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Happy 38th Birthday to the Queen of my heart, Aaliyah! 🌹 

Listening to your sweet voice in my headphones as I remember a time when you were once here ❤ As each year goes by and I get older, I become more and more nostalgic for an era that once was. Everything I have done and will continue to do is all for you LiLi. Your voice forever guides me and motivates me to be the best version of myself I can be, and I hope that it shows. Thank you for constantly being my source of comfort and inspiration. Your influence is stronger than ever. In me, in everywhere I turn. I know you’re experiencing a happiness and paradise that we can only dream of. And although I miss you more than I ever have before, that brings me a sense of peace I can’t even begin to put into words 💫 Your memory will forever live on through me, through us all. I’ll play your music a little louder today in hopes that you can hear and sing along with me from the clouds you’re perched upon. I love you. I miss you.

 #HappyBirthdayAaliyah 💕

azzyfree  asked:

top 5 movies (Not including Dragonheart.)

DANGIT THAT’S NOT FAIR…. But okay! (So mean…)

5. The Devil Wears Prada: Two words. Meryl Streep. I quote this movie almost on a daily basis, if only because I sometimes share Miranda Priestly’s view on the world whenever people are being stupid. This movie is forever on my list of favourites!

4. Matilda: Only because this movie is the best thing ever~ Not only is it charming, hilarious, and narrated by Danny DeVito, but it’s also the reason I can’t eat chocolate cake…

3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: I watch this whenever I’m working and can’t think of anything, my inspirations for writing usually come from these movies!

2. The First Wives Club: because this movie is so darn ridiculous, and because it’s such a great inspiration. My college professor got me to watch it, and ever since I’ve had it high on my list of favourite movies. (Also because Bette Midler is in it. <3)

1. Homeward Bound - The Incredible Journey: Because this movie was my childhood, I’ve always wanted a cat like Sassy, and I want to get another dog and name him Chance! This movie made me cry as a kid, and the sequel is the source of my failed attempt at rapping that didn’t last long. <3

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Dragonheart: this is actually my most favourite movie ever, but @azzyfree wouldn’t let me put it on here………… 

Hocus Pocus: BECAUSE BETTE MIDLER. “Take me to the window… I wish to say goodbye…”

Labyrinth: this movie is completely devoted to David Bowie’s crotch. <3 <3 <3

The Parent Trap (remake): because it’s too funny, and DENNIS QUAID!!!


Sam x Reader

Summary: AU – Sammy is a journalist and is having a hard time finding inspiration for the article he is writing… There’s not much plot tbh

Prompt: Sam’s Sixty June Jobs Challenge

Words: 1029

Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT, unprotected sex (use a condom kids), oral sex, fingering, slightly dom!Sam, rough sex, some fluff (I think that’s it! Message me if I missed anything)

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE! Apologies for the wait, but it took me forever to come up with a decent idea for this, but I eventually decided on smut! This is my first ever oneshot and first time ever writing smut, so pls send feedback and pls PLS REBLOG! Enjoy :

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It’s a funny thing to be sure. Especially funny to be sure before her eyes and my eyes had locked more than once in two different places. This was the first place. I was sure. To be honest I’ve been sure ever since. That’s the only real way of telling if something is right or wrong. That’s where success is based. No-one that ever made a single, finite decision that changed their lives forever did so because they were relatively unsure. They did so because they were so positively, unwaveringly sure that they didn’t take a second glance. I didn’t need to myself, and I don’t intend to. Unless a time comes where for some extraordinarily unfathomable reason I become unsure. That is something I’m sure of.


i just logged into the email i used to make my tumblr account for the first time in a while and YIKES

i didn’t realize how many mentions i missed ;; if you’ve ever tagged/mentioned me in a post and i didn’t reply, i’m soRRY — i rarely, if ever, ignore a mention on purpose

so, if you tagged me in an introduction post: thank you so much!!! it means a lot that you found my blog a source of inspiration. i wish u the best in your studies and i am always down to talk if you ever want to send me a message :“)

if you included me in a follow forever: THANK YOU!! I’M REALLY TRULY VERY HONORED and i know i don’t follow a lot of ppl back but i’m trying to follow more people and. aAh THANK YOU AGAIN💓

if you included one of my posts in a masterpost: fFhhh i’m so glad you found it helpful/think it will be helpful to others. the eagerness to spread and share knowledge has always been one of my favorite things about the studyblr community.

and now i’m just gonna extend this thanks to everyone who follows me;; the fact that so many people made the conscious decision to follow me is ?? MIND BOGGLING. i’m eternally grateful

i’d much rather have said a hello and a thank you individually and personally to every person who might have tagged me, but. i suck. so. i hope u feel at least a fraction of my gratitude

ALSO THIS IS JUST A GREAT BIG APOLOGY TO EVERYONE WHO’S EVER SENT ME AN ASK THAT I NEVER ANSWERED: i cleaned out my ask box, but if you still have a question you want me to answer, feel free to send it again ; v ; i’ll be way better about answering now that college apps are done and my EE is mostly out of the way :“)


May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young

(I was inspired by this beautiful video)

Forever drunk on the possibility of us, baby you’re the sweetest hangover I’ll ever have.
—  1:30 A.M

I HIT 10k!!!! Thanks to you guys, my dream of sharing my work with other like-minded people has been realised :) I can’t thank you all enough! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my aesthetics so far and that you continue to enjoy them! To celebrate this occasion I’ve put together a follow forever - blogs that brighten my dash and my day. I highly recommend that you guys follow some of these darlings!

favourite ever blogs

@cardizem what would i do without you? follow for beauty, emotion, and sarcasm. // @yaswhiteford literally the most aesthetically pleasing blog ever. // @ibuzoo the inspiration behind my first aesthetics! //  @renstability lovely person with a lovely blog! // @ofthcmoon you’re such a darling, follow for happiness // @oceanwitch another inspiration for my aesthetics! // @witchtips for all my wiccan followers, follow her now!

other lovely blogs

@mabonetsamhain // @n0rths // @spellboundtothestars // @1975girly// @lifeofpythoness // @32-20blues// @chaolwestfall // @adamparrisih // @h-emoglobin// @kaijuborn // @low-budget-witches// @annalsofwitchcraft // @lakefaerie // @crystalthecatlady // @asexualbrit // @whereiseefashion // @ozeia // @breathtakinglandscapes // @tomriidle// @zooiboo // @elixeu // @winterelf94 // @aimzkbak

and a massive thank you to all my dear followers! 

01.01.2016 // I haven’t set new year’s goals in forever! I came to conclusion that I never really accomplished them and eventually stopped. At the end of this year, I realized that even though I didn’t have any goals, I did so many things I never thought I ever would, so I decided to go back in and try setting some inspiration and goals for 2016.

1. practice handwriting - I’m okay with my handwriting, it’s not the tidiest ever but I can read it. Some people can read it. The one thing I really want to do for years now is this handlettering thing (for the aesthetics, of course). I can’t draw but I love art, so at least I want to be able to write titles in a nice font and stuff.

2. do things that scare me - Man, I’m an anxious person! This year I learned that fear has the power to stop you from doing things you love. It can take over your body and mind. I also learned that I don’t want this shit and I have the power to control my fear. I want to live and breathe and do all the things I enjoy doing. This year I want to do one small thing that scares me each and every single day. I won’t let my fear take over my whole life.

3. think healthier, eat healthier, LIVE healthier - To be honest, I only wrote “eat healthier” at first. That’s not wrong. As much as I love my imperfect body and don’t want to lose any weight or stuff, I want to be healthy (or healthier), eat some more vegetables, drink less soda, stuff like that. I then realized that being healthy is more than just living in a healthy body. I also want my mind to be healthy, overcome negative thoughts and just live a good life.

4. get my driving licence - I think this one is self explaining. I had to set it as a goal now since, as I confessed above, I’m an anxious person and I don’t want my anxiety to stop me from driving a f’king car. (Please excuse my swearing :3)

5. do something positive at least once a day - We should all start doing this. I used rather vague words to describe this one, because that can be everything. Drinking water, taking a relaxing bath, clean… But it can also be something that affects another person, like smiling to a stranger, making a compliment, stuff like that. :)

6. take less shit from others - People are assholes, especially when they are not happy with their own lives. We come across lots of people who want to bring us down. I don’t want to let anyone destroy my positivity and happiness in 2016.

7. study hard - Since I will hopefully change the subject I’m studying (I think it’s called major in the US? Someone please tell me!), I want to work hard for my goals and don’t lose motivation.

8. REGRET NOTHING - Seriously, this one is so important to me. Every mistake we make, every bad experience teaches us something. I want to grow as a person, learn, be sorry for the things I did wrong but I don’t want to regret anything since every single experience in my life, good or bad, has made me into the person I am today. Be gratefull instead of regretting stuff. *drops mic*

Okay, these were my new year’s resolutions. Sorry for the long and personal post. I wish y’all a happy new year and hope all your wishes and hopes for 2016 will come true. ♥

@arielwinter: Happy birthday to the most amazing person in the world, my sister Shanelle. Every year I like to remind her, and the world, what an incredible woman she is and how important she is in my life. My sister is my everything; my best friend, my confidant, and my inspiration. I’ve never seen a woman play so many roles and make it look effortless. She’s a brilliant business woman, a devoted mother and wife, and the best sister you could ever imagine. Not only is my sister my inspiration, she’s the one who guided me through the toughest years of my life and made me feel like I was never alone. My sister showed, and continues to show me, support and endless love like I never thought was possible. I don’t know how I can ever thank her enough for everything she’s done for me and for just being the wonderful person she is, but I know that I will always strive to be the best sister I can be because a forever friend and sister like Shanelle is one in a million 💕 She’s so beautiful inside and out. I love you so much Shanellie Bellie, happy birthday! @shanelle_gray



Today is my 18th Birthday and I’m sooooo excited!!! 😄🎁🎉🎂💗

I was wondering if you could help me get a taylorswift follow today???? It would be the best present I have ever had!!

I know it’s a long shot but you never know until you try!!

taylorswift is my biggest inspiration and she means the world to me! She has helped me through soooo much and for her to follow me and know I exist would be amazing! I love her beyond the moon and back and I will forever be a SWIFTIE for life!!

SWIFTIES please please please help me it would mean the world to me!! Please REBLOG and tag taylorswift please! I will love you forever!




I am so proud of you Demi💕 7 years ago you realized your first ever album. And now in less than a month you are realizing your 5th album 🙏🏼🙏🏼 With every album you got new sound and new music,new style new message 🎉 Your songs got me through hard and awesome moments of my life. I remember listening to skyscraper for the first time💛 it’s still inspires me 💞💞 Don’t Forget is your first album with so many great songs and your first official singles 💋 we can call it path to fame 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🎉🎉 7 years ago you realized first ever album,first ever official singles and you got your first certifications❤️❤️ then here we go again , unbroken ,Demi and now 5th album confident. I love you so much and I am so proud of you. Forever by your side,love from LOVATIC who really wants to meet you one day and say thank you for everything you do.your music is my daily motivation ❤️❤️

I thought about making a ‘follow’-forever post for a good while now.
I really don’t want to upset anybody by not being on here.

The thing is, I am in my third year in this community and there’s some blogs I follow for ages and would like to say thank you, to, in this little, special way.

So please see this as a thank-you and as an inspiration to maybe discover new blogs to follow, and don’t be sad, if you are not on here. I love you anyways!

♥ ~TiTo

Part 3 O-S

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I seem to always talk about Etho, Nebris and Chad these days, but Beef was the first Mindcracker I ever found. 

Before I even knew there were other cool people on that server, he was this amazing person introducing me to the world of building and fun stuff and friendship like nothing I ever knew. He was always a huge inspiration to me, and kept me sane when no one irl could. He is and will forever be my favourite Mindcracker.

So I drew this weird thing in celebration of that fact. Thanks, Beef, and I hope I can continue to watch and support your videos. ^^

I thought about making a ‘follow’-forever post for a good while now.
I really don’t want to upset anybody by not being on here.

The thing is, I am in my third year in this community and there’s some blogs I follow for ages and would like to say thank you, to, in this little, special way.

So please see this as a thank-you and as an inspiration to maybe discover new blogs to follow, and don’t be sad, if you are not on here. I love you anyways!

♥ ~TiTo

Part 2 - G-N

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