Crystal Lauderdale 
  • Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis 
  • Selena Gomez and Niall Horan 
  • 5 Seconds of Summer and Hey Violet’s friendship
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
  • Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding

Of course, there are so many more than that, these are just some prime examples. There are other kind of PR stunts which aren’t fake, they’re just weird shit that happens such as the Gaga meat dress, Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River, Britney and Madonna’s kiss, Janet Jackson’s nip slip, the list goes on. 

I used @exposingsmg for most of my sources because they explain things in a way that’s pretty easy for anyone to understand and it’s all quite tightwrapped, meaning everything you need to know is in the posts. They are a great blog to get reading, but if you want to find other sources, you just need to do your research. A lot of people in the media enjoy reading their posts because most of us know it’s true and they do a great job in summaries. 

So, yeah, that’s a little insight for you. I don’t intend on posting anymore and the sole reason I shared this with you is because a lot of people just try and deny the fact that it exists. PR stunts exist, most of Hollywood is a PR stunt. Don’t believe it all. More often than not the celebrity hates doing it. But don’t comment on their socials saying it’s PR because 1. some companies will get your account suspended or delete your comments/mark you for spam 2. sometimes it isn’t PR 3. they know if it’s PR or not and don’t need you going “THIS IS PR OVER HERE!!!” just let it happen and discuss it elsewhere like a blog, forum, or whatever the fuck. Just let them do their job. 

I’m outta here. Believe what you want. Not causing drama, just explaining. Don’t ask me to explain each PR stunt because I do not have the full details to hand but you can find it. I’m not able to confirm or deny anything else, I don’t want to cause drama, add fuel to the fire or make my blog an “expose” account. Just merely letting you use the info I can give you. And don’t assume that PR doesn’t happen because it does lol. 

flipsidegamer  asked:

I um...rarely cry when watching "sad" videos but your short film really made me almost cry. I just want to say thank you for making it and fan art will make its way because of it. I think I like the characters because I have an older brother like that. Also I have experienced dogs dying so...good job

guuuh responses like this make it all worth it tbh thank-you so much i’m crying i’m so glad you liked it


when i say that i - as a latinx - am against vld lance having the last name mcclain and that i want him to have an appropriately cuban name, i usually get racist white people telling em to shut up and/or other latinx people jumping on me saying “well my last name sounds white but i’m still latinx!”

of course you are. you can’t choose your last name after all. and your identity is valid regardless of a name you didn’t ask for.

but lance isn’t a real person. the creators CAN choose his last name. they have that kind of power. and the name “mcclain” comes from previous WHITE versions of lance. to have them stick with it would be a very bad move, both for writing and for representation. for representation, it would be them making a conscious decision to have him appear/sound more white/westernized. for writing, it would be a lazy cop out, considering they’ve already made the decisions to change shiro’s name and ethnicity.

for those who don’t know, here’s a breakdown. 80′s voltron was an anime from japan. all the characters had japanese names, regardless of what in their ethnicity was. then came the english dub and - as was very common in older dubs (remember jounouchi from yugioh being called “joey” cause i sure do) - they were given westernized names. 

80′s shirogane takashi became sven holgersson, because he was norwegian. same for 80′s lance. kurogane isamu became lance charles mcclain, because he wasn’t given an official nationality (that i remember) so they made him white (as opposed to japanese…). this name stuck because he is…very obviously White™ in other versions of voltron.

now that vld shiro is japanese, they changed it from sven (a norwegian name) to shiro (a japanese name). so vld shiro’s name is actually a #throwback as well as proper for his nationality. makes sense, right? so why are people that want the same for vld lance being thrown under the bus? why are we suddenly the bad guys?

latinx characters are all too often handed the short end of the stick, and made to seem bad/uncivilized/uneducated if they haven’t assimilated into western and/or american culture. why? cause that’s how people view latinx people irl. we’re sick of it tbh.

don’t let latinx representation be silent. don’t make it our job to have to clarify he is latinx. don’t let it be something that can simply be ignored if people think of him as “that white dude with a tan” because his name sounds white.

give proper representation.

give lance a cuban name.

Honestly people can say I’m ‘Pathetic’ for being so emotional that my favourite show is ending.

But tbh. It’s not just the fact that is was my favourite show.

It’s the fact that it’s what started me drawing; it made me the person who I am… It inspired me to create characters, to create stories in my drawings. It gave me hundreds of fans who made me smile every day, who writes fanfictions about this things I draw, who have become such a big part of my life.

Without this show I would have never started drawing, I would have never gotten these jobs I have now and just the idea that’s ending in just a year is just so sad to me.

Call me pathetic. If you’d like. But this small little fandom and tv show was such a huge impact on me; and I’m going to miss it so much.

My review of BatB (2017): part two

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Here are a few other changes I didn’t like:

1. The prologue was a complete MESS. How could they screw this up?? The animated film did it perfectly, so why not keep that the same? You don’t appreciate the beginning - the “once upon a time” bits - because there’s just too much going on.

2. The film is too fast paced. The story doesn’t move naturally like the animated version did. Everything here happens so fast … and before you know it something else is happening on screen that I almost forget what happened in the previous scene. It’s like they wanted to jam as much as possible into this “remake”. I felt very overwhelmed tbh.

3. I’ve already talked about how underwhelming Belle’s costumes are here (all thanks to Emma Watson), but I honestly wasn’t a big fan of most of the other costumes either. Nothing really stood out enough for me to remember later on. Same with most of the set designs. I think it’s because I don’t like the color palette of the film. Everything was either really bland and boring or it was just too over the top and tacky (too much gold/beige) for my liking. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette did a great job in the costumes and set designs department. I would have wanted to see BatB do the Rococo era that way instead. With more pastels and bright colors. There are some exceptions though - I liked Gaston’s clothes, the prince’s/beast’s formal wardrobe were great. Audra and Gugu had very nice costumes too, but we don’t see enough of them to enjoy the glamour. Some parts of the castle were beautiful, but I also think I’ve seen better (example: La Belle et La Bete).

4. The CGI is a kinda … too much. It’s not very pleasant to look and there’s A LOT OF IT. The character designs for everyone under the spell are bad imo. The castle staff didn’t translate well from animation to live-action. And I don’t like the Beast’s design either … he looks too human-like to me. He needed to be more scary looking, more intimidating.

5. Was it really necessary to make the story about Belle’s mother so tragic? I mean, REALLY?? Also, I felt very little warmth between Belle and her father. I didn’t feel like there was a genuine bond between them.

6. I know this is gonna sound mean, but I liked the Beast more when he was illiterate. In this version he comes across somewhat pretentious to me. I didn’t like how judgmental he became when Belle told him her favorite book was Romeo & Juliet. I hated the way they handled the library scene here. It wasn’t nearly as cute or sweet as the animated film did it.

I’ve already talked about Emma’s singing (and how unimpressive it is), but I have to admit everyone else sang well enough. Audra is fabulous, of course. Both Luke Evans and Dan Stevens did a good job with their songs (especially Luke). I still prefer Angela Lansbury over Emma Thompson, though. I still think they should have cast proper singers in all the roles.

Other people have complained this movie isn’t a remake, but is actually more of a reenactment. And I agree. Cinderella (2015) did stay true to the 1950 animated film - it had the same charm and essence of the original - but it also expanded on the story/characters and made a few changes that refreshed it for audiences. The BatB is almost a shot-by-shot kind of remake … which seemed like a missed opportunity imo. I understand that they probably felt pressure to stay faithful to the animated classic, but this went too far. Where the 1991 BatB was romantic, exciting and entertaining, this new version just falls flat by comparison.

Honestly Rey being either a Skywalker or a Solo has been dead for such a long time now, not only because of all the hints that those involved with the production have been dropping to disprove the theories, but because the canon timeline doesn’t allow for it without completely compromising the original trio’s integrity.

In Bloodline, a canon novel revolving around Leia taking place around six years before TFA, we learn that Ben was travelling with Luke up until it was exposed to the public that Leia was the daughter of Darth Vader. She had (understandably) wanted to take this secret to the grave, but the news had left everyone in shock– especially Ben who had no prior knowledge to being Vader’s grandson. He must have been devastated and confused, causing him to fall to the dark side during a moment of weakness.

Rey Solo is not only dead because neither Han nor Leia recognized their daughter in TFA, but throughout Bloodline Leia gives no hints to having ever had another child. Her thoughts always lead to Han or Ben, and when the news of Vader broke out, she rushed to send a message to Ben trying to explain it to him before anyone else got the chance to. She never thought about a supposed second child. Again this book is canon material and there would be some major continuity errors if the thought of her ‘lost daughter’ never crossed her mind.

Rey Skywalker is also dead with Bloodline because Rey was abandoned on Jakku roughly 15 years ago, whereas the destruction of Luke’s temple and Ben’s defection happened only 6 years ago. If Rey was Luke’s daughter, that would mean he abandoned her on a dangerous planet and then continued to research Jedi lore and train Ben, his nephew. It makes absolutely no sense and compromises Luke’s character. I know– and expect, Luke to be far more cynical  and morally grey in TLJ, but that’s because his confidence in himself has been shattered from his failures and Ben’s fall to the dark side.

These theories have been dead for so long and I’m not sure why they’re still so largely accepted in the fandom. I now that most fans tend to stick to just watching the films, but even if that’s the case, TFA itself makes it quite clear she isn’t related to our former heroes.

Thank you to every fan in that room for those questions, I was holding my breath waiting for something dumb but nah y'all delivered, I am blessed and glowing, maybe interviewers and journalists can take a hint

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am I the only one who was genuinely disgusted with the lice almost sex scene bc all I could think about how this isn't the Jughead Archie fans grew up with this show just did him so dirtyyy (I'm only sticking around for Cheryl tbh)

You’re not the only one bud, I skipped it, I closed the app ok my phone and did something else for a few minutes because I genuinely couldn’t watch. I grew up reading Archie comics from the grocery store and when I got older I started collecting old Archie comics I found from antique stores. Jughead has always been one of my favorite comic book characters and they really did a poor job of bringing him to the television screen

Tumblr: “I’m tired of shit posts. I WANT TO SEE CREATIVE ***CONTENT™***”

Me: **posts fan art that took approximately 451.65 hours to complete**

46 Notes

Comments: “nice job, buddy, keep tryign 👍👍“

Me, Still Wasting Time on this Hell Site: **makes shit post including Zoidberg meme that took approximately 4.5 seconds to complete**

350+ Notes and counting

Comments: “AMEN!” “This is perfect.” “NEVER REBLOGGED SO FAST IN MY LIFE”

Me: ???


I’ve been working on this for the past week and actually so proud of it :’) This may not be the most viewed popular series of games @therealjacksepticeye has done but in my opinion the games I loved watching him play.

I doubt Jack will see this but if you do, I really love your work! It’s helped me cope through my bad times and made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t. Your love for your work and your fans and positivity inspires me to keep going and hopefully I can meet you one day! It’s just a goal tbh… Keep up the good work Jack, thank you for being you!

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(Moodyjammh) I feel bad for asking but can I maybe request some good fan fiction of the poly boys? It would make my day tbh

/\ I’m!! In love with all your blogs!! Of course you can!!! /\

Brian literally has to pay for everything since he’s the only one with a stable job. Tim just stays at home since he can’t go out without freaking out, and Jay just hasn’t gone to college.

Tim constantly will pick Jay up even through he’s taller than him, just smaller in weight.

Brian enjoys making Jay read to him, and it’s even better since everyone ends up passing out.

Tim loves drawing, and so he likes to draw gifts for Jay and Brian so that he can at least make them happier.

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Reactions or HC. MC doing the catwalk for Victoria's Secret lingerie. All members plus Saeran and V.

//okay sO i am so dearly sorry for being so inactive and leaving so many requests in my inbox. I’m trying to find inspiration somewhere, but this last month has just been kinda filled and unmotivated for me. I’m hoping that soon, i’ll get out of this slump that i’m in currently, and get back to writing <3 also, i don’t watch too many fashion shows and i have never seen a VS one, so I looked up a few articles and clips from this year’s. I hope i got close to what you were looking for, and if i didn’t please tell me, because i really just want to make you guys happy with my writing


  • This little bean has his mouth hanging open because wow that’s his girlfriend
  • He’s completely mesmerized by you
  • He knows that if you were a LOLOL character, you’d be the most badass out of all of them
  • He is so in love with everything that you do and he can’t stop himself from letting his mind wonder like i would so let her dominate me tbh i live for sub yoosung
  • Some of the press gets his reaction on tape to seeing you and E! News finds it and everyone on social media starts flipping out and shipping you guys because they think he’s so cute


  • He can’t help himself from clapping wildly and hollering because god damn are you slaying
  • When you get to the end of the runway, you give him this little glance/smirk and he just smiles so wide
  • He loves everything, especially how you act. He knows that you play a bit of a role when you’re on the runway, and you have this utter confidence and intimidation about you that is totally different from who you are at home.
  • he helps you perfect your walks and poses because your careers are both so similar so he knows a lot about the public eye and what they want, so he’s able to think of things for you to use that have a mix of who you are and what everyone else likes to really focus everyone’s attenton on you and your uniqueness


  • she knows that sometimes you get frustrated because people only see you for your face and seductive looks and lingerie advertisements in magazines and not your actual personality or feelings
  • but she can’t help that you literally look so beautiful while doing your thing, and how you try to keep who you are in real life in the character you play on the runway.
  • sometimes she has these epiphanies like omfg i’m dating an Angel and she loves me back what a queen
  • you are known for standing out from other Angels because you aren’t always trying to be badass when you’re modeling. A lot of times, you like to look happy and genuine, and she loves how you give her these playful smiles if you spot her in the crowd


  • he’s utterly amazed at how you’re able to walk so smoothly like you’re on clouds while heaving those wings on your back
  • he thinks you suit the role perfectly because you’re his angel ^^
  • he loves it when you practice your struts and walks with him at home and he can help you perfect it and make sure that all of your poses show off your highlights, even though it sometimes makes him jealous
  • you know that he’s always get you custom lingeries made for you
  • he secretly love love loves your job tbh because it’s a sure win for him
  • but it’s okay because you assure him that your walks are, more than anything, for him
  • bLUSH BLUSH BLUSH he gets so pink help him


  • he gets totally absorbed into this fantasy world that is the VS Fashion Show
  • the hype is so real but he thinks you slayed more than anyone else, even though he knows you aren’t a fan of all the competition in the industry
  • look at his goddamn goddess up there it’s killing him in a good way
  • like jaehee, he can’t believe?? That you’re his?? That he’s in a relationship with such a beautiful m o d e l??


  • he’s a photographer so of course he’s gonna have the best seat to get the best view
  • truly and honestly captures your utter outstanding beauty
  • keeps so many photos for himself
  • he loves how you walk in time with the music and you just are so fit for the shining lights, because that is where you belong
  • but he also loves the silly, loving, sweet side of you that he can enjoy to himself out of sight of anyone else


  • he has to sometimes restrain himself from punching people that hollar or whistle at you but he knows that you love him and you’d never even think of being with someone other than him, because let’s face it, deep down, he’s insecure and scared of losing you
  • he doesn’t really understand the whole notion of modeling when you guys are early on in your relationship because?? If everyone is supposed to be beautiful, then why is there so much competition
  • “honestly saeran, i’m not all that sure myself. I don’t like how everyone is meant to be going against each other, but i do know that i enjoy going up on the cat walk and being fierce and being the center of attention, it just gives me this odd confidence that i never had when i was younger”
  • he can’t deny that you look amazing either though
  • he does get v v jealous though, because you’re his and not anybody else’s

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Omg, u saw kaisoo irl ???!!! How luckyyyy!! T.T, I really would like to know how did you feel when u saw them, and I would like to know how they were irl!!

I’ve only seen them twice in my life, both being exoluxion concerts held in my country (SG) and I’ve always been exceedingly lucky because I somehow always managed to squeeze through the pits of hell and end up in the first/second row. 

I got into kaisoo before I legitimately got into exo, you could say they were the reason why I got sucked into this bottomless pit of hell and pain that is this fandom so THE ANTICIPATION WAS UNREAL. I’m not a screamer in concerts, I just stand there and stare to be quite honest, so the members I get to make eye contact with always do a double take cos imagine in throngs of raging screaming faces there is silent one there unmoving and quiet (i tell you it actually really gets their attention, you really stand out from the crowd tbh, but then again I have really bright hair so). 

But yes back to kaisoo. I’m telling you they are unreal. Idk if you want to know about just them tgt or seperate so I’m just gonna ramble because I am trying to ignore my real life responsibilities.

Individually they are very striking. I kid you not when I say Jongin is a fucking Adonis in flesh and blood. Jongin comes real close to Kyungsoo in my list but he knocks him out of the ballpark irl. He is so goddamn good looking, you can’t help but stare at him and try and catch your breath tbh. And it doesn’t help that he is very aware of the fact that he does things to you. His legs also goes on for miles. But his solo baby don’t cry stage is the one that will get you, I’m not a crier but his stage belongs to him. It feels like he’s telling a really sad story and it is so beautiful, I was shocked when I felt tears rollin like a buffalo down my cheeks ok. Tumblr pictures and gifs do no justice to the emotion he emanates in that concert stadium. 

Kyungsoo is just super duper adorable and he is very handsome irl. For such a small person he has quite the presence. He is extremely professional, it’s very personal and impersonal all at the same time with Kyungsoo. He draws the line between idol and fan as well as the fact that it’s a job and it’s very very clear (at least to me and I appreciate that). He waves and bows a lot at his fans and sometimes seems a bit scared tbh hahahhaha its adorable. His live runs makes my ears bleed

But together, daMN. I can’t even describe them tbh. Everything you read online about the atmosphere is really real, don’t even take it with a pinch of salt, just take it. I would consider myself not in the least bit delusional lmao I’m not the kind that overexaggerates every moment they stand within a 5 ft radius of each other but they really do gravitate towards one another in a way that is very very fascinating to watch tbh. I spent the entire concert just watching them tbfh hoping to catch kaisoo moments, and I’m not lying when I say the entire concert is the moment. It always seems like Jongin trying to get Kyungsoo’s attention at first, he always looks around as though looking for someone, then glances in the direction Kyungsoo is in, then in the next one minute is lurking in the background behind Kyungsoo. And it is very obvious he tries to be subtle about it but it’s really not lol. This sounds delusional but really it’s very hard to put words to that unless you see it for yourself. I said at first in front because Kyungsoo actually reciprocates but he is the subtle one, he doesn’t try to get Jongin’s attention at all tbh, it’s more through actual actions like caring for him etc. He doesn’t stare at Jongin except when they are talking privately and guys.

When they are standing near one another, you can literally FEEL THE TENSION. I can’t find words to describe it, it’s just different. And it’s just with them. It’s not like kyungmyeon or sekai or chansoo or baekkai or any other ship. It feels very intimate(??) like you feel abit embarrassed and intrusive when you look at them just talking to each other, let alone whispering. Like you feel like you’re looking at something you shouldn’t be looking at? It’s almost like you want to look away to give them their space and to look away is the last thing I want to do as a kaisoo shipper but you just do. If I had to put a finger on what makes it so intimate is the way they look at and move around each other. The way Kyungsoo looks at Jongin is beyond my comprehension tbqh. It’s so gentle. Like the way you look at a child because they are so endearing and precious, that’s how Kyungsoo looks at Jongin. He softens his edges for Jongin and you see it through his actions and the way he treats and looks at him compared to the others. That day of the concert was the famed “kaisoo birthday hug”, and if I’m not wrong that was abit after that period where the kaisoo tag was “dead”, that’s why that moment was all the rage. 

The hug was, imo, a little awkward, compared to say this hug;

but they were in front of a HUGE crowd that was watching them, if I were them I would be equally as awkward and embarrassed, it felt more of an obligation than a real “aww hpbd bro”. And they are known to be very private individuals and imo don’t exactly love to be in the spotlight esp when it comes to personal relationships/lives etc, making them do such an intimate thing on stage when everyone is obviously watching and focussing on just them and the act of hugging is gonna be weird and uncomfortable. 

But it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t genuine. The tension during the hug was so real it was almost scary, even for me tbh. I think that was what made it look uncomfortable. Imagine if it were any other ship, like say sekai or baeksoo or kyungmyeon or chankai, they would have bear hugged the life out of each other

Its the fact that kaisoo was too real and they knew very well that everyone had their eyes on just them, I swear to god the tension was palpitating and rolling off in waves, I felt uncomfortable for them tbh. But other than that, kaisoo is a force to be reckoned with irl. I can only say this much because it’s so unexplainable, you have to see and feel it for yourself to really really see what tumblr and fanaccounts don’t do justice to.

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Not that I am against the Freedom Figthers but I think the main problem with them is that most of the roles they had has been already taken by the cast of the games like how Rotor and Tails has basically the same role, not to mention the series itself in general hardly knows what to do with the characters they already had and considering that the FF are very lore-heavy, like Sally been a princess, it would be near-imposible to inclide them, unless they are rebooted but what's the point of that?

This is why I’m saying that Forces is the only organic way they could be introduced. They could just be “The Resistance” that the game’s marketing is talking about.

Aside from Rotor and Tails, I’m having trouble seeing exactly what roles the other freedom fighters are really doing that the main cast from the games are taking over. But even so, you can still give them their roles without disrespecting the main cast.  Just make them inspired by the main cast, look up to them, rather than outshine them in any areas.

Some of my favorite dynamics between two characters are the ones where they aspire to be like them. Hell, I fell in love with Tails because he aspired to be like Sonic, not because he was a mechanic. TBH I don’t really care for the “Mechanic” part of Tails’s character… Though I do think it would be a very interesting take on Tails and Rotor if Rotor was an older novice handyman who aspired to build things as great as this much younger guy.

Not sure how to make it interesting for the other freedom fighters though, but frankly that’s not my job, it’s the writers of these games. I guess the FF inclusion all boils down to it just being fan service.

I’m just tired of those aggressively purist Sonic fans who hate anything outside of the games themselves suggesting that it could never work or be interesting because they can’t think of a scenario in which it could. ( Not that they’ve tried very hard. )  Seriously, I think it’s so cool that this series has so many different branches, but the people who aren’t so into that notion can be real dickheads about it.