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Sanrio Danshi - Mizuno Yuu Character Profile

2nd year (high school)
Height: 175 cm (about 5’7”)
Birthday: July 7
Club: Going home club

Our parents are both working so I’m taking care of my younger sister ever since we were little. Because my sister loves My Melody, I have come to love it too. I was worried that my relationship with my sister, who has hit puberty (those days, her boyfriend comes over), wasn’t that good. I had spent each day playing with girls halfheartedly. At that time, I met Kouta, who supported me as a friend. I gradually was able to scold my younger sister and face her properly. It’s like I acquired strength from myself who loves My Melody. If I try to appeal to women then it’s because I have the temperament of a brother who takes care of his little sister.

T/N: Not too sure about the last statement. That’s the trickiest to translate
(;´□`) But would you look at that. This dork is a siscon. Happy Late Valentines!

So…I’m just saying…think about Luke literally dragging his father on board and getting him off the Death Star when Vader Anakin’s actually alive. He refuses to take no for an answer, even though he’s running out of strength to do anything ( since it was just moments ago that he was seizing in pain on the ground from the Emperor’s Force Lightning ). Luke just barely manages to get him onto the ship and get away from the exploding Death Star to safety where he seeks some sort of medical help for him. And then spends most of his time trying to keep people from a.) killing his father and b.) from trying to cause a scene. He tries his absolute hardest to get people to see that he’s not who everyone thinks he is and that there’s good in him. Even if it means people hate him for standing up for a well known terror to the galaxy and denying being treated himself for his wounds until his father gets looked at.


The pain lasts just a moment.

Hi. Hello. My internet should be back up and running sometime this week (to the point where I can upload more that one photo or a text post. atm I’m using a shitty hot spot to post. life sucks.), and I’m on vacation this week too. So I’m bored. And I thought I’d open up house requests? Because I want to build? Weird, I know.

Rules are:

all downloads will be public
houses won’t be furnished unless I’m feeling nice
I’m taking requests for 3 TS4 houses and 2 TS3 houses. That’s it.

I’ll need to know:

  • TS3 or TS4
  • What expansions/stuff packs you have
  • Is CC okay? (though I’ll try not to use much anyway)
  • How many bedrooms?
  • How many baths?
  • Any specific rooms you need included?
  • Lot size if you care
  • Style of house
  • At least a vague idea of what kind of sims will be living there would be helpful.

I reserve the right to say no to any request that is ridiculous or something that I don’t have the time to complete. Hello, yes, I’m a Simblr lawyer now.

Cool? Cool.

TS3 Houses:


TS4 Houses: