my jewelery

I’m amused at the fact that when y'all talk about your characters and their dressing habits etc they’re so extravagant…and then there’s me, with my characters being so subtle they really wouldn’t stick out in a room (except galady and her magic hair,carne and her show off ness, diel being canonically blingy, and red always wearing white) like… it’s so weird.

About me

So I’m a freshman at Elsewhere University !! I was really excited to get into such a great place, and it seems like it’s living up to the hype so far.

I am a Psychology major, I spend all my free time writing stories, and I’m also pretty into lore and things like that. So far, it seems that EU has some sort of folklore or history or something, if the superstitions and traditions here are anything to go by.

Some of them are…interesting, to say the least. We’ve been advised to wear steel jewelery (not much of a problem for me, I’ve got really goddamn sensitive skin so all of my jewelery is already surgical steel), to carry around salt in our pockets, and to keep our real names to ourselves. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think they were trying to ward against fae or something.

I saw that a bunch of other freshman were documenting their experiences here, so I thought I’d do the same, you know? I’ve already got a nickname too, I’ve had it since I was like 13 so at least I’ve got a sign off already

-space prince