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Sorry it took so long but I am probably the slowest artist on the internet. Legit.

It’s not very noticeable, but I drew a small braid in his hair, pretending that Beleg did it for him. And after Beleg dies he rebraids it himself every day. And he never cuts it because Beleg touched it, and if he cuts it then it’s/he’s gone. So as time goes on he has that one strand of hair longer than the rest like

/personal headcanon

Anyway, hope you like it. ♥

Supernatural 10x01 "Black"
"Walk the Line"

So this is the movie and the scene the whole Ann Marie/Dean dialogue reminded me of heavily. It’s an exchange between June Carter and Johnny Cash in the biopic “Walk the Line” (a pretty freaking amazing movie btw in which the actor who plays kid!Dean plays young Johnny btw) after Johnny collapses on stage after having lost all control over his pill and alcohol use (which has a lot in common with Demon!Dean performance - which btw reminded me of Jim Morrison as well btw, but that’s a meta for another time). Instead of facing up to his problems and admitting that he needs help and is “screwed up”, he ends up deflecting and tries to gloss over his problems, which just doesn’t work with June, the same way it doesn’t work with Ann Marie.

The big difference however is that June and Johnny do truly share a deeper bond and love one another while in Dean’s and Ann Marie’s case she is more of a distraction for Dean to ignore his true problems - even as a demon. What I find very interesting btw is that Dean is still looking for approval and basically being wanted, appreciated and yes, loved. Nothing of that has changed despite his soul having been twisted. To me this Dean is running just as much as he always has. The difference is that he doesn’t seem to feel hurt or remorse the same way and therefore is unattached, which I think has been pretty beautifully subtle played by Jensen to be just another mask. Demon!Dean tries to fill the hole within with drink, with sex, with whatever, but it doesn’t truly work. That much I think has gotten remarkably clear. Anybody else finding it really telling and interesting btw that Demon!Dean is able to get drunk while we never even saw just glimpses of Dean being drunk despite drinking a LOT?

But back to the parallels - I personally saw. Both June and Ann Marie tell that they have figured out their lies and confront them, but neither Johnny nor Dean are able to handle it, but keep on running.

That being said. I have no idea if anybody talked about this in spec back when the episode title was released, but in a way the title fits beautifully to these parallels. Johnny Cash is the “man in black” after all, who had shittons of daddy issues (sounds familar). And he had to crash and burn before he was able to find his onw true love. I guess the very same thing is true for Dean. And no, I don’t think that it’s Ann Marie, who will be the ONE. The whole episode has been pushing someone else, in subtext and visuals and while the show may not openly address it, the visual cues are there. if that means it will become text, I don’t know… But the hints are there imo.