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- truce / twenty one pilots

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I want you in the most innocent of ways, I want you to hold me tight. To wrap your arms around me, lips pressed agains my forehead while you tell me you love me and that everything will be alright.
—  lips against skin and good thoughts (k.h)


pole dancing is hard af and requires a shit ton of upperbody strength yo


Rarely I catch a scent, not really a smell and I cannot put it into words, but it comes unexpectedly and leaves like it was never there. For that split second though, I reminisce. I reminisce a certain time in the past and how I used to see the world. And then I realize how much I have changed.

These are my beautifully sad moments.

—  me being strange [seran.b]
  • Friend: you like fucked up shit, you should give Killing Stalking a try!
  • Me: lol ok
  • Me: *whilst reading it* this is so good but like, nobody is gonna have posts about this on Tumblr to add to my blog
  • Tumblr: lol there's a fandom wanna join

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already she knows what it means
To hate oneself and, if you ask her,
She can tell you right away what depression is.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And she comes up to me asking me
Whether or not she is beautiful-
There are boys in her class who whisper
And she cannot find it in herself to keep her head up.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And the weighing machine has become her best friend,
She steps onto it every day 
Asking me if the weight shown on the scale
Is the ‘ideal’.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when people call her pretty she casts her eyes downwards,
Mumbles a meek 'thank you’ and tells me
She thinks they did it out of courtesy.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already people are telling her
That 'if you don’t try to dress pretty people won’t like you’-
I’ve seen her look at my dresses and sigh
That she wished she was pretty enough to pull them off.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when I told her I was leaving to college
She cried for hours and told me that people were right
And that no one was going to stick around to love her
Because she wasn’t what people wanted.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And her heart has been broken too many times
Despite her tender age and status as a child
And you ask me why I’m climbing on rooftops
Screaming 'let children be children’
Because, what people are taking is their innocence
And my younger sister is only 10.

—  s.r. // my younger sister

A lot can happen in 7 years

(I make myself sad)


these tender dreams of you,
in the innocence
of my unwary thought,
i had hoped to keep obscured.
although they are not the kind of visions
one might assume-
not the sensual sort of imaginings,
or the paltry fumblings, of a sordid mind.

i catch myself- holding you,
in my unconscious reflections.
in the odd moments of me- unaware.
unwilling to let go.

  • Host: Now, my question to each and one of you. What do you want to ride the most?
  • . . .
  • . . .
  • David: Mhm....A dragon, I guess?
  • Snow: A fluffy unicorn or a large bunny rabbit
  • Hook: My good ol' ship, Jolly Roger mate
  • Neal: My stolen bug I guess. I missed that thing
  • Regina: My faithful horse, Rocinante
  • . . .
  • . . .
  • Host: Uhm. Saviour? Your answer?
  • Emma: Regina. Hands down.

Random Qrowin Thought #1 (I think I’ll call it SnowBirding from now on)

Ok, so Winter and Qrow are both on an undercover mission that they CANNOT get compromised for, and it involves them both going to this fancy dance with each other. Since they’re both notoriously terrible with emotions of any kind, especially when they both look amazing in their dresswear, both of them are super awkward about doing the slow dances. Unfortunately, this causes one of the security members to get suspicious of them, and Ironwood and company are yelling at them through transmissions to do SOMETHING to get the guy off their back. Neither of them really know what to do, and Qrow is completely out of it because Wow Winter looks gorgeous, but as the security officer is about to call in about them (cue Ironwood being this close to flipping his desk) Winter kisses him. All that initial stiffness and awkwardness just kinda flows away as they’re both much more comfortable with each other now, and the security guard is no longer suspicious.

Bonus: Ironwood notices that they’ve stopped updating on the mission and is confusedly asking about what’s going on.

My Thoughts on Netflix’s Making a Murderer

With all the attention this show is getting, I’m just going to go ahead and throw my two cents onto the hype train, I guess.
And my verdict is…. I don’t know.

I don’t know if Steven Avery is guilty or innocent in Teresa Halbach’s murder. I know the documentary makers certainly wanted to push public opinion in the innocent direction.. but I’ve also witnessed enough in my lifetime to know that media will spin things how they want and are careful to only provide information that backs their particular opinion or goal.

What I *do* believe is that the way this case was handled by police is a train wreck from start to finish and that alone should have lead to a Mistrial at the very least. They raise some valid points- why wasn’t Teresa’s DNA found on her own key? How is it that their search warrant allowed them to seize the property for days and force the family out? Why were the Manitowoc Police permitted to be on the scene AT ALL when they had already been under investigation for the framing of original rape charge that sent Steven Avery to jail in the first place? Why didn’t they find any evidence in their first, second, third, fourth searches- and when it was found it was conveniently found by the Manitowoc officers who were in danger of owing millions to the defendant already?

Much of the evidence did seem to fall too conveniently for my taste, and a lot of it wasn’t well explained, and it didn’t add up.

But at the same time, I think it’s also worth noting that the filmmakers left out certain evidence as well. The DNA of Steven’s found on the hood of the car that wasn’t from blood, how he called and requested Teresa specifically but left his sister’s name as a contact, that they had a nurse who admitted to being the one who tampered with the blood in the evidence kit.

Some of my biggest issues come with the distinct lack of other suspects. Why didn’t they question the ex-boyfriend who was allowed on the Avery property? He and her brother somehow managed to guess the password to Teresa’s phone and tamper with missed calls and messages before the police had access to the phone. What were the messages and calls that were deleted? Why wasn’t the roommate questioned when he didn’t report her missing for 4 days? To me this just seems downright sloppy, not to explore all possibilities.

Furthermore, when it was proven that they ignored evidence and sent Steven Avery to jail the first time…. how were those same cops allowed to be involved with his second case? How the hell did they even still have jobs as police officers? They KNOWINGLY sent an innocent man to jail, even when another department TOLD THEM THEY HAD THE WRONG GUY AND WHO REALLY DID IT. And if sending an innocent man to jail for nearly 2 decades wasn’t bad enough, because they didn’t like Steven the real guilty man remained free to SEXUALLY ASSAULT FOUR MORE WOMEN. I’m sorry but those cops should have handed in their badges then and there- let alone been completely banned from working on and gathering evidence in the murder case of Teresa Halbach.

But to be honest, the thing that bothers me maybe more than anything else in the show is Brendan Dassey.

Two intelligent, authoritative adult men intentionally and knowingly forced a coerced confession out of a mentally handicapped child with no lawyer or parent present. They twisted this poor kid all up inside, and used his learning deficiency against him as a weapon and sent this boy to jail for life. Watching the confession made me sick, the police doing the interrogation are disgusting, and how the judge and jury found that admissible is questionable. How anyone could watch the tapes of the several “confessions” of  Brendan Dassey and not see a child being manipulated by the adults they should be able to trust, and not be absolutely sick by it is beyond me.

I mentioned before that I don’t know if Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are guilty, and I don’t. But I want to believe that they’re innocent. And above all, I do believe that they both deserve a retrial where all the suspects are looked at, all the evidence is presented, and done by a police force that shouldn’t already have bias against the Avery family, with a jury who hasn’t been swayed by the media into a guilty until proven innocent mindset. I believe that Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey deserve a FAIR TRIAL and I do not believe either of them got one.
Don’t hold back.
Make the spark bright enough to light up a city.
Make them feel like their heart both stopped and came back to life in the same moment.
Make this moment the one you remember when you don’t feel like yourself anymore.
Don’t let anyone or anything spoil this for you.
If they break your heart, just remember how you felt in the moment.
Always remember the passion in the innocence.
—  Your first kiss
Kinu Dialogue
Fire Emblem: Fates
Kinu Dialogue

For 6 anons!

It’s a battle between the animal daughters; Velour and Kinu! Disclaimer as usual about fan translations not to be taken as gospel, blah blah.

And to the one anon who was wondering how Kinu talks… I hope I conveyed it well through English but she talks very child-like. She uses a lot of sound effects rather than the words for things like “kiss” and “hug” (replaced by “chuu” and “gyuu” respectively).

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Story time

Okay so this creepy boy at my school. Basically he’s liked me since 7th gradeish anyway he’s SUPER creepy. Like he found my Twitter, and Instagram THAT I NEVER told him the names of. I gave him my number, innocent me thought he was trying be nice but nopeeee, anyway gave him my number. He started spam messaging me when I didn’t answer, and being real creepy. So I deleted his number and blocked him! AND HE CALLED ME from a different phone, and he wouldn’t stop calling me! So I had to block that number, than he’d always message me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc so had to block him there. Honestly what the heck BUDDY! I’m just trying to chill no need to be creepy af