my instrument c:

the different saxophones

sopranino sax: the shiny magic wand found once in a lifetime

soprano sax: the affectionately named ‘golden oboe’

alto sax: your average goose impersonation creation

tenor sax: the doot doot tube

bari sax: the body-building doot doot that needs to chill

bass sax: like the bari sac but also hyped up on steroids and sometimes mysteriously disappears for months

contrabass sax: what the hell. this instrument had to be made by someone consuming copious amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

30 Day Practice Challenge, Day One: A photo of your instrument 

Okay, so I know I attempted to do the thirty day practice challenge back in October but I gave up after a couple of days, so I decided to attempt this shit again for a second time, mainly because I felt bad about not completing it the first time around.

But anyways, this is my viola JP, in all of his magnificent glory (and yes- I named him after Jimmy Page, so make of that whatever you will)

anonymous asked:

I'm a 5'2" girl with short curly-ish brown hair just below the chin, brown eyes and I wear glasses, and I'm pretty chubby too lol. I really like reading books and my favorites are the ones about fairytales, and I like listening to instrumental music, and the piano is my favorite instrument c: I also really enjoy Disney stuff alot and my favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, and that's about all I could think of to put here lol Could I be paired with Zen please?

ask and you shall receive!!!! you’ve been paired with *drum roll*


You and Zenny~ would be sooooo cute together!!!! I probably would’ve paired you with him anyways just because you mentioned Disney which
ALWAYS reminds me of him for some reason


  • he will 100% serenade you with Disney tunes
  • EVEN IN PUBLIC it’s super embarrassing
  • Okay but listen to this
  • On your first date you told Zen how much you loved the piano
  • So he went home and learned how to play
  • I mean sure it sounds like a dying cat but he’s working on it!!!!

She saw Jocelyn and Luke standing by the tent, watching after them. She saw Luke smile at her and her mother raise her hand in a wave before lowering it to clasp her new husband’s. It had been the same for them, she thought, years of separation and sadness, and now they had a lifetime. A lifetime of times.

TO BUILD A HOME | a jocelyn/luke fanmix
[ listen ]



Clary Fray

Titanium // New York // And the World Was Gone // Young Blood // Running to the Sea // Unbreakable 



Magnus knelt first. Clary would never have guessed that. Magnus was so proud, but then it was a pride that transcended the emptiness of gestures. She doubted it would shame him to kneel when it meant nothing to him. He went down on his knees, gracefully, and Alec followed him down; then Isabelle, then Simon, then Luke, drawing Clary’s mother down beside him. And lastly Jace, his blond head bowed, went to his knees, and Clary heard the window behind her shatter into pieces.

Omg i must tell you all about this instrument i just made with my grandpa,, it consists of three scraps of wood, one used guitar string and a doorknob (picture above) To play it, one must pull and release the piece of wood on the top left to alter the sound while somehow also holding the instrument down. I am naming this instrument The Universe.