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I’m Ok, You’re Ok

Requested by @mkfstcnnrmrph: Hi there! Could you do a connor Murphy x reader fic? I don’t really mind what the plot is. I just need some more connor Murphy in my life! Thanks for opening requests!!!!

Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader

Word Count: 1516

TW: A bit of anxiety and having a bad day but nothing too major. Some swearing but not a whole lot.

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Hopefully you like this; I was able to let my imagination go a bit wild on this one! Xoxo

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Let’s Just Pretend

PHEW. IT’S DONE. Some Noctis x f!reader for y’all. This is the longest thing I have written EVER, and I’m quite proud of it? Anyway, enjoy!

Imma tag @fieryfantasy bc she’s a babe.

Noctis x f!reader


3658 words.

“I need you to pretend to be my date.”

“Excuse me?” You said, looking up from your book.

You and Noctis had been studying for your final exams of your last year at school. Well, you had been studying, Noctis had studied for twenty minutes and then become invested in just about anything else which didn’t involve the geography of Eos. He had been talking to you about an upcoming ball, to celebrate the summer solstice, which he was required to attend when his request made you abandon your work entirely.

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guess it’s time for my first follow forever with this blog! :’) I could never imagine I would reach this milestone so fast, especially after remaking and turning my writing around. and even if numbers are not really that important, it is still heartwarming and incredibly touching to see 6,000 people giving me and my writing a (second) chance.

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Levi x Reader [Lemon]

[Author’s Note: Once again,I apologise if Levi here is out of character. When it comes to Levi,my imagination temds to go wild. XD ]

It was totally not an afternoon that you had expected. Everything was going on as usual,but for this to happen? You did not know whether to count yourself lucky or not.

You were just cleaning up the meeting room,just as Corporal Levi had instructed. While wiping a blotch of spilled ink,you muttered a curse under your breath. That damned Levi - He’s always targetting you for everything. Especially with the cleaning duties. You used to always make fun of your friend Eren Jaeger for getting pushed around by that guy,but now you were the one getting worse treatment.

“Damn that midget,"you mumbled.

Right at that moment,you heard the door open,accompanied by several footsteps. Your eyes widened in panic. The cleaning’s not done yet! You knew there was going to be a meeting here soon,but why now?!

You froze as the seats became occupied by the higher-ups. From their voices,you could tell that it was Levi’s squad. Levi sat  at the head of the table.

As the meeting started,all you could do was to stay still in your position. You could only stare ahead of you,afraid that any movement might alert them.

But you can’t just stay still when Levi’s crotch is about half an arm’s length away from you,right?

Thoughts started to swirl in your head. You didn’t know what came over you,but instinctively,your hand reached out and cupped Levi’s groin.

You felt Levi jolt,probably surprised by the sudden touch. Fortunately,he didn’t say anything. You were mentally cursing at yourself for doing such a bold move to the Corporal,but you couldn’t resist the temptation.

Levi shifted,pushing his legs further under the table. You felt your face heating up. Was he expecting for you to do that to him?

Swallowing whatever hesitation you had,you unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants slowly,trying to be as silent as possible. You pulled out Levi’s length and blushed at the sight.

It certainly was not your first time looking at one. You had incidents where you happened to catch any of the boys taking a leak outside but that was usually from afar. To see one up close for the first time - Especially when it’s Levi’s - The thought caused a sensation to rise between your legs.

Remembering what you were supposed to do,you held Levi’s limp cock and pulled back his foreskin. You were unsure of what to do. Deciding to just do whatever you can,you pulled up the foreskin once again before pulling it back with a stroke. You did it a few more times before realising that it was getting harder,but barely halfway.

That was when you felt a hand on your head. Your eyes widened in panic when Levi urged you forward,bringing your lips closer to his cock. He couldn’t possibly asking you to…

You closed your eyes and thought hard. The girls had talked about these things before,so there should be a tip somewhere.


You slapped Levi’s hand away gently and leaned forward. You gathered saliva in your mouth and let it drip on the cock before you stroked the length again. You settled into a rhythm and let out your tongue to experimentally lick around the head. Soon,you felt a sudden rush of head rising on your palm.

He’s finally feeling it,huh?

After few more strokes,you removed your hand and decided to take him into your mouth. Pushing your head down on his cock seemed to be better for Levi. His fingers entangled in your hair as he stroked the back of your neck. Now eager to pleasure him,you placed your hands on his thighs and immediately got on to it. You sucked on him and bobbed your head up and down,swirling your tongue around him. Levi tensed underneath your palms as you increased your pace.

After a while,you felt your jaw getting sore so you pulled him out for a moment,panting. You stroked him to continue pleasuring him. Suddenly feeling bold,you gave light lips underneath the head as you used your other hand to carress his testicles.

Levi suddenly let out a groan. Feeling a sense of satisfaction from being able to let him lose control for once,you repeated the action again. However,that instsntly earned you a kick on the shoulder and you winced from the pain.

"Corporal,are you okay?You sounded like you were about to hurl. ” You heard Petra ask. Levi brushed it off with a cough.

“It’s nothing. This meeting is over. You are dismissed,"he said coldly. You felt a rush of relief going through you as the others got off their seats and left the room. When you heard the door close,you felt tension leaving your body.

Levi moved his chair back slightly,finally allowing your gazes to meet. His eyes widened slightly upon seeing you before a smirk replaced his surprise.

"How bold of you,Cadet,"he remarked.Levi patted his lap,looking at you. Hesitantly,you went out of under the table and stood up,inching closer. "Come on,just sit.”

Reluctantly,you sat on his lap. You looked down,only to stare at Levi’s standing erection between the two of you. Before you could do anything,Levi suddenly pulled your face close to his,leaning in for a forceful kiss.

Your eyes widened in a mix of shock and embarrassment,but you found yourself clumsily returning the kiss. If you had known that this would happen,you would have tried practising on your own or something. You heard Levi chuckle against your lips,and it only added to your embarrassment.

When both of you pulled back,Levi leaned in his seat. His lustful gaze met yours once again. “Remove them.”

Knowing that you have to obey,you got off him and slowly took off your pants along with your panties. He notioned for you to sit on his lap again and you did,your legs spread wide. You shivered when you felt Levi’s cold fingers pressing against your core.

“You’re already so wet just from sucking me off,huh? I never knew that you were this lewd,"he teased. You bit your lip to hold back your moan as Levi rubbed on your clit,electrifying sensations of pleasure surging through your body. You slouched forward and clutched onto the Corporal’s shoulders,shuddering.

You have heard of how pleasurable it is to be touched by another person there but this was too overwhelming for you. It was not long before you reached your climax. As you let out a moan in your shuddering bliss,Levi leaned forward and nibbled on your collarbone before sucking on it. That only prolonged your orgasm. Levi pulled away and smirked at the red mark forming on your neck. After recovering from the pleasure,you panted and locked eyes with Levi.

"I’m not done yet,"he reminded you. He swiftly picked you up and placed you onto the table,forcing you to lie down. Your eyes widened in panic. No way,he can’t possibly be thinking of-

"Don’t worry,I’m not putting it in for now,"Levi interrupted your thoughts. You felt relief before embarrassment took over. "For now”? Does that mean that this wouldn’t be the only time you two would do this kind of thing?

Levi moved his hips closer,placing his cock right on your sensitive part. He forced your legs close tightly and looked at you. “Hold your legs like this. Keep them closed.”

You nodded and did as you were told. Levi placed his hands over yours and started to thrust through the tight space. Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as you thought how erotic this is.

Moving your head slightly,you looked at Levi’s pleasured expression. His eyes were closed and his brows were scrunched up. His lips were slightly parted as he let out laboured breaths and occasional groans. It was such a turn-on.

You wondered if anyone else had seen it before,and your heart sank. You didn’t want anyone to see this side of him. You decided that you would ensure that he only makes this kind of face for you.

“Shit,"Levi cursed."I’m going to come soon.”

Eager to see Levi in the peak of pleasure,you decided to make another move. You looked between your legs where Levi’s cock was sliding on your crotch. It was really wet with precum and the sight spurred you on more. Feeling bold,you reached out and rubbed your fingers against the wet tip.

That was all it took for Levi to finally reach his peak and he let out a moan,abruptly stopping his movements. He bit his lip and shuddered against you,sticky white liquid splurting out from his cock. He tried holding back his moans at each spurt,but to no avail.

Levi finally let you go and stepped back,pumping the remaining of his seed out. He panted and looked at you,licking his lips.

“How erotic,"he commented. You looked down at yourself,realising that it indeed was an erotic sight. With your bottom naked at exposed to him,and Levi’s warm cum on your stomach,that was indeed a really hot scene to remember.

"Uhm,so…"you started shyly. You didn’t know what to say. Despite what had happened,you suddenly felt awkward.

"Clean up the room again. I’ll lock the door for you,"he said,tidying himself up and puttinf his cock back into his pants,zipping up. He opened the door and suddenly stopped his his tracks.

He glanced behind at you and smirked."Oh,and come to my office at lights-out later.”

There is no greater injustice than the fact you can’t take Aigis to the Christmas date in P3. I wanna take her there and give her a present, I wanna see her enchanted and shine at all the Christmas decorations, I wanna see her happy - PLEASE JUST ONCE LET ME TAKE HER THERE

One Last Ride  (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 1: You Promised

I’m starting a new fan fic, will probably get a few chapters?
Story will consist of (fluff, angst, action, drama, nsfw)

I’ve gotten so much inspo from my fav fic writers on here so i thought i’d give it a try. Your feedback would be awesome! comment and like (:

Summary: Nathan Drake calls you for a job he needs help on and could only count on you (besides Sam and Sully of course) to help him on this based on your other jobs together. 

He promised. 

He promised no more dangerous jobs, no more dangerous men shooting at you, no more dangerous lost cities, and no more dangerous treasure hunting that at the end of the day you left with nothing.

But there you go, answering his phone call once again. 

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Some of the best songs on the planet - YouTube

50 of the best songs on the planet (3 hours 18 minutes)

McFly - Too Close for Comfort

The Icarus Account - Iris (Goo Goo Dolls Cover)

This Wild Life - Concrete (Live)

All Time Low - Remembering Sunday

Go Radio - Go to Hell

Motion City Soundtrack - The Weakends

Lifehouse - Broken

Framing Hanley - Alone in this Bed (Acoustic)

Electric Century - I Lied

Kevin Staudt - So Far Away (Staind Cover)

Marianas Trench - Good to You ft. Jessica Lee

My Chemical Romance - The Kids from Yesterday

Go Radio - Live, Learn, Let Go

Marianas Trench - Skin & Bones

Hedley - Saturday (Acoustic)

Hands Like Houses - Torn

Hedley - All the Way (Quietest Concert Ever Edition)

Hedley - Invincible

Go Radio - I Won’t Lie

My Chemical Romance - Summertime

Go Radio - Hold On

Hedley - Hiding Place

He Is We - I Wouldn’t Mind

Go Radio - Baltimore

letlive. - Muther

Sum 41 - Pieces

He Is We - Radio

Go Radio - What if You Don’t

P!nk - Who Knew

Hedley - Perfect

Hedley - Stormy

Imagine Dragons - Demons

Hedley - Crazy for You (Acoustic @ The Jam Space)

Kevin Staudt - Snuff (Slipknot Cover)

Hedley - Hot Mess

He Is We - Fall

Crown the Empire - Satellites

Marianas Trench - Lover Dearest

Mayday Parade - You be the Anchor

My Chemical Romance - I Never Told You What I do for a Living

Of Mice & Men - The Storm

My Chemical Romance - The Light Behind Your Eyes

This Wild Life - 405

Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out

This Wild Life - No More Bad Days

Hedley - Brave New World

This Wild Life - Better With You

He Is We - Kiss it Better

Hedley - Bones Shatter

Edit I added Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran and Hallelujah by Lee DeWyze to the list because I couldn’t help myself so it’s now 3 hours and 23 minutes

and now I added Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots

Diosa: *tries to casually shrug* Okay. Fine. I don’t want to annoy you any longer. We’re through. We’re not even friends. Happy?

Nico Jr: No, not happyWe’re friends for life. We’re having a baby, remember?

Diosa frustrated: Look at me, Nicky! I can have any guy I want.  ANY GUY. You’re right. Why am I chasing  after you?

Nico Jr: I don’t know. Why are you chasing me, Diosa? Why are you wearing an outfit that’s practically begging me to take it off you? You look so beautiful. You know they say when a girl dresses like this it leaves nothing to the imagination? That’s a damn lie. My imagination’s going wild thinking what I want to do to you.

Diosa: Stop, Nicky. You’re playing games now.

Nico Jr smiles: I am. I’m playing a game now. Play with me.

Diosa: God, I want to hate you sometimes. But I can’t.

Nico Jr: * high pitch mimics*  I love you, Nicky. I’m sooo in love with you. I want to love you forever and ever and ever.

Diosa sad: It’s not funny. 

Nico Jr: I’m teasing. Smile for me. Come on. I’m only teasing. *holds her tight*

Okay but what if there was an Alien AU where Lance was from Altea and Keith was part of the Galra? Maybe Keith was raised to believe that the Galra were doing what was “best” for the universe because they’d been instilling their ways in him since childhood. But then one day on a solo mission or something he meets Lance, and his entire way of thinking and all he’s ever known starts to crumble around him as this Altean, someone who’s supposed to be the enemy, shows him what is really happening and everything Keith has been missing out on.

Cue angst, fluff, an identity crisis, etc.

“I really ship chloe and Nathaniel. Not even sure if this is a common ship but I feel like when chloe gets her miraculous she’ll try to act nice to others in school. Nathaniel is the sweetest tomato boy ever and when he starts to see chole change he’ll start to accept her. Yes, he basically hates her in season one but that’s just a better reason to ship them. I want to see Nathaniel start to notice chloe change and start to accept her. Yes this is a gigantic change in the plot of the show but one day I had this idea that they could be friends and my imagination started to go wild…” 

I was just looking through chap. 54 for some refs and it hit me… they must have had some important talk off-screen. After those panels the narration switched to Guren`s squad, so we can only imagine what Crowley replied. I`m just… My imagination is going wild right now, they probably had some sad talk about issues of loosing humanity.   Also I`m dreaming to see Crowley giving Mika sword fighting lessons, to improve the general power of this newly formed weird mixed squad, as Mika`s full power is of 8th/9th progenitor (AND HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE ONE NOW TOO, STILL NOT OVER HIS NEW UNIFORM)

Idk just leave me alone I`m about to go outside to bump into friend`s home but I feel so sad it`s a miracle I haven`t `started crying yet why am I so emotional over a manga

Thanks to the the teaser trailer for thor

I was going through my Thor file and found a Thor smut I never finished. I’ll be posting it either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning . What I know for sure though is that there will be an Oliver queen drabble out tomorrow morning. I want to thank the anon who requested the Thor smut because your letting my imagination go wild. I have so many dirty thoughts going through my head and they all have to do with that Asgardian hunk. Also if you do have loki requests (fluff or smut) your welcomed to send it in. I actually have one in mind with the reader being loki’s teenage daughter

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Graffiti Women

Sakara and Anthea

Strohm Hall

The Detroit Public Library, 2/2/17

#8x10 gelatin silver contact print

Marco Lorenzetti

These sisters are native Detroiters and both are in the arts. Sakara is in dance and Anthea is in the visual arts. “This is where I grew up,” Sakara tells me. “This is what made my imagination go wild.” They tell me stories about their glory days in the teen HYPE center. Helping Young People Excel is the teen-focused program at the DPL that provides services and a space for teens to learn, explore or simply hang out. Anthea remembers, “They had a talent show, a dance party, and they brought in mentors as guest teachers on various topics.”  

Graffiti Women celebrates the rise of female graffiti and street artists. Published in 2006, it was written by Nicholas Ganz.

What was Karlie actually thinking when she added Ellen’s interview with Taylor as ask me anything? My dearest giraffe, you know I’m gonna reach.. If I thought you posting that Solar system video after jerklie is you saying that in bigger picture jerklie is a very tiny thing, just think how wild my imagination can go with you adding that pic of Ellen’s interview with Taylor? Like what do you mean by ‘ask me anything’?
Y'know what we want to ask about!!