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Sorry, I'm new in the fandom and I was wondering why does everyone hate Ben so much? Thanks

ehh idk personally I think he’s just… not good at his job tbh… he directed multiple unfortunately mediocre (and occasionally plagiarized, almost always weirdly literal) music videos, he got all uppity when fans asked why there were only white hands in the Night Changes mv… he’s the bane of my existence in the Four hangout (I mean the Four hangout in general is it’s not just him but) … idk he’s just an irritating person imo and he’s always doing stuff like with the Brit award where he says something (i.e. we’ll release the hug if it wins) and then acts like he isn’t the one who brought it up in those terms (we said before it wasn’t a hug!) …. there’s probably smth I’m definitely forgetting but he annoys me basically fjfhdj

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Tbh idgi I'm new and I've been throwing around fan fic and the word "imagine" like it's my job but I have no idea what the difference is SOS pls explain.

okay so like most of them are interchangeable i think but this is my ideas of what each mean, feel free to look them up tho

AU - is alternative universe so like if you want to make up a completely new world kinda thing which we all seem to do anyways 

Imagine/ blurb - is usually a quick thing? when you just are like imagine what Shawn would be like 

One Shot - Is one scenario in one type of setting, you’re not usually changing may different locations and it’s all around one event?

Fan fic- is a like a novel, you can have other characters more development and a lot of content usually many segments. 

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Hey! so, I'm an anime only fan, and I was wondering does something happen in the manga beyond what's been animated that makes atsulucy more likely to be canon? I read somewhere that they're the ship with the highest chance of becoming canon but so far I've only seen many moments shared between atsushi and kyouka. I'm an atsukyou shipper and this makes me feel sad tbh

Oh hi there this answer was written by admin @ed63 ,  sorry for late in publish (˃̩̩̥ɷ˂̩̩̥)

About people so supportive towards AtsuLucy basically based on emotional negative sentiment over AtsuKyou since they always argue that AtsuKyou is pedophile relationship compared to AtsuLucy which they think is more appropiate due to their age and both are adults. I guess such negative sentiment always grew among non japanese BSD fans. As far as I concrened based on my research on Japanese fans favorite pairing taste, Japanese prefer AtsuKyou over AtsuLucy

If you want to crosscheck it, you can go to pixiv and find more AtsuKyou fanarts than AtsuLucy. If you still wonder why AtsuKyou is pretty popular in Japan, majority Japanese view age 14 (Kyouka’s) and age 18 (Atsushi’s) as underage based on their cultural basis. Therefore, they won’t view AtsuKyou as something disgusting like the non-Japanese BSD fans do against AtsuKyou in general.

And regarding AtsuKyou monents, I agree that AtsuKyou is destined to be major couple in BSD since the author depicts  Atsushi and Kyouka moments more than Atsushi with Lucy. That’s why I love AtsuKyou. Besides, both are living together. So why rejects AtsuKyou? But most non-Japanese fans would go rant and bash against AtsuKyou. So we the AtsuKyou lovers tend to act lowkey in order to avoid pairing wars

Sorry if my replies r too long and took time to respond. I hope you are satisfied with my explanation. It is okay to ship AtsuKyou, just ignore people who hate you because you love them together. And I hope there is no pairing war in the future. It is the author who has absolute rights to pair up your fave anime/manga characters with another character. Don’t you think so?

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Name: Kalie

Nickname: KK and KBToystore

Gender: Female

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5′4ish?

Sexuality: bisexual ayee

Hogwarts house: slytherin, I mean, look at my URL

Favorite animal(s): i don’t really have one, tbh

Average hours of sleep: debatable, but usually 6-8

Current time: 11:44am

Dog or cat person: CATS…. which is funny bc I have two dogs

Blankets you sleep with: usually just one, but I usually turn my fan on too when it gets hot. I’ve gotta be covered or the demons will get me

Dream trip: a trip around around the world with my best friends

Dream job: author, definitely

When I made my blog: a year ago, i think

Followers: like 57 i think

Account peak: honestly, i think now? i mostly only made this blog so that i could surf tumblrsoo

Why I made a Tumblr: i would see screenshots of tumblr posts on FB and got curious soooo I made a tumblr

Reason for URL: well, I’m a slytherin and i really don’t let anyone in, so the-slytherin-ice-queen

see my eyes (you’ve fallen for me) (GoGo/Tadashi)

Title: see my eyes (you’ve fallen for me)
Summary: “Sweetie, as your go-to source on what the Internet is saying about your pretty boy popstar, it’s my job to know these things.  Comments range from heartbroken to ‘omg they are the cutest thing ever.’"  A combination of “You’re an idol and you got the lead role in a romance drama and you practice at my expense” + “I’m your manager and holy shit you have crazy fans” AU. / GoGo&Tadashi, of course.
A/N: this is for my Tomadashi Secret Santa, @pk-buttcheeks / @scienceninpo.  TBH, when I found out that I had gotten you I freaked out!  I love your art so much; it has this soft, airy quality to it that always makes me feel warm and light inside, and I’m so, so happy that you’re part of this fandom! :) You asked for supposedly one-sided pining and goofy and occasionally embarrassing dynamics, and I hope I delivered. Wishing you a wonderful holiday <3 sorry for posting at such an ungodly hour but w e l p

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Tadashi has mixed feelings about crowds.

On the one hand, the light flashing from thousands of cell phones can get dizzying, and his ears have never completely adjusted to hearing his name screamed. But when his fans sing his lines back at him or someone reaches out to grab his sleeve, a wondering look on her face, a warm feeling pools in his belly, because he’s reaching all these people, even if it’s just through the few crooning notes of a love song. He’s not going to be arrogant enough to claim he’s saving lives, but at his last signing a thirteen-year-old girl marched up to him, face determined, to tell him that his album had gotten her through “a rough patch,” and that—that was enough. When he’d decided to go solo two years ago, he’d never expected this response.

So when he’s onstage—it can get overwhelming, but for the most part it’s manageable. It’s afterwards, when he’s leaving, that’s the most difficult. Without an elevated stage, he’s exposed to the paparazzi’s bulging Canon cameras and the hundreds of grabby hands.

And there are hundreds.

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EXO Reaction to a fanboy confessing to Sehun

Alright, I’m going to try to do this reaction really nice because we love the fanboys too. But if you don’t like the boys being paired with a boy don’t continue reading okay? We respect every opinion and we don’t want to cause any discomfort. Also if you find something offending, I apologize. It’s definitely NOT our intention. We love you, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Is surprised but supports the fan* “Good job! You shouldn’t hide your feelings!”

Kris: *Does something weird to hide his jealousy* “Great! He always get the girls and the boys!”

Sehun: *Doesn’t really know how to react* “Really? This letter is for me? You didn’t have to bother.. thank you!” >Well he is really cute tbh<

Tao: “And what about me? I want my them to confess to me too! Haizz it’s not fair Sehun!” *Sassy*

Kai: *Watches really interested* “What is going on here?” *Feels like in a K-drama”

Xiumin: “I approve of this! Definitely! You would make a good couple together!” *Honest Xiumin*

Baekhyun: “Are you cheating on me Sehun-na? I thought you said I was the only one..” *Wants some love too*

Luhan: “I’m sorry but no! He is mine! No one touches my Sehun! Not even Baekhyun!” *Possessive Lu*

Chen: “Ah no no no boy! You are not confessing to Sehun without confessing to us all! It’s either everyone or no one!” *Enlightening the mood*

Kyungsoo: *A little awkward* “I think I should leave you two alone… I don’t like being the third person here” *Cute Ksoo*

Lay: *Becomes friends with the fanboy and helps him get closer to Sehun* “No worries, I’ll help you to be friends with him and then you do the rest!”

Suho: *Squeezes him* “You’ll be the 13th wolf of the family!!”

The whole reason that we get shipping wars is that everything has to do with interpretation.

I’m a die hard bellarke fan. That shit is my jam man. Is my ship based in instances of legitimate caring and friendship, yes. Do I also over-analyze things that probably don’t mean a thing? Hell yeah I do. That’s the fandom’s job isn’t it?

I don’t ship Clexa. That’s mostly because I’m not the kind of person who can ship one person with multiple people. My heart doesn’t work that way. I see Lexa as a bit manipulative and maybe not as trusting of Clarke as she needs to be for that relationship to work. But that’s my interpretation. If you’re Clexa af, then hell yeah man, you ship those badass ladies.

I can ship Bellarke and admit that Clarke and Lexa have some serious chemistry. That kiss? There’s no arguing with that. It’s just not my thing, mostly because I shipped Bellarke long before Lexa came along, and I happen to believe their bond is stronger. Lot’s of people do ship it though, and from what I’ve seen, they’re thinking that Clarke’s gonna go to Polis and reunite with Lexa. Sweet, that’s your interpretation. Do you just see bellarke as a brotp? Nice, that’s your interpretation. And we’re all entitled to our own interpretation. 100%.

Another thing I need to get off my chest: Clexa fans are not racist just for not shipping Bellarke. Bellarke fans are not homophobic/bi-phobic just for not shipping Clexa. I’m not saying that racist or homophobic people don’t exist in the fandom (let’s hope not, but I have no idea). I’m just saying that not shipping something isn’t grounds for making those kinds of accusations.

Finally lets all just take a step back and realize that shipping something doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. No one is saying that. Will Clexa happen? Will Bellarke happen? Who freakin’ knows. The only thing we know for sure is that neither is happening right now. But it’s fun to speculate isn’t it? Isn’t that kind of the best part? So lets do that respectfully, yeah? We’re all part of the same fandom and I don’t want to see it fall apart.

more people end up buying my original art more than any of my fanart tbh and i’m really grateful for that and that people would buy those designs over my fanart!

i mostly post fanart to broaden my audience and get more attention which ain’t a bad thing at all and it’s pretty nasty when people shit on fan artists or discourage them from making stuff with it when there are tons of professional artists who got their job because of the fanart they created lol

if you got your audience from just your original stuff, good on you!!! but do not look down or shit on people who needed to get folks attention with fanart or selling fanart or people who simply enjoy only drawing fanart

you’re just being bitter and nasty

tbh i’m not a huge fan of ‘living in mom’s basement’ as an insult towards gross/rude people because i feel it’s pretty demeaning to people who can’t afford to live out of home and are doing good things. when i lost my job a few years ago i had to move in back to my parents after like 8 years of financial independence and i felt like a useless shit because of it and there are plenty of people not as lucky as me who can get back on their feet again.

that said i’m aware it’s more of an overall ‘loser that doesn’t get out much’ insult and probably not a big deal but idk it just doesn’t feel someone’s financial and living circumstances aren’t a good thing to focus on. 


Pokemon sun and moon fans who are Homestuck fans if you have not seen these these parallels you are not doing your job lol so I’m doing it for you here are some Homestuck similarities I’ve found with the new Pokemon seriously almost all of the new Pokemon have something Homestuck or MSPA related to them and I love that so far and I hope they keep following those similarities because your darn sure imma use them in my lets play when the game comes out but yeah TBH the new ghost fairy type that’s called mimikkyu I think in Japan he is probably my 3rd or 2nd favorite Pokemon because it looks like a little kid drew him and dude his typing is amazing he’s definitely going on my team lol