my irl friends' avatars

First off, this drawing is by my lovely friend. I can’t draw so don’t start thinking I can. (Give her compliments because she’s TOO GOOD) Second, I’ve gotten over 100 followers so let’s do this!!!!! I think your supposed to do this but idk what I’m supposed to do so I’m kind of guessing. Third, sorry if you aren’t on here, I’m forgetful and lazy. Fifth, I shouldn’t have this many followers already… you’re all too sweet. SIXTH… should I change my avatar???? I think it’s getting old.

My cool IRL friends: @tacofamily
@internetlim @nothing-especially-interesting and @soft-and-infinite

My first follower: (who’s not a bot) @thedancingnerdmermaid

Some of the nicest and coolest people ever who are my main reason for being on this site: @highwarlockofhogsmeade @cthebooklover @forsakengeminiangel @just-a-weirdo-dia @mooniva

Some cool as hell people who I’ve talked to a bit or just seen around :3 : @miss-bunny-schiza @aestheniaa @average-everyday-sane-pyscho @queen-of-onions @jentheshiki @proofle @pizzagreasey @clicheartist

The award for “always liking my shit posts”: @xxtigersharxx @bandomsworld @havoc-house-inc @mayzietuff

Also even tho you don’t follow me I’m just gonna tag @sleepyeule for being my legit fav blog on Tumblr