my internet is so slow omg uploading


How To: Curl Eyelashes!
My second video omg!! And the quality of the video is better than last week! Woooo! This was suppose to be uploaded last night but the internet was going so slow so I waited until this morning but because my brother was watching YouTube, it made uploading to YouTube slow as well. BUT now it’s here!!! I said in the video that if it got 100 views I’d do a braided headband tutorial, and I will, but I reckon I’ll definitely be motivated if this post get 15+ notes.

AND I have exciting news! I’m planning to do a video every Wednesday night and a post on the weekend!! (Let’s just hope I can commit to it hahah) You can reblog, like and follow on Tumblr, also you can like, share and subscribe on YouTube!

The video next week will be a classic Christmas makeup tutorial!

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Lailaababyy ♡ xx