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Today is my darling @desperatelyseekingcannibals‘ birthday and so I wrote a little thing featuring their favourite movie Mads (Elias, from Men and Chicken) and their favourite movie Hugh (Grigg, from the Jane Austen Book Club). Happy birthday to my dear friend Max, I hope you enjoy <3<3<3

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It all started with an argument. Well, less an argument than Jocelyn telling Grigg why he was wrong and Grigg trying to be pleasant while defending himself. It was something she’d always done, when they were dating and only slightly less now that they weren’t. Grigg didn’t mind it, really; Joss meant well, she just had this unfortunate habit of always believing she was right about everything. Unfortunately, what started as a fairly good-natured discussion about the relative merits of paper versus e-books (Joss, inevitably, was wedded to her dead trees, while Grigg, equally inevitably, was delighted by the way that touchscreens felt like something straight out of the future) had now descended into a personal attack on Grigg’s good nature.

“You’re talking out your ass, Joss,” Grigg told her, patience at having his personality dragged through the mud wearing thin.

“It’s true!” she retorted. “You’re completely undiscerning. You like everyone, doesn’t matter if they’re rude, or boring, or stupid. My dogs are choosier about the company they keep!”

“Clearly untrue, given that they happily spend most of their time with you!”

“Keep it civil, you two,” Bernadette murmured, from her seat opposite them. Most of the other club members had wandered off into Allegra’s kitchen, waiting for Joss and Grigg to finish their bickering before the official discussion could recommence.

“All I’m saying is, it’s lovely that you’re so, well, lovely,” Jocelyn offered (all typical alpha condescension, in Grigg’s opinion), “but if you just like everybody by default, it’s basically the same as not liking anybody at all! It doesn’t mean anything when you like someone, if you just automatically like everyone.”

“Look, I still think that’s crap, and an excuse for you being your usual judge-first-ask-questions-later self, but it’s not even true anyway. I don’t like everybody,” Grigg protested.

“No?” Joss looked at the omega doubtfully. “Name one single person you don’t like. Just one and I’ll drop the whole thing.”

“Fine. Easy,” Grigg told her.

“Real people, Grigg, not politicians or celebrities,” came the proviso.

“No problem.” There were plenty of people he couldn’t stand. Must be dozens of them.

It was just that Grigg was having real difficulty bringing one to mind right now.

Minutes passed as Grigg racked his brains, and a smug smile spread across Joss’ face. It was infuriating enough for Grigg to simply grab the first name that came to mind. “Well… Elias is pretty weird…”

Elias was the new member of the book club, having joined three months previously. He had moved all the way from Denmark to California, after some incident with his family that no one could quite grasp the nature of. Apparently he had decided his destination by throwing a dart at a map, instead of considering such little details as where he might get a job, or the fact that he knew no one in the country, let alone the state. It was the latter issue that had brought him to the book club, after meeting Bernadette at a speed dating event. She hadn’t wanted to date the alpha, but had taken pity on the strange man, who clearly didn’t have anybody in his life, and had invited him to join their group. It wasn’t her most popular decision.

None of the other members could stand Elias, with his awkward manners and brusque attitude, with the way he would talk over them and criticise their opinions. He was loud, opinionated, obnoxious and eccentric. More than eccentric, frankly, he was just plain weird, given to flights of Walter Mitty-like exaggeration about his accomplishments and his prowess as an alpha. Elias was rude. He was overbearing. He was horribly pedantic. He was just, well, really hard to like.

(Even if Grigg did rather enjoy the way Elias would ride roughshod over Jocelyn’s opinions. And the dry sense of humour he displayed when he wasn’t being a jackass. And the way he would give out hugs for no reason at all, holding Grigg against his large, warm, surprisingly solid body. And the way he smelled fucking fantastic, the kind of scent that would make even a beta sit up and take notice, and was, to Grigg’s sensitive omega nose, good enough to take a bath in.)

He was also, judging by Bernie’s horrified expression and the rough inhale of breath behind Grigg, standing right behind him.

Grigg cringed, and turned slowly, to be met with teary eyes and a trembling mouth that sat oddly on a fifty-ish bull of a man.

“Elias, I didn’t,” Grigg started, but with a strangled noise, Elias dropped the book he had been holding and rushed from the house.

“Oops,” Jocelyn said, insincerity dripping from every pore, and it was all Grigg could do not to give her a telling off in the middle of Allegra’s living room. Instead he simply glared at her and took off after Elias, grabbing the dropped book and shoving it inside his jacket as he went.

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Hugh Dancy - Favorite roles

- Buddy Wittenborn in Evening (2007) / Grigg in The Jane Austen book club (2007) / Adam Raki in Adam (2009) / Will Graham in Hannibal (2013-2015) / Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett in Deadline Gallipoli (2015) / Cal Roberts in The Path (2016)

#EatTheRare Fic Roundup: Hugh/Mads Rairpairs

Whenever we see a new Mads character, we as a fandom solemnly and with great deliberation proceed to ship him with EVERY POSSIBLE PERMUTATION OF HUGH.  Sometimes more than one of each!!  This festival has been amazing for the most ingenious pairings, and i think we all have new favorites now. Let it never end!

The Roundups will be broken into Mads/Hugh pairs, Hannibal Rarepairs, and a special category shoutout for Femslash Rarepairs, because WOW!! NICE JOB FANNIBALS!!!  There will be separate posts for Art and Fic, for a total of six, and then we will sent out one final post with all of the post links.

Thank you to @camilleflyingrotten for the gorgeous banner art!

In alphabetical order!

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“Hey! I think your mail got into mine again!” 

He paused, turning his head to the side and seeing that man coming his way. A thought crossed his mind of casting a spell to rid the annoyance of his speech entirely but instead thought it easier to just take the package. 

“Thank you.” 

The man smiled in excitement and and he regretted the decision immediately. 

“You’re welcome! It was sort of ripped and falling out so I patched it up, it was a beautiful book cover I love books, is it a first edition or something?” 

His eyes nearly glowed with anger when he growled, “You have dared to touch it?” 

His neighbor Grigg. he suddenly recalled the name being given to him several times over the short time he’d been here, lost the sunny disposition that had been plaguing him. “I just didn’t…I’m sorry.” 

Abruptly he turned away, “Do not speak to me again,” stomping down the hallway and up the stairs towards his home wondering if all of his chances of regaining the power stolen from him were now lost. 

  • <p> <b></b> I watched a movie entitled "The Jane Austen Book Club" and here is my favorite lines from it.<p/><b>Grigg Harris:</b> What about me? Am I your friend? Or am I just some... some widget to help you make Sylvia feel better about herself? Why did you invite me to be part of your book club? No, what went through your mind the first time you saw me? "There's a man who is *dying* to read every book Jane Austen ever wrote." Is that what you thought?<p/><b>Jocelyn:</b> No.<p/><b>Grigg Harris:</b> But I thought, "What a beautiful woman. I hope she looks over at me." I thought if I read your favorite books that you would read mine. But no... no, no. You just want to be obeyed. That's why you have dogs.<p/></p>

So, during my day off from writing, I decided to watch The Jane Austen Book Club, because why *not* give myself another obsession *eyeroll* I really only watched it for Hugh, which is basically the only reason I’ve watched any of his films, the poor dear. I did enjoy Grigg quite a lot though, so I’m glad I did. I loved how passionate he was about reading, and how open to new experiences, so of course I’ve added him to my collection.

Because, okay, imagine this…

Nigel has a job, casing out a target, and he spends a lot of time sitting in the coffee shop across the street from where they work. To blend in, he just grabbed some random used paperbacks from the 99 cent stand at the bookstore and pretends to read them while sitting by the window with his tea.

It’s pouring rain–like buckets, impossible to see through–so Grigg runs into the nearest shop, which happens to be that same coffee shop, and of course it’s packed, because everyone had the same idea he did, running in off the streets. So all the tables are occupied, and Grigg is looking around for somewhere to sit and he turns and sees…

This table in the corner by the window, and scattered across the top are some of his favourite books–real sci-fi classics, but the sort he’s never met anyone else who’s read them, other than his father–and what’s more, they’re all worn and clearly well-read and loved.

Nigel is frowning out at the streets over the top of one of the books, lost in thought, and suddenly there’s this guy in a skin-tight biking suit dripping all over his table and absolutely *gushing* about something, and Nigel can only stare for several seconds–at his sodden curls, and those bright blue eyes, and well, frankly everything that cycling suit accentuates–before he realises the kid is going on about the book Nigel is holding.

Of course Nigel invites Grigg to sit with him, and just sits there, bemused, but starting to become smitten, while Grigg talks at him for the next hour about why these books are his favourites, and what does Nigel think? Nigel is a good liar, and he’s been pretending to read these books for a few weeks now, so he’s picked up the names and some details, and he manages to distract Grigg by just asking him more and more questions.

Then the rain stops and Grigg reluctantly has to leave. And suddenly he’s all shy and avoiding eye-contact and hesitantly asking if Nigel comes to the store often, and Nigel actually has to hide his smile behind his hand. Says maybe he’ll see Grigg around.

That night he goes back to his hotel room, and instead of turning on the tv and drinking until he passes out, he cracks open the first of the books, and starts reading, so he’s better prepared the next time they run into one another…