my jesus my saviour


So this song really gets to me 😢

My heart beating, my soul breathing
I found my life when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring
I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

Find me here at Your feet again
Everything I am, reaching out I surrender
Come sweep me up in Your love again
And my soul will dance
On the wings of forever

anonymous asked:

r-r-regarding that cute picture of jeanmarco hugging d-d-did you know that marco is taller than jean??????? i-i-i don't mean to be like rude or anything but it *kind of* makes me a teeny bit uncomfortable (oh gosh oH GOSH I DID NOT MEAN YOUR ART IS UNCOMFORTABLE BECAUSE YOU'RE LIKE MY SAVIOUR MY LORD MY JESUS BUT FEMALE MY IRON MAN Fe=IRON SO FeMALE YOU ARE IRON MAN i forgot where i was going with this) i still love you

hahaha sooo yes I know Marco is taller, and he actually is taller here too!

I know I screwed up the weight shift, so it doesn’t look like it but he’s lifting Jean up in that picture >v> uuh so sorry, I know a lot of people thought Jean was taller there… orz

My love that will grow

You are my love that will grow,

And flourish and bloom,

A love that won’t awaken a moment too soon.

You are here in my waiting,

And you’re there in my dream,

You are refreshing rivers,

That make me clean.

You are my Jesus,

My saviour,

The one who stooped down low,

You are my everlasting One,

My love that will grow.