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This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.

EXO REACTION to missing you

You’ve been out of Korea for a while now because of your college life. You enjoyed it but it was hard as you had to leave the boys behind. It wasn’t easy for them either. They missed you alot and soon simple text messages weren’t enough. So they came up with an idea: making a little video diary just for you.


“Hello girl that I haven’t seen for a while. You may ask yourself ‘why is this idiot filmimg himself’ and I know that you’re eager to hear the answer. You remember how cute we are, right? So we came up with the idea to send you a little sweet video of us confessing embarrassingly how much we miss you!”

Even though he’s being the adorable and dorky Baekhyun we all know, his eyes are showing what he really feels, sadness. Sad because you are miles away. “(y/n), I have to say, now that you are away I kind of miss your lame jokes. When you’re coming back you can tell ma as much as you want! Just please hurry up!! The other guys want to talk to you too, but remember that I am the one, who misses you the most! So hyungs, are you ready?There is no one taking off their clothes, right? Ah, I don’t care. I mean there is nothing you haven’t seen already, right (y/n)?“ And with that he turns the camera around and you see Chanyeol on the screen.


He would be super excited for this project as he already knows that you will like it a lot. “Hello my beloved (y/n)” followed by his signatur laughter.”I think as you left, you took Suho’s heart with you because he’s being nothing but grumpy with us recently. Please come back and save us! We all miss you so much ..” The last sentence was more quietly since Chanyeol wasn’t good at expressing his deep feelings.


As soon as Chens face popped up you could see that this situation made him quite upset. “Hey princess, I hope you’re doing well overseas and found some friends. Just promise us not to forget us! We’re counting down the days until we get to see you again and we’ll wait for you. We love you always.” He showed you a little smile and after that he turned the camera around.


I feel like he would be the one, trying to encourage you even though he is missing you a lot. “Hey little girl! I hope you’re doing great and if not, you know that you can always call me! Even tough we’re miles apart, our bond is still strong. I know it’s hard for you .. and for us .. but it’s the best for your future. Take care of yourself and I love you!”


I think Kai would be the most sensible one. “Hey (y/n)! Is eating chicken without me as fun as with with me? I guess not! No but seriously, I miss how you take care of us, of me .. there is definitly missing someone in our group! You are our babysitter and we can’t funtion without you. I’ll pay for everything, just come back to Korea.” He ends his video message with a little kiss. How much he wishes that he could give you a kiss on your cheecks now.


Suddelny something appeared on your screen you never imagined to see: a cute Kris. “This is an exclusive of our ‘behind the scenes christmas special’ ony for you. At the end of our shoot we all wished that you would come back but it seemed like it didn’t work so I’m just gonna send it to you directly ‘Please, please visit us, even just for a day! But we really need you here!’“ No one can resist that face. But really, he just misses to see you face every day and your bright personality.


“(y/n) I don’t know what to do! My muse is gone as well as my insiration to write something and .. oh but we could skype! But no, that’s not the same. What I wanted to say was, that you are like a missing puzzle piece and we’d like to have you back.” He did had some difficulties with writing as you went away, since you always tried to help him with song writing. And with your help and your stories, you composed great songs.


He greeted you as always with a joyfull smile.”Hey darling! I hope you’re doing fine without me? No, I really hope you’re doing great over there and you have a lot of fun!” Chen(behind the camera):”Don’t you want to tell her how you cried yourself to sleep because you were missing her so much?!” Luhan:”Oh plaese, come one, we already talked that trough, Chen ..” He didn’t wanted you to know how much he suffered so he played the role of the usual cheery Luhan.


D.O:”So what do you think about (y/n)’s year away from us?” Sehun:”To be honest, I think it’s a good opportunity for her. It’s just a pity that she had to leave us. We miss her every day but it makes us feel proud that she can achieve great things because of that.” Surpsingly, the youngest one was very understanding even though no one was making him hot chocolate on a bad day. You were like a sister to him but he just wanted the best for you.,


“Since you were the one to keep all of us calm and quite because of your mentality, I’m doing some Yoga now.As you can see, I’m not really good at this. Also it’s not really working and I think a leader needs a partner. So please help me taming the kids and i’d like like to practice yoga a bit more. So come back home as soon as you can!” You always tried to be a helping hand for Suho as you knew that he was stressed because of his work and he had to keep up with the ‘kids’. But now that you’re gone, everything seems to loose controle.


Tao would have been too upset about it and didn’t wanted to speak infront of the camera. Only glancing in it’s direction every once or twice. But because he wanted to let you know how much he missed you and how much you meant to him, he wrote a little letter. That way it was much easier to express his feelings .


He almost cried as he was about to say something to you. And that means something. But he stopped himself because he wanted to be strong for you:”Hi my lovlely (y/n), I know that everyone before me already told you how much they missed you. And it’s true. So much changed since then but still we wouldn’t really wanted you to stop what you love doing. At times like this you need to be selfish. We are so proud of you and we will always love you.  Please keep that in mind.”

And with that the video diary ended. You cried but that didn’t really meant that you were sad. You were actually happy. Happy that they wouldn’t forget you and happy, that they’ll wait for you. No matter what.