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Alvaro Morata Campo de estrellas

hi and hello. i have been able to catch the documentary about Alvaro yesterday and i wanted to share what i remember with you guys :) i have to say that i speak NO SPANISH AT ALL and my italian is very rusty so i didn’t really understand any of the interviews and i could only catch a few bits and pieces.
hope you guys stil enjoy it :)

The Documentary started with a few pictures of Little Alvaro; his mother and his sister and his grandmother talked about how Alvaro always carried a ball wherever he went and that he has been an adorable child and a real sunshine.

They also sort through some old pictures of him when he has been little (i sadly didn’t understand what has been said)

Then Alvaro talked about his youth Career and how he has always loved playing Football; his mother then said that Alvaro has been very happy to play for Real Madrid - and i think (if i got it right) Alvi has been a little starstruck when he first met the Real Madrid stars.

Alvaro says that he has always liked playing for Real and that he has also a lot of Close friends there.

(that’s how pretty he was during his interviews)

Then the Story goes on to Juventus. He talks a little about Italy and that he liked it there and then there was a really long interview with Gigi Buffon. He basically said that he has always admired Alvaro as a Player and as a Person because he was very hard working but also funny and down to earth.

Then there was a short interview from two Italian man in a bar/Restaurant and they said that they loved Alvaro and that he should never leave.

They also said something really pretty that made me tear up:

“Juventus and Italy loves Alvaro Morata, but Alvaro Morata really loves Real Madrid”

They also showed the Goal he scored against Real Madrid in the UCL semi final.

Then he went back to Real Madrid and he and his whole Family were really happy for him. He teared up while thanking the Club at his presentation and it was really amazing to see how much Passion he has for the Club and the game.

There was also a really long part about him and his girlfriend where they talk about each other and where they tell the story of their engagement. it was really sweet and they look so in love (sadly, again, i could not understand much of what has been said)

In the end he Shows his “Football room” where he keeps all his shoes and Shirts and balls. He showed some boots that meant a lot for him (the ones from the finals, and from important games) and he also Shows that he has some goalie gloves from Iker and from Gigi. (let me tell you that Boy has A LOT OF JERSEYS in his room xD)

Players that were featured in the interviews were: Carvajal, Nacho and Isco

They bascially said that Alvaro is a joy to play with and that he is very sensitive and hard working.

It was a really sweet documentary and I read somewhere that you will still be able to watch it next week on Real Madrid TV? but i am not sure when so please if anyone has any info on that, feel free to reblog and add that to this post :)

( @iscomorata as promised, here is the post with pictures included <3 )

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Le più belle canzoni del blink?

hi! my italian is rusty, but le piu belle means beautiful right? so… which blink songs i find most beautiful? that’s a hard one! but if we’re using the word “beautiful” i’d say ghosts on the dancefloor, disaster, not now, going away to college and 21 days

It’s been a while, so here are some fun facts from my life:

  • I spent two days on a school trip in Italy last week,
  • ate excellent pizza and pasta cause that’s what happens in Italy,
  • had trouble communicating with cashiers and waiters because my Italian is super rusty and nobody spoke/wanted to speak English (how hard can it be to order cocoa, honestly??? Prego, have mercy!),
  • saw a million churches (all of which were beautiful, btw, but still, all the churches, man),
  • got hit on (also happens in Italy every time),
  • got hit on in a church (for the love of - )
  • the shower at the hostel was broken (and dirty, so I would’ve avoided it anyway), so I had to feel dirty for two days until I got to bathe properly,
  • I knew that the students I had to watch over smoked pot, but I (nor the other five teachers) couldn’t catch the little shits,
  • decided that I should definitely live at Duino Castle, owners move out cause I want it,
  • and all in all, had a jolly good time despite the cold I caught in Austria the day before my trip to Italy (because the wind was brutal and now I know the meaning of razor-sharp wind beating your skin somewhere in the Alps,  yodel-ay-ee-oooo).

P. S. I owe some of you replies, and I promise that you will get this week. I have read them, now I just need to answer them, too. I mostly use Tumblr on my phone, and for some reason, I find it challenging to type messages on the phone. 

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How would the rfa characters try to get a date with you in general? (You can choose the situation and places! Love your writing btw!)

a/n: LOLOL i’m gonna assume then they don’t know the reader and in no way affiliated with the RFA ( also excuse my italian & korean it’s rly rusty i’m free to accept any corrections c: )

RFA getting dates with MC winkwonk


  • contrary to popular belief that he loves the crowd all the time, zen loves a quiet, relaxing place – where he can be by himself, it relaxes him from the stress he receives in everyday spotlights and scrutinizing gazes
  • so most like the place he’d be able to meet someone at the library!!
  • he rly loves to read books since it’s his own way of trying to expound his skills in various acting scenarios so he’d love to be surrounded by a place where an unlimited amount of information is provided
  • one day, while it was his rest day ( no practices or rehearsals ) he found himself reading a book with a coffee on his hand at the local public library
  • he was browsing the arts & literature shelves, his eyes busy reading the tags of whose authors are whose when he bumped into someone  – you.
  • you too when you bumped into him was browsing the shelves with shakespeare’s antony and cleopatra on your hand, trying to find samuel beckett’s endgame among the massive collections of books on those populated cases
  • classic but romantic
  • he was so surprised to see such a beautiful woman be interested in olden yet regal plays of famous playwrights
  • and he noticed you were also into the tragedy-type story lines too ( it was bloody obvious when he saw what books you were holding )
  • you caught his breath away
  • you rolled your eyes at him when a due apology did not come out of his mouth and he was taken aback by the gesture
  • because wow you rolled your eyes at him? didn’t your heart skip a beat when you saw him? anything??
  • so when you huffed and decided to pass by him and ignore his ‘beautiful’ existence in which, as long as he can remember, was not ignored by anyone, he did his last resort
  • he blocked your way using his long, toned, jean-covered leg and the half of his body faced your way while saying, “Whoa, hey – you’re not going anywhere.”
  • and your eyes immediately shot up to his face and you badly wanted to wipe off that stupid grin on his lips
  • “I believe this is a public area and I can go anywhere I want?” what a smart mouth for an innocent looking lady, zen loves it lolol
  • ya boi zen loves that attitude
  • “Hmm… I should do something about that pretty, little smart mouth. How about coffee?” his grin grew wider when he revealed what he had been holding on his arms for a while now – Samuel Beckett’s Endgame book
  • your eyes widened and your mouth went hanging when you saw that he was holding the book you were looking for the entire time
  • “Have coffee with me babe and let’s talk about how you’re going to get this from me.”
  • you had no choice
  • you’re too broke to go to any other libraries to look for that book for your upcoming thesis
  • you agreed grimly and he had this stupid wide smile on his features – he told you when & where you’ll meet with him for coffee much to your own vexation
  • zen: 1 | mc: 0


  • jaehee is a busy bee when it comes to work and she had this habit to herself to go to coffee shops during lunch to buy herself a cup
  • and she met you when she was lining in for her own cup at the cashier of the coffee shop she’s a regular in
  • you did not notice that she was actually waiting in line because she was standing a few feet away from the person who’s actually standing in line
  • so you cut in by accident because you thought she was not waiting for her turn – which displeased our little angel here
  • she hates people who cuts into lines, wasting the efforts of people already standing in, waiting for their turns as well
  • but you were in a bit of a hurry too for important reasons
  • so when she was about to tap your shoulder to alert you of her presence in which at the back of your mind, you probably knew she was lining too, you turned to face her
  • jaehee was so surprised of how beautiful you are
  • you raised your eyebrow at her when you saw how her other eyebrow stayed up with her mouth a little agape
  • she was speechless
  • so you took your chance and spoke first – “Uhm, I’m sorry. I’m in a bit of a rush. My friend’s tummy hurts so bad and she’s waiting for me to buy her a cup of a peppermint tea. This was the closest shop by. I’m really sorry!”
  • she just blinked at you, trying to process what happened and she slowly nodded her head
  • the entire time after the small fiasco, she was scolding herself of how beauty can easily disable her mental function, in which rarely happens
  • so she kept on coming on to the coffee shop with different intentions on her mind
  • she was trying to catch you again there
  • she wanted to understand why her mind went blank the moment she saw you
  • and surprise surprise, you came back there!
  • you were ordering a mocha latte when jaehee walked up to you with a blank face – which surprised you lolol i mean wHAT DID I DO WRONG TO YOU M8
  • jaehee immediately introduced herself and asked you to share a table with her that exact moment she was pretty direct & blunt about it too lolol
  • you were surprised because she remembered you? and you thought at first that she’s gon’ sue you or somethin’ lolol
  • your last visit to the coffee shop was like 2 weeks ago how can she remember such brief encounter?
  • you agreed nonetheless she was so adorable the entire time you two talked i.e. rambling mess jaehee


  • jumin was in the farm when he met the woman who would entirely change his world lolol
  • he was looking at which type of fruits other than grapes are used in wine making and what would be harvested for him to see the process since he had been directly ordered by his father to visit this particular winery estate
  • he was in Antinori nel Chianti Classico winery in Tuscany, Italy
  • he was with two of his body guards and the head of C&R International’s food & beverage division while touring the estates of the Marchesi Antinori & while learning their history as a part of the Florentine Winemakers Guild
  • he was listening carefully at the tour guide’s explanations in full italian language oh MY GOD & for once, he looked devoted into something other than his cat
  • jumin likes wine and would want to know more about it okay *insert wines for cats project here*
  • the tour guide showed them the marvelous fields of to be harvested materials and ingredients for Antinori’s wines as well as its spacious and marvelous wine cellar
  • the tour guide was talking to jumin while looking funnily at the head of the F&B who looked like he’s gon poop soon cause he can’t understand italian poor guy
  • “Mi capisce?” ( Do you understand me? ) the tour guide spoke as he faced jumin because he thought he’d been speaking yet nobody understands
  • “Capisco. Riprendere.” ( I understand. Continue. ) jumin fucking speaks fluent italian and he sounds hot oh MY GOD IT’S NO SURPRISE RLY BUT HIS ACCENT AND VOICE AAHH
  • when the lot finally arrived inside the wine cellar, the tour guide called out someone and jumin spotted a woman crouching down while trying to fix her boots
  • “Signora MC!” the gaze of the tour guide landed on the woman wearing a sun hat with braided pig tails, an off-shoulder white blouse and khaki slim fit pants with high black leather boots
  • his gaze burned on her frame
  • “Ah! Ciao Signore! Come sta? Come vanno le cose?” ( Ah! Hello, sir! How are you? How can I help you? ) the woman replied with a soft smile plastered upon her features and jumin briefly acknowledged how regal & beautifully elegant she is ( he briefly thought of comparing her to elizabeth’s beauty and he was so surprised by this )
  • jumin was used seeing beautiful women equal to his own standing but, this woman here, is different – she had a different air around her
  • the tour guide introduced the woman to jumin’s group and jumin remained silent the entire time and he was staring at her all throughout the tour okay jumin stop staring @ her it’s rude lolol
  • the young woman continued to tour jumin’s group to the vast wine cellar of Marchesi Antinori while briefly talking about the process of wine making as well as letting them taste Pèppoli Chianti Classico  – antinori’s wine made of cherry, chocolate and vanilla
  • she turned and raised a brow and jumin’s eyes narrowed when he heard her speak his native tongue, “Nega museun mal haneunji ara deutkesseoyo?” ( Do you understand what I’m talking about? )
  • “Hangungmal haseyo? Nollassneun geol.” ( You speak Korean? What a surprise. )
  • “Ne. Naega hangug haeyo. Mannaseo bangapseumnida, Han Jumin-ssi.” ( Yes. I’m Korean. Pleased to meet you, Han Jumin. )
  • because of that, he wanted to get to know who you were – because you’re eating up his patience & feeding his curiosity
  • and just wow, a korean speaking italian and in tuscany? not many families unless you’re rich af can go in and out of the country for long that they learn the language itself ( stares at my Frostbite story readers because this is a back story of jumin and mc here LOLOL )
  • that night after the tour, he asked you to join him on a dinner date and this was an invitation he sent you through a bouquet of freshly picked red roses together with a short, ruby red dress and black pumps
  • BUT you turned him down with a cold shoulder
  • to be continued…. LOLOL


  • he met you at a game convention he attended because of L.O.L.O.L
  • you were laughing because you were playing a match with this player ( you didn’t know it was yoosung ) who keeps on losing to you no matter what
  • he chats, throws insults and even trash talks because he just loses
  • and you kind of enjoys beating him to death which frustrates him even more lolol
  • you two were fighting him in the game’s semi-finals bracket ( in which if one loses, they’ll automatically be kicked out of the game ) and when you beat him one more time, a crowd that had gathered behind you cheered
  • and that’s when he realized that username aytmchereyousuckballslolol ( he got pissed at the username after he lost to this player 3 times straight on the early stages of the competition ) is among the players inside the convention
  • his head immediately turned towards where the cheers came from and the congratulatory remarks were thrown
  • “That’s him!” he exclaimed as he threw his headphones towards the keyboard, pushing his chair away and immediately ran to the third lane where the crowd flocked
  • “Dammit! You! What is your prob –” his tone was full of frustration and annoyance but when you finally turned around and flashed him a grin-smirk then his eyes widened and his mouth hanged open
  • “Yes? Can I help you?” you said in a chirpy tone while flashing him a smooth smile
  • “Y – you’re a  –  a  –  a g-g-girl?!” he stuttered as he stared at you in horror and at the same time with a bright red face because it sucks for him since he actually lost to a girl ( his pride would be able to take it if it’s a guy or somethin’ )
  • error 404 yoosung couldn’t function at the moment
  • the funny thing is he asked you for a rematch that day and if you lose to him you need to go on a date with him at the amusement park and spill your monster hunting techniques because you’ve got the coolest and rarest items in the history of lolol
  • and you were so confident you’d win because in the games you had earlier with him you always just do?? but then?? he actually wins this game??
  • and now you’re gonna go on a date with him??
  • he turned up at your front door two days after dressed in khaki shorts, striped polo shirt, Sperry slip-ons and the brightest smile and reddest cheeks ever
  • he’s holding a single rose
  • he averts his gaze from you because what the actual f – you look so pretty omg?? you’ve tied your hair in a high pony tail, wore a black skater skirt and a crop top underneath a hanging plaid blue button down longsleeve with your good ol’ converse kicks
  • “U uhm… you… you look really pretty.” cue blushing hard
  • “Thanks! You look nice yourself!” chuckles “Now, where are we going again?” you teased him by wrapping your arms around his left arm and grinning up to him, his entire body tingling at the sudden closeness and he immediately detached himself at you, face bright red
  • “Uhm… Y you could have worn something… else. I it shows too much of your skin too…” poor bby
  • yoosung hang in there bud


  • meeting Seven was one of the most peculiar happenings in your life
  • it was this gala product launching event where you were invited when you met Seven
  • you were trying to mingle and fit in to the crowd but the crowd doesn’t want to fit in with you
  • when you suddenly felt your phone vibrate inside of your pouch and what you saw flashed on your screen made you confused but nonetheless, you laughed the other guests were looking at you curiously
  • the screen says, “hey! hey! you’ve caught the defender of justice’s attention! smile up! just think of these people here naked then you’ll have lesser stress in trying to approach them.” defender of justice? also, not entirely a good idea but yes, when you thought about it, it’s a pretty funny thing that you just laughed at it
  • when you pressed the home screen, you saw an app that’s being downloaded in your phone without your consent and you realized that your phone was actually being hacked
  • you tried to shut your unit down but then it just won’t and a message flashes again that says, “w8 for the app 2 download! tysm.”
  • you frantically tried to look for the person doing this using your eyes everywhere inside the party hall because how can he know your activities?? he’s obviously here and it was obviously someone you do not know of
  • and when the app finally finished downloading, another message flashed and urged you to launch it and use it wow m8 how can you be believing a stranger’s words lolol @ u
  • it doesn’t hurt to try? says every people who got scammed online lolol @ myself too
  • when you launched it, your camera was used but nothing was happening, only then when you pointed it towards the woman wearing a long, pink flowing gown in front of you that something happened
  • you screeched in surprise at what you saw
  • you saw her in her underwear and nothing else
  • when you lifted your eyes at her, she was still wearing the gown, and when you pointed your phone camera back at her, she’s only with her underwear again
  • you stared at her in terror which surprised most of the guests too because OMG WHY R U SCREAMING MAN
  • your phone beeped again and flashed a message from the very person who’s been sending you these anonymous texts
  • it said, “pretty cool, ye? that’s my invention! lolol use it well”
  • and then you got extremely creeped out because what the actual fuck was that app and you tried to call the number
  • you barely heard the introduction of the next speaker in front because you were too busy trying to find out who the hell forced downloaded that perverted app on your phone
  • when the speaker’s phone rang loudly on stage indicating that someone was calling him, he said on microphone, “Whoa! Wait, I’m getting a call. Hold a sec.” and he smirked when he saw his phone and realized who was the caller
  • “Ah, ah – it seems that I’ve got a curious soul’s attention. Mhm…” he was shaking his head when he held up one finger to the air, trying to quiet the already murmuring and gossiping guests who looked confused
  • “Yes? Defender of Justice on the line!” he imitated a surprised gasp and said, before you can even interrupt him, the words, “Whoa! You decided to call me immediately? I’m really touched! Though, a date after the party would be best, yes?”
  • you were so surprised to hear his voice on your phone and everywhere on the party hall that when you turned to look on the stage, he was staring at you, phone on his hand, a proud grin on his face as he mouthed, “Catch ya later!”
  • and the call ended like that, with your gaping face and the surprised glances from the guests of the party ( you have certainly got everyone’s attention )
  • it turns out that the one sending you the messages and the app was the inventor of the product that’s going to be launched in this party
  • smooth move, seven, smooth move

Adrien didn’t even look at Marinette on Monday. He kept his head down in class when she walked by. He was afraid of what he might see if he looked into her eyes. He wouldn’t have been able to stand the look of pity that might be there. The thought of her turning away in embarrassment stung even more.

Meanwhile, Marinette, with the help of Alya, had been trying to muster the courage to tell him how she really felt.

“Why is it so hard?” she muttered, a heavy blush crossing her face. “I already know he likes me!”

Alya laughed a little. “Maybe words aren’t the right medium. I mean, he hardly said anything to you, but he got the idea across.” Marinette’s blush, which had only just subsided, returned. “Just… do something.”

But what? Marinette’s mind jumped back to Valentine’s Day—and defeating Dark Cupid—but she immediately dismissed the idea. There was absolutely no way she was going to be that bold.

In class, she continued to mull it over as she stared at the back of his head, instead of listening to the teacher. She was determined to do something before he went home that day.

The day passed by too quickly. Her heart was pounding when class was dismissed and she was still struggling to think of something—anything—to say or do. She managed to follow Adrien until they got outside, and was about to call his name when—

“Adri-kins!” Chloe bubbled, grasping his arm. “I’ve wanted to talk to you all day. Mind if I catch a ride back to your place?”

Marinette actually saw Adrien’s downtrodden expression for the first time.

“Actually,” Adrien sighed, “I—”

She ran over and took his free hand in hers. “He’s coming over to my place. He wanted to practice Chinese with my mom.”

“Yeah,” Adrien said, smiling and gently pulling his arm free. “Sorry, Chloe.” He turned to Marinette and said, <Thanks,> in Chinese.

She just grinned in response. When his ride pulled up, the two of them got in.

Adrien was the first to speak. “Was that—Did you…? I mean…”

Marinette giggled nervously and squeezed his hand. “Sorry,” she said. “I’ve just been so nervous all day. I didn’t know how to tell you…” She trailed off.

He laughed and took his hand out of hers to hug her. “So does your mom actually know Chinese?” he asked, one arm still around her shoulders.

“She’s a little rusty,” Marinette admitted. “Practice with you would be good for her.”

“Do you know any Chinese?”

She laughed. “I understand a little, but I never really learned.”

“Shoot,” he said. “We could have had secret conversations.”




  [ Li bello assassino Ezio Auditore da Firenze, mio solo amore il giorcato Assassin’s Creed Due ] I think my italian is so rusty right now… 
  The inktober challenge is also a reason to do as much of fanart / original art theme as possible. I have played sooo many games yet I haven’t contribute many fanart for them. So one after another eh ? .w.”””’