my insignificance

3:36 am

i go through of all the words i would tell you
if you were next to me
i stumbled over the right way to tell you i love you
so i told you all the things i love about you
i couldn’t help it
i turned to hug you
my arm became insignificant as it destroyed your hallucination
just like the words that came so easily


SHERIARTY ~ Young love gone wrong AU

“I was the shadow that faded in his light; always invisible before him… unwanted… unnoticed. And somewhere along the line, the silent admiration transformed to rage. I loathed what I loved. The realization of my insignificance became the impetus to become his equal - the other side of the same coin. And so.. I became the darkness that devoured all light."  - JM

"I’d never give him the satisfaction of knowing that every string of my violin sung for the boy who lurked in the shadows of the abandoned music hall.” - SH


he feels like the most beautiful dream 😢💘

Protip: when a random ass neurotypical asks you about your trauma at an inappropriate time, tell them something hilariously insignificant like “my mom never spiced her chicken” or “I stubbed my toe on my dresser in fourth grade” while staring blank faced into their eyes (or between them if you like). If they press the issue rinse and repeat until they squirm

Thank you to those for your very sweet words. :’) I knew eventually I would get hate. It was only a matter of time, tbh. You guys are way too good to me and I really don’t deserve any of you or your kindness.
Another thing: I’ve been going over this in my head but I’m going to be taking a break. I know I’ve said that a lot of times but my definition of breaks mean I don’t reblog anything but I still go through my dash. In all honesty, I need to step away from here. There have been a lot of negative thoughts that have been stirring in my head and I feel the more I come on here the more negative I feel, almost to the point of just leaving entirely. I keep comparing myself to others and always think how I’m not good enough. It’s not a healthy way of thinking at all. Anyway. Stay safe. Here’s to a clearer head and nicer brain.

my favorite time of night is now when i question whether or not i wanna wake up tomorrow

We hiked five miles across this landscape, the planet loose and malleable under our feet. Tiny lizards darted across our path, big black beetles left winding tracks in the sand which the wind nonchalantly erased. I relished in my insignificance, was rendered speechless by the expansiveness of it. 

All the while your body was never far from mine, your voice reaching across the space between us to remind me of our togetherness. Sometimes you climbed a dune so tall my neck arched to glimpse your glorious height. Sometimes I ran ahead, your laughter lifting the hair on my arms with delight. For a frantic moment we lost the markers telling us where to go and your steady tone was a lifeline. Has always been. You are the highway and the speed and the stillness at once. 

I put my feet in your footprints and my hesitation aside. We never made love wait. It took too long to find one another, anyway. Side by side is our only way. 

New Mexico, 2013. 

do you ever see a comic panel that just shatters your heart because.

Xavin’s parents literally didn’t let them have friends that’s so awful and fucked up

and I also think this is something to think about in regards to how Xavin views Karolina. Xavin has always pretty much adored Karolina. When they first came to earth they practically idolized her. Because this is the single positive relationship with a peer they’re allowed to have, encouraged to have even.

It’s been built up as something monumental not just for Xavin personally, but for two whole planets. This isn’t just love, it’s also an alliance that would stop the war.

And that’s what Xavin prioritizes. Yes, their personal feelings for Karolina impact their devotion to finding her, but Xavin’s main goal isn’t to find love, it’s to save both of their worlds. Because sure, Xavin has these grand ideas about love, about Karolina, but they’ve also been raised their whole life not to find love or friendship. That’s for other people. That’s for people who don’t have a war on their hands, that’s for people who don’t have to be responsible for the lives of everyone on two entire planets, because Xavin wasn’t looking to win the war, they were just looking to end it.

Love is something that belongs to the people of the future Xavin is trying to create.

But all of a sudden that future is snuffed out with the death of two planets and millions of people. everything Xavin was working for was gone.

So their only choice is to return to earth with Karolina. Earth, where Karolina was raised into love, and where the only future she had to worry about was her own, and even that was displaced by living in the present. Earth, where Karolina had more friends than she had responsibilities.

It’s not a perfect life. It’s not an easy life. But it’s unlike any life Xavin’s ever known, and even as the team loses Gert, Xavin is gaining a family.

And like, how long do you think it took Xavin to recognize the runaways as their friends? For a long time they probably could only view them as teammates at most. They’d never had friends before, never known what it was like to have people there for you not just when you needed advice or help in battle, but just when you wanted. or when you didn’t want to be alone. They didn’t have to be alone now.

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its really stormy today, i made myself tea and didnt burn my tongue (this sounds insignificant but hey i struggle) and its sooo sunny... it feels like Trailer Day™ [eye emoji]

Sunny day = day of the sun = day of even bech næsheim = trailer day