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Umm I feel like most of the reactions is taken so I wanna make something crazy up. ALL COMPANIONS REACTING TO SOLE BEING THE DRAGONBORN!( with the FUSing people over buildings) I wish to see how this is played out.. pls?

Cait: She’s honestly so blown away and confused??? But she really likes when Sole FUS’es people off of high places. 

Codsworth: “Uh, Sole? Have you always been able to do this?” He’s a little perplexed and more concerned about how dangerous the voice is. 

Curie: “This is… Impossible? Words with power??” This is scientifically impossible! Does not compute with Curie, she needs a nap. 

Deacon: “My intel didn’t tell me about this!” Deacon is less fascinated with Sole’s abilities and more upset that his information sources failed to tell him this. 

Danse: “Oh my god.” That’s all he can muster to say for a while. After he gets used to it, he and Sole have fun setting up piles of junk and having Sol FUS at them.

Hancock: “What’s this dragon nonsense? Dragons don’t exist. I must have taken too many Mentats.” After he sobers up, he’s really, really confused. 

MacCready: “Hah! This is amazing! C’mon, let’s go try this out on some Gunner punks!” It becomes a little tradition to go out every month and FUS Gunners off of the highway.

Piper: “Oh my god oh my gooood this is an amazing article opportunity! I’ll have all of Diamond city captivated!” She eventually convinces Sole to do a demonstration at Diamond city. 

Strong: “Human hurt with voice?? Strong no like…” Strong’s honestly a little scared and sketched out by the thu’um, honestly. 

Preston: “Just be careful with that, General. You could blow away an entire settlement with that voice, if you wanted to.” He secretly thinks it’s really fun, though. 

Nick: “Of all the crazy stuff I’ve seen…” Nick mumbles when he sees Sole use the voice to blow apart an abandoned shanty. “You should teach me to use that power, sometime.” He smirked.

X6-88: “Sole, I recommend that you see the Institute doctors right away. This is a scientific mystery, by the looks of it.” X6 is more flustered by this than he likes to admit.