my italian god

*Pidge listening to her tunes*

Lance: Hey whatcha listening to? *unplugs headphones*

Pidge: NO-

Music blasting: 

Nee Nee PAPA
WAIN wo choudai
Nee Nee MAMA
Nee Nee MAMA
Mukashi ni tabeta BORONEEZE no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenain da

Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu

Marukaite chikyuu
JITTO mite chikyuu
Hyotto shite chikyuu

Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai
Nagagutsu de kanpai da HETALIA
WAIN wo choudai
Nee Nee MAMA
Nee Nee MAMA
Mukashi ni tabeta BORONEEZE no
Ano aji ga wasurerarenain da
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
Marukaite chikyuu
JITTO mite chikyuu
Hyotto shite chikyuu
Aa hitofude de mieru subarashii sekai
Nagagutsu de kanpai da HETALIA

Pidge: …I can explain


The Hunchback of Notre-Dame || God Help the Outcasts || Italian lyrics + English translation

Io non so se puoi sentirmi
I don’t know if You can hear me
Neppure se ci sei
Or if You’re even there
Né se ti soffermeresti
Nor if You’d pay much attention
Sui pensieri miei
To my thoughts
So che sono una gitana
I know I am a gypsy
E non oserei di più
And I wouldn’t dare do more
Che pregare intensamente
Than praying intensely
Per la gente come me
For people like me

Dio, fa’ qualcosa per quelli che
God, do something for those who
Un gesto d'amore non sanno cos'è
Don’t know what an act of love is
Dio, questa gente confida in Te
God, these people trust in You
E solo il Tuo amore salvarli potrà
And Your love only will be able to save them

Vorrei di più di ciò che ho
I wish for more than what I have
Vorrei per sempre la gloria e l'onor
I wish for eternal glory and honor
Vorrei l'amor, gioia nel cuor
I wish for love, for joy in my heart
Che Dio mi aiuti ogni giorno per sempre
May God help me every day, forever

Grazie per quanto possiedo già
Thank You for what I already own
Lo so, non è tanto, ma a me basterà
It isn’t much, I know, but it will do for me
Prego per gli altri, fuori di qua
I pray for the others who are outside
Falli sentire i figli di Dio
Make them feel like the children of God
Sono indifesi, ma figli di Dio
They are helpless, but children of God

Purple is not PURPLE!

or: “You keep using that word… I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

English speaking and/or writing people, we have to talk about PURPLE.
More precisely, we have to talk about purple when it means Imperial purple, the color of the Romans and all things related to those crazy toga wearing, world conquering guys.

Where is the problem? I hear you say Was not purple the colour of the Emperors and the Roman Senate? Yes! Yes it was, but the problem is that when you write it in English, it changes in meaning.

Let’s see: when you think about purple, you actually picture in mind a colour that is more similar to violet, a color like Royal Purple, a colour that is a variation between these examples

Well, that is not what purple means when referring to Ancient Rome and their shade of choice.
What can be called, Tyrian Purple, and in Italian is porpora and purpura in  Latin (you can see how the confusion may come from), is actually a colour closer to red, similar to burgundy, a colour like this one:

The color comes from some very precious crushed mollusk called Bolinus Brandaris, or Murex Brandaris. You needed a lot of them to dye one piece of cloth and I mean A LOT, and they didn’t come cheap.
You had to crush the poor guys and collect the goo that came out of their bodies. With a long and complex procedure, you had to dilute, boil and then purify the stuff and you ended up with a very strong and beautiful dye.

The purple dye could have many different shades, from a very dark brown-ish red to some that were actually close to the purple as the English-speaking word implies, you could also get delicate hues of lilac and amethyst, by adding ingredients like honey or - waitforit- urine.
If you repeated the dyeing process more than once, you obviously got a more intense and deep shade of purple and the cloth ended up being more valuable and prestigious.

Despite being associated with the Romans, the purple business came from the Phoenicians  (or, if you listen to the Greek myths, from Hercules, because, you know, the guy did almost everything and went everywhere, so…) and then spread thanks to the Phoenician merchants and the Greeks, until it came to Rome via Carthage.

Even if there are many different hues of purple, the one that was considered prestigious and precious in Roman times was the dark red one, the same colour as blood and fire, one that you could obtain only if you didn’t dilute the mollusk juice too much and din’t mix it up with other stuff.
It was a very persistent dye, one that was permanent, as opposed to the other colours used at the time, obtained from plants and destined to fade with time. The purple dye resisted washing and that was something other colours simply didn’t do at the time:  you could be stylish AND not stinky.

So, you see, when I go and watch a production of Julius Cesar and I spy togas rimmed with bluish purple stripes or I read a novel by the absolutely wonderful Rick Riordan and find one of the clues that should give a hint to a character roman heritage is his mauve outfit, I feel incredibly frustrated.

This is really a case of words that just went and ended up meaning something different and brought everything else with them, so that signifier and signified got confused.

Fun facts:
- Rome’s own soccer team has a purple jerseys as a uniform. The team’s colours are red and yellow and they are a symbol for the purple red and the gold of the Roman Empire.

- Cardinals of the Roman Chatholic church are called “porporati” and that means “those who don the purple” and, yes, they wear red. You can see them wearing violet-purple as well but it means they are also bishops (all Cardinals are Bishops as well, but not the contrary). The dark violet hue is called “paonazzo” and the purple red hue is called “ponsò” and those hues are technically not available for common citizens to buy… If something here reminds you of the Roman Empire, you’re not wrong and it’s obviously not a coincidence.

To sum it up: purple, the Ancient Roman kind is not a shade of violet.
Roman purple ≠ violet  but  =  dark crimson-ish red 
Dead mollusks, Hercules’ fault, doing laundry is nice.


Happy 101st birthday, Douglas Slocombe (b. 10th Feb 1913)

Douglas is responsible for one of the greatest in-camera effects ever produced on film: six D'Ascoynes in one shot of Kind Hearts and Coronets, and he is rightly celebrated for it as even now - 65 years later - it’s seamless and perfect, and also unshowy. His work with Ealing gave him plenty of opportunity for creative cinematography effects - making the White Suit very very white; showing what Joe is reading in the Trump in Hue and Cry; the dizzying run down the Eiffel Tower steps in The Lavender Hill Mob, to name a few. But he marries this creativity to his experience as a photojournalist and documentary film-maker before the war to lend his Ealing films a realism that was to become a characteristic of the studio.

His work at Ealing also shows his ability with light and shade, his use of shadows and angles to create atmosphere and tension: Michael Redgrave in the train at the beginning of The Captive Heart, Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway waiting for a burglar in the dark in The Lavender Hill Mob. And so this mastery of shadows and angles is perfect for one of the most beautifully shot black-and-white British films, The Servant; where every shadow and every mirror reflection shows the growing twists and warps of the story. 

Had he not lost his sight in his later years it’s entirely possible that he would have continued working: he made the transition to colour and technicolor wonderfully, bringing quality and class to films as varied as The Italian Job, (elevating what is an average film into a thing of beauty) The Great Gatsby, and the first three Indiana Jones films. He is brilliant without being obtrusive: a true master of the medium. 

Not that Hillary represents all womankind and she’s problematic and whatever–

but to be honest, when a woman is that fucking qualified and is losing to a sexual predator, I can’t help but feel that America has something serious against my gender, and nothing people can say will convince me otherwise

Same goes for the unfortunate reality that this is a vote responding to eight years of a black man in the White House–people are afraid of a woman in power, and they hate so much that a black man held power for eight years.  It’s really sickening.

8 Positive Sides of German Grammar

1) There are only 4 cases, with genitive being used less and less - this is a tiny number compared to many other European languages.

2) 99% of verbs end -en, this is so simple compared to French, Italian and my God definitely English.

3) No distinction between masculine/femine plural - some languages (hi French) make distinctions between masculine & feminine plural words, in German this does not exist except for names of professions and female animal species.

4) Words themselves are rarely inflected - Only in dative plural, genitive masc & neuter and some weak masculine nouns. This means you only ever have to learn 1 form of a word (and plural… sorry) as the articles are what normally show inflection.

5) VERY few verb tenses - Technically there are 6, of which 4 you are going to use the most. This is a tiny number compared to many other European languages.

6) Verb positioning is very concrete - the verb is either first, second or last position in a clause - it cannot be anywhere else.

7) All nouns are capitalised - this is such a godsend and very few languages do this. English went through a period of doing it then stopped but good ol’ Germany powered on through.

8) To ask questions you can literally flip the first 2 items of a sentence - I’m given to believe this is quite common outside of English’s weird ‘do construction’ but nevertheless it’s important to remember how simple this is.
So yes let’s all take a moment to be thankful in light of the fact that German grammar really could be a lot worse.

(”Mother hen and her fighters chicks”)
I’M SO SORRY, I’m gonna kick my self out from the fandom. BYE

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[Ita only]

Appena hanno detto che la stavano cercando la mia mente è partita in questa direzione e non c’è stato modo di fermarla, salvatemi. 

E poi, fatemi capire, dopo mesi (MESI!!) di pausa la prima cosa che creo è questa??? 
Mi vado a scavare una fossa davvero, cia’

sevensus  asked:

Any cute romantic valdangelo headcanons? (I also love your blog omg)

and the blog loves u kid. have some gay ass headcanons.

- Leo builds small mechanical toys for Nico, and leaves them for him to find in his cabin. OCCASIONALLY they explode or try to kill him but Nico still thinks its very sweet

- Nico spends so much money on that boy. His dad is the god of wealth and Nico just happens to find money all the time. He takes him on fancy dates and buys him nice new tools and he gives him a CAR for his birthday and Leo has no idea what to do with that no one has ever spent money on him and hes always been really poor??? he was homeless for a while and when he wasnt homeless he was in FOSTER HOMES and it takes a really long time for him to get used to someone spending so much money on him

- Even though they end up together, I still feel Leo would want to go back for Calypso. He swore on the Sttyx after all. Nico isn’t sure at first, but after thinking about how long that poor girl has been stuck on that island, he knows he cant leave her there. After some magic and shenanigans, Leo and Nico make it to Ogygia and back in one piece, with Calypso in tow. After first she was pretty upset that not only was Leo breaking up with her, but he was leaving her for a guy. However, she quickly gets over it when she realizes that there is such a big world out there to explore and who cares if Leo Valdez is happier with someone else.

- Leo’s siblings tease him for ages about how in love he is. He’s constantly getting distracted when hes working on a project or training because he’s thinkin bout his bf and it is hilarious. Whenever the two of them are together, a chorus of wolf-whistles can be heard coming from the Hephaestus cabin, but really everyone thinks theyre very cute together

- “date night” usually consists of Nico shadow traveling them to a Macdonalds far far away from camp so they can get away from everyone for a bit. ‘fancy macdonalds’ is Nico’s idea of romance

- Nico hardly spends time in his own cabin anymore. He is officially an honorary member of Hephaestus cabin and spends a lot more time there. Leo’s siblings have taken a liking to him and think of him as part of the family

- Nico is, surprisingly, a very good kisser. Leo, however, is not. queue lots of awkward nose bumping and laughing and “Okay well if i’m so bad at it then you have to teach me!!”

- Nico is a horrible blanket thief but thankfully Leo does not mind cuz its not like he frickin needs em

- private jokes in spanish/italian oooooh my god

Okay thats all u get for now cuz i’m sleepy but these here are my boys and i love them thank u for requestin my children