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Sanrio Danshi - Mizuno Yuu Character Profile

2nd year (high school)
Height: 175 cm (about 5’7”)
Birthday: July 7
Club: Going home club

Our parents are both working so I’m taking care of my younger sister ever since we were little. Because my sister loves My Melody, I have come to love it too. I was worried that my relationship with my sister, who has hit puberty (those days, her boyfriend comes over), wasn’t that good. I had spent each day playing with girls halfheartedly. At that time, I met Kouta, who supported me as a friend. I gradually was able to scold my younger sister and face her properly. It’s like I acquired strength from myself who loves My Melody. If I try to appeal to women then it’s because I have the temperament of a brother who takes care of his little sister.

T/N: Not too sure about the last statement. That’s the trickiest to translate
(;´□`) But would you look at that. This dork is a siscon. Happy Late Valentines!


The pain lasts just a moment.