my irish princess and her prince

“Grace was totally comfortable with religion. She was a practicing Catholic and had a very strong, pure faith. She was certainly more rigorous than I was. If we were travelling someplace and it was Sunday she’d insist that we find a church to attend Mass. Maybe I wouldn’t have always bothered but she made it an important issue. I think it was her Irishness.” ~ Prince Rainier

“She was basically a deeply religious person, and she understood the true role of religion in modern life. She did everything she could, by example, to make it important for others, without referring to any particular denomination. And she had no neurotic religious guilt. She was very tolerant of people, and very liberal - not politically, but humanly. That was part of her authentic piety.” ~ Rita Gam

“We are all looking for answers. But your answers don’t apply to other people - and that may account for the generation gap. Life is constantly changing. What was valid and true five years ago is not true any more. My ideas are constantly changing… As a Christian I think I’ve improved over the years… I may not be the best Catholic.” ~ Princess Grace