cuz ive been readin common sense by Thomas Paine *headbangs* THE REVOLUTION’S HAPPENING IN NEW YORK you want a revolution, I want a revelation, sO LISTEN TO MY DECLARATION *screams* WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUALLL *deep breath* look aROUND LOOK AROUND AT HOW LUCKY WE ARE TO BE ALIVE RIGHT NOW history is happening in Manhattan and we just happened to be in the gREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD IN THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLDDD *throws self into the void*

“SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”  *throws chair through front window*  “I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME” *body slams table to pieces*  “I’M SO MOVING ON, YEAH YEAH” * jumps on bed and breaks the frame*  “THANKS TO YOU!” *points to nothing* “NOW I GET, WANT I WANNNNNNNNNNNNNNT” *Gutair slides on the long note* “Since you’ve been gone”  *flicks hair sexually and gives a look of death to an invisable camera*  

you should be scared of me
break my knuckles, hear them crack

16 songs to commit violence to

get out the way  mother mother  |  demons  sleigh bells  |  rat race  brody dalle  |  tick tick boom  the hives  |  the wolves  angel haze  |  bring the noize  m.i.a.  |  curbstomp  meg myers  |  control  halsey  |  head is not my home  ms mr  |  fighting fish  dessa  |  kiss with a fist  florence + the machine  |  army of me  björk  |  break you hard  natalia kills  |  sucker  charli xcx  |  warrior  ke$ha  |  your honor  regina spektor ft. kill kenada

i know not ‘seems’

21 unsettling, uncomfortable, subtly wrong songs for when entropy overtakes you

a sky for shoeing horses under  why  |  a hair on the head of john the baptist  saltillo  |  moon trance  lindsey stirling  |  crimewave  crystal castles  |  rock me now  metric  |  bullets  archive  |  ghosts  ladytron  |  paris is burning  st. vincent  |  the commander thinks aloud  the long winters  |  the 2nd law: unsustainable  muse  |  infra-red  placebo  |  run  awolnation  |  hi  psapp  |  infinitesimal  mother mother  |  lovecraft in brooklyn  the mountain goats  |  empire  alpines  |  when i’m small  phantogram  |  matches to paper dolls  dessa  |  dark doo wop  ms mr  |  hypnosis theme  wax tailor feat. marina quaisse

cover art from circle of abstract ritual by jeff frost

killer queen

bitch i came to kill shit
l i t e r a l l y  kill shit

fourteen songs for woman kings & warrior queens

castle  halsey  |  the world is not enough  garbage  |  everybody wants to rule the world  lorde  |  empire  alpines  |  paris is burning  st. vincent  |  heads will roll  yeah yeah yeahs  |  landscape  florence + the machine  |  woman king  iron & wine  |  q.u.e.e.n.  janelle monae ft. erykah badu  |  maneater  the bird and the bee  |  painted  ms mr  |  opulence  brooke candy  |  crown  angel haze  + bonus track